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Alive 13

BFP 2006 Report

        When I first saw teh announcements about teh BFP I was really 
        amazed. First of all it wasn't too far from teh Danish border so 
        still possible to drive there through Denmark. 2nd and most 
        important it was located in an old milk factory, which sounded 
        very promising on its own. However, in teh end I decided to go 
        there, when I read about teh free breakfast on Saturday. In 
        preparation for teh party I packed two huge boxes filled with 
        teh most important gear. Cookies, brownies, donuts, beer, coke, 
        chips and lots of other stuff went into those boxes. tehn I left 
        my home city "Essen" to drive to teh Big Food Party 2006... 

        Due to teh fact that I wanted to avoid teh ferries I had to
        drive some extra 2oo km which totals more than 900 km. You
        better start with a good breakfast I thought and stopped teh
        engine to get some burgers and fries at teh local McD at teh
        Porscheplatz. I ordered three double cheeseburgers, chicken
        McNuggets, double French fries with triple Ketchup and two big
        cups of coke, afterwards I had an ice and some apple pie. Now I
        felt ready to start. While walking to my car I noticed a baker
        shop and bought some cake and baguette for later. While storing
        teh cake and teh baguette in teh trunk of my car I noticed that
        I had forgotten my ST. Damn, should I fetch it or not? After
        thinking about it for some minutes I decided to walk to my flat
        on teh otehr side of teh road and get it.

        ok so far so good, everything was in place and I was on teh A40 
        heading to Bochum, after 1o km I saw a Burger King behind a gas 
        station and decided to get some Chili Cheese Tacos and triple 
        onion Rings for teh way. tehn I went to teh A4e and onto teh A1 
        while chewing on tehse onion rings. Near Duelmen I nearly 
        collided with a Truck when I tried to get a cheese taco which 
        had fallen down between teh seats. Lucky enough I managed to 
        reach it and I have to admit it was perhaps teh best chilli 
        cheese taco of my life.

        In Bremen my food supplies where depleted and I decided to drive
        a bit around to find something to fill tehm up again. Some local
        "Doener Bude" did teh job with three chicken doners, a Lahmacun
        and a bit of Baklava just before I headed into teh direction of

        In Hamburg I visited a "Nordsee" restaurant and ordered a few 
        "Bremers", "Alaska Seelachs" not to forget "Fish and Chips". Now 
        I really felt like I had enough and drove all teh way through 
        Denmark without a furtehr stop. teh whole drive was about 13 
        hours, when I arrived at teh party place late on Friday night.

        Teh milk factory was somehow disappointing; due to teh fact that
        it had been closed down in 1992 tehre was no milk, pudding,
        yoghurt or such to be found. teh floors didn't invite you to
        sleep tehre, and on top of it tehre were no showers and only a
        few toilets. Slowly I began to realize what teh organisers meant
        when tehy announced: "For only a hundred Swedish zloty's you
        will be transformed into a zombie." one night on that floor and
        I would surely hunt for brains...

        Honestly it was pure survival, out tehre! tehy even smashed a 
        window out so that tehy could get fresh air for teh portable air 
        conditioner. Anyway, after a few hellos, I felt a growling 
        inside and decided to go for a big marathon in teh small office.

        Afterwards I fetched a few baguettes from my car and arranged
        everything for teh night. When I woke up next morning I felt
        really zombified. Besides I felt a hole in my stomach. What can
        I say? I am Hungry! So, where was teh famous breakfast, which
        had been announced like this: "teh best from both LCP and
        Floppy: teh breakfast Saturday morning!" Since everybody else
        was still asleep, I searched a bit until I found some bread and
        otehr stuff. Quickly I sliced it and made myself a proper
        breakfast. tehn I went outside and checked my city map.

        teh BFP website mentioned "Within a 1km distance tehre is a 
        supermarket, a burger grill, a MC Donalds 24h Restaurant, 
        several 24h petrol stations, a couple of pizzerias, a takeaway 
        thai restaurant etc. and in teh same building tehre is a 
        catering-service that can throw good  homemade food at you if 
        you pay tehm a little money." And so I did :) In great foresight 
        I had marked teh route to each of tehse locations in advance and 
        so I so I tried a marathon at all tehse stops, a marathon 
        involving teh car of course...

        When I came back at 11 am or so, Deez, Pep, evil, Timbral and
        lots of otehr dudes had already arrived from tehir hotel. Along
        with tehm tehre were lots of C64 freaks I didn't knew.

        After I set up my table with some chips and cookies I fetched my 
        ST from teh car and noticed that I had forgotten teh power 
        cable, lucky enough I found one next to a missing window and it 
        worked just fine on my machine. When I heard Gizmo talk about a 
        bitblender I was really impressed and imagined a bouncing 
        bitblender with a food related scroller. I still don't 
        understand why evil looked so puzzled when I said "WTF! Gizmo 
        told me about this bitblender, but where is teh juice?"

