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Alive 12
A-Live Review of  the
DHS 20 Years Megademo
Moondog:   Mui!

Marcer:    Hej Moon

Moondog:   Heinz, Heinz, Heinz, Heinz!

CiH:       Ho there!

Cyclone:   Ho, Ho, Ho!

CiH:       It's Santa Cyclone!

Moondog:   Santa Clawz is coming...

Cyclone:   Ok that's it then. You were stupid enough to follow my 
           invitation, now you I won't let you go before we are 
           completely finished, so better find a comfortable seat and 
           grab some drinks, this is going to take a while... :)

Moondog:   ?!

Cyclone:   Tonight's topic is a LIVE REVIEW of the 20 year demo!

Moondog:   Arf

CiH:       Wooo!

Cyclone:   I suggest everybody gets his Atari ready to have a fresh 
           impression of the screens...

Moondog:   Eurf, seems to be STEem over here, is that ok?!

Cyclone:   Well since the whole demo runs on STEem that wouldn't cause 
           any headaches for me. Sometimes the TBC screen doesn't work 
           but who cares? :) 

CiH:       Oki

Moondog:   Come on, kick it!

Cyclone:   Ok, everything from now on will be logged for the article :)

Moondog:   Harhar

Moondog:   Do you really think we don't know that you already logged 
           those lines? ;)

Cyclone:   Damn, you got me :) Anyway, Booting...

CiH:       Blackness!

.: Intro Picture :.

Cyclone:   What do you think about the cover by C-Rem?

Moondog:   Fucking kewl intro sound and opening picture, even tough I 
           don't know why using a mask, did anyone fart?!

CiH:       Damn fine piece of pixel from here

Cyclone:   I guess a Nuke went off; at least it looks like it in the 
           mirroring of the intact eyeglass...

Moondog:   or did the 68000 explode?!

Cyclone:   Hmmm, I am not sure why somebody would need a gasmask while 
           getting burned to ashes but hey, that's freedom of the art I
           guess. Anyway it's a cool picture, also it seems C-Rem had a
           nice idea to where to put the logo on.

CiH:       Shame, and only just started...

Moondog:   Harhar... using Athlon power over here... grin ;)

.: Main Menu :.

Cyclone:   The graphics are quite cool, but there could have been a bit
           more variation in the tiles...

Moondog:   Fuck, the little one won't run?!

CiH:       The main menu was not the "simple" thing we were led to 
           expect, it's a real megademo menu, parallax scrolling, 
           raster skyline, and an alien 'Charlie'

Cyclone:   Have you tried the cursor keyz yet, Moonie? :)

Cyclone:   Charlie? I thought it had no name yet, can't remember 
           where I got that from...

CiH:       I revere the Union demo!

Moondog:   Damn, it worked the last two times...

Cyclone:   It should :) Just do a clean reboot in STEem and check the 

CiH:       Real hardware rules ;-)

Moondog:   Gnarf

Moondog:   I have four dead ST's collecting dust in my cellars...

CiH:       I might ask what you did to them, I've one working one, for 
           the last 15 years!

Cyclone:   I have perhaps 20 ST(E)s none of them died on me yet, but 
           that doesn't help us here I guess.

CiH:       I think we're drifting off-topic a tad, is Moony back with 
           us yet?

Moondog:   Fuck, the ugly blue freak wont run anymore?!

Cyclone:   I think it's a nice little alien, very well drawn. Anyway 
           perhaps we can move him to the far left to go through the 
           screens one by one...

Moondog:   Cough, switched the joystick off and I think we can go on...
           :) Refering to the Avatar, it looks like the "Gloeckner" if 
           you ask me :) 
           (Note: "Gloeckner" = The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

CiH:       Ahh, the prodigal son returns!

Moondog:   Harhar ok, arrived at the far left... Let's kick some asses!

Moondog:   Damn typing errors

Cyclone:   Don't worry it will be taken care of them before release. 
           Try to move a bit further to the left...

Moondog:   How?

