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Alive 12
DHS 20 Years Compo

What the fuck? Non scrolling scrolltexts? Yes! The scene is 
getting older and older and perhaps some of us already need to 
put on their thick glasses to read stuff on screen. All kinds of 
jerky movements are working against you and you had a hard time 
to figure out what's written on your blurred screen? Perhaps you 
just don't want to wait until everything has scrolled by? 
Whatever it is, here they are: The scrolltexts and other bits of 
text found in the 20th year anniversary megademo screens by DHS 
and guests :) Of course all texts have been reformatted and 
spellchecked. Enjoy...

Intro / DHS - INT.BIN

DHS 05 are u ready?

Main Menu / Jace - MEN.BIN

Welcome to the 20 years Atari ST megademo! This is a collection 
of demo screens, muzaeks and graphics from the Atariscene in 

Evil/DHS typing... The idea for this megademo slowly grew during 
the year, and after having talked to a few people about it, it 
seemed like a possible project to go thru with. 

At first, the plan was to make it easy for me, a single disk 
with an easy menu. After a while, friends from France (hi Jace!) 
suggested that we should use a sync scrolling main menu a la old 
classic demos. Sure, this sounded really cool - and it meant I 
didn't have to code a menu at all, even easier!

Ok, time went past and one picture, song and demo screen after 
the other arrived in my mailbox. Sometime in November I zipped 
the lot and got a rather unpleasant surprise: We are over 1mb! 
Nothing else to do than coding multi-floppy support in the 
loader. Ok, so I coded a little change disk screen and extended 
the loader a bit.

Then the oldskool maniac Leonard of Oxygene comes into the 
picture... He tells us that he has a reset screen that we can 
use. Reset screen? Oh dear, now things were starting to become a 
little complicated - and my plans of a very easy putting 
together was flushed down the toilet. Heeelp! Never having coded 
a reset routine before, I was a little worried over this which 
turned out to be for no reason, it was easy, except for a silly
beginners mistake - I forgot to set a new stack pointer after 
the reset... and now... we have finally released the demo!!

There are bugs, there are things that can be done much better, 
there is spaghetti code, there is optimizing to do, there are a 
million things that could have been done different - but we do 
not care - the demo is out!!

Please enjoy the many screens, muzeax and pix that our wonderful 
scene has produced during the darkness of autumn 2005... Evil 
signing of... see you on falcon next time!

Okay, now Jace writing some words... first of all I am very 
happy to know that in 2005 we are still making demos on Atari 
ST! Fantastic! I want to thank Evil another time for making the 
dream come true. Wooooooo a megademo with main menu on Atari ST 
in 2005! I can't stop about it :) so this menu is a sort of re-
use of an old one that I made in 1992 for the Fuzion megademo.

All original gfx can be seen on our website: ...

I got some problem to make this menu: first of all my little 
daughter takes more and more time, and second... Some problems 
with my wife :d!!! But finally here it is! I didn't have time to 
include some other optimisation, and the syncscroll rout 
sometimes flickers on STF (dunno why). This text sometimes 
pauses because it is not in VBL interrupt. Since I'm using a HBL 
technique for high overscan, putting the text in VBL makes it 
flicker too... I have no time to make this work... 

Credits for this menu: Graphics by C-Rem of MJJ, sound by Dma-SC 
of Sector One and very bad code by Jace of.... hmmm STknights? 
(yep does this crew exist anymore?)

Some hi now:

C-Rem (my love!!!), Frost (mon poulet!), Rajah (rhoar), Marcer 
(hey sounds very good for a beginner!), PM (actif!!!!), Thyrex 
(carambaaaaaa!), Boss (love scrolltexts and greetings?), all 
friends on and #atariscne!!! (sorry too late I'm a bit 
tired to try to remember all of you). okie I hope this demo will 
make the scene alive for some years!!!! let'sssssss wrappppp!!

Oldskool Rebirth / MJJ-Prod (D01.BIN)

20 years of domination

Tobe C-Rem Floopy

ST 20 YRS Celebration

MJJ Production 2005

Oldskool Rebirth

Have you ever heard something like that? Have you ever seen 
something like that? Do you like it? You want some more? Shout 
it loud! I want to hear you crazy! 

MJJ Prod Members

Bigfoot, C-Rem, Felx, Floopy, Gloky, Goldenboy, HerrV, Kiksoft, 
Mikou, Mr-Nours, Shazz, Squale, Strider, Tobe, Tooseb, Toufou, 


cxt, Dma-SC, 505, Frost, Evil, Cooper, Gizmo, Keops

Special Thanks to gwEm the crazy YM master and DHS for the demo 

Press space to return to main menu or enjoy this screen forever!

Powered by Tobe

Colorz / Atari Freaks - D02.BIN

Hi and welcome to this filling demo by some Atari freaks! This 
demo was at first an Elite intro. Marcer decided to send it for 
the compo with his tune.

I - Jace - thought it was not good enough to be included so I 
decided to join more plasmas with a simple transition effect. 
For information these are the unused plasmas from the Hemoroids 
Colorz demo from 1993... 

Some credits now : Super cool music by Marcer of Paradize and 
brill logo by C-Rem the cremeux of MJJ Prods. This old font by 
Dieu of STknights and old code recycled by Jace of STknights... 

Mega hi to all Atari fans around and especially to Evil for this 
compo! I must admit that without people like you the Atari scene 
would be dead since ages! Stay Atari all of you! Like in the 
good old time 

Some special fucks!!! To Keops: Hey lamer! Stop blaming and make 
some code like dBug! I won t stop until you've done it! Let's 

Marcer - D03.BIN

Hi and welcome to a litte intro screen coded by Evil/DHS for
             Marcer / Paradize / AL / ELiTE.

This screen is mainly made for presenting a chip tune created by

                      Other Credits

                 Font by Evil & Marcer

        Background Picture by Cooper/Paradize

                Marcer logo by Evil

                 !Enjoy the Tune!