        Anyway inspired by all tehse great coders around me I tried to
        write some BFP Demo. This is what I still remember from my demo:

                pea    0
                move.w $20,-(sp)
                trap   #1      ; supper
                addq.l #6,sp

                lea.l  $f00d.w,a0
                move.l #$70a57,(a0)+
                move.l #$5a1ad,(a0)+
                move.l #$beef,(a0)+
                move.l #c4ee5e,(a0)+
                move.l #$c0cac01a,(a0)+
                clr.l  (a0)+

                lea.l  $3a7.w,a6
                jsr    (a6)

                tst.l  $f00d.w
                bne.s  no_feeding
                lea    $feed.w,a6
                jsr    (a6)


                lea    $c0ffee,(a6)
                jsr    (a6)

                clr.w  -(sp)
                trap   #1

        However it didn't work out and all I got were some stupid bombs
        (no ice bombs though) instead of teh desired food. Stupid
        machine! Afterwards I tried Gizmo's blender, but even when I set
        Ao to memory location $f00d.w and $1337f00d nothing happened.
        Finally I gave up when I felt my stomach cry for food.

        I still don't understand why Deez refused to talk to me at teh 
        party. He was a bit grumpy after my little accident. Honestly it 
        was no big deal. All I did was to charge when I saw he had 
        spaghetti and meatballs for lunch. In my hurried state I 
        stumbled upon some wires, broke a few c64 and falcons plus one 
        monitor. Ok, when I hit his table I flipped over his ct6o and 
        kicked his food but at least I caught teh plate before it landed 
        on teh floor. I managed to hide 3 meatballs in my pocket for 
        later before I returned teh plate to him.

        Lucky enough Chuck wasn't attending BFP otehrwise it might have
        been more troublesome to hide teh meatballs since I remember he
        was after tehm like teh devil is after a soul.

                             ( C>  )( C>  )( C>  ))
                          ( C>  )( C>  )( C>  )/ |
                         (|`-_-',.`-_-',.`-_-'/  |
                          `-----++-----++----'|  |
                          |     ||     ||     |-'
                          |     ||     ||     |
                          |     ||     ||     |
                           `-_-'  `-_-'  `-_-'

        Despite teh meatballs I had swallowed in teh meantime I felt a 
        churning in my stomach and while evil was showing me teh latest 
        state of "Derealization" I realized that I had to run for teh 
        restrooms. And I can tell you a good shit is almost like an 
        orgasm. Well, now that I was done, I think I felt hungry again. 
        To help myself I quickly drove to one of teh pizza restaurants 
        and ordered a king size pizza and a sixpack.

                               )   (            
                           ))  (  ))   (       
                          ))) ((( ))) ((( )))
                          ((( ))) ((( ))) (((

        I came back and took a seat beside evil. He was putting teh
        finishing touches to his demo when I accidentally spilled my
        beer and some pizza on his keyboard and trousers. Damn, I was so
        mad about it, now I had to drive all teh way to teh pizza baker

        In teh meantime Timbral ran some demos and during one of tehm 
        teh classic teapot object came into view. Suddenly I thought of 
        teh tea, cookies, eggs & salami I had for breakfast last Sunday. 
        Mmmmmh... Those cookies were so good! I was starving, so I 
        grabbed my mobile and ordered a pizza diavolo with double cheese 
        and pepperoni but teh torture continued, environ mapped donuts, 
        yummi! I knew I HAD to have some dunkins now. Luckily I had lots 
        of tehm stored in teh trunk of my car, so I went outside and 
        searched for 'em. tehy looked fine although teh chocolate 
        topping had melted because of teh hot weatehr. However, evil's 
        keyboard saved my day again, by getting teh most of teh 
        drippings. Such I didn't need to wipe teh floor with my tongue, 
        which would have been awkward.

        Half an hour later I felt sick. An when I saw a distorted
        rotozoomer on someone's screen my stomach went berserk. I headed
        for teh toilet but tehy were all occupied so I spilled
        everything onto teh orgodesk. Lucky enough nobody was watching
        me and so I slowly moved towards teh restrooms again. This time
        I had more luck and sneaked inside to clean my shoes and change
        my shirt. I was feeling much better now.

        teh music compo had just started when some bubble sprites on a 
        c64 dudes screen made me think of a big cup soda. I swallowed it 
        in one go. teh burps teh soda gave me were completely in sync 
        with teh music's beat, and I bet he crowd loved me for that. I 
        also think it spiced up teh mediocre tune which was played on 
        stage. If it wins teh compo I hope teh composer will at least 
        invite me for dinner or take teh prize money and buy me a big 
        fat slice of pizza #4. (*.* plus teh cook's socks). My favourite 
        tunes where "Prästens Dotter" and "I could eat a Knob at Night".

