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Alive 12

Paracon 7
Realtime Article
You know the rules, help yourself

17:40 - Cyclone

        Just set up the realtime machine and unpacked all my and gwEm's
        equipment from the car...

18:15 - Thothy

        Arrived at the party. In southern Germany, where I started my
        travel, it snowed so heavily that I had to drive with 30 km/h on
        the motorway for 1.5 hours... But here in Selters the weather
        seems to be somewhat better.

18:45 - Paranoid

        I never typed on a Medion notebook ... And I never typed
        realtime article stuff into Word ... I protest.

18:47 - Cyclone

        Who cares about the word processor, I was told to bring
        notebooks. So here we are, and typing into 1st Word on an
        emulator seems kind of ridiculous to me :)

18:50 - Cyclone

        Great, 505 has just deleted my profile for Burnout Revenge from
        the X-Box, now I have to restart from the 1st level :P anyway
        watching him lose on Burnout is a nice trade-off :)

19:49 - Paranoid

        I care. This is not a word processor, it's a word confuser.

19:51 - gwEm

        Party just a few hours old, but already nice talkings with 5o5
        and RA... luckily I managed to avoid that loser Zweck so far.

19:54 - Cyclone

        Lotek Style just came in and starts to fetch his equipment from
        the car, seems gwEm brought some vinyl from UK for him, I
        already wondered what could be in that flat paper envelope...

20:23 - Cyclone

        I am beginning to regret that I have only brought that small 7
        inch TFT, lucky enough paranoid offered me a small TV, nice...

20:45 - Paranoid

        AntiVir just reported a presumably infected file and the real-
        time article was hidden behind. Now _that's_ realtime action.

        What do we learn from that? Don't use a Microsoft machine for
        anything important...

20:46 - Cyclone

        Of course it was not an infected file but a password tool INSIDE
        an archive of a "Bart's WinPE" so there is nothing to worry
        about it's just a hacker tool containing some password recovery
        stuff :))))) However just to make sure another time I am
        scanning the whole harddisk right now...

21:32 - Cyclone

        kRadD has just entered the building and watches some GameCube
        stuff with 505 and ZWF.

21:44 - Pongo Snodgrass

        I just heard a guy with dark hair talking about "beans"; this
        seems to be a strange party...

21:55 - ZWF

        I am tired and a bit bored coz I have no real idea what to do. A
        lot of cool guys I could talk to, but I am not really in the
        right mood for that. Perhaps I should get some sleep, but if I
        do so, all will be sleeping when I am awake again, so there is
        no real improvement in that.

22:07 - kRadD

        Realtime auf dem PC ist sehr schoen. Das sollte auf jeder ATARI
        Party Standard werden.

        Auch noch auf English oder was? Was soll den das? Cyclone suxx!

        btw: ZWF hat gerade gemerkt das ich kein English kann!

        btw2: Cyclone will puke down from the sleeping room tonight.
        This will be the highlight of the party, don't miss it!!

        Schreiben auf Word ist so geil, nach 10 Jahren ATARI Parties,

        Cyclone flamed gerade gegen bekannte Jaguar Entwickler, zum
        Glueck kenne ich die Personen nicht.

22:09 - Pongo Snodgrass

        Jagfest UK must be gayfest UK regarding to kRadDie! :)

22:10 - Cyclone

        As usual it seems our confused friend kRadD is messing up
        things, and tries to understand everything in very creative
        ways... Perhaps all those 20 EUR jobs have messed up his mind?

22:23 - gwEm

        Still no Frenchies or Holland guys, feeling a bit lonely
        regarding language yet :)

22:35 - Simon Sunnyboy

        Finally here... my main train was about 50 minutes late and I
        missed the final one to Selters. Luckily a replacement was
        available and now I'm here. Great stuff - the place is already
        crowded and I'll now unpack my lot.

23:45 - Cyclone

        Very nice and relaxed atmosphere atm, everybody is talking or
        drinking beer...

03:24 - Paranoid

        Strange is obviously ... or rather audibly ... asleep. Most of
        the Paranoia guys left to prepare for a busy day tomorrow, and
        I'll be off to sleep now, too...

03:30 - gwEm

        People often ask me the secret to high productivity. The answer
        is hard rock legends 'The Scorpions' played loud late at night.
        We took two experimental subjects and gave them a task to carry
        out. One was forced to listen to the classic 1990 album 'Crazy
        World', and the other was left in silence. After just nine hours
        of demo party the subject left in silence lamed out and went to
        the noisy sleeping room, and the hard rocker was still busting
        out esoteric entries in this log.