           Thanks to Evil and Cooper

This screen is also a big congratulation for ATARI 20TH

           A lot of us make it still active

                                  Atari Legend
                                   Alive Team
                                   YM Rockerz
                                    Line Out
                                 Reservoid Gods
                                   Sector One
                                    New Beat
                             All on
                              All Atari IRC Users
                                    And U!!

Greetings to All Atari related Activity Ppl MaRcEr-2005-


NoExtra - D04.BIN

NoExtra is proud to present a new - oldskool - intro from DHS 
compo 2005 for the Atari ST anniversary: 20 years!

ASM code: Atomus, design and gfx: Mister A., rip-mod from the 
big archives of Zorro 2 (thanks guy for the supplying sound and 
search for a unique small module from Amiga which plays decently 
at 10 kHz on an Atari STF!)

This old screen is an old unreleased version of an old screen 
for an old crew there's few years ago... I admit that digits 
play in realtime and the player routs come from the French old 
crew who have a celebrate name: Equinox. (Thanks guys for the ST 

What a disgrace!! The pity scrolling goes slowly, in fact, only 
for the border remover routs, this intro don't support HBL 
anymore! But you can enjoy the last graph of Mister.A:) hum, I 
demand to Mister.Ato join me on the scroller but he hates that! 
Maybe or 'coz he is an Italian guy who speaks muchos 
l'Italianos... If u read this very bad scrolltext, you are a 
great person or maybe the muzax is very good that I suppose of 
course! Many thanks to evil for this special event on this year, 
I'm not afraid to give this old screen for this oldskool compo, 
I like it!! I suppose that the module loop both and I see -
finally - the end of this slowly scrolling.

Thanks to all Atarians and supporters of this great machine, 
best regards for past, actually and future coders, swappers, 
crackers, etc..............

NoExtra creation in 28.11.2005 for the DHS compo 2005.


Yeahhhh!!!!  Old skool rulez....

Hello and welcome to the contribution of Stax to the 20th 
anniversary megademo... 

First of all I must write who did what in this screen. All 
coding was done by Bod of Stax (except for the wireframe routine 
which was done by Mike) as well as the 3d object design. The 
graphics were done by Sodan (sprites, font), Mike (logo) and Bod 
(1 plane background) and the music was made by An Cool of the 

Well, today is Friday the 4th of November 2005 (bonfire night 
tomorrow, yeah!) and it's ten past two in the afternoon and I am 
trying to think of something interesting to write in this 

I was really pleased with the 3d pixel routine below when I 
wrote it as I thought it was really fast, however I know of an 
even faster way of plotting and clearing pixels now. This 
routine has all the points pre-worked during the ten second 
pause at the beginning and it takes 5 instructions to plot a 
pixel and 2 to clear a pixel however, it's possible to write a 
routine that can plot a pixel in 1 instruction and clear a pixel 
in 1 instruction.

Now for a word about the 20th anniversary competition. I think 
this was a great idea by DHS to make a 20th anniversary 
megademo. I believe this will be a landmark demo in the ST's 
history alongside Cuddly, Crikey, Phaleon, Froggies since who 
would have though that 20 years after the ST's original release 
there would be a brand new megademo.

Ok, that's enough mindless drivel let's get onto the 
greetings.... Megasupergreetings to...

Dead Hackers Society (great compo idea), t.s.c.c. (Beams was 
fantastic and Wolfenstein will be fantastic), Reservoir Gods 
(always great games from you), Paradize (Pooz is great), dBug, 
Oxygene, ULM, MJJ Prod., X-Troll, Mug UK, CiH, Sector One, Dune, 
Mystic Bytes, Checkpoint, George N. from Greece, yesCrew, Cream, 
Torment and anyone else I've forgotten.

You can contact me via email at bodofstax(at)

Well, I suppose I'd better assemble this, pack it and mail it 
off to evil so let's wwwwwrrrrraaaaaappppp.......

Martial Arts / DHS - D06.BIN

That's it! You have reached the final moments of our little demo 
screen. Released in November 2005 for the twenty year Atari ST 
celebration megademo

Credits are as follows... 
Ideas, storyboard, design and graphics ................. Timbral
Music & soundfx ........................................ Crazy Q
Programming ....................................... Gizmo & Evil

DHS sends greetings to YM-Rockerz, YesCREW, X-Troll, Toys, 
Torment, TNG, The Sirius Cybernetics Corp. The Reservoir Gods, 
The Black Lotus, STU, Stax, ST Knights, Sector One, Scum Of The 
Earth, Satantronic, Requiem, Paradox, Paradize, P01, Oxygene, 
Overlanders, NoExtra, NoCrew, New Beat, Mystic Bytes, MJJ Prod, 
Marcer, Loud, Lineout, Lazer, KUA, gwEm, Ephidrena, Evolution, 
Dune, Creators, Cream, Cobra, Cerebral Vortex, Atari.Org, 
Assemsoft, Aggression... and all we forgot to mention here... 

Crazy Q at the keyboard!! Only a few bytes left... Just like to 
say ::ATARI-4-LIFE::. See ya soon, and stay well! 

Hey, this is Timbral typing: Wee! My first involvement in a pure 
Atari ST screen! Smooth code and great music, I'm so happy! :) 
Regarding the demoscreen there were unfortunately a few issues 
that forced us to flush some ideas down the drain... These 
issues were mostly due to my bad knowledge in ST screen 
buffering and pi1- compression. I had made too much graphics and 
had hoped for FX that were impossible to create on ST. However, 
I think we finally managed to deliver a decent screen for the 
megademo! :) 

We can hope for a follow-up release to this screen which holds 
the graphics that we had to exclude from this release... 
Congrats Atari ST and all of its users / abusers! Don't quit 
freaking Atari! Timbral signing off... 

So we have 136 bytes left, I (evil) would just like to thank 
Timbral for his great way of planning the screen with a complete 
timelined storyboard, which without this would have just been 
another offset table and envmap screen, like we've done so many 
times before.. We're nearing the end of the80 kilobyte limit so 
let's wraaap!

