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Alive 11
Journey to H.A.T.Z.

Friday, May 25th 2005

        We start our trip at 15:30 MET, its about 28 C and we are soon
        sweating in RA's car. After 2 1/2 hours we take our first break
        to make sure we are still on the right track. A bit later we
        recognized that we missed the right Autobahn !

        Lets do some extra 100 Km just for fun and for we are stupid
        nerds. Talking about programming STs should be restricted to the
        party zone if we really want to arrive today. The good thing
        about this : we could see the miracles of this part of Germany.
        The beautiful Westerwald, a big Rhinebridge we crossed and the
        silouette of Koblenz.

        When we finally arrived at least two hours later than planned,
        we meet the first people outside, preparing to grill some
        sausages. We are welcomed friendly and get our stuff out of the
        car, up in the first level were the party rooms are. The
        location has a size between the rooms of Outline 2004 and
        Outline 2005. A kitchen with refridgerator and stuff. Toiletts
        are downstairs, no showers anywhere so sensitive noses will get
        a hard time soon here.

        What is very cool about this party is that there is no real
        entrance fee. Its up to you how much donations you give for the
        party. And you can get anything you want from the drinking stuff
        and the organized food. You always pay the amount into a
        donation cup you feel it deserves.

        Back to the party itself: behind us is an STE owner from Erfurt,
        who also got a Jaguar with him. All others have XLs and XEs as
        far as I can judge from a fast glance. Back to the sausages
        outside, waiting in a hungry mood a surprise guest appears:
        Charon/Escape shows up, bringing his selfmade FPGA computer
        along. Now I realize Mad Butscher with his Falcon030 is here,
        with RAs Faclon and my Mega/STE 16/32bit will be represented
        well as long as Havoc and Earx get here, too. The guy with the
        STE has some spare parts to sell so I get a TT HD drive, a TT
        mouse and a cable for a good price. The main idea of this whole
        event is more gaming on any Atari you get and its something new
        for me as all other parties I went to were demoparties. Many of
        those old XL/XE games still have the ability to tie you up until
        you get a highscore. I find Gyruss on one of these machines and
        remember it from the days when I was young *sniff*.

        Its already Saturday May 26, about 4 o'clock am and I get tired.
        RA went to sleep some hours ago and I am thinking to do so, too,
        when some dutch guys (not "our" dutchies) arrive. Talking to one
        of them keeps me wake till around 6 o'clock. Then I fall into a
        dreamless sleep till noise wakes me at 8:30 am. Next thing to
        organize is some food and drinking stuff. Yesterday everything
        was already closed. We get our stuff from an Aldi some
        kilometers away and are ready to face the rest of the time here.

        Now the challanges do not end, highscores to be beaten are
        everywhere. On VCS its "Dragster" on Jaguar Tempest 2000, on
        XL/XE Miner 2047 and much more. The dutch guy I was talking to
        seems to be a demo fan, too so we can watch soem XL/XE
        masterpieces of demoart. Some effects on that machines look even
        ST-like. Great stuff. Also some new efforts in developing new
        grafic modes with special tricks can be admired.

        As the XL guys are also interested in demos we show them some
        STE stuff and we exchange impressions. Time is running here and
        its already 12:30 pm and Havoc and earx are not here yet and
        they have to hurry if they want to join the party - the last 24
        hours have begun. Some visitors arrive at the HATZ, friends from
        the organizer it seems, but RA and I decided to make a trip to
        the near castle of Dauhn, so we cannot get to know them. The
        castle is on top of a little mountain and you got a great survey
        over the beautiful area. The building itself is romantic and its
        architecture very inspiring for a graphician. Sadly RA forgot
        his camera so there is no proof of all that beauty.

        Back again many are still trying to break other peoples records
        and RA meets his fate in form of the XL/XE game called "Quiks".
        After a few tries he is addicted and is only able to let it be
        when he is forced to.

        This happens when the big contest in "Cervis" - a Tron like game
        - on XL (up to eight players) and "Checkered Flag" on Lynx (up
        to 6 player at one time) take place.

        Just a short time before this, at 18:30 the two long awaited
        guys from Holland arrive. Havoc and Earx are finally there when
        we already had lost all hope to see them this weekend.

        Everybody is now participating in the multiplayer contests and
        the 16/32bit guys did not bad with Charon winning the "Checkered
        Flag" and Mad Butcher winning "Cervis" competition.
        We continue with more gaming, drinking some beer and chatting. I
        find another great XL/XE game, also technically impressive,
        called "Encounter". A 3D game with fast grafics and lot of fun.
        On my Mega/STE I start "Zero 5" and Earx is trying to solve some
        missions but we both fail to succeed. So beer and more talking
        is rather welcome. But everybody seems to be quite tired this
        eve, the dutch for travelling about 8-9 hours, the rest for
        little sleep and much gaming. Also the heat is doing everything
        to get people tired and at about 12:00 almost all are already
        off to bed. I fall into a long refreshing sleep until about 7:30
        am. So now I talk to some XL guys again, some more demos are
        shown or tried to be shown. Again interest in 16-Bit demos and
        stuff is noticed and talking about nearly everthing takes place,
        some still cannot stand the records others made, but most people
        now pack their stuff and talk about hardware, software, politics
        and whatever. So its time to prepare out journey home and we
        start to get our things to the car. Last talkings and friendly
        good byes finish the H.A.T.Z 2005 for us. In the end, it was an
        Atari party for all kinds of Atari fans. No matter if you liked
        demos, games or hardware. Friendly open minded people there,
        though most are rather gamers than developers. For those who
        like relaxed atmosphere, lots of different Atari hardware and
        also some gaming fun should risk a trip the next H.A.T.Z. !

                                  Zweckform/Paradox for Alive,2005-05-31
Alive 11