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Alive 12
The Proclaimers
Concert Review
        The Proclaimers have been around since the late eighties, 1988 
        to be precise, when their first mega-hit, 'Letter from America' 
        was released. They followed that up with another still cool-
        sounding hit 'I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)' a little later on that 
        year or maybe back in 1989.

        They've been bubbling around for many years now, although it has 
        to be said that they took some time away from music during the 
        1990's to care for and cope with the death of their father 
        during this period. However, they are back and sounding better 
        than ever.

        I first saw these guys back at Greenbelt, a Christian festival, 
        back in 1988 or 1989, where they played on the main stage 
        shortly before the mystery headline act (that turned out to be 
        U2). Their performance was good but the viewing angle wasn't 
        that good, I recall that there was a crowd of 30,000 people 
        watching the show, even though it was outside.

        While I kept tabs on the group for many years, it came to be a 
        long time before I got to see them again, up until recently. 
        Paula also had heard of and liked them too - apparently, they 
        had played at Guilfest a number of times over the years. Where I 
        have been over this time there's no such thing as pop or rock 
        concerts, due to the general lack of quality venues, save for 
        the Corn Exchange or the other venue where we saw The 
        Proclaimers at - The Junction, also in Cambridge but quite close 
        to where my first job was at Laidlaw.

        On a cold and foggy Monday evening, just after getting back 
        after a McGuire speech course weekend and seeing Paula's 
        parents, we decided to go and see The Proclaimers as we knew 
        they were performing here in Cambridge that evening. We weren't 
        quite sure when we'd get back to the city, but fortunately we 
        were in good time and were still able to purchase tickets too, 
        at the venue box office area. I was very surprised and pleased 
        to hear that the gig hadn't sold out as I had been worried that 
        with not getting the tickets until so late that this would have 
        been the case.

        After going home and emptying the car of our stuff from the 
        weekend, we took a breather at home then came out again and went 
        down to the Junction. Parking was easy (free on the industrial 
        estate next door) and we went in to the correct area to see the 

        There was a support act, although we'd missed most of his show 
        he sounded good. Unfortunately we didn't get his name. However, 
        at around 8.45pm or so, The Proclaimers came onto the stage to 
        the sound of great applause and welcome.

        They launched the gig with a song from their new album, not one 
        that I was familiar with but nevertheless sounded great. Then 
        they opened the first few bars of 'I'm Gonna Be' to great 
        applause too. The guys needn't TBH have sung the song 
        themselves, all of us in the audience were singing along to it 
        anyway !

        The songs that were played at the gig were from all of their 
        albums, from when they first started to the present day. We 
        purchased a copy of their most recent album, 'Restless Soul'. At 
        the time of writing we still have yet to listen to it but with 
        everything else that goes on with buying and sorting out a 
        house, it has been put on the back burner for a while.

        The gig was very enjoyable - not even going on too late either. 
        A plus for this particular gig was that we were able to meet the 
        guys afterwards, to get the album autographed by both of them 
        and have a few words too. Both of them were very friendly and in 
        good spirits - not too tired either.

        An excellent and entertaining gig from a band who have not lost 
        their magic, despite having been around for around 15 years or 
Felice for Alive, 2005-12-22
Alive 12