Dead Hackers Society 2005 Never give up - Stay Atari

Spot Light on the 520ST / Paradize - D07.BIN

Spot Light on the 520ST

A lame demo screen for the 20 years anniversary compo in 2005

A prod by Paradize!

Code and crappy Mainpic:  Simon Sunnyboy
Chip Music             :  Marcer
Nice Font              :  Minz

Atari Legend Screen / Atari Legend - D08.BIN

Hi and welcome to this Atari 20th anniversary screen from Zorro2 
with this Atari legend screen... 


Code                   :  Zorro 2 (helped by Atomus)
Gfx                    :  Mister.A from NoExtra
for the STF muzaxx part:  Soundchip from Lap of Next
for the STE muzaxx part:  Soundtrack ripped from Amiga

Fast module player at 50 kHz by Lance (found on DHS website)

We at Atari legend would like to thank Zorro 2 for this intro. 
And you will see this intro more in future with some rare Atari 
games! At this point we are working on soon opening the demo 
section of Atari legend. So get prepared for a lot of demos 
screenshots and downloads...

We hope that section can be opened in start of next year and 
Atari legend would like to send some greetings in no special 

TCE, Super Gau, Supremacy, Zuul, Oxygene, Paradize, MJJ Prod, 
Reservoir Gods, Lineout, DHS, Cream, Equinox, MCS, Nature, tSCc, 
dBug, Sector One, X-Troll, Typhoon, yesCrew, YM Rockerz and all 
people at!!!!

Please enjoy this screen. Keep Atari!!! Bye bye...

AL signing off... warp

NoExtra - D09.BIN

Note to all, this little production is compatible SainT and 
STEem. DHS Online Compo 2005.

Hum... Do you like squares? You want to see more? Then let's 

This intro was coded by the marvellous Atomus 

All gfxs were done by Mister.A

Muzax by Iso found in the big compiles of Grazey

Ouaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! This is the second intro that u see on this 
cool compilation for the Atari ST anniversary made by NoExtra

2o years celebration! Cool event done by DHS. Many thanks 

I am not afraid to see many squares, that is amusing myself! 
Only 5o for this screen. I want to credit the 3d in the intro, 
routine was done by Cerebral Vortex (GT Turbo and Azrael) if u 
want an only chance to change the curve of sprites, try some key 
if u arrive... Ah! Ah! Ah!

At certain moments sometime, the screen seems hopping, I presume 
VBL is at top speed... Sorry for that... I just say this intro 
contains near 5.000 lines of pure ASM code and this scrolling is 
very crap, rasters seems good only for an Atari STE, sorry for 
that but the hardware of the old machine 520 ST is very old.

Not for emulators who restore perfectly the colours? 

Thanx for the groups who made productions on this cool machine, 
respect! Just a little word stay Atari and support little prod!

NoExtra Production 2oo5... Here we go again...

NoExtra - D10.BIN

DHS Online Compo 2005

1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10... Here we go!!! Welcome 
on the great compilation of DHS: The ST Demoscreen Competition.

Thank you Mister Evil for putting forward this event at the end 
of the year 2005 and good luck to the competitors. The prices 
are very interesting!!!

I want to thank the crew NoExtra to permit me to code with them. 
Thanks for all Atomus and big bisous to Mister. A who lives in 

I call Marcer, it's 17h32 and I haven't still your text for the 
scroll of the A.L. Team intro for the DHS compo!!!

Many thanks to Marcer, Brume, SHW, Silver Surfer, Mister Mug UK 
(Atariforum members), Frost and Kiksoft (Parigot Team), Paradize 
members, Cerebral Vortex, and all I forgot

Ah j'oubliai Didier (Mister Micronostalgia), tu as un super cafe 
el gringo ;)

I don't know how to say more on this scrolltext, I don't have 
the time to concentrate myself on it.

Code Zorro 2 - Soundchip Powa Pixel - All great gfxs by Mister. 
A of NoExtra

Thanks for regarding this little intro. It keeps all my time and 
dreams since I looked into an article about vertical hardware 
scroll techniques written for DBA magazine. Thanks to all 
readers, this text is not so long, ARF!

Creators - D11.BIN

Creators present a new demo on the ## Atari ST ## Even if a dist 
scroller is cool, it's lacking colours... Definitively better... 
What about improving the background too??? Hum... that's what I 
call 'violent coders colours!!! We will not be able to tolerate 
that for a much longer time... Yeah baby, that's it :) Thanks 
Nerve, that's definitively better ;-) 

Ok, it was the usual Atari ST intro scroller crap that shows you 
how good the coder is, and how he can do a lot of things with 
the effect like changing the speed and direction of the 
background effect!!! Anyway, here are the credits (yeah, 
original too, I know) for this little incomplete intro: 

Ptoing He has been drawing the font, and also the cool picture 
with the yellow dudes. You don't remember having seen it? Well, 
probably because it was not shown. Let's correct this... Sweet 
isn't it? 

Crazy Q He composed the music for this intro. Actually 
technically he made more than one music, but we ran out of 
memory. Too bad, because you are missing the Craziest 1 channel 
YM experiment ever made! He also painted the Triplex and Matrix 
backgrounds ;-) 

Nerve In theory we should have had his 3D part, but for 
technical reasons we were unable to make it due to memory and 
time reasons. It will be released later! So well he took in 
charge the painting of nice looking background pattern and logo. 

Dbug Responsible for basically the code of this intro. And also 
some of the most terrible pixel butcherizing done in the history 
of Atari ST demo making... 

Additional credits goes to Proteque and Tero that started some 
pictures we could not include for memory/delay reasons... 

Here are the greetings! (Have you noticed the small logos 

Atari scene Greetings go to:

Aggression, Alive Team, Checkpoint, Cream, DHS, Evolution, Gwem, 
Paradize, Paradox, Lineout, Loud, MJJ Prod New Beat, P.H.F., 
Reservoir Gods, Stax, ST Knights, Stu, The Sirius Cybernetics 
Corporation, Yescrew, YM-Rockerz 

Amiga scene Greetings go to:

Scoopex, Ephidrena, Spaceballs, Uprough, Razor 1911, C-64 Scene 
: Fairlight, Hack n Trade, Triad. Oric greetings : Defence-
Force, TetraKnight Squad 348, CEO and all Oric fans...

