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Alive 13

                O U T L I N E      R E L E A S E      R E V I E W


    Being a true lamer, I don't really see the challenge in boot intros, except
for the size though it's so close to 128 bytes that I don't see  the difference
with 128 bytes intros :) Well okay they use the boot... Erm, no one needs lousy
explanations anyway to enjoy - or not - this  kind of prod. Still it's funny to
see that boot intros have lately  enjoyed more success  as we tend to find them
in most recent Parties Compos.

    This time we have 5 boot intros if I  haven't forgotten to download one of
them and you'll see that style and quality are of various range :) Oh btw it's
clearly recommended to use an emulator here, especially  since all intros come
as .ST files.

    Boot by GGN

    First on the  grill is  our nice  Greek fellow, GGN. Following his unique
style GGN brings us a screen showing triangular shapes rolling  on top of the
screen (sierpinski ? :) while the lower parts displays a sinus wave using few
colors. Not much more to see, it's okay  but does not  bring more attraction,

    Dildboot by Dildo Fatwa

    We go  on  with  incredible torture ! Yes loonies  are back  in  town !! No
surprise  here  since we  find ascii "art"  showing a hand forming some  sign I
cannot make out... It goes  scrolling upward until the same motive is repeated,
again and  again. To make sure  your brain goes  totally fried, the so annoying
system click sound  is heard and looped :) If you survive this harsh experience
I suggest you install STeem on the peecee of that wicked  work fellow who keeps
stealing your meal in the office fridge. Then launch this boot intro and before
the guy finds the right key to quit, he'll surely decide to quit his job :)

                      .       .
                      |\ ' |  |\ /\  .- _. |_      _.
                      '/ | '_ '/ \/  |- \| |  \/\/ \|
                                     '              -
                                 ,,    ,,
                                (  )  (  )
                                |  |  |  |
                             ,, |  |  |  |
                            (  )|  |  |  |.-..-.
                            |  ||  \ /   |\  \  \
                            (  \'   v    '/_,/_,/
                             \  \   '    ((_((_))
                              \          '- '--'
                               |   Kill Da    |
                               '  Bootsector! |
                                \           .'
                   kod           |          |
                   KaIS0R cHeeKS|============|
                   __________.. |            | .._________

                            ASCII-Art at it's best?

    Boot Sector by The Boring Crew (or whatever they're called)

    Yes more loonies are back, tho this time  we wished they  had kept annoying
Amiga freaks a bit longer :) This screen shows pink and yellow rasters labelled
'gay' colors in the credits shown below. We are presented with a cool TBC ascii
logo and that's it. Not quite  since there is some  interactivity here, yes the
'Creme of  the  Scene' has made it : move your  mouse randomly  and the rasters
will move ! Of course it's more a bug than a true animation. Last but not least
it's quite obvious that this  intro has  been  coded by  jealous guys  who have
tried to steal TBC's  identity to make sure  they would be  ridiculous ! What a
shame, especially  since TBC  needs no one to be  ridiculous :) I wish the true
TBC had presented their own stuff, that would have been so much more fun !

    Terra by P01

    We move to serious things with this  boot intro brough to us by Poi Poi of
Ribbon. If I remember well  he took us by  surprise at the previous edition of
OUTLINE with a  great  boot  intro  displaying a  small zoomer  with different
motives. This time it's  not that  impressive as we  see simple text on screen
with some voxel like landscape  in a small  lower part of  the screen. There's
some sound too with sweet beeps here and there. It looks like a UFO here but I
have to say that I like it, though I couldn't really  tell why, maybe the nice
colors and sweet sound add enough charm to it ?

    Plasma boot by Cyclone

    Let's end this review  with the winning entry from our praised main editor
cxt ! His previous tries already  showed his skills (not to mention  the stuff
has showed me and that hasn't been completed yet :). This screen only features
very colorful  plasma waving on and  on with some  synchronzied sampled sound.
The colors are nice, though the plasma  loops after a few seconds :)  Not much
more to say, it's a plasma with sound ... in a boot intro. The only question I
cannot answer is, does  it fit the usual  window or is it fullscreen ? Hard to
tell under emulator, still it looks nice.

------------------------------------------------- Sts for Alive 13 ----------- 

Alive 13