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Alive 13

                O U T L I N E      R E L E A S E      R E V I E W


    Hmm first time in  *months* that I actually get Everest started again to
write some shit for ALIVE ! Anyway  OUTLINE  seems to have brought back some
life and motivation to my old bones, so let's cut the crap and get into real
action !

    Since I did not  attend the party I couldn't but wait until releases were
made available and for once it  didn't take ages thx to contributors and Evil
of DHS. I was first amazed to see a 4K  coded by a musician but I surely tend
to forget that someone who manages to create such wonderful tool as maxYMiser
has to be a top coder. Like everyone else out there I would have bet a leg on
Defjam's contribution but more to come about it... in another review :)

    So we got here another contrib  by this great musician who made our Atari
world go upside down. I have to say that I'm truly happy Atari musicians have
evolved that  way, creating  craaaaaaaazy  sounds spiced  with speed hardcore
beats. Once again gWem won't disappoint you here... He'll make you smile like
an idiot instead :) Oh and before I  forget, let me  tell you that this intro
comes in various flavours, be it for ST, TT or Falcon.


    Hmm am I getting slow at  double clicking ? Screen  goes black and nothing
happens  for a  few  seconds... then it's  like  xmas eve ! Hardcore beats are
taking control of my Ste and on  screen it goes fast  with a greenish rotating
tunnel but also a one plane  scroller. Our  code wizard seems uses some tricks
like a smaller window (though still 320 pixel wide), also 60 Hz but I wouldn't
dare complain.

    Out tunnel goes crazy like hell, rotating one  way, then the other, living
with the great chip rythm. Synchronization adds * A LOT * to that already very
cool demo, erm nope, 4K :)

    Seconds later, we're treated  to greenish  merging blobs. Every effect runs
at 30fps ! Oki it looks quite green but brings some Matrix touch :) Then we got
some sort of "crudely" textured floor and  ceiling moving  backward, forward or
from the left to the right, still following the changes in the music.

    The show is far from over since there's still  a rotozoomer in da box, a
bumpmapper and a fire effect ! All of them of course synced and very smooth !
The intro even quits properly to gwem, erm no, I mean GEM :)


    We have had some sort of 4K tradition on the ST since Llama of tSCc brought
us the *very first* bumpmapper and later  on a couple of  envmapped fishes. Now
of course I cannot but  mention Defjam's 4ster which is another milestone. This
4K by gWem is imho different from  others : it may  look a bit too green in the
first place but  who cares ? Music is very  good, all effects (6 maybe 7 ?) are
impressively smooth  and the  syncing wraps it  all in a xmas  present box ! To
wrap it up, I hope no one "forgot" to  download what is  another reference into
the ST legend ! Thanks A LOT Gareth for this great gift !

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Alive 13