Cyclone:   Just try move there, you can't go further but you might 
           notice a tiny graphical glitch...

CiH:       The blinking cloud!

Cyclone:   Yes, it also happens on the far right. I guess Jace isn't 
           switching screens when you don't really move, would consume
           twice the memory otherwise...

Moondog:   Woooah... What a fucking kewl effect! Anyway, we won't focus
           on such minor things in here...

CiH:       Some of us have lives to go back to ;-)

Moondog:   What lives?

Cyclone:   Bugs are bugs, anyway walk to the 1st door and enter :)

.: MJJ-Prod :.

Moondog:   Yeah, yeah! MJJ! Arf! :)

Cyclone:   Pretty cool picture from C-Rem...

CiH:       Killer clowns rule!

Moondog:   Yep, who is dominating whom, btw?

Cyclone:   Hmmm, C-Rem is dominating MJJ perhaps? However I like that 
           screen, you get a 50 Hz raytrace FX, which looks pretty cool
           even if it is just an offset thing...

Moondog:   Kewl tune, kicks ass! Unfortunately the design isn't eyes 
           killing in the positive way, bad chosen colours...

CiH:       A very complex lense with a pattern refracted through it, 
           and a cool maxYMiser tune. I can forgive the colours, it is
           a bright screen. I think it goes well...

Moondog:   Forgive no-one :)

Cyclone:   Well the colours aren't that bad. In fact I got used to them
           and right the ZAK surely rules...

Moondog:   The effect looks quite ok, even though the repeating doesn't
           rule that much...

Cyclone:   Well you can always press space to exit :) You know the demo
           loops until you do that :)

Moondog:   Again to say, with better chosen colours, the screen would
           look much better... reminds me in that way too hard to such
           ray tracing demos from the early days not to forget the neat
           Tobe logo on exit then...

CiH:       We're judging against later standards for duration and 
           variety of effects. Classic megademo screens are mostly 
           short and repeating quickly, it's a theme we'll come on 
           again in here.

Cyclone:   Yeah and don't forget you got only 80 kb for each screen. 
           I stick to it, I like the screen, it neatly combines 
           oldskool technique with a newskool effect...

Moondog:   Chris, if you ask me, black backgrounds are still mega out :)

CiH:       Arf!

Moondog:   My statement for "classic" :)

Cyclone:   Not that discussion again, let's advance to the next door

.: Atari Freaks :.

Cyclone:   Nice plasma, haven't seen one for a long time, I guess 
           Moonie will hate the colours :)))

CiH:       I love Colourshock!

Moondog:   Yes, but you everywhere smell the intro style... Nice logos
           and fancy plasma anyway, not to forget the tune...

CiH:       Nice kinked pattern effect, and rolling vertical bars, and

Cyclone:   Also the effect change is done nicely looks really good, it 
           sounds nice, no obvious bugs, so nothing to complain about 
           I'd say...

Moondog:   And still a never used in a cracking intro :) but the longer
           you watch it you wonder if it is a "real" plasma :)

Cyclone:   Well you can always have a look at the code to check that, 
           Bugaboo is your friend :)

.: Marcer :.

CiH:       I smell a "Filler" here...

Moondog:   but the tune kinda rocks!

Cyclone:   AFAIK the screen is only made to replay the tune and the
           tune kicks ass...

CiH:       Yes it does, holds up the whole screen...

Moondog:   Not such oldschoolish stuff, really cool drumline and 

CiH:       digi-drums, and wild synthing...

CiH:       Does not sound like YM at all :-) So who put the DSP in the
           ST then ;-)

Cyclone:   Hmmm, the scroller is only using 1 plane and it doesn't even
           cover the whole screen this might indicate that the tune is
           eating lots of CPU for replay...

Moondog:   It has drive... So, who cares about one-plane-scrollers?! 
           Harhar, who cares anyway as long as it rocks that way?

CiH:       What is the tune made in?

Cyclone:   Marcer told me its MusicMon 2.1 

.: Hidden Screen :.

CiH:       Next screen?

