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Alive 11
Live Interview with TBC
(The boring Crew) Part 2
       Alive: Ah yes I heard your musician DaFool also made a 12" vinyl 
       referring to the "Blue Oyster Bar".
        TBC: That's right, it's called "Meet him at the Blue Oyster Bar"
        and was released by B.I.T. productions, he wrote it when he
        first met xBore and me there. B.I.T. productions was later
        renamed to the Bits Club.

       DaFool cruising through a backyard

       Alive: What are your plans for the future?

        TBC: Well, we will continue to produce quality releases like in
        the past. We believe in high grade stuff, you know. As always we
        will make sure to use only the best code and graphics for our
        demos. Take the music for example, it's a piece of art. It's
        randomness is awesome, it reflects the erratic paths of our code
        and sets a perfect counterweight to the terrific graphics. The
        whole thing is supported by the most beautiful choice of
        colours. We usually get our palettes from a blind polish coder,
        this guy has style and besides he has a really big moustache.

       Alive: Have you ever tempted to make anything else apart from 
       your brainblasting demos?

        TBC: We made several roleplaying games with aide of the VCS
        (Volestrangler Construction Kit). The aim of the games was to
        stick our huge swords into the back of the enemies, but
        unfortunately Nintendo stole our idea and called it Zelda.

       Alive: Was this the only game you were working on?

        TBC: No, we also started on a shoot em up done in STOS it was
        called "Lethal Mistress" but again we got ripped off. When we
        showed it to a guy from Germany at the Atari fair in 1990 he
        stole our sources while we were looking for a nicely trimmed
        moustache and published the game with a strange error in the
        title, I guess he couldn't get around our encryption. However
        this wasn't half as bad as the theft of our "Turricunt" concept
        by that Trenz guy.

       Alive: Do you also like to play games?

        TBC: Well DaFool likes games that feature dark places packed
        with lots of black dressed enemies while xBore usually plays
        alone. I just like to watch them play, and I have to admit that
        my joystick is a bit shop-soiled, it could really use some
        serious gaming action...

       Alive: Where do you see yourself in five years?

        TBC: We will have crushed our opponents by that time. The pure
        mass of our releases will make them beg for mercy, but mercy is
        something we never grant, so honestly I guess we will release
        TBC9081 then.

       Alive: There are rumours that a new members are about to join 
       TBC, what can you tell us about him?

        TBC: You seem to be very well informed. Yes that's true. We will
        change our crew name to "The bare Cochones" when the new guys
        will join us. Their names are "Shaven1" and "RazorMate", they
        still need to grow their moustaches. Once that is done we will

       Alive: Now let's face the unavoidable Alive brainstorming test. 
       Let's see how much brains you guys have.


       T:esticles, we like them bare...

       B:alls, we love to play...

       C:ochones, we got em...

       I:nterlocked, is the state we are in, most of the time...

       S:have the bush, so you can see the tree...

       P:ussies, French ones

       U:p your ass

       R:ear Entrance

       E:jaculation, premature

       F:eet, especially cheesy ones

       A:ss, no comments

       K:inky, kiss! Kiss! We love it!

       E:at my dick...

       Alive: Thanks a lot for inviting us to your place, I guess you 
       will have a bright future with lots of releases, would you like 
       to add some final words?

        TBC: Stay loyal to the scene, stay Amiga!

       Alive: Well, whatever :)

                                       Alive Team for Alive, 2005-10-16

Alive 11