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Alive 12
Concert Review
        Not many of you may have heard of Starsailor. True, they've been 
        around since about 2000 or so; and yes, they are a British band, 
        slowly getting more known about as time is going on.

        My girlfriend, Paula, saw them first on Jools Holland's
        television show 'Later' one evening back in early 2001. From
        what she can recall of the show, she was blown away by their
        quality - ending up with buying all 3 of their albums as they
        have been released over the years.

        There were rumours that Starsailor were going to embark on a
        tour that would also bring them to play at Cambridge for the
        first or second time, at the rather nice Corn Exchange venue.
        Not too far from the famous King's College (part of the
        university campus here), the venue has showcased a lot of
        entertainment types here over the years, in all genres and not
        just music either.

        So it came to be that the tour was advertised in the media and
        also thanks to the band's email system on their website. This
        told us where they were playing and it was fantastic to see that
        they were confirmed as playing Cambridge again. So we got our
        tickets booked and waited for the day and evening to roll

        On the evening itself, we got the car parked a short walk away
        and arrived in good time, perfect timing in fact, to see the 2
        support acts that were also there to play before the main event.
        The first act - called 'The Pioneers' - was on stage - and they
        rocked! It turns out that they are fairly new to the music
        scene, however, they had songs that should be hits on their
        debut album and maybe also in the chart too in the near future.

        The second support act was a bit weird, more suited, I think, to
        the Alternative Party to be fair. They had a similar setup to
        the David Hasselhoff Big Band, with a laptop & keyboards, along
        with other electronic stuff. They sounded rather weird, it has
        to be said - and we still didn't get their name...

        At around 9 pm, Starsailor themselves came on to the stage, with
        one or two tunes that most of the fans there were familiar with,
        not so for me. Fortunately, the third song was their radio-hit
        'Four to the Floor', which I'd heard before. There was a big
        improvement in the song quality as they focussed on songs from
        the second and recent third album.

        The gig itself went on for about an hour and a half. Very
        enjoyable, particularly with the encore stuff at the end. They
        are a band to watch out for in the future, that is for certain.
Felice for Alive, 2005-12-21
Alive 12