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Alive 13

Atomic Review

        Atomic is a freeware Jaguar CD game from the Removers and 
        JagWare. Its a convertion of the good old Atomix game.

        The game starts off with a screen showing cool Removers and
        JagWare logos and some messages. This screen also offers nice

        After pressing a button you enter the game. Well I think that 
        most of you know the game. You move some stones like in Sokoban, 
        but you have to builds molecules by putting together some atoms.

        Unfortunately there is no sound during the game, so the silence
        is a little bit boring. Beside that, the graphics are taken from
        katomic for Linux. So the game looks nice, but the sound is
        really missing.

        Cause the game was converted to nearly all platforms, I 
        personally don't need another Jaguar version, but I really liked 
        the idea of giving a free game as a gift to all people who 
        joined the Atari Connexion. The game also has a nice box, so it 
        will always remember me of the nice party.

        At the moment I write this article, I also tested DiamJag, and
        now I realize, that Atomic was a start and DiamJag is the next
        step. We can look forward to upcoming games made by the Jaguar
        freeware community.

                                             kRadD for Alive, 2006-07-31

        System:                 Jaguar
        Released:               22.04.2006
        Medium:                 JagCD
        Code:                   Seb \ The Romvers
        Graphics:               taken from Katomic_
        Music:                  Mercury
        Music Player:           Sinister Developments

Alive 13