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Alive 11
Live Interview with TBC
(The boring Crew) Part 1
       Who are the guys behind all these eye offending demos with music 
       composed by someone completely tone deaf and colour schemes 
       which seem to be imported through some dark channels from 
       eastern Europe? What is their driving force? How do they create 
       their - hmmm- "demos"? If you dare to go on then put on your 
       protective gloves, fasten your ear muffs and make sure to wear 
       some super dark shades, TBC is heading your way... And don't 
       forget to keep your back to the wall ;)
       Alive: To start the interview off, why not tell us a little bit 
       about yourselves, your name, date of birth, and general 

        TBC: I am Julio Mundungus Fletcher, otherwise known as 'Alone1',
        the inspiration behind The Boring Crew. I was born in the shadow
        of a volcano on October 13th 1869, the product of a union
        between a badger tamer and an underwater ballerina. My formative
        years were unremarkable, apart from running away to join a
        circus which had got stuck in an underground cavern. I got into
        the Atari ST accidentally, when I went into an electrical shop,
        fully intending to purchase a light fitting, and came away with
        an ST 500 and a copy of ST Internals instead. Ten minutes later,
        the first demo "TBC 1" was released, and the rest of it you know
        about by now.

       Julio in full gear...

       Alive: We know you are Atari lovers, tell us a bit more about 
       the other hardware you've got.

        TBC: I have a really nice cheese grater. It has a satellite
        uplink to the top-secret CIA-controlled 'Illuminati' killersat.
        This can project microwaved death from above to any spot on the
        world within 30 seconds of the order being given!

       Alive: So have you thought of expanding your coverage of Atari 
       hardware to include other models? The Falcon '030 is the obvious 

        TBC: Yes we are. We even tried started spamming the Falcon only
        section of the Atari Forum BBS with news of our ST releases. To
        be honest, we are having some technical issues to overcome with
        the hardware, as our routines seem to be too much for this frail
        machine. Our 'Wibbly spluttery beepy thing' demo engine runs far
        too quickly at present. I'm coding a hardware degrader for the
        Falcon, which reduces the processor to 4mhz, and the number of
        colours to 27 randomly chosen ones, even on a CT60! This should
        make our demo's work nice and smooth again!

       Alive: We heard rumours of something more advanced, a 3D engine 
       in progress. Could you tell us a bit more?

        TBC: Heh! They are right of course. We have a Volkswagen camper
        van engine, which is solid metal in three dimensions, sitting in
        the garage and ready to go. We think it could be used at the
        heart of a new generation of cpu's. Alternatively, we could sell
        it on Ebay, l@@k, super rare! Buyer to collect only, as the
        postage on the other one we sold came to 3048 Euros!

       Alive: Are there any heroes of the Atari scene that you worship 
       and wish to emulate?

        TBC: There are too many cool people just to name one, but we
        will try. I have an affinity with Pongo Snodgrass of the Dildo
        Fatwa, his tunes are the killer queen! So are his cheesy feet!

       Alive: Please could you tell us your Motivation about the way 
       your demo's are released?

        TBC: We get our motivation from all the positive feedback of our
        cheered audience. It's incredible how enthusiastic our products
        are announced and worshipped once the sceners have seen them ...

       Alive: I heard you are planning to make a mega demo containing 
       all your previous screens with a little text main menu. Sounds 
       like an excellent idea. I guess the screens will also compress 
       quite well :)

        TBC: Indeed we have thought about a mega demo, xBore our
        mastermind and chief developer is working on a method to end
        each demo after the last scroller has wrapped and a breakthrough
        is already in sight. In addition to that we will use the
        revolutionary "auto-folder-technology" - which we have
        discovered only recently - to chain up the screens. You know
        it's really great to discover such earth shattering technologies
        and implement them into a product. In fact realising stuff makes
        us high, we are addicted to it. Actually it makes us feel better
        than getting laid. In fact I almost get a hard one when I think
        of it :)

       Alive: Erm, well. That's interesting :) it reminds me of an 
       interview with a guy called "Cosmo" who said guys with a 
       moustache make him horny, what can you tell us about your 
       preferences in that area.

        TBC: Ah yeah moustaches are really sexy, I really admire
        Paranoid for his nice moustache. On our last group meeting we
        decided that all of our members have to grow a moustache.
        Besides we are really cool guys and like to dress in black
        leather except for some areas. We also usually wear leather caps
        with all kinds of chains and stuff.

       xBore with his cool leather outfit

       Alive: Why did you name your crew "The boring Crew" was is 
       intended to underline the attitude of your demos?

        TBC: Not really, we had to search a new name since xBore
        accidentally deleted some pixels from our first logo and I had
        no idea how to get them back. Originally the logo was TBO, which
        is an abbreviation for "The blue Oyster" which is our favourite
        bar. Since the damage was done, we had to search for
        alternatives. "Tiny Bollocks Crew" and "The Baguette Cocks" came
        to our mind but DaFool thought they sounded too French and we
        are no French pussies, we are tough Spanish ga... erm guys.

       Make sure to continue with part 2 of the interview from the main
       menu :)

Alive 11