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Alive 13

                O U T L I N E      R E L E A S E      R E V I E W


    Coding wizard is back in town ! I was happily  surprised to see that Defjam
had attended OUTLINE. Good thing to know he's still doing things like this cool
intro for Alive he finally  completed, thanks a lot Carsten ! But we're here to
review another 4K.

    Of course, after 4STER my expectations  were quite  high and I was a bit
disappointed but let's rather see this entry as a sign of life. Besides from
what I read this 4K was coded in a few hours.

    Run the prg and you'll soon face the  only screen of this small intro. The
screen is  horizontally divided  into coloured  borders (hey design ? :). Both
upper and lower borders (not meaning fullscreen in any way here) display a one
colour Checkpoint logo while an awful music is torturing us. Defjam  admits he
composed the music and pleads for forgiveness :)

    The only effect is a not so bad looking zooming white  scroller using 4
colours I believe (I'm writing this from memory :) The whole reading should
entertain you for a minute, then you can swap as advised.


    Not much to add here. Of course we're far away from Checkpoint's standards
but we should keep in mind that this 4Kb  was hacked on  the spot. I hope that
this sign of life implies other cool intros by Defjam. Future will tell, still
it's cool to see Defjam being active again !

------------------------------------------------- Sts for Alive 13 ------------ 

Alive 13