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Alive 12
The French Atari Dinner
in a Nutshell
        [ A friendly meeting with friendly people... ]

.: Intro :.

        While discussing with Didier (Atari Ste^Microstalgia), we
        thought that it would be a good idea to set up a lunch meeting
        (in French, "une bouffe") with people interested in Atari... So,
        the only thing to do was to spend some little time to decide
        about the date and place and of course to tell some people and
        announce it everywhere. So, the rendezvous was taken Tuesday,
        the 13th of December, at the "Leon de Bruxelles" restaurant
        located on the "Boulevard des Italiens" in Paris (9th district).

.: Level 1 :.

        The rendezvous was set at 20h30 in the restaurant... About ten
        people arrived at 20h and we followed a group of cute Japanese
        girls ^o^ ... We hoped to get places near the girls but
        unfortunately the waitress smelled that we were geeks and placed
        us in a room downstairs. Damn, no Japanese girls for us.

        The atmosphere was very friendly, everyone talked about
        everything, Atari-related or not. There's not much to say about
        it, the people were interested by the meeting. Retired sceners
        didn't know that "we" are still doing things and promised to
        take a look at the new productions.

        In prime, Odie One and Xirius Thir gave us flyers for the
        upcoming Atari Connexion taking place near Paris in April. This
        party is not devoted to the demoscene - but sceners are warmly
        welcomed -, the goal is to gather people interested in the
        overall Atari products: Pong, CVS, 8-bit and 16/32 bit
        Computers, Lynx, Jaguar and Nuon.

.: Level 2 :.

        The following people were present, in order of appearance:

        * Frost/Sct1
        * Dma-Sc/Sct1
        * ST Ghost/Sct1
        * Hello/Sct1
        * Atari Ste^Microstalgia
        * Mic/Dune
        * Chuck/Dune
        * Zorro 2
        * Skweek
        * Odie One/Retro-Gaming Connexion
        * Sps/Sct1
        * Julien/Fan de...
        * Altar/VMAX
        * Jedi/Sct1
        * Soteen
        * Syntax Error/Zuul
        * Xirius Thir/Retro-Gaming Connexion

        Nova/Equinox was also awaited, but unfortunately he couldn't

.: Game Over :.

        Everyone enjoyed the meeting and we decided to set up a second 
        edition at the end of January. Next time, we'll meet on a Friday
        evening and a little earlier than 20h30. Some new people may
        attend this time; I just hope that the organization won't get
        too difficult.

        Finally, I would like to thank everyone who helped me to set up
        the meeting (I especially think about Didier, Freddo and Hello
        who made some announcements and contacted some people). Also, I
        would like to thank all attendees, you made the event!
Frost for Alive, 2005-12-14
Alive 12