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Alive 11
There are so many people I respect in this Scene ! So many people I would need 
to thank for  the wonders  they have  brought us ! Hence, let me tell you I am 
truly  grateful to CiH, Evil, Cyclone, Lotek  Style, Ray, Tao and an awful LOT 
more ! But there are also different  people, people with whom a true  sense of 
friendship has  grown  and  evolved. Time to  have a look  back over the  last 
decade and see who has been a true friend.

People not named below should NOT feel  offended in ANY way ! There are people 
you greet, others with  whom you share projects  and people you  learn to like 
with their skills and drawbacks :) No special order here, I just let my memory 
go wide open and deliver sweet memories under the Fuji flag.

Thyrex : I got  involved  into  the Scene  thanks to  you my dear friend ! you
 offered me the position of ToxiC MaG main  editor, then we spent many years on
 our GFA megademo "Back In France"... It was so nice working with you though we
 had to use snail mail at that time. I'll never  forget when you welcomed me at
 your place, back in 1994. Working  on "Waiting For the  Apocalypse" was REALLY
 fun too, tho we both were a  bit disappointed by  the result... Even though we
 seldom meet these days, we both know that old friends are ALWAYS good friends.

Paranoid : ah, Oliver ! I cannot  remember when  we started to work together,
 somewhere  after I decided to go on as  main editor of UCM I guess. Above all
 our so interesting  chats, what I admire in you is that quality to accept and
 understand that someone does not agree with you :) We have had quite a LOT of
 arguments but  none  were fights as  each other was  willing to hear what the
 other had to tell. Whatever the subject, talking with you is ALWAYS rich with
 knowledge and wisdom, something I'd like to keep as long as possible.

Nils, better known as 505 : I first met this "new" scener back in 1998 at the
 Interjam Party. He was a newcomer and I instantly started being a friend with
 him, that's why I later asked him to compose all msx for our forthcoming game
 THE TRACE. From this time  friendship  has grown but  everyone who knows Nils
 will tell you it's so easy to become friend with such a great guy : while I'm
 always seeing the worst, he is the complete opposite. He is always willing to
 help everyone with his - so - great work and years have proved what a skilled
 musician he is ! His brother Norman, aka No, he is of the same kind, both are
 some sort of modern  hippies who bring  light wherever they go. This guys are
 even more than friends to me, I'd dare to call them brothers.

The Dutchies ! In the summer  of 2000, I decided to go on an Atari trip. After
 checking some friends here and there, I finally got Havoc to invite me to stay
 at his place for a couple of weeks. I drove  to the Netherlands and spent very
 nice hours at  Peter's place  but also  wandering all around the city. I later
 left to spend the weekend  at Tinker's parents and once again felt welcomed as
 a long time friend, something I'll never forget. I also met Phenomenon on that
 occasion, quite a nice fellow, tho totally out of the Scene now :( Peter and I
 also drove to  Amsterdam (if I remember well :) where  we spent a pleasant day
 meeting with Pieter, aka Earx. True  Fuji inspired holidays ! Friendly sceners
 with whom I had a  lot of talking about almost  every topic. Definitely a nice
 memory !

CosmosH : tho a true lamer, scenewise :), Herve is a real friend ! I first met
 his brother Zed at some lame PC party, must have been the * Volcanic * series.
 Then we met at an Amstrad  party in southern  France and so we felt a bit lost
 among 8biters we shared a lot of fun. In summer 2000 I suddenly decided to pay
 him a  visit and after a 1,000 kms  sleepless drive I reached his place. There
 we mostly drank like "sponges" (well that is the phrase  used in French :) but
 also tried to paint some stuff for DHS summer compo. Dead drunk almost all day
 long brought us a lot of memories, I especially remember that night when Herve
 vanished... Later on I found him lying in the garden surely dreaming of pixels
 or whatever :) Tho we've kinda  lost contact these days, he is of the kind you
 can call anytime and  he'll be happy to hear  from you. Damn, I truly miss his
 presence and his awful English :(

Creator : better known to me as Jani, maker of Utopos one of my fave STe games
 for years ! Thanks to him I could  achieve  my  third year  training period in
 Helsinki and the 2 months I spent there will always be cherished : drinking at
 his place then jumping into subway to reach downtown... Some more drinking and
 clubbing later (yes I went to clubs !) and it was  already morning, time to go
 back home, sometimes go to sauna and fall dead drunk into bed (hey, we did NOT
 share beds in case you wonder :) I was so happy to get a mail from him some 9
 years later and friendship was resumed instantly !

Swe : Janez is the "latest"  Atarian I  buggered, exactly one year ago when my
 father and I head  for Slovenia. Tho we did not spend  that much time together
 due to  lousy schedules, Janez  was - and still is - a very  friendly pal ! He
 showed us a bunch of nice  places and gave us  a lot of interesting hints about
 his country. Above all I am * very * happy we managed to release Mental Pong !
 Obviously not a sky rocket but a  friendly collaboration, not to forget gwEm's
 involvement in this short adventure.

Once again this humble article is  nothing more than a diskfiller though it is 
aimed at showing that the strong bases of our Scene are *heavily* relying on a 
value our modern Society is trying to erase, namely FRIENDSHIP. Whatever we do 
we don't do it for fame, recognition  or god knows what but because we DO care 
about  others  and as long as I will  care for so many of you, I'll keep doing 
stuff for that second family called ATARI SCENE...   
STS for Alive, 2005-09-23
Alive 11