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Alive 11
Evoke 2005
"Realtime" Article
       This is an almost true report from Evoke 2005, feel free to add 
       your stuff, you know the rules... Friday

17:34 (Havoc)

        Sparcus and me have just arrived from Enschede, along with 120
        cans of Hollandia beer (which should be just about enough for
        tonight .. hahahaha :) Cyclone just called me on my mobile and
        told me to start a realtime article. Since I don't have a
        computer with me I am using a sheet of paper to make some notes.
        Cyclone said he will transfer it later to his notebook, well if
        he likes it :). Anyway time to start swallowing some beer from
        the green and white beercan hopefully the content is still cold

19:47 (Cyclone still at home)

        Finally all necessary equipment for evoke is resting in the
        trunk of my Mercedes and I can drive to cologne to attend evoke
        2005. After searching almost the whole afternoon for Atari
        equipment, especially RGB and VGA cables for my Falcon I am now
        starting the engine and my ride to cologne begins. Approximately
        70 km to go, so I better stop typing now ...

20:55 (Cyclone)

        I have just entered the building, after getting mugged by the
        evoke staff at the entrance. None of the other atari-sceners
        showed up so far and so I have started to look for a suitable
        place to put my falcon and the other stuff I brought with me. I
        was in a real hurry to get here since the Atari demo show by
        Lotek Style was supposed to begin at 21:00. After speaking with
        one of the organisers I learned that the whole program is
        delayed, and that the opening ceremony - which should have been
        already over by now - was about to begin any moment. What a
        lucky coincidence since Lotek seems not to be here yet.

21:00 (Cyclone)

        Lotek Style and Kradd (formerly known as Mad Butscher) have just
        arrived and we managed also to spot Havoc inside a crowd of xbox
        and gameboy fanatics, which had already depleted large amounts
        of some cheap dutch "beer". I can only speculate on what other
        people would call that stuff :)

21:10 (Havoc)

        Cyclone was looking so eagerly at our pile of excellent
        Hollandia beers that I decided to offer him one of our fine
        brewskies. He declined, apparently because he has to drive later
        tonight (with whom and where we ask ourselves)...

21:15 (Cyclone)

        Damn almost all tables are already taken, however some nice PC-
        chaps from 0ok (NullOK) moved their stuff a bit so we could get
        some nice seats near the stage. Las of 0ok is sitting beside me
        and shows me the current built of the 0ok Assembler, yes you
        read right these guys are still coding in assembler. The
        assembler looks very cool it reminds me a lot of TASM and has
        very nice features like source code debugging etc. I asked las
        to put it online and he told me he would do so after adding some
        example sources. Nice one, have a close look at the 0ok website
        at ( ).

21: 20 (Cyclone)

        The opening ceremony just started and some PC fags are making
        fun of each other on the stage telling some crap. Hmmm it seems
        one of them is "Mr Pouet" himself.

22:00 (Cyclone)

        Kradd is showing some strange behaviour, he just offered 20 EUR
        to Havoc and asked him to go back to the badly lit parking
        place. Now this is strange, isn't it? I have absolutely no idea
        what he was supposed to do for the money, but I guess you have
        already got some ideas on your own ... :)

22:05 (Cyclone)

        Finally - more than one hour late - Lotek was pulled onto the
        stage and the Atari demo show started. Instead of a real falcon
        the demos were run from a prerendered video CD of some kind. The
        organizers managed to keep the spotlights illuminated for
        several minutes while the Lost Blubb demo was already running,
        so half of the projection area was bathed in bright light, I
        guess this is a sign of real professional organisation in the PC
        scene :). The next demo shown on the big screen was
        Sonoluminenzenz by a well known bunch of lamers called Avena, we
        don't know if it was for the much too dark display of the beamer
        or if someone had thrown free valium pills into the crowd,
        however the attention the sceners were paying to the action on
        the screen wasn't really overwhelming.