No Greetings to The Bits Club because releasing crap after crap 
is pointless.... 

And now some personal messages:

Proteque is on the keyboard... I am happy to be able to 
congratulate the ATARI with its 40. Birthday! Kindergarden is 
coming up and I am glad that so many of the Creators members are 
coming. I hope and think it will be a smashing party. I will 
also like to welcome our new members StingRay and Ptoing. They 
are most likely joining us at Kindergarden and the pre-party as 
well. That's it. I have nothing more to say. Signing off. Bye! 

Nerve hitting keyz. Yoyo! And gratz peeps! 40!? Anyway, spent 
lots of time coding a part for this prod, and then in the end I 
wasn't able to finish my shizzle. Aw, how typical me. Well, mad 
props to Dbug the almighty for coming thru with his code! No 
space left for my part anyway I've been told. And so I'm sitting 
here trying to bust some pixels instead. Hahaaa. Yea yea. Thanks 
to my lovely wife Hanne for letting me be myself as always! Also 
many thanks to Dbug, Ptoing, Crazy Q and Stingray for all their 
support, moral, artistic and technical... Life will only get 
better from this point. Peace Out! Personal greetings too: 
Keyboarders, Portal Process, Spaceballs, Contraz, Excess, 
Nocturnal, Outracks, Kvasigen, Scarab, Effect, Dual Crew 
Shining, The Black Lotus, INF, Asm Soft, Evolution... 

Hi there, this is Blind Io behind the keys. It has been a long 
time since I was visible on the scene, so I thought I would take 
this opportunity to say hello. Regretfully, my schedule has been 
quite full the last months, so I have not made anything for the 
anniversary. My respect goes to all who have taken time to 
participate in the compo, especially to my fellow Creators for 
making this great contribution... Take care! 

Hello fellow ATARI loverz !! This is Crazy Q at the keyboard, I 
hope you all like this retro oldskool screen. I know I do. This 
is like a dream come true for me, I always liked to be a part in 
the old demos , like Cuddly Demos for example. Since this screen 
uses overscan I was forced to make a non SID tune and that made 
me look at the Cuddly demos again, just so I could get the right 
retro vibe for my tune. I know this tune is quite minimal (like 
all my tunes), but I hope you all like it any way. I must say 
that the ATARI ST is one hell of a computer!!! My Amiga 1200 has 
crashed on me twice (damn HD driver), and one of my C-64's died 
on me last night. But my ST/STE/Falcon still works like a 

I have not been active in the scene as long as most of you folks 
(at least not in serious crews)!!! I'm really glad to see the 
ATARI get 20 years old with pride, and also to been able to 
taking apart of celebrating it. 

Also personal greetings to: The rest of the Creators Crew, Sam 
Tramiel for the ST, DHS, My girlfriend Maja, GwEm, Stu, Marcer, 
Dubmood, Damo, All at Paris HQ, YM-Rockerz, Sh3, Cxt, everyone 
at #Atariscne, and everyone I forgot...Well this is all I have 
to say for now... (I need to get back to my mistress lady YM-
2149) Blip Blop - YM non STOP... 

Hi! This is Hanne, Dbug's girlfriend. During the past weeks I 
have been -lucky- enough to see this demo evolve. I can assure 
that a lot of blood, sweat and time have gone into making this 
demo. But I guess that comes with the package of having a coder 
as boyfriend ;) I am impressed with this demo and the effort 
everyone has been putting into it. I would like to congratulate 
Creators with the result and the Atari ST 20th anniversary :) 

Ok, Dbug at the keyboard now to bore you even more after all 
that long text stuff!!! So well some technical info. In theory 
this code should work on STF, STE, MSTE, non accelerated FALCON 
and STEEM since it has been tested on these various machines. In 
theory it should also work on other more esoteric machines like 
TT, or accelerated Falcons, but you never know :) You cannot 
imagine how hard it is to get back to 68000 coding after 10 
years coding nothing on this machine. Anyway I tried to do 
something clean and compatible, so please if there are problems 
just forgive me :) And some last words: NEVER GIVE UP ! NEVER 
SURRENDER! There is no spoon... The truth is out there... Mega 
big hugs to Hanne for her patience.... Ok let's wrap now :) 

In the Atari ST history, numerous have been the demos trying to 
beat the record of the longest possible scroller; unfortunately 
most of them were quite boring to read. This one will most 
probably not be much more interesting, but considering the size 
restriction of this screen it will certainly not be the longest: 
What a relief!!! Let's wrap now!!!

Twenty Years Atari ST / Paradox - D12.BIN

        Small Scrollers

Yes it is oldskool and only scrollers...

Paradox is proud to present you this little screen for a very 
special occasion.

Ra on the keyboard: First I want to mention this great tune you 
are listening to. During developing this screen I heard it 
really often and it never bored me. It is one of my all time 
favourites so many thanks to 505 and gwEm who made this 

I can not believe that there have been really 20 years since the 
release of the Atari ST. time is always running too fast. I got 
my first Atari at Easter 1988, a 520 STFM with a DD floppy and a 
SM124. It was even my very first computer and I was really 
excited when I opened the packing. The SM124 had a really good 
quality and resolution in that time and was one of the reasons 
for the success of the ST. 

There were only a few professional games which work on 
monochrome like Starglider2 or Tetris so I connected my ST 
sometimes to my parents TV to play other games and I got in 
touch with the first demos. The first I have seen was the TEX 
Demo3 with that colourful scroller and I really had to say: Wow. 
After some other smaller demos and a lot of cracktros the next 
big step for me was the Union demo: A megademo with a main menu 
and some impressive screens.

Now the demo virus had completely infected me and I am still 
infected... and I like it. This style of megademo was something 
ST special and so it is a very good idea for me that evil took 
up this idea for the 20 years Atari ST compo.

