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Alive 13


                        B Y   D R O P   D A   B O M B !

    Today I'm writing another CD review but not the kind you would expect me to
write :) Still I suggest you  get the  latest album of * ENSLAVED * as it truly
rocks ! But let's get back to this sweet 8cm CD.

    We've all grown up with  unforgetable chiptunes in mind be it from Turrican
or from many demos with for instance my  fave "oldschool" musicians namely Jess
and Scavenger but... Though I bought the Turrican CD, it doesn't bring the same
thrill. Oh it is good but, chippies will remain  chippies. Doing the same thing
again would seem ridiculous and I am happy that with new  musicians like Re?mo,
Stu, Crazy Q or gWem (to name a few) we have managed to enter a new phase : yes
chiptunes are going wild and hardcore !

    We've enjoyed some great examples in YM ROCKERS compils or thanks to the
PHATT musicdemo but until  you convert files  to MP3, they seldom leave your

    * commercial  break ! Tired of  these guys  driving  like mad cows while
listening to tasteless music on their powerful CD system ? It's time to take
your revenge now ! As C-rem keeps singing : plea plea plea plea pleas please
wait :) *

    Drop Da Bomb is not bringing us a compilation from  games or demos, it's a
real album with original soundtracks, later ported to the ST thanks to cxt and
his  ALIVE JUKEBOX (review to be  found in the  menu btw :) Composers gathered
here are Stu and Remo for a total of 7 tracks and 24 minutes.

    You'll forgive me since I  lack the "musical skills" to detect arpegios or
others whatever these words means :) I am * not * sure about the software used
either, there's nothing about it on the CD cover but all songs mix synthesized
or sampled voices along with crazy sounds and beats.

    So what do we have here ?

    All songs belong to the same teknoid chip family but it's hard to describe
them accurately. I am  currently  listening to track 3  called 'Machine' and I
would almost say it's my favourite, still  all tracks are so cool. Maybe I can
get some Atari  musician  to  add  his own  comments to this laaaame review :)
'Machine' nicely mixes digidrums, sampled speech and the usual blips blops. In
the style used, patterns tend  to repeat a  bit but changes  happen before you
eventually get bored.

    Track 4 - called Insectz - now playing. Hum from the CD cover tracks 3 and
this one were not made by the same  guy, still style is almost identical to my
unskilled ears, what is  good  news seeing the  high quality :) Most  tunes go
quite fast with powerful  drum  beats  while  the  usual  YM bips seem  to add
variation to the main theme.

    I've decided  it wasn't worth  trying to  describe each  track, it's like
describing something you've never seen before :) All I can say is that if you
visit you'll be able to buy this sweetie for  less than 10
euros (7 if I remember well ?).

    You won't like it if...

    you still think Mad Max is the best composer on the ST :) He used to be one
but it was decades ago and  styles have  evolved. If you only expect remixes of
classic chips, then do NOT go for it ! Oh and  above all if  you fear that your
neighbour think you're a nerd, don't listen to it so loud, the way I'm actually
doing :p

    You will LOVE it if...

    you like crazy sounds, the 21st century style  of chippies ! You  will love
it if - like me - you think that people like gWem have granted a second life to
the YM chip. You will love it  if you like  original tunes  escaping from an ST
harddrive. In other words, give it a try be it via the ALIVE JUKEBOX and if you
like it then buy it and support great musicians !

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Alive 13