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Alive 11
Do Things or ...  make Shit?
From that very nice  demo CREAM brought us back in 1999, I still very strongly 
remember the  sentence "some  give up  to the  shaddy attraction (...) but few 
(...) do things". It sums up the current situation in such a slapping way that 
even 6 years later this motto feels so strong... and so true :(

Many people  have brought us nice stuff since then but look at WHO they are : 
always the same brave  warriors ! We got great games by Reservoir Gods, demos 
from DHS, Evolution, Dune, Checkpoint, Paradize, Lineout  and  some  diskmags  
brought by the  same so tired editors. Except  for a few "resurrections" here 
and there, you can basically sum up our "active core" to  not so  many people 
these days... 

Why is it so ? Lack of time, lack of motivation, sudden Alien abduction ? 
Everyone's got a right to stop doing things, many use a right to complain 
about delays and sometimes some lonely guy even comes to praise every new 
release... More to be said about that below :)

 20 years later... Yes, the ST has  been "living" for * TWENTY *  years now ! !
 Somewhere I still dreamt  that this very  special year would bring tons of new
 releases including from people who made the Scene decades ago. The year is far
 from finished and I know about some projects  but there is no  EAT DIS kind of
 demo to be expected as we read that HEFTIG should make it in 2006. Or later ?

 It's now time to consider things closer, though this article is expressing
 nothing but my personal views and you ALL know what a lousy LAMER I am :)

 Yesterday, I stumbled on a homepage reading about a new MJJ release that most
 "ataristocrats may not  like"... It  clearly  highlights the  fact that some
 people around here think that once you  write about something you don't like,
 it means you got a BIIIIIG head ! Bullshit if you ask me :)

A n y   r e l e a s e   i s   a   g o o d    r e l e a s e   ?

 OF COURSE NOT ! But, as said before, this is my OWN view, nothing more esp as
 I know some people praise  any release as a sign of life. And... sure it is !
 But you still have to consider quality and if  you don't want people to judge
 your stuff, then just don't release it :)

 Take, for instance (cough, cough) these  intros by The Beast  Crew or The Bits
 Club or whatever they've decided to call themselves (though I wonder if more than
 ONE guy is involved here) : Oki they do things, actually they are working hard
 on a "demoscene time machine" and they have seemingly succeeded here ! A dozen
 intros with always the  same stuff, slightly  derived okay, very old schoolish
 (not offence meant here) and above all ears piercing music !

 I have NOTHING against old school demos and DUNE above all is still showing us
 that you  can mix genders * AND * bring high  quality demos. Praised  be these
 Frenchies for bringing us  cool demos (though sometimes recycling some effects
 like the one frame tunnel seen both in ILLUSION and FANTASIA :).

 I won't waste too much time writing about sprites records, oki if Leonard is
 getting mad trying to beat stupid records but this is the most annoying kind
 of production I have ever seen... I would love to see new stuff from him though.

 When writing threads on DHS (hence bringing  some life to that sleepy Scene :)
 I have noticed  that  most people admit  they do not even  download either new
 sprite records or TBC intros... In  my  humble opinion  it clearly  shows that
 such releases are not needed. Oki if people enjoy coding them but I think they
 don't have to release them (or vote for their own stuff on :).

D e l a y e d   i s   b e t t e r   t h a n    c a n c e l l e d  ? 

 Aaaaah ! These demos or games we have  been waiting for ! You can sum it up to
 the famous motto :  better late than never. We had to wait for a decade before
 ILLUSION  finally made it and though it looks quite old now, it's still a very
 nice demo. Virtual Escape is surely  among my  favourite ST demos  all of times
 and I'm VERY happy it finally made it ! Now of course, next name on my list is
 HEFTIG but I'd rather wait more months than see it released as "unfinished".

 Sometimes releases are delayed for various reasons : lack of time, a nasty bug
 or simply  a need  to bring  the best quality. We had to wait two years before
 BEAMS made it but it was * REALLY *  worth  the  wait and I am sure  that when
 Reservoir Gods manage to find some time, they'll bring us CliX and FaeryLands,
 showing once again that quality implies some maturating time.

