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Alive 11
                  _____________     __________________________
                 _\____  ;\    |____\   ;|    \   ;|______  ;/\
=============== |    ,    |    \   ;|____|    |    |    /____| \ ===============
                \         \         \    \         \         \ |

================= [m]   [a]   [g]   [a]   [z]   [i]   [n]   [e] ================
Moondog Where the hell are you?

C-Rem Thanks once again for the nice cover gfx conversion!

Baggio Despite all rumours of being a lazy guy, the cooperation
went flawlessly, thanks a lot for your cool review.

CiH Yo Chris again your article count beats us all.

gwEm Thanks for supporting us, even when you had no time.

Alien Thanks for translating another one of your overscan articles,
I hope the schematics are all correct because they were done in quite a

Marcer again you supplied some zaks and two reviews, one day you
might write the whole issue on your own :)

Dark Angel Thanks for implementing the sound info interface into the
MM2.x replay routine, even though time ran out to use it, I promise we
will do for the next issue...

505 Finally we managed to fix the 8 channel replay of the Alive shell
so your Deskpop tune is published with Alive after more than a year.
Also lot's of thanks for the D.A.S. realtime article...

Lotek Style Welcome aboard the Alive Team, nice to see you back in the
Magazine business

DMA-SC merci beaucoup for adding your stuff in such a short time, it's
always a pleasure to have supporters like that

Chemmad nice work on the articles and musics for the next issue...

MT-Felice lots of thanks for the steady support, get ready for the
xmas issue :)

STU thanks for the oppurtunity to offer the preview tracks of your EP
with Alive, too bad the jukebox wasn't finished in time, we will include
it in the xmas issue in a few weeks...

SH3 great work on the Paza review, thanks Kevin

Ray Beams, Wolfenstein 3D and you are also delivering articles, wow...

Crazy Q You seem to become a regular supporter, thanks a lot for the
awesome zaks.

Zweckform yo dude, it seems beside the lazyness of your alter ego
"Patrick Star" you managed to write a nice party report for us, thanks a

Sunnyboy Thanks for the steady support during the last few issues ...

ST Survivor Thanks for your articles and damn you for throwing Alive
at me, see you in a while :)

ggn Thanks again for your bootsector article, and next time check your
labels :)))

And everybody I might have forgotten, since this mag has to be released
right now.

Cyclone/X-Troll for Alive, 2005-11-13
Alive 11