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Alive 11
Doom - Movie Review
        On my work trip to Frankfurt I was bar-hopping with my brother 
        in law when we decided to go to the movies. Accidentally Doom 
        had just started in the cinemas the day before and so I 
        convinced him to watch that movie. With very low expectations we 
        entered the cinema and after a lot of stupid and misplaced movie 
        advertisements it finally started.
        If you need a story, well eat this: Since mankind has discovered
        the "ARK" a portal that is capable if interplanetary
        transportation, it builds a research lab on Mars. The movie
        starts off when something terrible happens in that research
        station, you see scientists running for their lives and get
        slaughtered one by one. Of course one of the scientists manages
        to send a message to earth and a Rapid Response Tactical Squad
        lead by "The Rock" is called to sort out things. The tough guys
        were preparing for some days off, when the call comes in.
        Needless to say that the vacation is cancelled and everybody is
        gearing up to travel to Mars instead to set up a quarantine zone
        and investigate what has happened.

        The marines which are used to victory are faced with something
        they have never seen before; slowly they begin to realize what
        they are up too. There are a few moves and decisions of the
        characters in the movie which are not very logical. For example
        when everybody suggests calling in reinforcements, Sarge just
        keeps telling "we are the reinforcements" which seems to be very
        stupid. Also splitting up and walking alone doesn't seem to be
        one of the brightest ideas if you have witnessed some of your
        fellows die in some horrible ways before. However I don't want
        to spoil the story so I will better focus on something else, for
        example on how far the game is covered in the movie.

        Fans will find lots of resemblances with the Doom games but also
        some differences and perhaps errors if you take it too
        seriously. For example you will find a few of the classic Doom
        weapons in the movie, like the pistol, the chainsaw ;), the
        minigun and the BFG but others are missing, especially the
        double barrelled shotgun which could have been used to create
        some serious splatter effects. Also some characters (e.g.
        "Sarge") have been taken from "Quake 3 Arena" instead of Doom
        which is no big deal since the whole story needed to be made up
        and why not lend ideas from another ID product instead of making
        up something completely unrelated? Well, maybe it's homage to
        "Master Sergeant Thomas Kelly", the main character from the game
        "Doom 3", who knows and who cares? :) Anyway since we are
        talking about the differences between the game and the movie
        already, we might want to mention the travelling to the planet
        mars, which is done by some portal called "ARK" in the movie but
        was done by space ships in the game ("Doom 3"). Also it wasn't
        "Dr. Carmack" who discovered the entrance to hell but "Dr.
        Betruger" in "Doom 3", which is a prequel to the other Doom
        games. Well at least it's a nice homage for the inventor or Doom
        and perhaps the whole 1st person shooter genre. Other
        differences are there as well but if I would tell them here I
        could spoil the story for you, so I better go on with my
        personal rating.

        If you manage to get rid of comparing the movie to the game, you
        can enjoy a very nice action movie with a bit of splatter and
        suspense elements. Of course it could have been done better and
        some goofs could have been avoided, for example when the topic
        of the human genome appears, and the scientists in the movie
        always tell you something about 23 chromosomes, cough, cough.
        Actually we have 23 PAIRS of chromosomes which totals in 46
        single chromosomes. However you didn't expect a scientific
        documentation when you watch this movie :). Besides I believe
        the movie would have also worked quite well without the famous

        Despite my low expectations the movie is quite cool most of the
        time. It cleverly builds up suspense and also has lots of these
        thrilling moments where you don't know if there is a monster
        around the next corner or not. I also like the fact that you
        don't see what the heroes are facing for quite a while, you just
        see the damage the thing causes but not what it is, this helps
        building up some tension. Shortly before the final showdown you
        will also get some serious 1st person "Berzerk mode" splatter
        action, which was quite funny to me, but might be distasteful to
        people who are not into splatter movies.

        Overall I would watch the movie again, and I will surely buy the
        DVD if it is below 15 EUR, which is just my personal purchase
        limit for any DVD ;)

                                  Cyclone / X-Troll for Alive, 2005-11-06

Appendix A
Additional Information

        Title:    Doom

        Produced: USA 2005

        Length:   104 min

        Director: Andrzej Bartkowiak


        Karl Urban ....................... John Grimm

        Rosamund Pike .................... Samantha Grimm

        Razaag Adoti ..................... Duke

        Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson ........ Sarge

        DeObia Oparei .................... Destroyer

        Ben Daniels ...................... Goat

        Richard Brake .................... Portman

        Al Weaver ........................ The Kid

        Dexter Fletcher .................. Pinky

        Brian Steele ..................... Hell Knight

        Yao Chin ......................... Mac

        Robert Russell ................... Dr. Carmack

        Daniel York ...................... Lt. Huengs

Alive 11