Cyclone:   Yep!

Moondog:   So go ahead, NoExtra?! Never heard before!

Cyclone:   No, you went too far, there is another screen before NoExtra

Moondog:   ?!

Cyclone:   Let's take a look at the hidden screen 1st :)

Cyclone:   Just go back to that little glass dome and press space...

Moondog:   Found it!

CiH:       Oki, going in now... and swap disks

Cyclone:   Keep in mind these are tunes from 1992!!! Some of them are 
           really top league, doesn't sound shop soiled the tiniest bit

Moondog:   Donald Fakk is cool...

CiH:       Apparently some of the first YM-SID tunes...

Cyclone:   SID voices and digidrums in one player in 1992! I guess that
           was cutting edge technology back then...

Moondog:   Damn cool tunes! Would have blown many ears away in the 
           early nineties and still do so! Well done, nice menu screen
           as well...

Cyclone:   Well it's obviously a pre-calculated star tunnel and a tiny
           one plane scroller, also it seems the menu code was re-used
           several times in the demo :)

Moondog:   But does fine for a music selector...

CiH:       I liked the very extended story how they found these long
           lost tunes, got in contact with the guy, lost contact, got
           sent a bad disk, and finally, finally managed to get back to

Moondog:   Let's advance to the next screen

CiH:       Swap disk back, grumble, moan etc...

Cyclone:   Hehe use the harddisk version instead :)

Moondog:   Harhar, yep the harddisk version rules :)

.: NoExtra 1 :.

CiH:       And we have something VERY oldskool with this first NoExtra

Moondog:   Oki, what about NoExtra... if you ask me it reminds hard to
           DCK, somehow... what is it for a replay rate? 4 kHz?!

Cyclone:   Well ;) almost sounds like it...

CiH:       "Listen to my modfile player, how nice it sounds", and we've
           got enough CPU time left for a scroller...

Moondog:   Boah

CiH:       Says 10 kHz in the scroller...

Cyclone:   and enough white noise to make me go deaf...

Marcer:    Keep in mind that all module replayers sound awful in STEem

Moondog:   Still tormenting my ears... want some chiptunes back!

CiH:       It is a vintage screen, it says it is unreleased code from
           way back

Moondog:   Marcer, not -THAT- bad

Marcer:    Moon true

Moondog:   :)

Cyclone:   Well it breaks the lower border, no big deal either...

Moondog:   DCK does that too and also the upper border...

Cyclone:   Well NoExtra break the upper border one later :) they made
           three screens for the megademo...

Moondog:   Arf

Cyclone:   I kinda like the logo

Moondog:   Done in five minutes with an anti-aliased one-plane-font, 
           not a big deal either...

Cyclone:   Sure, but it looks still nice and it's not anti-aliased :)

Moondog:   I meant the way to do a similar logo to the NoExtra one

Cyclone:   ;)

CiH:       I'm ready for the next one...

Moondog:   Me too... my ears are burning...

.: Stax :.

Moondog:   Stax... Woah, recycle me!

Cyclone:   Great logo but the 1st time I saw it I thought "Sync" were 
           back :) probably precalculating some crap...

Cyclone:   A finished, top and bottom overscan plus partial left and 
           right, no overscan in the main area though...

CiH:       Blummin' heck, it's a Carebear attack! That ZIK reminds me 
           of A.N.Cool so much!

Cyclone:   It is An Cool :)

Moondog:   Harhar, the tune is horrible, heard much too often before...

CiH:       Love that bottom border wibbly

Cyclone:   Well the screen looks nice, but with a full overscan it 
           would have been much cooler...

Moondog:   Too oldskoolish, spacebar I'm coming!

CiH:       I liked it :-)

Moondog:   What did I say about black backgrounds?! ;)

CiH:       They ruled ;-)

CiH:       And a little vector line ST spinning to finish

Cyclone:   The spinning ST is done in med rez

Moondog:   The light-sourced vector ST is nice...