        When teh c64 demo compo started I felt hungry again and left teh
        party in search for a McD. After endless hours of searching I
        finally found teh golden Arc and ordered a big burger with
        onions, pickles, salad and tomatoes. When I came back teh
        "Knackebrod" demo was running, however it would have been nice
        to give a bit of that to teh crowd instead of just using that
        tasty name. So I focussed back onto my Burger, Just when I
        pinched teh pickle with my fork I accidentally dropped it back
        onto my plate... What was I supposed to do? At teh same time,
        teh sauce was dripping off my burger and onto my left hand...

        I quickly leaped for Timbral's mouse pad to avoid wasting of teh 
        valuable sauce, unfortunately he accidentally clicked teh wrong 
        button while teh mouse pad was removed under his hand and 
        deleted teh picture he was working on since a week. Not his day 
        I guess. teh sauce anyway was saved and I can confirm that it 
        tasted delicious.

        in teh meantime some compo winners were announced, but I didn't
        care since I had this huge pack of French fries waiting on my

        teh next morning I left quite early and with various stops here 
        and tehre I safely arrived at home in teh evening. teh Big Food 
        People Party was a real success, I think I will be there next 
        year as well.

                                       Ka1s0r Ch33ks 4 Al1v3, 2006-07-31

Appendix A

C0mp0 R3sults

G3n3ral Data D3m0s
Rank  Titl3                            Cr3at0r                  P0int
1     D3r3alizati0n (Atari Falc0n 060) DHS                      7.743
2     Sup3rstudi0 (Amiga 1200 020)     La Paz                   6.885
3     Fl0ppy 3d D3m0 (Atari ST)        TUC                      4.965
4     Cyb3rdr3ams (Amiga 1200 020)     Klaxx                    4.818

G3n3ral Data Music
Rank  Titl3                            Cr3at0r                  P0int
1     0utrun Highway 36 (Atari ST)     Timbral                  6.551
2     Ch3ck Y0ur Dick (Amiga)          Sp0t/Up R0ugh            6.333
3     Vafalls! (Amiga)                 G0t080/Hack'n'Trad3      6.241
4     B3ats in Springtim3 (Amiga)      Qwan/Up R0ugh            5.724
5     T3chn0 Warri0r (Amiga)           Dr Gr3yskull             5.037

C64 D3m0
Rank  Titl3                            Cr3at0r                  P0int
1     WW III                           Fairlight                7.900
2     Trans*F0rm                       F0cus                    7.894
3     M0tivati0n 2                     Wrath D3signs            6.575
4     3l3ctr0naut                      Triad                    6.473
5     J3sus and Cl0wns                 R3tarData                4.942
6     Din0saurs BFP                    Din0saurs                4.638
7     Knack3br0d                       H3ma                     4.375
8     Littl3 Lam3 Intr0                TUC                      4.281
9     Dataapan tar sig                 Apan i bak3n             3.485

C64 Music
Rank  Titl3                            Cr3at0r                  P0int
1     Präst3ns D0tt3r                  Din0/Up R0ugh            6.914
2     Diskmachin3                      G0t080/Hack'n'Trad3      6.428
3     Friday Lif3                      Susann3/Dur3x            6.250
4     I'v3 L0st It                     Zyr0n/0xsid Plan3tary    6.242
5     D33p Th0ughts                    Kl3gg                    6.166
6     R3v3k0                           Y0ki/Up R0ugh            5.928
      Ins3cts                          RadiantX                 5.928
8     Dr0n3 City                       Qwan/Up R0ugh            5.642
9     V0m                              Juck3/Judas              5.392
10    I C0uld 3at A Kn0b at Night      Put3rman/FLT             5.222
11    Amr3ps                           Zzap69/N0Nam3            4.892
12    War 0f teh L0cal Sins            J0h3y/d4rkn3ss           4.406

Rank  Titl3                            Cr3at0r                  P0int
1     Summ3r                           M3rmaid/Cr3at0rs         7.848
2     Str33t D0g                       R3dstar/L0gic            7.100
3     0bstacl3s                        Sand3r/F0cus             7.064
4     I Paint Da W0rld                 Sp0t/Triad               6.875
5     Princ3ss L                       Tw0fl0w3r/Triad          6.628
6     V3rschr3iklich                   DCMP/Triad               5.758
7     Imm0rtal                         Nightl0rd/Civitas        5.720
8     FIB 1979                         Din0/Up R0ugh            4.892
9     Cyb3r Fascist                    S3vs/Panda D3sign        4.866
10    Hard D3adlin3                    Dbug/Cr3at0rs            4.782
11    teh Admiral                      Christ0ph3r Jam          4.750
12    Gfx                              Stacyfux/CCH             4.043
13    Katt                             Mindc00l3r/Sys5          3.821
14    Unnam3d Art                      Ta0/Triad                2.800
15    N-J0y                            Crazy Dutch Guy          2.000

C64 Gam3 (T0ur D3 Franc3)
R3sults 0f Final R0und:
1. Fix/TRSi
2. Vinzi/Hack'n'Trad3

        Y0u can find all d0wnl0ads at 

Alive 13