03:50 - Cyclone

        I guess its time to get the earplugs and get a bit of sleep, the
        snoring from the sleeping area is not really legendary, but the
        hissing and chrrrrring are the only sounds which can be heard
        beside Nils and Norman chatting and their crucial attempts to
        crash Wolfenstein 3D on Nils Falcon.

04:15 - Cyclone

        It seems the remaining guys that are still awake picked up the
        snoring topic now and start to tell funny stories from enormous
        snoring events in France, also it seems Charon gives a French
        language lesson to Norman and Nils. The words "Voulez vous
        coucher avec moi?" just echoed in the mainly deserted party
        place. I better get my toothbrush and jump into my wormbag.
        Hmmm, no sceners in tights in sight. It seems nobody adapted to
        Andrew Jane's habits :)...

04:45 - Ray

        good night...

06:50 - Simon Sunnyboy / Paradize

        Good morning, Paracon 7! I just decided to get up. ZWF and RA
        are already up and chatting so I'll join them now.

08:15 - kRadD

        I was just out smoking, and suddenly the door was closed. I had
        luck not to die in the cold, many thanks to ZWF for letting me
        in again. Smokers in!!

08:45 - Cyclone

        I just woke up because of the ear-shattering volume setting of
        Simon Sunnyboys STE which seems to play some ST chiptune in an
        endless loop. Heading for the bathroom now...

9:02 - gwEm

        Morning - grrrrr :|

09:11 - Simon Sunnyboy / Paradize

        Boah - HUNGER! Ich will futtern! Wann gibt's Fruehstueck?

9:57 - Thothy 

        The famous Paracon breakfast is still not available yet... :-(

10:05 - Paranoid

        Thothy is wrong ... The famous ParaCon breakfast _is_ available.

10:36 - Thothy

        Ok, Fruehstueck gut, alles gut :-)

10:38 - Simon Sunnyboy / Paradize

        Breakfast was ace! As always... :)))

12:07 - Simon Sunnyboy / Paradize

        Just finished a game of "Ballerburg" with Thothy. This simple
        game still rocks hard! Shall I do a modernized port? :)

12:17 - RA / paradox

        It's not believable 505 stood up before 12 o'clock. World
        record!!! I have finished my Blitter scroller some minutes ago.

13:25 - Cyclone

        Time to try to assemble the jukebox stuff for the xmas issue,
        hmmm bombs even before I change a single line, now that's
        something, I guess DA will get something to work on when I get
        online again...

13:55 - Paranoid

        Due to lack of public demand we decided to not offer any Afri-
        Cola for sale this time. Kind of sad, but we would need to drive
        a few km to get some, and there seems to be no need...

14:31 - Paranoid

        EarX and MSG just arrived. They didn't have my phone number,
        missed trains, got lost, were found and arrived as through a

        God bless the Deutsche Bahn.

15.03 - gwEm

        Really productive few minutes :) Fixed some stuff in maxYMiser,
        including the classic falcon fileselector bug with some help
        from No/Escape. 505 is now running the new version, and
        demonstrating some really cool and new sound effects he
        developed. Already had a nice chat with MSG, I'll speak to Earx

16:51 - Thothy

        Just fixed some bugs in game code that I wrote 8 years ago or
        so. Funny to see how horrible my coding attempts were at that

16:45 - Paranoid

        The rest of Paradize and Sebastien just arrived, looks like
        we're complete now. It's going to be rather crowded this time,
        but I think it'll work out. There's far too many Para-groups on
        the Atari now... Paradize, Paranoia not really dead yet and
        Paradox one of the most active... I think we got to rename
        ourselves into Active-dox or something...

17:01 - Simon Sunnyboy

        Finally Paradize is complete. Hopefully this will be more of a
        productive session from now on. I was too lazy coding-wise.
        Except for a small clock utility I only did code a proof-of-
        concept thingy for horizontal soft-scrolling on my new STE.
        Thanks to RA I also have some ideas how to continue with those.
        Hopefully something will evolve from this - perhaps a lame
        fullscreen-STE-scroller for our planned and yet-to-be-done

18:56 - Simon Sunnyboy

        (again) :) Coded a bit and added Cooper's start-up code to NWD.
        The strange exit bug which occurred on my STE seems fixed with
        that. I don't know what was wrong. Cooper seems to have severe
        troubles with his second harddisk and for the moment Minz is
        using my copy of Synthy 3 and a floppy with the pics on. I
        wonder... typing this realtime article actually feels like
        blogging. More or less the same - amazing!