22:30 (Cyclone)

        The running gag from breakpoint 2005 "Hallo, Was" has started to
        spoil the silence of the party :) and some guys seems to have
        very strong reactions to this audible stimulus. Well after
        fifteen minutes of endless repetitions of "Hallo Was?" Lotek and
        I are beginning to understand what causes these hard feelings
        inside the veterans, who had the luck to survive this experience
        earlier. I wonder if this is the evoke version of our chanting

23:## (Cyclone)

        The band started to fill the hall with some devastating audio
        experience, too late to run away, so I guess we will stay a bit

00:35 (Cyclone)

        Damn still no routing to the internet, or is it just my WLAN?
        Hmmm, no local network is fine, I hope they will fix that soon.

02:55 (Cyclone)

        Havoc is leaving to get some rest in the car. Perhaps the
        parking lot experience was too much for him?

02:57 (Havoc)

        I am leaving, yes, but not until I've wished Cyclone and Lotek
        Style a happy and satisfying night together. Enjoy the ride

02:59 (Cyclone)

        Checking the sleeping area, hmmm seems to be in the same room
        like the party place and in addition to that it's very close to
        the stage and those big speakers. Should be next to impossible
        to get a refreshing sleep here. Perhaps I should have brought a
        sleeping bag and spent the night in the car, but that's no
        option anymore, so I'll better pack up and drive home for the

03:05 (Cyclone) 

        Since our romantically entangled lovebirds have left the place
        or went into sleep mode, Lotek and myself are heading to the
        parking lot to drive (back) to Bochum for the night. We left the
        snoring Kradd beneath the table where he had placed himself
        earlier. The gameboy show is still coming up, but I guess it has
        to happen without us. It will be interesting to see if Loteks
        equipment will still be in place tomorrow morning...

04:05 (Cyclone)

        Back at home finally, I shortly showed Lotek the flat and
        introduced him to the couch in my living room. Anyway it's late
        so time to brush my teeth and sneak into the bedroom...

08:## (Kradd) 

        Kradd on the keyboard. After a night full of strange dreams
        about me and a guy with big feet in the parking lot I woke up in
        my wormbag, ...

10:03 (kRadD)

        It looks like I'm awake now. No ideas where the others are, I
        keep my fingers crossed for Lotek, cause who knows what Cyclone
        had in mind when he bribe him with candies to come to his car.

11:10 (Kradd)

        The Intel Hyperthreading Lesson by codemasters has just started,
        lucky enough it's hardly audible so I can relax a bit and start

12:30 (Cyclone)

        Lotek and myself reached the party place again. Kradd was still
        standing in the parking lot with 20 EUR in his hand looking for,
        hmmm, who knows :) After entering the building we were relieved
        that Loteks machine hasn't vanished during the night, perhaps
        there is not enough hitek equipment inside to make it a good

13:05 (kRadD)

        Cyclone looks very satisfied, seems that he enjoyed the night.
        But why does Lotek refused to take a seat and wants to stand all
        the time?

13:23 (Havoc)

        In fact some guy was trying to lug it out of the hall this
        night, but he was scared away by the TSCC watchdog under the

14:34 (Cyclone)

        Bero of 0ok has taken the seat next to me and works on a nice
        4ktro with some dancing robots, nice stuff however it seems this
        one will not be finished until the 4k compo starts, so they will
        probably use las' 4ktro called "plan b" :)

16:00 (Cyclone)

        The mod-compo has just started. Somebody had the incredibly
        stupid idea that all composers have to use the same samples.
        Well I can't tell you how much that sucks. I bet they wanted to
        torture the audience as well, because some of the samples -
        especially those containing vocals - were an audible massacre.
        The mod compo seems to take ages, playing variations on these
        bad samples over and over. Perhaps I should have better stayed
        at home.

16:07 (kRadD)

        I just had a quick look at the real-time article. Yeah the good
        old times returned. I read flames never read since Mr. XY
        tortured the keyboard back in 2k.