Cyclone:   Where do you see a light-source? There is simple a pattern
           behind the one plane vectors, but no doubt the effect is 
           cool... Hmmm, bottom border is broken here too 

Moondog:   Kasuist! Next one please!!!

Cyclone:   Ok, btw did you notice that the scroller in the main menu 
           starts from the beginning if you re-enter the menu?

.: Graphics Screen:.

Cyclone:   Ok, gimme your favourite five entries...

Moondog:   Sarah... party animal, harharhar

Moondog:   Ecure...something rules too, woah!

Cyclone:   Nova "Exile" is my No. 1, Mic "Castle 2" is No. 2 

Moondog:   Mic rules! Sink is stylish as well!

Cyclone:   Terrible choice of colours if you ask me otherwise pretty 
           well done, especially the hair looks pretty good.

CiH:       SH3, "Atari ST 20" is my number 1, C-Rem "20 Years of 
           Domination" no 2, Mic "Castle 2" no 3, Sink no 4, Timbral 
           "Fuji Baby" no 5.

Cyclone:   C-Rem is my No. 3 but hmmm, also the Timbral picture rocks, 
           nice dithering and the SH3 stuff isn't bad either...

Moondog:   I wont give a top-five, some are cool, but a few make me 
           laugh, sorry to say so... Ecur...someone belongs definitely
           not to my top-five...

CiH:       We all have to start somewhere ;-)

Moondog:   Where the hell?! :)

Cyclone:   LOL

Cyclone:   Well let's go on with the next screen then...

.: D.H.S. :.

CiH:       The next screen is a treat, ooh, DHS!

Moondog:   Yeah, baby!

Cyclone:   It's a nicely designed screen perfect sync of sound and 
           visual FX

CiH:       Lots of parts, sound and graphics

Cyclone:   I really like the credits stuff, Evil looks cool in that
           ninja dress :)

CiH:       Timbral really hit the heights here

Moondog:   ... strange tune, like it! Quite cool pixels, nicely
           arranged effects and did I say yet that I love Pong :)

CiH:       Noelly Bushnell is the man!

Cyclone:   It's a nice idea to spin the pong screen reminds me of - 
           hmmm - that scroller in "Back in France" I guess... and 
           still everything is perfectly synced, I'd say one of my 
           favourite screens of the whole demo loads of gfx, cool tune 
           and a nice collection of FX...

CiH:       Yeah, and I bet it runs sweet on all the hardware out there

Moondog:   Very stunning effects, and did I say that I love the chosen
           colours? :)

CiH:       No black backgrounds?

Moondog:   Naaaa, the one is given away... Therefore nice transitions

Cyclone:   Cih I used $888 in my jukebox it's not black its charcoal, 
           but only visible on STE :)

Moondog:   Dunkelschwarz

CiH:       That includes me :-) Nice intro, holds up DHS standards 
           nicely, one of the top three.

Moondog:   At least...

Cyclone:   Ok, let's go on before DHS becomes bigheaded :)

.: Music Compo Entries :.

CiH:       Here be music screen!

Moondog:   Musix?! Earblood...

Cyclone:   Well most ZAKs are pretty cool...

CiH:       My disk eject button is complaining!

Moondog:   505 rocks! Woah!

Cyclone:   5 tunes from Marcer, alone for this music screen woah...

CiH:       My top ZIK, Stu's Megablast, what he is doing with that 
           soundchip is way too perverted!

CiH:       505 is a *very* close second, it is down to personal taste.
           They both step outside of the normal synth limits of the YM.

Moondog:   I always loved 5o5 tunes... the new Mad Max ;)

CiH:       He's NOT Madmax, which is why I love him ;-)

Moondog:   I know, this comparison hunks, Nils is kicking ass way 
           better! ;)

Cyclone:   It sounds cool but not my taste in music it's much to slow I
           need a bit more drive... And what's wrong about Jochen?

CiH:       Mad Max was cool back in the day, but his stuff is over-
           familiar and too much used...

