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Alive 11
D.A.S. Realtime Article
       Finally the lost realtime article from the Dresdener Atari 
       Summer 2005 is made available to the public. We feared it was 
       lost on a unreadable floppy but lucky enough 505 mastered to 
       read it on another machine. Afterwards the whole article was 
       spellchecked and reformatted for the mag by cxt, also some 
       realtime notes from my own notebook had been inserted here and 
       there, I hope this doesn't spoil it for you. Well, now enjoy 
       whatever the party guests had to say :)
2005-09-23 (dunno)

        So, nachdem der gestrige Versuch des Realtime-Artikels mit
        Tempus Word klaeglich gescheitert ist, versuchen wir es noch
        mal, diesmal mit WordPlus.


2005-09-23 (14:41)

        The realtime machine was successfully installed...

2005-09-23 (20:20)

        The party has just begun and some games have been tested on my
        Mega/STE already. The location is a bit "strange", but still
        cool all in all. It will surely be a nice weekend.


2005-09-23 (20:33)

        Pretty relaxed style. ZWF plays a lot of games, RA codes a lot
        of nonsense, No codes a lot of good stuff and I type a lot of


2005-09-23 (21:05)

        Draussen lodert das Lagerfeuer romantisch vor sich hin, aber es
        kuemmert keinen.


2005-09-23 (21:32)

        We zijn in het huis! cxt, havoc and me (earx) are here. After
        long trips thru stauland! A nice place this is too!


2005-09-23 (21:45)

        I was wondering about the "great eastern German ambience"
        mentioned on the DAS-website during the whole drive. However I
        guess I got a 1st impression right now. This place is
        unbelievable, gotta shoot a few pictures for documentary
        purposes :)

2005-09-24 (02:49)

        Zwei Uhr neunundvierzig, ich komm an und niemand grillt mehr.

2005-09-24 (03:30)

        earx here again... I'm a bit tired so I'm off... The cat here is
        a bit weird and the party is great.


2005-09-24 (03:41) 

        Bah everybody is already snoring and best of everything, I just
        found out that someone kicked away my worm bag and occupied my
        mattress, so I will need to search for a another place to

2005-09-24 (middle of the night)

        It seems someone hijacked my air mattress, hmm next time don't
        forget to inflate it before you sleep on it. This may be
        slightly more comfortable...


2005-09-24 (06:57)

        I just woke up from some refreshing sleep, but it seems Havoc is
        the only one wake besides me. The sleeping place was small, but
        I was lucky enough to get some space and it was quite
        comfortable. Yesterday there was only gaming and a bit of
        pixeling, we will see what this day brings us along.


        /j #fruehstueck re afk

2005-09-24 (13:19)

        Now the morning is gone all that was done is chatting all the
        time. Nice to talk to all those people and also refreshing for
        the mind, pumping new thoughts in the little old cells.


2005-09-24 (13:##)

        Just to make sure this article won't end up being the shortest
        in the entire magazine, here's Havoc writing some lines. What's
        up at the moment? Earx is desperately trying to burn his mp3
        collection to CD, which is a task that shouldn't be
        underestimated given the fact that he has no burner in his
        laptop, and no network capability (yet.. ;)). If he does not
        succeed, we'll have to rely on Cyclone's Front 242 collection to
        drag us through the 600km way back to Bochum. Not that any of us
        has anything against Front 242, quite the contrary actually...
        But 6-7 hours with 3 cd's is asking a bit too much, no matter
        how good those 3 CDs may be ;)

        Anyhow, I'm off to get me something to drink, and a smoke...

2005-09-24 (14:00)

        Hehe, shit happens especially when you grab three random CDs and
        expect a 4 hour ride, which turns into an eight hour marathon


2005-09-24 (15:00)

        Unfortunately it seems like Flash/TNB can't make it to DAS, as
        he got to work surprisingly. Maybe he will try it anyway. He
        sent greetings via email to everyone around. So feel greeted
        from Jan!

2005-09-24 (15:30)

        Some guy arrived with his casemodded Amiga 1200 and lots of
        fancy lights connected. Nice machine with a 060 running @ 50MHz.


2005-09-24 (15:50)

        Just been having a look at some Amiga 060 demos, and I have to
        say it is a joy to see this stuff in realtime instead of crappy


2005-09-24 (17:17)

        Took a small walk to the Altstadt of Dresden, visited some
        sights, had a terrible coffee and just got back. Dresden is
        nice. Hmmm... Should go back to coding some senseless stuff

       /The Paranoid

2005-09-24 (18:00)

        TWH just arrived, after a horrible trip from Munich. Six hour is
        just too much! What's the deal when sitting all the time in the
        car while the sun is shining

2005-09-24 (18:10)

        Havoc here. I'm waiting for the toilet... So I might as well
        type something here... Ah, the road is clear, I'm off again!

