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Alive 13

                O U T L I N E      R E L E A S E      R E V I E W


                            B Y   P A R A D O X

    Is it a new kind of 96 intros ? Nope, you're reading right as this intro is
only 30Kb big, Paranoid confesses that it  results from a quick hack of screens
he had on his  harddrive  for years. Actually I remember seeing  early versions
and was eagerly waiting to see  these efforts brought  to light. This is partly
done and hope to see more but in the meantime let's review this intro.

    It starts with another cool tune by 505 which  seems to be some sequel to
his great tune in PACEMAKER, not meaning that it's a remix, just got the same
happy and groovy feeling, in other words it sounds damn cool :)

     While the  title  of the  intro is  displayed  with a nice font, comes the
first effect in a small - but decent enough - window. It's a sinus wave made of
blue and white balls. In the background there's a spot of light moving from the
left to the right hence  bringing light to  the dozen of balls swinging on your
screen. First screen is cool !

     Then we move to golden and green colors with a bumpmapped rotozoomer. I
think the motive is the Paradox logo, not quite  sure tho but the colors are
nice and it's smooth enough. Gosh, another cool screen?! :)

     Time for short  greetings with erm... hard  to describe : there's a flower
like shape spinning  with  some delay effect. Though only using black and white
scales, it's stylish. The only minor  point  comes  from the  font used for the
greetings as it's clearly too big. Hence a few  letters can be displayed and if
you recognize that S1 means Sector One, it's a lot trickier with other names (a
couple of them still being mysteries to me :)

      The final screen is another (golden) rotozoomer but  with a sinus wave of
particles dancing in the foreground. Do you  really want me to repeat that this
screen is cool ???? Only bad point is that awful motto, it's a shame !! I agree
with "outline inside" but what is that nasty "beer outside" message all about ?
Hey Para, we all know that beer is cool ! :))

      For all those  who didn't attend Outline 2006  it needs to be explained,
that you were not allowed to  drink  alcohol INSIDE the  building, this is why
Paranoid  picked up the rule and made a joke from of it, you had to drink your
beer OUTSIDE, no shit :)                                                 (cxt)


      Though -as usual- Paranoid keeps complaining about how lame his work is,
there's no doubt that the four screens included are damn... cool of course !!!
Sometimes there's only some variation but who cares ? Remember it's 30 Kb only
and I wish there was a final  version with  more cool effects and some gfx too
since the intro is  a bit poor on  this side, except for two fonts. Oh and the
final version should quit too, could prove useful :) Well now I hope we can be
given a polished version some time. Paradox did it successfully with PACEMAKER
so I think we can rely on them again :)

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Alive 13