 Other pretenders include Wolfenstein 3D but we know that Ray has made a LOT of
 progress with the latest preview and is  currently working  hard on that game.
 We can  also  mention PACEMAKER, the  STe  demo by Paradox, still unseen  some
 months after Outline 2005  but better  wait for a  polished demo than  content
 with a preview version :)

 I am to be blamed too since  POOZ  is not  released yet though it was shown at
 Outline 2005 as well. Good news is that the game is * NOT * sleeping at all as
 we're working on it, especially Cooper's skills are at work here and we mostly
 need to polish some gameplay details before we can assure an entertaining full

 There is only a * single * piece of  advice I can give  you here : if you  ARE
 interested in such  projects then take some time to ask about them, mail their
 makers (don't pressure them) and  ABOVE ALL be grateful and thankful when they
 release their prods ! Does it take "that" long to  mail a "little" feedback to
 these guys ? To be honest, since I received no personal feedback after my work
 on STJ, Penta, Mental Pong and maxYMiser, I thought that maybe ALL I was doing
 was senseless and that no one cared ?? Maybe then I'd rather NOT spend time on
 more  projects ? Of course NOT but  please, be grateful when some people bring
 you stuff you like !

V a p o u r w a r e   O n l y   B r i n g s   H o t   A i r   ?

 Another kind of stuff here, let's call it rumours from guys who seemingly have
 identity problems :) First  name that  comes to  me is  SCHEME ! That  guy who
 changed nickname faster than shirt announced an awful LOT of projects : do you
 remember him  talking  about  Mortal Kombat, Supercars 2, Pong or Flashback to
 name a few ? Nothing decent has been seen and we all know by now that this guy
 is nothing that a poor loony probably having problems with his mother :)

 Several weeks ago Cooper also directed me to a thread on Atari  Forum. Here a
 guy was announcing that he was fully rewriting Turrican 2 for the STe ! Being
 a true fan of that game, I  instantly believed to the  unbelievable but now I
 think that it will never come close to reality since this guy not only claims
 to add  levels and sprites but is also working on Syndicate at the same time.
 Too much to keep a dream reachable I'm afraid :(

 Last but not least, the famous "dedication demo" that some guy promised again
 on Atari  Forum. Though original  release date  was promised  in May, nothing
 happened as some family decease slowed down the demo development rate. Now we
 are told that the demo will  be out in  July and that it's  gonna bring fully
 used STe specs ! I have to  say that my hopes about  it are getting lower but
 only future will tell...

 The true  question here is : why do  some people  pretend they can  do wonders
 while they don't do anything at all ? What good  can it bring  you to lie on a
 Scene that is NOT worldwide known ? Better move to peecee and pretend that you
 are going to  kick a  hundred asses  at once ! At least I'd  rather see Scheme
 move to peecee than read another thread by him :)

P r e s s u r e   O r   N o   P r e s s u r e   ?

 As written earlier, everyone's getting older, busier  with real life and since
 creating  demos, games, magazines or applications is nothing but a hobby  most
 people don't want to feel pressured. The  consequence is a lack of announcements
 and Scene news. Does it mean people aren't doing anything ? Are Reservoir Gods
 dead and buried ? Nay, gods can't die anyway :)

 Instead of setting  deadlines and postponing releases again and again  Sceners
 would rather take their time, whenever they manage to find some, and bring the
 best quality instead of quick and  buggy releases. Best example  that comes to
 me here is HEFTIG as the demo has been under construction for... erm more than
 6 years now ? Other projects are being gradually brought  to life when I write
 this but while some guys like Ray  like to tease us  with tasty Wolfenstein 3D
 previews others keep their work  secret until it's fully completed. Here I can
 mention  Dune and Reservoir Gods, both crews  being responsible for 2 projects
 at once.  And surely there are more, hidden between lines of  innocent chat on
 the IRC :)

R e c i p e   F o r    M o r e   R e l e a s e s  ?

 Well first of all, it would be nice not to endure loud announcements that lead
 nowhere, but it seems my wish  has been  fulfilled since Scheme  has vanished
 (maybe he got bad at  primary school ? :). Also I don't understand people who
 start something and then lose all interest in it... Why even start then ?

 We would need more active Sceners as every support helps a lot ! We got a nice
 bunch of hardcore Sceners but it seems the same people are always doing things
 until they may get bored or tired :(

 Last but not least, we  would need  more PARTIES ! Not only it's a good excuse
 to meet loads of crazy friends but it also gathers good will and competitions.
 Big thanks are sent here to the fellows  of LINEOUT for "taking over" Error In
 Line ! But we know there  won't be another  OUTLINE  next year, another EIL is
 nothing more than a big dream atm, so what will happen next Easter ? One thing
 is sure though : without another Easter party, our Scene *WILL* lose even more
 supporters and projects may end up forgotten on a harddrive...

In spite of these statements, there's only one sentence to end this boring 
article : "only future will tell..."

STS for Alive, 2005-09-23
Alive 11