2005-09-24 (20:16)

        Now it seems to be sure that I destroyed my Mega/STE by
        accidentally pouring some water in it. :( I am not sure what I
        will do next, but dinner is ready soon, so eating some spaghetti
        looks like a good option, before planning further steps.


2005-09-24 (20:##)

        Das Essen dauert noch, schade...

        Der Beamer und ein STE sind im Garten aufgebaut und warten
        begierig darauf, mit Dynabusters bespielt zu werden.


2005-09-24 (27:87)

        The foodsies are readies! byeeeeee...


2005-09-24 (21:17)

        Food and games, what else do you need?


        No salt in the food :( Now playing

2005-09-24 (23:04)

        Hehe, fragenden Menschen kann geholfen werden...


2005-09-25 (00:45)

        While watching some Amiga 1200 on a big screen Paranoid tells me
        my computer seems to have signs of life again. It's
        unbelievable! My Mega/STE is alive again! All is fine no data
        lost, that's really like a miracle to me. So I can finish my


2005-09-25 (00:55)

        Finished watching newer Amiga 1200 demos. Nice stuff. Of course
        3D dominates and the quality roughly matches PSX level. But very
        well designed and nice looking stuff. I guess I need to buy a
        060 card for my 1200, too. And of course Zweckform's Mega STE
        lives again. It's an Atari.

       /The Paranoid

2005-09-25 (02:10)

        It was a nice day again. Got my bitplane polyrout together and
        it is fully functional and reasonably logical. Needs to be
        optimised; which is a matter of rearranging some registers. But
        that's for tomorrow... Today we watched some STe and Amiga AGA
        demos in the garden. Cool stuff. Now I'm done kneeling for this
        Mega ST. I'll be off to sleep in half an hour I guess. Night!


2005-09-25 (04:47)

        sleeping time...


2005-09-25 (06:04)

        If I am still calculating right... Havoc was awake since he
        arrived. Now, that is almost kind of tight to tinkers record
        from eil99 party I guess. Anyway, I am a sleeplover, so night
        now, too.


2005-09-25 (08:36)

        Hallo Pizza-Service! Liefert noch 'ne Pizza an Landgraefin
        Kraddine von Hessen.

       /Kraddine L.v.H.

2005-09-25 (08:38.5)

        Ja, das machen wir. Fuer 20 Euro.

2005-09-25 (09:05) 

        It seems our lovebirds are still into those 20 euro games they
        invented at a parking lot at the evoke 2005 party...


2005-09-25 (11:05)

        The Dutch guys and cxt just left the party, Paradox will soon be
        off, too. I guess. The party was a great event with a lot fun
        playing games and watching Atari & Amiga demos. The food supply
        was good and people friendly and open minded. If it is repeated
        I will try and be here again.


2005-09-25 (11:54)

        It took Zweckform three quarters of an hour between writing the
        lines above and actually putting his gear into my car. So much
        for "Paradox will be off soon". But now it seems like
        "Zweckfoermchen" is ready to go too, so we'll shake a few hands,
        hug a few people and be off.

       /The Paranoid

2005-09-25 (14:00)

        We just had 8bit session with No, 505, Joerg, Kradd, Twh and
        friends. An original statement of 505: " Das krasse ist ja, wenn
        das Demo auf nem ST liefe, waere es total geil. So 'ne Scheisse
        !" ;-)

2005-09-25 (16.00)

        I am very happy having seen all my good mates from the past,
        505, No, Defjam, Joe Cool and Earx! Atari is still alive, long
        live Atari!


2005-09-25 (16.30)

        twh is leaving. Thx guys! I had have a lot of fun. It was worth
        the trip!!

2005-09-25 (20:05)

        After a little walk visiting two towers and having a look at
        Dresden from the top, we (kradd, spex, defjam, jk28, joe, no and
        me) are back to put some more demos on the beamer in the garden.
        but beforehand we just tidy up a bit. hmm... everything looks as
        clean as before the party, Atari people are so clean eh...


2005-09-25 (Final Words)

        Ok... they are playing games and stuff.. anyway, time to stop
        here. It was a nice Dresdener Atari Sommer :)

                                   D.A.S. Visitors for Alive, 2005-09-25
Alive 11