Marcer:    For me Stu - Megablast roxx

Cyclone:   The Stu song reminds me a lot of his Drop da Bomb EP

Marcer:    Mad Max vs New Age

Moondog:   Played to death

Cyclone:   Marcer's "Bubble 2005" is not bad either...

CiH:       505 tunes build slowly, but they do build, Stu gets right in
           there from the first bar

Moondog:   Stu... drum'n'bass chip... has something, anyway, Nils is
           number one

CiH:       Marcer would come in next

Marcer:    I stick to Stu, he is a very great explorer of the YM

Cyclone:   Who the fuck is Bob Monkhouse?

Marcer:    I also liked Salkin - Hero

Moondog:   "Bubble2oo5" isn't bad either, drives well!

Marcer:    Just wait until it starts :)

Moondog:   No one at home or what?

CiH:       Dma-Sc is nice, but he's been left back a little by the rest.
           His tune is oldschoolish, has still something, but can't be 
           really compared with the rest...

Marcer:    Dma, made the tune in a rush which is sad since he has a 
           lot of skills...

Cyclone:   From what I heard so far my favourites are Marcer and Stu 
           but I had no time to go through all songs yet and usually it
           needs some time before you can really judge a song...

.: Paradize :.

Cyclone:   Makes my eyes bleed, but the song rules...

Moondog:   Hum, the tune rocks, the spotlight looks a bit, errr... 
           well... shut up...

CiH:       Safe to say that this is not the best code around, but 
           you're on the money about the tune...

Cyclone:   It's done in GFA-Basic switching screens in 60 Hz...

Moondog:   What the fuck... Design is unknown in here...

CiH:       Put the voodoo doll away Moony!

Moondog:   Nope, already sticking some needles in...

CiH:       Epilepsy fans write here ;-)

Cyclone:   I guess you could actually make that effect work even with 
           less flickering by dithering the screens...

Moondog:   Heinz, come back to the real thing, this is no coding 
           tutorial! We want smash off some asses!

Cyclone:   Well it wouldn't have been much more work, but I believe the
           screen was coded in a few hours...

Moondog:   My eyes hurt...

Cyclone:   I'm ready for the next one

.: Atari Legend :.

Cyclone:   Where have I seen that before?

CiH:       I've crashed out into GEM, reboot!

Cyclone:   Looks like those oldskool Amiga cracktros, also sounds like

Moondog:   Arf... This isn't an Amiga cracktro?!

Marcer:    Guys don't forget to review my cool vt52 thing in Desktop on
           Disk 1 :P

Marcer:     The Atari Legend Screen has two sections: On the STE, you 
           get a side scroll starfield and a module, on a plain ST you
           get a chiptune and a 3D starfield with sinuses...

Moondog:   Wouldn't be killing anyway...

Cyclone:   Lol and why couldn't you do the 3D starfield on the STE? I 
           guess the sample replay is handled via STE hardware, isn't
           it? Mixing 2x2 voices can't be that bad :)

Marcer:    Zorro 2 coded it for Atari Legend (he is no member of the 
           Atari Legend team!)

CiH:       Ahh fuck, this is a no go, quit again

Cyclone:   Who is Zorro 2 btw? I thought he is a NoExtra member?

Moondog:   Heinz, harharhar

Marcer:    I'm not sure if Zorro2 is a member of the NoExtra crew or if
           he is independent

Cyclone:   At least he took part in their intros it seems...

Marcer:    All I know is that Atomus / NoExtra helped Zorro 2 a lot

Moondog:   I always thought he belongs to MJJ as he hangs up with them
           on Atari-forum

Moondog:   Who the hell is Atomus?!

Marcer:    Moon, he was in MJJ, he is an ex-MJJ member...

Marcer:    Atomus is totally unknown to me, but I do have some contact
           with him

CiH:       You'll have to manage without me on this one, I don't feel
           like going for third time unlucky!

Moondog:   Chris... get a pc, arf! ;)

CiH:       No thanks, sounds like a disk error drive skids at that

Moondog:   Chris, demo didn't crash over here...