19:31 - Cooper

        Fully happy to come in 1 part from France, too bad I have just
        crashed my HD... Anyway it's great to see so much Atari buddies
        in the same place, atmosphere here is as good as usual :D
        Perhaps I'll be back later, we'll see :)

19:40 - gwEm

        The Coolest Paradize is taking over the party place :)

19:45 - earx

        The party si het rockx0r! Netherlands in het huis! We're happy
        MSGEE is too.

19:50 - Cyclone

        It seems there has been a bit of confusion about the ordered
        pizza, well I am not hungry anyway and will stick to beer

20:56 - Simon Sunnyboy

        Cyclone and STS now occupy Paranoid's TV where my STE was
        connected to for the last day. I'd like to play some games on it
        but I don't want to scare them away either. No real problem I
        think! Minz is painting a Paracon logo now for quite a while. It
        looks really cool! Dunno what's next - the night is young!
        Perhaps go and fetch some fresh air outside and take a walk?

23:09 - STS

        sts on the keys of that awful German keyboard :) We've been here
        for several hours already, nice ppl, nice chatting, been busy
        mostly drinking beer, eating German food from the supermarket
        nearby and talking to many friends. Not much to add atm, cxt is
        teaching painting techniques to Minz...

00:20 - ZWF

        The logo I started yesterday is finished for some time now and
        the party is at its zenith; so all is very enjoyable for me at
        the moment. Discussions, work on demos chiptunes, that's what
        such a weekend is all about.

00:30 - .:mSg:.

        hee, mSg is here! in de germany! respresent het nederlanders!

00:48 - earx

        I'll be taking over this real-time article soon... I think.
        great party anyway. het is een leuk feestje. ik ben stomdronken,
        niets minder is waar.

01:15 - Simon Sunnyboy / Paradize

        Time for a nap - others are already up so I'll do the same! Gn8!

01:19 - earx

        up the real-time article has been taken over from cxt to my
        machine. Yippee!1one /msg [woot] mov. nop. rte.

01:45 - 505

        uh.. people are doing weird stuff now. the new alive cover pic
        is being designed and it looks definatly ugly. gwem is working
        hard on his report for work on his laptop. earx is busy
        experiencing f-zero on a gamecube.. charon and ray try to
        perfectionize that mandelbrot on the fpga board  and I am
        sitting on this laptop of earx between earxs beer bottle on the
        one side and msgs vodka bottle on the other side. the shock
        seeing ourselves in the silicon 97 video was big. we are all old

02:16 - earx

        totally pissed, running on 0.1 cylinders. perpetual dawn is
        w1erd!@ w00t! wO0t!

        Malcolm is now lost! His parents are expected to pick him from
        the main hall :)

03:06 good night pieter and malcolm.

07:00 pee...

        and the ppl begin to wake up..

08:00 now 4 people...

08:13 - Cyclone

        Just got back from the bathroom and the refreshing cold water
        just to find MSG and kRadD talking about the advantages of
        German bakeries and gas-stations. Now this is really something,
        what else can you expect from such a beautiful morning?

09:01 - gwEm

        Moin... grrr :/ Insane cyclone opens the window.

9:31 - Thothy

        Die neuesten Erkenntnisse des Tages: Luigi ist Hartz-VI-


        Die Zeit laeuft wieder rueckwaerts :) - lotek style signing off

10:15 - Cyclone

        Who allowed advertisements in the 1st place? Lotek is spamming
        the realtime article; I wonder when the 1st ads for penis
        enlargement patches and cheap rolex are going to appear...
        Anyway, time to leave for me, because I need to prepare my
        lessons for tomorrow and still have a little driving to do. It
        was a really nice event. Thanks to the organizers, you did a
        great job, see you again at next paracon or probably at

10:25 - Thothy

        Advertisements everywhere... even the breakfast (which was
        really great!) was dominated by talks about Kinder Surprise
        advertisement slogans and the like...

10:29 - earx

        the paracon breakfast was excellent. that goes without saying,
        almost =) didn't get mucho coding done but who cares. the first
        people are packing up now. we're still be here for an hour or

        there goes the power.. let's find another socket..

10:44 - Simon Sunnyboy / Paradize

        Breakfast was great - as always. Too bad the first guys are
        already leaving. I'll stay for about 1 and a half hour from now.
        Still have to take some crew pic of whole Paradize.

10:46 - minz

        My first paracon and I hope not the last ;) atmosphere is
        excellent. breakfast too. thanx everybody.

10:52 .:mSg:.


12:14 - earx

        what to type? I bought a falcon AZERTY stylee! we are leaving
        within the hour. w00t! now MSGEE type some:

        ouw.. hurt leg to sit down. nothing much to type nu. erm.

        schijt as we dutchies say.

Alive 12