This was also one big reason for me to participate with a 
screen. This clock cycle counting was really hard work but most 
time it was fun. We hope you like our participation... and maybe 
see you in another paradox production.   

Have to stop now because the deadline is really near.   and last 
but not least the greetings. This time especially to the classic 
Atari ST demo crews: Level16, Sync, TNT Crew, the Exceptions, 
the Carebears, Delta Force, the Lost Boys, Synergy, Oxygene, the 
Respectables, Overlanders, Equinox, Next Power Generation, Inner 
Circle, Unlimited Matrix, Hemoroids, Next ...    and of course 
to everyone who is still active on any Atari machine.

        Big Scroller

Twenty years Atari ST Paradox 06-11-2005 

Code .................... Ra
Music .................. 505
Replayer .............. gwEm
This Font .............. Zwf
Small Font ........ Helrizer
Title Pic ................Ra

This is our contribution to the DHS megademo competition. The 
aim of this little oldskool screen is to use some of the great 
techniques, which have been invented on our ST during the last 
20 years like digisound, overscan, sync-scrolling, mod-replay, 
512 colours at once, enlarged palette and so on. 

1985 most of us did not expect or even imagine that this all 
would be possible some day and who knows which secrets are still 
waiting to be disclosed by you! 

The Atari ST was and is a great computer and has influenced the 
computer industry and our life. 

The Atari ST has won a lot of awards worldwide like computer of 
the year 1985 and 88 here in Germany. 

The Atari ST is a main part of the computer history and will 
ever be!!! 

Finally just one thing to say --- Happy anniversary Atari ST ---

Cooper - D13.BIN

I was born in Sunnyvale, 1985. Probably a happy time, I have 
distant memories of weird animals playing music... 

I'm five! That's the age when you insist on doing silly contests 
with your friends. 

Getting older, feeling the need to travel. Some years later, I 
want my name on every wall of the town! 

20 already! Strangely enough, my most recent memories seem to be 
most blocky and jerky. 

A small intro to celebrate the 20th Birthday of the Atari ST. 

Code : Cooper
Gfx  : Exocet
Music: Dma-SC

Greetings to our friends: Alive, Checkpoint Creators, Cream, 
DHS, Dune, gwEm KUA, Lineout, MJJ, Paradize, Paradox, Reservoir 
Gods, Sector One, STS, tSCc, YM Rockerz and all we forgot 

Gizmo / DHS - D14.BIN

20 years!! It really feels like yesterday but now we are 
celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Atari ST!! 

Credits for this DHS online compo contribution goes to Timbral 
for the cool SSD music. Evil for the ancient font and Gizmo for 
the lame code and graphics.

This is actually my first scroller ever and was hacked together 
during a few hours before the deadline. Sitting at the keys I 
can't help becoming a bit nostalgic and remember when I got my 
first Atari ST at Xmas 1988

Graphics Compo Entries / DHS - GFX.BIN

Use arrow keys to scroll thru the list and return to select a 
picture. Press return again to go back to the menu.

Warmly welcome to the simple screen of the graphics competition, 
here you can see the fantastic work of Atari pixel artists.

Sadly there was no time to make a self-going slideshow along 
with the selector... At least you got an ace 505 chip track to 
enjoy while browsing around.

The rather sleeping Atari gfx-scene has really awakened here, 
and we're pleased to see such a great attendance to the compos! 
Although we're missing graphics from several well-known names, 
others have stepped in to fill the void.

So what now? We've arranged the most successful online compo to 
date, how on earth can we ever match this? To be honest, I'm not 
sure we can, or if we should even try. Perhaps we're stealing 
interest from the demo parties? That's a question that has 
arisen a few times over the years - why are we doing compos that 
potentially 'steal' contributions from the more important scene 
gatherings? Well for one thing, the online compos open up the 
chance for nearly anyone to participate and win something 
(sometimes just the glory). That can be a real benefit compared 
to a gathering, but I have to say, nothing beats having your new 
demo displayed to a flock of Atari-mads and see the reaction 

The next, what we hope, large atari party should take place at 
Easter 2006 in Slovakia. Slovakia is a hell of bit from mid-
Sweden where I live. Certainly 48 hours travelling if we want to 
bring any equipment. I'm not sure that we can manage that. Time 
will tell, but for sure it would be nice to try out Slovakia for 
a change!

Well, you should stop reading now, because it's time to wrap 
this scroller... So I say -thank you- to all graphics artists 
that took part in the mega demo, you're the best!

Now, over to the wrapping...

Music Compo Entries / DHS - MSX.BIN

Scroll thru the list with arrow keys and press return to select 

Do you like chip music? Then heaven is near! Welcome to the 
music competition screen, twentythree ass-kicking tracks for 
your pleasure. Now over to our specialist writers - Damo of 
Reservoir Gods and Dma-SC of Sector One!

Let's begin with Damo... Whuuuuuut whuuuuut can you believe it? 
20 years deep and the YM music scene is stronger than ever!!!! 
That's no exaggeration either. There's undoubtedly a fashion 
thing going on outside of the scene at the moment. The whole 
retro/electronic music angle is very popular and I've no doubt 
that this is partly responsible for the developments we've seen 
over the last couple of years, with new chippers emerging daily. 
Its interesting to me to see how the artform has developed, 
chipping has developed into its own scene, almost separated from 
its mother, the demoscene. They will always be related but I'm 
sure there are people chipping in this age that possibly aren't 
even aware of the demoscene and what it was/is. 

Think how different this is to the old days, where music was 
really only ever made for games and demos. Fast-forward 15 years 
and now the popularity of chipping totally outguns the 
popularity of the other scene artforms, the coding, and the 
graph/design. This makes me a little sad as I love the coding 
and graphing side of the scene, but on the other hand, I think 
it is really amazing just how interesting the chip scene has got 
of late!