CiH:       When you eventually got it started...

Moondog:   Get the harddisk version instead; you seem to be some kind 
           of masochist! Hehe...

CiH:       Falcon has HD, ST does not, Mac/Hatari has HD, but no
           totally perfect emulation...

Cyclone:   Well not much to see here, its no burner but not complete
           crap either...

Moondog:   Next one, I'm getting tired...

.: NoExtra 2 :.

CiH:       Well this one works

Cyclone:   Nice tune, also some bits of Design can be found in here,
           very oldskool intro style 

Moondog:   The tune is cool, no question, even though it is very old...

CiH:       Even more so than the rest

Moondog:   Design, some bits, looks like an oldschool dentro

CiH:       Bottom and side borders killed

Cyclone:   Rasters, plasma, bytebender

CiH:       Very bitty style of intro

Cyclone:   CiH, where do you see a side border killed? There is no gfx 
           in the border they just change the bg colour synced to the
           electron beam.

CiH:       Rasters in the middle

Cyclone:   That's no overscan...

Moondog:   If I use the controls of my monitor I can kill -every- 

Marcer:    moon :)

CiH:       Moony, the ST-Format overscan technique!

Moondog:   I thought I had to say that here ;)

Cyclone:   Hmmm did you use that on the east German border too, some 
           years ago?

Moondog:   Heinz, unfortunately not, as eastern German TV's didn't 
           offer that feature :)

Cyclone:   :)

Cyclone:   ok then let's speed to the next one...

.: NoExtra 3 :.

Moondog:   Nice logo...

Moondog:   Even though it gives me some impression to be ripped 
           together, harhar

CiH:       Sweet logo!

Cyclone:   And they can move it up and down, woah :)

Cyclone:   Now they killed the top and bottom border...

Marcer:    Interesting movement of the plasma...

Cyclone:   Lots of CPU burned with plasma...

Moondog:   The plasma is ok, but after all no killer-screen...

Cyclone:   Now the screen starts jumping a bit, it looks nice but that
           byte bender seems to be quite en vogues in the DHS compo...

Moondog:   The tune is ok, features very strange moments... but, I get
           a headache, if I go on listening to it...

Cyclone:   I like it, sounds quite oldskool but it seems to loop quite

Moondog:   Next one please, we don't want to make such a big story
           about such a little screen...

CiH:       Creators next

Cyclone:   I bet Moonies gf is calling him :)

Cyclone:   Eric: "Just a second sweetheart, I am almost there..." :)

Moondog:   Nope, she's out, harhar

Cyclone:   Ah I already wondered how you got the time :)

Moondog:   Grin, give her some money and all goes fine...

Cyclone:   Arf!

.: Creators :.

CiH:       Nice intro sequence

Cyclone:   They killed the left and right borders and they can do 
           colour animations on the background which pretend to be
           scrollers, but who the hell made this terrible colour

Moondog:   The tune is cool if you ask me, the rest, hum... not the big
           hype anyway...

Moondog:   Except for the picture :)

Cyclone:   However you have to note that the demo runs fine on all
           systems, they even included a special codepath for Falcon

CiH:       Wooah! Nice sort of parallax, very quick, almost 3D...

Moondog:   Calm down Chris!

CiH:       I like that one, it's sort of a newschool reworking of
           oldschool, not just a straight copy of old code.

Cyclone:   That blue metallic stuff looks nice but it's lacking
           something there has to be lots of CPU left I believe they
           planned to add another FX which didn't get finished in time...

Moondog:   Yawn, what about the next one?

Cyclone:   Hmmm, the exit wasn't very nice...

.: Paradox :.

CiH:       That would be Paradox

Cyclone:   Nice med rez intro picture with that colour flickering

Moondog:   The intro sample isn't the killer if you ask me... I don't
           like that hype-style, sorry...

Cyclone:   Well I took it as a joke :)

Cyclone:   Now loads of scrollers in fullscreen accompanied by 
           digi-drums, I like that screen.