16:24 (Havoc)

        So SHOOT your favourite asstronaut... And please don't miss or
        we will play another one of these remixes...

16:45 (Cyclone)

        I am feeling sick. Perhaps something to eat will help a bit. I
        decided to go to the really expensive buffet to buy an
        extraordinary expensive cheese sandwich, after my first byte I
        had the immediate impression that this sandwich had already been
        dead for several weeks.

17:00 (Havoc)

        I had the joy of receiving a cold frikadelle earlier on. Not
        only was it cold, it was also shaped like a weird crossover
        between a hamburger and a springroll.

17:05 (Cyclone)

        Haha, it seems Havoc just made the experience of eating a cold
        Frikadelle, which is like a cold Schnitzel a famous German
        specialty. This is nothing odd here, but you have to know about
        it, so don't get frightened by cold food in Germany it's rather
        common for a buffet.

17:25 (Cyclone)

        The graphics compo is starting. Showing some strange pictures,
        not exactly handpixeled it seems. Not really 16 colours. Bah! :)
        Hmmm, raytraced stuff, ouch... The first picture by Fzool /
        SM^SD shows a cat in a room, the cat is standing in a pool of
        oil, erm... well the title is "Katze in Oel". Cough...

        MeG / 20Volt shows a golden statue "Zora", which resembles a
        female C3P0 with shield and axe on a wooden table with two
        glasses in the background.

        Ouch this one "Kinderzimmer" by Atex looks like a page from an
        Ikea catalogue, however the picture looks very real, with that
        usual raytracer touch.

        Now what is this? b & w / plastic show a picture that somehow
        reminds me of Edward Munch "Der Schrei" it's shows a women with
        raised hands in a brownish, smoky setting. I guess it was called
        "Final Audition".

        The next picture by tomkh & gruesome is named "tainted chicks
        asylum" and shows some rocks, probably some bones or bodies and
        something that resembles water. Hmmm, I am not sure if this is
        going to win anything. / Digital Overflow show a picture called "Schmopfel"???
        WTF? It looks like a hybrid between a leaf and a drop of water
        perhaps a leaf from a succulent plant? Maybe that's the reason
        for its sad face? Well at least it looks kinda funny.

        Hey that was a short compo, only five minutes. Let's try to
        annoy Lotek a bit and talk to him about all the awful design
        flaws in a certain demo... :)

17:43 (kRadD)

        Mr. XY creeps in my brain and I have to write this: This shitty
        release did not get more than 1 Point.

17:44 (Lotek Style)

        This is lotek style now on the keys and cyclone "the unbeliever"
        from x-troll is starting to annoy me ;). We were watching
        several demos and only discussed what was done bad :) All Atari
        demos sucked ;) lol, no just joking ;) -Cyclone still doesn't
        believe me that you can you format HD discs to DD format without
        problems when you close the second hole with sticky tape! All
        oldskool swappers know that! ;)

17:50 (Cyclone)

        Arf, this lotek guy is driving me crazy, he is showing "beams"
        for the 5000th time today, he is even paying money to guys
        passing by, so they stay and watch it. I think. I can't stand it
        anymore, please HELP ME ... Hmm, and while we are at it real
        OLDSKOOL swappers used 8 inch disks or punchcards!

35:71 (elytS ketoL)

        What the heck... the clock is ticking the other way round.
        Cyclone just said something nice about an ST demo :)

17:55 (Cyclone)

        Probably because Lotek wasn't singing while showing the demo :)

17:56 (Lotek Style)

        No problem darling, I can change this :) "lalala super trouper
        beams are gonna blind me space porn Ministeck prostitute 20 euro
        song lala" :)

17:57 (Cyclone)

        ARF, not again, I have to leave this place or... Hmmm, perhaps I
        have a better idea: From now on I will "sing it back" all the
        way to Lotek's deafened ears :). From the corner of the eye I
        noticed that Kradd (formerly known as Mad Butscher) has used our
        little flamewar to get drawn away to the ministeck-compo, he is
        sitting in front of the kindergarden desk with several
        combatants and sticks pins into a plastic board with lots of
        premade holes (do you see a pattern here? :)

18:00 (Cyclone)

        Kradd is competing in the Ministeck compo... maybe he mixed
        something up when he heard the word "p0rn" ;)

18:01 (Havoc)

        It's bound to entertain him more than when he's standing on the
        parking lot like an idiot with that 20 euro bill in his hand...