I think a huge part in this re-invigoration of the scene, 
besides 'fashion' has been the development of new and 
sophisticated tools, namely maxYMiser and MusicMon2. I cannot 
state enough just how amazing an achievement maxYMiser is. I've 
dabbled myself in coding a tracker and let me tell you, its no 
picnic baby! It fucking sucks man!! I'd rather code a demo 
anyday, lol

But back on topic, I think gwEm has made an incredible 
achievement to turn out something as powerful and groundbreaking 
as maxYMiser in such a small space of time. Now that's what I 
call commitment to a cause!!!!  And likewise I admire Dark Angel 
greatly for having the balls to return to his sourcecode after 
maybe 10 years and bring it back up to date. I look at 
sourcecode I made last week and cant understand it! So well done 
guys you really do rule! And well done to all the people who got 
their fingers dirty and contributed to this compo. I can 
honestly say that I'm feeling all tunes here!! In fact I might 
as well take the opportunity to big up everyone who contributed 
anything to this 20 years celebration demo, you all fucking rule 
so big up your chestplates!!!! Ok Damo/Resgodz signing off.... 

Thank you very much for those words Damo! Now quickly over to 

From its debut to the 'golden days', the ST scene had regular 
newcomers on the musical side. They started with c64 tunes 
conversions, then moved to ST specific compositions, created a 
bunch of new sound effects, etc... (well, you can refer to the 
umd8730 intro if you need a more detailed history, eheheh) but 
when she 'died' in the mid-90's, she took with her practically 
all the composers who produced those YM classic in the first 
place. The most motivated ones moving to others systems, or 
types of music, and the rest simply stopped composing...

Then in the late 90's, a batch of new YM composers accompanied 
the rebirth of the ST scene. They were lovers of the scene 
spirit in their childhood and now wanted to be a part of it. 
Generally not experienced composers, but rather guys who made a 
few nice Mods before, they switched to YM composition on the 
bizarre, as in badly documented, weirdly designed, crash loaded, 
chip-trackers left over by the composers/coders of early 
times... and they progressed through the following years, 
establishing themselves, moving from 'typical (put a tracker-
name here) stuff' to their own sounds and compositions.

All this has been highly helped by the massive coding efforts of 
gwEm and Dark Angel who provided complete trackers, suppressing 
the need of using a different piece of software to get a 
specific kind of sound, or even just a functionality... and then 
lately, another huge wave of composers has embraced the scene, 
mainly thanks to the fame of the YM-Rockerz project and its 
connexions with some other scenes, but also to some great 
motivating talents (cheerleaders? eheheh).

These composers are, for the most part, experienced ones, 
already well established in their respective music domains, who 
want to make some music on this oldschool piece of plastic and 
metal, for some true retro style. And they bring their 
experience and composing style along, resulting in some ultra-
fresh compositions.

...only one guy has made it through all the different waves, 
unfortunately we haven't heard much from him lately... Let's 
hope he's still with us. So... I'm not sure what the future will 
bring, but there's plenty of great stuff to enjoy the present 
time, ST YM music having never been so rich. So enjoy the 

And that's all from Dma-SC, thanks a lot for entertaining us! 
With those words, it is time for the obligatory loop of the 
scroll Text, so let's... wrrrraaaap!


Ello ello ello, what have we here then? Seeing as there's no 
scrolltext in the demo I thought i'd draw a few words here for 
anyone bored enough to be peeking through this code!

Well I was gutted to miss the deadline for the compo but work 
commitments conspired against me and it wasn't gonna happen, but 
a couple of weeks later I am pretty much done. I might add some 
gfx at the start but I'm not sure...

Looking at the finished result, its fucking weird and maybe more 
twisted than I had expected. In fact there's strangely a kind of 
Beasts Crew flavour to it!!! So my apologies for that folks. 
Just nice to contribute to something celebrating 20 years of the 

For what its worth I want to take a time out to big up my heroes 
that have inspired and helped me out over my Atari years, not 
quite 20 but a good 15.  so I hereby send my utmost respect to 
The Carebears, The Lost Boys, ULM, Tat of Chaos, Ben and Justin 
of the Mega Four, Dan, Dobba and Mossy of Redlite, The 
Untouchables, and more recently, the mighty Earx, Norman, Ray, 
Leon, Kev, Malco, Oli, Evl, Swe, Olaf, Christian CrazyQ, gw3m, 
Cremeric, and bwooyyyyy, everyone else fucking about with Atari 

Lotsa Love, Damo/RG 2005

Intro #22 / The Bits Club - E02.BIN

Bits present intro #22 wAVED rECTANGLES 2005-11-20

Byte  (src)
Atom  (snd)
Pixel (gfx)
Sol  (dist)

1           - Rainbow 
2           - Wave rects
3           - Scroll
Esc, Space  - Exit
Left, Right - Speed

Dedicated to Dead Hackers Society 20 yEARS Atari mEGAdEMO


LGD, DHS, POV, TEX,, Pouet, Atari-Forum Scene, The 
Replicants, The Carebears, Delta Force (Flix), tSCc, MJJ ... 

The BITS Club are not responsible for the misuse of this or 
other programs. The user will run it at his/her own risk. This 
program is copyrighted and may not be used commercially without 
explicit permission. HSJ

Hidden Screen (MENU.DAT)

Not bad, not bad... You managed to find our hidden screen!

This is a trip back to 1991/1992 when S.O.T.E.'s relatively 
unknown musician 'Donald Fakk' started to explore the world of 
SID-voices in his tracker. Unfortunately S.O.T.E. began to fade 
out during that time and there were never any production 
released that used the new music driver and ziks that Donald had 
developed and composed...

About two years ago, when the YM-scene had started to shine 
brighter than ever, Donald made an appearance on the 
bulletin board, asking if there were any interest in his old 
unreleased material. Needless to day, we contacted Donald as 
soon as we saw the message.

We came to an agreement that Donald would try to rescue all 
relevant files from his Mega ST harddrive and send it via mail. 
Here, problems started to happen, the floppy drive on his mega 
seemed to be broken, trashing the disks it wrote to, or so it 
seemed as Donald's PC couldn't read the disks. But it was worth 
a try to send the disks so they could be tested on an Atari as 
you never know if the darn PC was only in a bad mood or if the 
floppies were bad for real.