Moondog:   The tune is of course cool, 5o5 at its best!

CiH:       It's more a coder demo, but I do like the hardscroller...

Cyclone:   This prod is amongst my top three screens in the whole demo

Moondog:   Except for the music nothing knocks me from my chair... 
           Looks ok... but...

CiH:       I guess its personal taste, not one of my favourites on 
           first viewing, but grows on you

Cyclone:   Well let's continue with COOOPER then

CiH:       Ok

.: Cooper :.

Moondog:   The grfx rock! Esp. the animated band, hehehe

Cyclone:   Hmmm no technical bits in here, it's more or less a 
           slideshow, pretty boring for coders...

CiH:       I liked this one a lot, has a good story, great graphics, 
           and mini-effects with a humorous touch...

Moondog:   Did I ever say that I hate sprite record screens? ;)

CiH:       But it does the story well, and entertains. One of my 
           favourites of the middle ranking screens...

Cyclone:   I like some of the ideas especially the "blurry vision" joke

Moondog:   In parts they rest too long on the screen

Cyclone:   :) Ah blocky and jerky that was...

Moondog:   harhahr

Cyclone:   Some of the graphics are really nice...

Moondog:   What about gizmo then?

Cyclone:   Yeah let's go on

.: Gizmo :.

Cyclone:   Doesn't look bad but it's very slow

Moondog:   Wow, charcoal coloured background!

CiH:       This was a bit of a newschool disaster-master on 8 MHz, I 
           guess it would look better on a Flacon...

Moondog:   Flacon080 please...

Cyclone:   Is that a new perfume, or perfume bottle? 80 ml? :)

CiH:       :) will a 060 do? Teh Flacon rulez!

Moondog:   Nope, Motorullar080 needed in here

Cyclone:   It seems the deadline caught gizmo before he could remove
           some rendering bugs...

Moondog:   Nice effect but with slideshow ambition, just joking...

CiH:       It is better on 16 MHz, even on a 68000, works on Hatari.
           Just trying to do too much on 8 MHz machine...

Cyclone:   Well with a better frame-rate and less display bugs it would
           be cool...

Moondog:   Ok, what about the next one?

Cyclone:   Already entering...

.: Damo :.

CiH:       This is a mega-treat, Reservoir Gods!

Cyclone:   Hehe, shit to beat dis :)

Moondog:   Yeah baby, shit to beat this... whoa, kackwürst!

Moondog:   Very stylish

CiH:       Damo is unique! And I mean that in a good way!

Cyclone:   Pretty nice renderer

Moondog:   He really blows new wind into demo screens!

Moondog:   Even though it sounds like the emulation fucked up ;)

CiH:       The TOP Screen!

Moondog:   Without any doubt! Fuck the whole oldschool-shit :)

Moondog:   Heinz?! Still alive?

Cyclone:   Well I was trying to figure how the rendering is done 
           anyway, its a nice screen, pretty innovative...

.: TBC :.

CiH:       And that leaves our omnigod, the TBC!

Cyclone:   Hehe

Moondog:   If it just would mean "The Black Cats" it wouldn't be that
           bad :)

CiH:       We'll leave it

Moondog:   Go ahead!

Moondog:   Back on the menu and still alive!

Cyclone:   Hmmm, they seem to have improved on the sound side...

Moondog:   Huahua

Cyclone:   No more random sounds :)

Marcer:     Hehe

Moondog:   Therefore random code or what?!

CiH:       Random Sounds rule! - Pongo Snodgrass!

Cyclone:   Lol, wait another 50 intros and they might start to use SID
           or digistuff :)

Moondog:   Definitely random colours...

Marcer:    Now guys check my Flower Man :) on the Desktop... Disk 1

Cyclone:   Stop, we still need to see the reset screen...

Marcer:    Yeah don't forget it...

Moondog:   Marcer, stop secret promotion in here!

Marcer:    lol

Marcer:    Moon, its just a silly thing :D

.: Reset :.

