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Alive 12
                    hosted by the YM Rockerz and DJane Manou
        Saturday the 19th of November. I had more or less forced my 
        girlfriend to come with me to Stockholm this cold day. So, what 
        happened in the capital of Sweden to make it worth a three hour 
        trip on a crowded train? Now, isn't that obvious?  It was the 
        party that had been on everybodys lips the latest couple of 
        months, Microdisko - hosted by the YM Rockerz and DJane Manou. 
        And that's not a party in the sense we sceners are used to, you 
        know with Atari- freaks, chipmusics and booze... or wait, it 
        really was such a party, wasn't it? ;)

        When we had arrived in Stockholm in the afternoon me and my
        girlfriend secured a bed at the pre-booked hotel and took a walk
        in the city, mainly to find a place to eat and to check out the
        location where the party would be held. Snow had started falling
        as we walked back to the hotel for showering and getting ready
        for our big/micro night out.

        We were among the first to arrive to Microdisko. Only Baggio and 
        some other guys were there waiting at the gates already. The 
        snow had now turned into some greyish sludge and was 
        treacherously slippery on random places. Evil, Gizmo and the 
        others from #atariswe arrived a little later after being guided 
        phonewise by Baggio.

        Microdisko, or "Alcazar" as the bar is called was luckily not as
        pretentious as I expected it would be. Accually it was a pretty
        small place (guests allowed: 150), a bit worn and very personal
        which is the way i like it. The first sounds heard was gwEm
        sound-checking some detroit/acid tune which sounded really cool.
        Me and my girlfriend bought our first beers and joined a table
        where some #atariswe-dudes were talking.

        The night was of course characterized by micromusic. DJane Manou 
        was standing by the decks in a corner of the hall playing 
        everything from 8/4bit covers of "The Doors" to "Lotek Style" 
        and "Dma-Sc" to speedy elektro breakbeats by "Cylob".

        Then, at 2200 hours Manous beats faded out and Marcers YM2149
        took over ...

        Now, the dudes from Mikrodisko should have supplied me with a 
        recording from the gig, but there has been no sign of it so I 
        guess I have to write from memory (which may not be 100% 
        accurate due to the ammount of alcohol i had consumed during the 
        very night, and the fact that this event happened over a month 

        Anyway, this was Marcers first YM-gig as I've understood. A big
        part of his material was built upon covering others tracks. We
        could hear some "Lotus" and "Noisy Pillars", but all of a sudden
        a female voice was heared during a 3ch cover of "Madonna -  La
        Isla Bonita". He had his girlfriend singing live on the set! The
        performance was nice, and got the crowd into the mood i guess,
        with tunes they recognized and all... however, Marcer didn't
        look to busy/concerned with what he was doing... Sometimes he
        was accually quite idle standing looking at the dancing crowd.
        I'd like to see more commitment next time, but in all a nice

        Marcer x-faded into Dubmoods first tune and Marcer left the 
        stage. Dubmoods set consisted of some original material aswell 
        as some covers. I cannot remember exacly what titles were 
        played, but an YM-cover of Dope (Complex 1995) was one welcome 
        addition to the playlist. Then all of a sudden Dubmood had his 
        posse of MC:s and singers on stage, imho there were a little too 
        many people on that small stage, and the fact that the singers 
        had had a couple of beers didn't make the performance better. 
        However, it was interesting listening to Dubmoods material live. 
        I like his style and I'd like to see/hear more of this in a 
        tighter performance, so keep it up!

        After these two livesets Manou had an hour or so to fill with
        noise in her own specific electro-freak manner...

        Crazy Q:s set on the YM2149 at midnight was a blast. The sound 
        volume was now higher than before and his original tunes in 
        house/funk-style was welcomed by the audience. In addition to 
        the YM-chip he had an effect-box with an cutoffish effect which 
        gave an extra dimension to the 4bit noise. In the middle of the 
        liveset I almost choked on a beer as I got "Parallax Lover" 
        dedicated to me through the loudspeakers. I cannot say much 
        more, this performance was smooth and tight and the STJ was as 
        relaxed as confident. More of this plz!

        gwEm, the enhanced one, climbs up the stage with his electric
        guitar and homeboy drummer/MC for giving the last live
        performance of the night. This man sure knows how to deliver.
        The style was not in line with my expectations. I thought this
        set would have as much chippie-character as the previous sets,
        but instead... this was metal! Black Sabbaths Paranoid is one
        tune I can remember. Then, the gig continues with various
        styles, some hiphopish rhyming from the MC, mididrums/percussion
        are connected to maxYMiser (I believe) giving a human touch to
        the sound. This is something rarely seen/heared in our nation in
        the north and people might have had a hard time adapting to some
        of these aggressive cyberpunk tunes. However, I thought it was a
        cool performance and would like to hear more of this!

        During the hour between gwEms set and closing time, we pretty 
        much just hung around talking, taking a photo of us 5(!) Rockerz 
        present at Microdisko, some random chilling, that's all. At 
        closing it seemed like most of us were too tired for an after-
        party, at least I and my girlfriend went back to the hotel to 
        rest before the journey home the next morning.

        Big ups for this cool event goes to everyone involved!
                                            Timbral for Alive, 2005-12-23
Alive 12