18:15 (Cyclone)

        It seems Kradd has come up with his sexual obsession again. He
        is doing a Ministeck picture of Pacman biting Ms Pacman while he
        thinks of one of the ghosts the yellow one, as google reveals
        the names of the four ghosts are Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde.
        The yellow one is named Clyde in the English version of PacMan.
        We managed to steal this from the top secret personality profile
        of Clyde: "Clyde ("Pokey"), the orange monster, does not
        actively chase after Pac-Man, preferring to wander on his own
        path. However, this makes him more difficult for the player to
        track, putting the player in danger of accidentally running into
        him." However while Pacman is dreaming of his gay ghostfriend
        Clyde, all Ms Pacman thinks about is shopping for another pair
        of Manolo Blahniks. Perhaps this explains Kradds disappointment
        in women and his preference for 20 EUR jobs with Havoc in the
        parking lot. Perhaps we should also mention that Kradd was
        finished before the other guys, as usual. :)

18:43 (Cyclone)

        The multichannel compo starts with deafening volume. Our
        favourite so far "Yoga" from jco, because "Yoga foerdert innere
        Kraefte!" Hallo... Was?

Later (Cyclone)

        There are still compos going on, finally they are showing some
        demos, nice nice.

A bit later (Cyclone)

        Damn I am starving need something to eat right now, so let's see
        there should be Burger King around the corner, but it seems you
        have to walk for ages to reach it, hmmm let's check the buffet
        again, perhaps there is something warm. Ok the vegetable lasagne
        looks good, it's also still warm, so nothing to complain about.
        Nothing? Nah that's impossible the price is a joke, but who

Much later (Cyclone)

        Hmmm, I am about to check the free coffee, someone said it's the
        best thing about evoke. Ah that's better the caffeine is going
        to keep me running for a few more hours I guess.

Very much later (Cyclone)

        All compo entries have been shown since some time; seems
        Matthias Reim has joined the demo scene. He he. I wonder why
        that demo wasn't disqualified; anyway it was a nice joke. The
        atmosphere is quite relaxed, kRadD is playing some c64 games
        with the guys from eastern Germany on the other side of our

03:31 (Cyclone)

        Bah, I am tired, and I guess I won't stay for the price giving
        ceremony, prices are boring and there is only one thing that is
        more boring than prizes, and I guess that's waiting for them to
        be given away to other people. ;)

04:35 (Cyclone)

        Finally back home, now this was evoke 2005 a really nice party
        with lots of cool party, I guess I will pay it a visit next year
        too and hopefully we will see even more Atari sceners and
        perhaps a few ct60 prods? Hmmm, someone's going to teach me 3d
        stuff? erm, probably not... well anyway bed time boys :)))))

11:34 (kRadD)

        The Ministeck Compo was a fake. I thought you only have half an
        hour time, but then some real artists sit there for half a day.
        Also the voting is extremely lame. The more applause the crowd
        gives, the more points you get, but because Cyclone, Lotek and
        Havok are once again away repairing cyclones car, there were too
        few people in the room who remember who Pacman was. A shame...

Weeks later (Cyclone)

        Repairing my car? It was never broken, hmmm strange things
        happen at evoke, perhaps someone smoked the wrong vegetables?

              Cyclone, Havoc, kRadD and Lotek Style for Alive, Evoke 2005
Alive 11