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Alive 11
Atariscene 2004 DVD
        For the second time, Evil of DHS has released a new Atariscene 
        DVD, this time focused on the year 2004. As with the 2003 
        edition you can get this dual DVD from DHS website for 10 euros 
        only, shipping included (commercial break:) The DVD box enjoys a 
        nice and colourful cover that mixes snapshots from the various 
        prods featured and there's quite a lot of them as each DVD 
        offers videos of about 25 demos for a total running time of 178 

        While the 2003 DVD enjoyed lots of cool demos for the ST - what 
        seemed quite natural since Error In Line 3 had brought tons of 
        sweeties - this one gives a bigger part to Falcon demos and 
        above all to CT60 dedicated demos! 

        Of course, as CiH pointed out in his review of the 2003
        Atariscene DVD, some people may wonder if such product can be
        any useful. The answer obviously is YES! First because it's
        always nice to enjoy demos on a TV screen along with friends,
        especially those who don't even know what an ATARI computer is.
        But this DVD edition also highlights another reality: CT60
        demos. Unless you are among the hundred, or so, users who
        already play around with this cool toy, you may wonder about
        what a CT60 demo looks like. Well at the moment there's no
        killer demo yet but still it's very pleasant to be able to enjoy
        all of them without owning the real stuff:) But let's have a
        closer look at all these prods!


        - 1.0 by Evolution
        - 1999 by Tobe / MJJ Prod
        - 1st step by MJJ Prod
        - An Eskimau Experience by DHS
        - Are you sitting comfortably ? by Reservoir Gods
        - Atari Behn Trist mix by Ephidrena
        - Atari-forum Megademo by various
        - Cosmotro by Exocet, Dmasc and Cooper
        - Dazed by Evolution
        - Deeztort by Evolution and DHS
        - French Kiss by Cerebral Vortex and MJJ Prod
        - Frenchies intro by various
        - FuCK invite by DHS
        - Golden Age by Hysteria
        - Houba by Zool Design
        - maxYMise director's cut by gWem
        - Moia by Mystic Bytes and Satantronic
        - Out by Lineout
        - Paracon 6 invite by Paradox
        - Results intro by DHS
        - Siurek by Satantronic
        - Stone Tower by FUN
        - The Xmass 2004 demo by Paradox
        - Tral by DHS and Ephidrena
        - VLM by Lineout
        - Bonus: Jaguar 96K intro by TNG

        The first DVD is undoubtedly the most interesting quality-wise
        though this is of course my very personal point of view. Above
        all I LOVE to have a look at the CT60 demos that I couldn't see
        otherwise, well except for the videos collected here and there.
        The overall image and sound quality is very good and the only
        ear torture you will endure entirely comes from bad choices of
        the makers involved:) The main interest here are indeed the
        various Falcon demos since there is no real big ST demo here.
        Nice to see what a basic or accelerated Falcon can do and these
        wonders are a true entertainment. Of course, there are some
        prods that I won't watch too often but once again this is only a
        matter of taste. I'd like to point out that we're given not one
        but 2 bonuses here indeed:

        The VLMs developed by Lineout not only require CT60 but would
        also require you to move your ass and get some CD player
        connected:) I had never seen them before and all the FX shown
        truly rock! It reminds me of whip, powered up with some viagra:)

        Another - real - bonus is of course the 96K intro coded on
        Jaguar, even harder to catch a glimpse of the beast on the real
        stuff. Not much to see however it's still a curiosity.

        As for the ST, well it's quite funny to see that many demos
        presented here were released in 2004 but coded ages ago! Others
        like the Atari Forum mega demo bring old school FX back to stage
        as well. Not my favourite kind of demo but still there's some
        stuff to be fully enjoyed. Gotta confess here that my favourite
        ST intro - though I was involved in it - is Earx' STone Tower.
        When I think of it, I remember the intro was first planned for
        UCM15 and finally ready for UCM 25:) Still it shows that Earx is
        definitely a top coder, whatever the platform used. Except for a
        few modern screens, the ST part looks and sounds very nostalgic,
        though it doesn't mean it's any bad but I REALLY miss full demos


        - &HF By Idemline
        - 15K or 25K ? By Idemline
        - 16x16 sprite records by various
        - 30 candles by Paradox
        - Alive 8 by Alive team
        - Badger by MJJ Prod
        - Beatbox mania by DHS
        - Better late than never by Ephidrena
        - Braek Point'04 invite by Dildo Fatwa
        - Charcoal the early years by Dildo Fatwa
        - D-BUG intros by various
        - DemoCDs by The Chaos Engine
        - Gloky Cat by MJJ Prod
        - Grazeys Zak Hacks by PHF
        - Hillary Rosen by Dildo Fatwa
        - Jaguar Connexion invite by Orion
        - Kro by Sector One and Paradize
        - Limited sprites by Paulo Simoes
        - Longscreen by X-Troll
        - Manga mania 2004 by The Chaos Engine
        - Matrix 128b by gwEm
        - RGB split by Paradox
        - Tawnee Stone slideshow by Paradize
        - TBC intros by The Beast Crew
        - TS intros by The Beast Crew
        - Xmas 2k4 by Satantronic

        The second DVD is a big mix of every little thing released in
        2004. You'll find here pseudo funny fakes by some Frenchies, non
        understandable English sense of humour and really funny prods I
        may allude to a bit later:) Not a single Falcon only release
        here, just minor stuff among which this nice experiment of
        Paradox with RGB colours, a touch of "easy" porn by Paradize and
        an awful lot of intros for various compilations only collectors
        are drawn to. We can find here some stuff that you'll probably
        never download like the old screen by X-Troll (which doesn't
        even belong to this DVD because its from 1989 or so, I guess it
        got here by accident), the boring sprite records or others...

        Still... You can find some entertainment when watching the TBS
        or TS intros! Yes, believe it or not but start with getting some
        booze, smoke some weed and you'll end up in a crazy trip! These
        intros are an incredible collection of bad taste and lousy FX!
        So lame that you'll find them hilarious! This is of course a
        matter of taste but some stuff clearly comes from highly
        mentally deranged people:)

        Final words:the first DVD clearly is worth buying! Every Atari 
        demo lover like me HAS to buy these DVDs! The releases quality 
        cannot be blamed to Evil of course and we are happy to see that 
        most stuff, especially CT60 exclusive, is really worth it! 

        As for the second DVD, well it looks a lot like a disk-filler 
        though once  again it has nothing to do with the brave author of 
        this collection. Times are such:) We get all kinds of stuff, 
        most not worth a peanut, but still you can enjoy them under 
        "certain" conditions:) 

        To put it in a nutshell: be it for the CT60 demos only, this 
        double DVD is obviously worth the nice price! Shame on you if 
        you haven't already ordered it:)

                                              STS for Alive, 2005-09-23
Alive 11