Marcer:    This intro was supposed to be an Atari Legend intro :)

Cyclone:   I am not sure if the 1300 dots are such an achievement but 
           the SID voice in Fullscreen is completely new...

CiH:       Ohh, that's nice, a fullscreen 3D dotscape! Thanks Leonard!

Moondog:   Any chance to see that thing on that fucking emulation?!

Cyclone:   Right click on the reset button :) which is the 3rd button
           from the left...

Marcer:    No, it doesn't work... Make a shortcut key instead... I used
           F12 and Reboot...

Cyclone:   Marcer don't tell fairytales, it works, I used it thousands
           of times...

Marcer:    Cyclone, for me it totally restarts

Cyclone:   Marcer, RIGHT click, you know the OTHER left :)))

Marcer:    lol, missed that one :D

CiH:       It's in your face, great screen!

Marcer:    mmmhhh :)

Cyclone:   Moondog, you are still with us?

Moondog:   Still here, but can't get into that fucking reset screen

Cyclone:   I can fix that for you, just need to hack 20years.prg...

CiH:       That's a shame, running on emulation and all ;-)

Moondog:   Chris, better this then nothing, don't you think? I guess 
           I'm old enough to do this without destroying my Atari 
           history :)

Moondog:   Heinz, wassup? Loads! Rules!

Cyclone:   Well I just hacked the reset screen so you can load it 
           directly without the need to reset :) But it seems you don't
           need it anymore?

CiH:       Course it does!

Moondog:   Right! A worthy reset screen, Leonard rules beyond record 
           screens, cool tune btw...

CiH:       I hope he does another full demo sometime, his 3D from 
           STNICCC 2000 ruled for that time

CiH:       I guess a black background IS appropriate here ;-)

Moondog:   Chris... it is a reset screen, anything allowed in here...

Cyclone:   Well as I said the SID voice in overscan that's quite 
           something the rest is nice, it looks good, but it doesn't 
           knock me off my chair...

Moondog:   It's -just- a reset, what are you waiting for?

Moondog:   Damn... eeeek!

Cyclone:   Well think of the Omega demo :) it was just a reset screen

CiH:       Yeah, the whole of it was a reset demo...

Moondog:   What about some final words?!

.: Overall :.

CiH:       I think we did it guys, the whole damn demo lies between us!

Cyclone:   Yes we are through, from my point of view we got pretty much
           of everything in here...

Moondog:   from zero to hero... arf!

Cyclone:   Some screens are really nice, namely DHS, Ra, MJJ and the
           Reset demo, while most of them are mediocre and perhaps even

Marcer:     But my flower man was the hit :)

CiH:       Fantastic effort for an online compo, the demo is typical 
           for the classic multipart megademos of the old times, some 
           filler, most stuff ok, and a few real winners!

Moondog:   Yeah, baby!

Cyclone:   But I guess given the time and date its astonishing how many
           contributions appeared out of nowhere... Also, I believe a 
           lot of guys decided to send some old unfinished stuff the 
           very last minute... At least I can remember we did that with
           the Zim picture...

Marcer:     Yep, Atari Freaks screen is code from 1992...

Moondog:   ResGods screen kicked ass and was worth loading the demo! 
           Many screens looked like simple intros too me... Really cool
           were the waves of new tunes and pixels...

CiH:       The tunes ruled especially...

Cyclone:   But does it show the scene is far from death?

Marcer:    Yes I think so!

CiH:       Yea! Atari is ALIVE!

Moondog:   Dunno, depends on the amount of recycled stuff...

Cyclone:   There were a few pearls, bright and shiny and lots of stuff
           that was just dusted off...

CiH:       Depends on the amount of interest, the compo could have been
           a dud, Evil took a big risk

Marcer:    20+ entries showed up within a couple of months. Some stuff
           didn't made it in time and will get released later even!

Moondog:   At least we hope so

CiH:       Now we need a good Easter party :-)

Cyclone:   Well that's another topic, let's end this review before 
           "someone" notices we skipped the "Flower Man" :)

Marcer:    Hmmmpf...
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