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Alive 12
        Nah, may you say, not that dumb discussions again. But hey, 
        since the 20 Years of ST Megademo, the description "oldschool" 
        is in all peoples mouth again. In fact, that dumb 
        newschool/oldschool thing is quite rode to death now, but here 
        and then some question signs popping up again, when a "new" 
        production is called oldschool...

        I really think it's time to ask, what the hell means -oldschool-
        esp. nowadays! In fact I think, the description -oldschool- is 
        misused for any -shit- screen without any originality. Sure, 
        they might look like screens from the early days of the Atari 
        demoscene, but remember, already at those times we got fucking 
        shitty demos and screens, that melted away our eyes, burned down 
        our ears and deleted our brains. Not all that is or looks old is 
        an antiquity! And this seems to be some cancer nowadays, just in 
        the way "Hum, I can't code, I can't paint, I can't do sound, I 
        can't code, yeah baby, let's call it oldschool!" But fabulous 
        demos like "Ooh Crickey..." are oldschool too (seen in the 
        context the description -oldschool- is used mostly today) and 
        far, far away from being the same boring stuff we got hold under 
        the label -oldschool- today.

        But in the past few years, the description -oldschool- was more 
        and more misused in this way, if you used a black background, it 
        wasn't shit, nope it was oldschool. If you just kicked out some 
        beeps and bleeps of the YM, it wasn't shit, it was called 
        oldschool! If you just released a screen with scrolly and 
        raster, it wasn't -nothing-, nope, it was an oldschool-demo... 
        and so on and so on...

        What the heck?! What the hell means -oldschool-?! It really is 
        no description for shit, so to say!

        For me, -oldschool- covers also a bit the vibe of the early 
        days... Do you remember this thing? To get squeezed out any 
        possible coding bit of your humble ST! To break frontiers en 
        masse! To show, that this tiny machine can reach heights, no one 
        of it's constructors ever dreamed of! -Oldschool- somehow means, 
        to search those frontiers, just to kill'em. -Oldschool- isn't a 
        thing to hide behind if you aren't able to do anything! And, in 
        fact, even the later demos on the ST are some kind of -
        oldschool-, dentros like the brilliant works of Holocaust, are -
        oldschool- too, as they still feature this special Atari ST 
        vibe, to push the machine far behind their technical frontiers!

        Seen in this context, all the so-called "oldschool-screens" are 
        worthless and canīt be named oldschool at all. It seems -
        oldschool- was only used to have a label for a bad release, and 
        if you called it that way, you always had some way to defend the 
        lack of design, originality or anything else, as it was 
        oldschool and oldschool is old looking stuff and ok that way... 
        But you are so wrong on this. It won't work out that way since 
        oldschool is just more than and old fashioned demo screen. It 
        just expresses a vibe, a feeling, a mood, many people today that 
        are firming under and releasing stuff as -oldschool- already 
        have lost.

        In this way, just think about it, if you're sitting there, not 
        knowing what to do and hack another dumb screen together that 
        you will call oldschool because of its lack of originality...
moondog of .tSCc. for Alive, December 2oo5
Alive 12