Unfortunately, it turned out that indeed the mega floppy drive 
was broken. At this time we lost contact with him for over a 
year. Then suddenly a new mail from him arrived, telling that he 
has been busy checking out the unreleased tracks and sources for 
the replayers. All he needed now was a way to transfer it from 
the ST. Donald was on the go to actually send analogue signals 
from the ST, sample them on the pc and rebuild it as data there. 
It seemed like a lifetime project, so I just sent down an 
external floppy drive instead. 

Now it didn't take long before we had the files in our 
possession, and could start enjoying the ZAK! Grazey knew he had 
to patch the replayers a bit to make them SNDH-friendly, but oh 
boy if he had known what work it was in the end...

So that was a little story how the fifteen super-cool tracks 
happened to show up in this mega demo. We thank Donald Fakk for 
these extremely cool chip tracks, remember that they are 
composed back in 1991 and 1992 when SID-voice was still a brand 
new effect.

In fact we believe these tracks are the first ever ST chip tunes 
with SID-voice and digi-drums combined! Very impressive 
technique at the time. With those words, I'd like to hand the 
keyboard over to the maestro himself. Ladies and gentlemen, 
please welcome Donald Fakk!

Old, some suck, some unfinished, 15 years late, but finally -
it's out! Here are my last teen residuals rescued from a post-
mortem harddrive buried in a cold attic. What started out as a 
test for an YM driver in late 80's ended up in a tracker and a 
number of tunes.

Some background - these tunes were intended to be incorporated 
in SOTE's megademo, 'Too much Month at the End of the Money', 
which, due to several reasons, was never finished. A bit sad as 
it is, a fair amount of the screens, graphics and music was lost 
on the last spin of my harddrive. If any of you other SOTE 
members read this, you know what to do... The reasons mentioned 
were the old usual - growing up, girls, and getting real. This 
is no excuse, but I guess time and interest ran out - also, I 
can't recall any SOTE-member ever being dead focused to it - we 
had a bit too much fun. Being geographically scattered, the only 
time we had to code together were on occasional gatherings and 
demo parties - which, to the horror of the organizers, mostly 
was spent on littering the place and being general bastards. I 
gather it's a bit late for this, but - sorry. We had lots of 

Anyhow, wrapping this up - (god it feels good writing a scroller 
again!) first of all, thanks for all the help and work, Evil/DHS 
and Grazey/PHF! With the risk of CPU on empty phrases, it has to 
be said - this would never been possible without you.

Greets to all ye SOTE members, all friends from past, and Red 
Fox/Sync - see you Monday!

Peace out

Thanks to Donald Fakk for taking the time to write some 
memorable words, we all hope he can return to the Atari some day 
with new music! Much involved in this screen is also Grazey of 
the PHF. There is no understatement saying that this screen, or 
the ZAKs at all would have been enjoyed without Grazey's iron-
will to patch low-level music drivers up to a level where they 
play nicely along with the OS... So let's see what Grazey has to 

Eck.... that old guy Grazey finally features in a demo again, 
probably the first appearance in a non PHF demo (due to the 
unreleased awesome demo). What merits such an historic event? 
(Ahem) well cool chip music of course. Evil from DHS received 
some superb rare tunes from that groovy musician Donald Fakk 
(love that name). The tunes were nothing short of astounding 
(Earth is Rotten is up there in my top 10 chip tunes of all 
time). Evil thought it would be a great idea if we released them 
in a small music demo, however the other side of my personality 
took hold, the months passed by and now nearly 2 years later I 
found time to have a proper look at Fakk's bloated 700kb zip 
file on music. I'd already come to know (and love!) Mr Fakk's 
yummy music routine from the kick ass ICS vector intro, but his 
driver took a real dislike to the operating system, hardcore 
demo coders don't give a shit about the system and rightly so! 
Anyway after various tinkering I've managed to make them all run 
in the O.S. and more importantly they even run on the Falcon 
now... Some class conversions, some inspired new ZAKs enjoy the 
musical mayhem..... Grazey (Psycho Hacking Force) 27th November 

Now that both Grazey and Donald Fakk have gone to sleep, I could 
write some nasty stuff... However, I'll take the chance of doing 
the obligatory wrapping... See you next time!

Reset Demo (20YEARS.PRG)        

Atari ST twenty year celebration mega demo. The final bytes of 
our tribute to the Atari ST. We hope you have enjoyed the demo, 
and that it will work as inspiration for another twenty years of 
68000 coding! We would like to thank Leonard of Oxygene for 
coding this nice reset screen! Now follow the credits for the 
entire mega demo.

Credits for the Graphics Competition

C-Rem / MJJ Prod
Cyclone / X-Troll
Minz / Paradize
Moonie / Mystic Bytes
Nova / Equinox
Raid / Hemoroids
Sarah / Reservoir Gods
Schmx / AWP
Sink / Hemoroids
Sparehead Three / Reservoir Gods
Timbral / Dead Hackers Society

Credits for the GFX Compo Screen

Chip Track: 505 / Checkpoint
Code/GFX: Evil / Dead Hackers Society

Credits for the Music Competition

505 / Checkpoint
Bob Monhhouse
Crazy Q / Dead Hackers Society
DMA-SC / Sector One
Dubmood / Razor 1911
Floopy / MJJ Prod
Marcer / Atari Legend
Rubbish / Seal
Schmx / AWP
Sparehead Three / Reservoir Gods
Starbuck / Creative Mind
Stu / Drop da Bomb

Credits for the MSX Compo Screen

Code/GFX: Evil / Dead Hackers Society

Credits for Screen 1 by MJJ Prod

Code: Tobe
Music: Floopy
Graphics: C-Rem

Credits for Screen 2 by Atari Freaks

Code: Jace
Music: Marcer
Graphics: C-Rem and Dieu

Credits for Screen 3 by Marcer

Code: Evil
Music: Marcer
Graphics: Marcer, Cooper and Evil

Credits for Screen 4 by NoExtra

Code: Atomus
Music: Ripped from Amiga
Graphics: Mister.A

Credits for Screen 5 by Stax

Code: Bod and Mike
Music: An Cool
Graphics: Bod, Mike and Sodan

Credits for Screen 6 by DHS

Code: Gizmo and Evil
Music: Crazy Q
Graphics: Timbral

Credits for Screen 7 by Paradize

Code: Simon Sunnyboy
Music: Marcer
Graphics: Minz and Simon Sunnyboy

Credits for Screen 8 by Atari Legend

Code: Zorro 2 and Atomus
Music: Lap
Graphics: Mister.A

Credits for Screen 9 by NoExtra

Code: Atomus
Music: Iso
Graphics: Mister.A

Credits for Screen 10 by NoExtra

Code: Zorro 2
Music: Powa Pixel
Graphics: Mister.A

Credits for Screen 11 by Creators

Code: Dbug
Music: Crazy Q
Graphics: Ptoing, Nerve, Crazy Q and Dbug

Credits for Screen 12 by Paradox

Code: Ra
Musik: 505
Graphics: Zweckform, Ra and Hellrizer

Credits for Screen 13 by Coop-DMA-Exo

Code: Cooper
Music: DMA-SC
Graphics: Exocet

Credits for Screen 14 by DHS

Code: Gizmo
Music: Timbral
Graphics: Gizmo and Evil

Credits for the Reservoir Gods Screen

Code: Damo and Mr. Pink
Music: Crazy Q
Graphics: SH3

Credits for the Bits Club Screen

Code: Byte and Sol
Music: Atom
Graphics: Pixel

Credits for the Main Menu

Code: Jace
Music: DMA-SC
Graphics: C-Rem

Credits for the Reset Screen by Oxygene

Code: Leonard
Music: gwEm

Credits for the Hidden Screen by SOTE

Code: Evil and Grazey
Music: Donald Fakk
Graphics: Evil

Credits for the Intro and Loader

Code: Evil
Music: Crazy Q
Graphics: C-Rem

Phew! That was a loooong credits list! Some basic data about the 

        - 20 screens
        - 1.6MB packed ST demo-juice
        - 60 people worked to create it!
        - 46 unique YM chiptunes!!
        - 7867345 KM of printed source code

Now, what you have been waiting for all since you pressed the 
reset button...

--- The Greetings! ---

Greetings in no special order:

Aninmal Mine, Oxygene, Paradox, Sync, Creators, Scum of the 
Earth, Equinox, Checkpoint, New Beat, Aggression, YM-Rockerz, 
Hemoroids, The Sirius Cybernetics Corporation, Evolution, Mystic 
Bytes, Escape, Sector One, Lineout, 2-Life Crew, Nature, No 
Crew, The Legion, Wildfire, The Reservoir Gods, Sync, Sentry, 
Extremly Kriminal Organisation, Therapy, Omega, Atari Legend, 
Toys, D-Bug, Dune, Inter, ST Connexion, Light, Loud, Zeal, New 
Core, AHT, Twilight, Unique Develoment, The Xpress Crew, The 
Vikings, An Cool, Firendchip, Ths Invizibles, The Mega Lamers, 
Excellence in Art, NoExtra, The Bits Club, Satantronic,, Drop da Bomb, Yes Crew, X-Troll, Assemsoft, Kua, 
Torment, Creators, Ephidrena, Overlanders, Stax, ST Knights, The 
Black Lotus, Scum of the Earth, Cream, Rquiem, P01, MJJ Prod, 
Paradize, TNG, Pre Roman Britain, Cerebral Vortex, Brainless 
Institute, Unit Seventeen, The Psychic Hacking Force, Incoders, 
The Toxic Twins, Lynx, Imponance, Ace, Hydroxid, The Inner 
Circuit Explorers, The Golems, Avena, Newline, Electronic 
Images, New Power Generation, New Trend, Synergy, Falcon Users 
Netherlands, Virgin-X


The Carebears, The Lost Boys, XXX-International, Alyssa, The 
Union, Delta-Force, ULM

Hi! This little bit of text is written by me, gwEm, and I have 
composed the music that you are listening to now ;) it was 
composed using my maxYMiser tracker and uses a replay routine 
that is heavily modified by Leonard and I. The music title is -
Golden Years over -

The past few months have been very busy and I was sad not to 
contribute music to this celebration megademo. However the 
chance to do blip-blops for this cool screen appeared suddenly 
and I was really happy about it- especially because it has some 
interesting technical restrictions on the music side.

I just want to send a few short greetings to C-Rem, Tobe, Gloky 
and Floopy from MJJ-Prod and also to my Friends at Paradox -
505, Ra, Paranoid and Zweckform.

That's it - I hope you enjoy this nice screen.


Leonard speaking about some boring technical stuff: You are 
listening a SID voice music using SID-full technique taking 
about 6 percent of CPU time. You are watching 1368 fullscreen 
dots moving in real time (press F1 to F6)

Greetings to all people writing 68000 code in 2005! See ya at 
ST-NICC 2015 :-)

We thank you for watching our Atari ST megademo - see you next 

505 - An Cool - Atom - Atomus - Bob Monkhouse - Bod -Byte - C-
Rem - Cooper - Crazy Q - Cyclone - Damo - DBug - Dieu - Divag -
DMA-SC - Donald Fakk - Dubmood - Ecureil - Evil - Exocet -
Floopy - Gizmo - Grazey - gwEm - Helrizer - Iso - Jace - Leonard 
- Marcer - Mike - Minz - Mister.A - Moonie - Mr. Pink - Nerve -
Nova - Pixel - Powa Pixel - Ptoing - Ra - Raid - Rubbish -
Salkin - Sarah - Schmx - Simon Sunnyboy - Sink - Sodan - Sol -
Sparehead Three - ST - Starbuck - Stu - Thothy - Tobe - Timbral 
- Zabutom - Zorro 2 - Zweckform
Ripped by Cyclone for Alive ;), 2005-12-15
Alive 12