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Alive 11
        ARTARI an Intro for the Atari Falcon 060

        Code:  aRt
        Gfx:   C-Rem, Maali, Steve
        Music: mel'o'dee 

        It is 2005 and the world is waiting for ass-kicking CT60
        productions. Well, it is not hard to see, that intros and demos
        are coming slowly, although this doesn't only refer to 060
        productions but the Atari scene in general. However, we are
        growing older, and who actually needs too much adrenaline in his
        veins, caused by a production-flooded scene. So let's live with
        the gentle and comfortably slow stream of releases instead. One
        of those is ARTARI, done by aRt and others. The intro is aimed
        for 060-accelerated Falcons, which makes it sort of special. But
        it also works on standard Falcons.

        Honestly, the coder - aRt - kind of surprised me with this
        intro, as it finally proved, that aRt actually is a coder. After
        IRC-talks in the recent years about numerous project ideas (303
        emulator, doom engine ...) and rather no output at all, I
        started to believe I would never see anything from him on Atari.
        But obviously I was wrong. The intro starts off with some
        smoothed title picture done by the all-beloved C-Rem accompanied
        with a nice chipmusic playing. The music is done by "mel'o'dee"
        and sounds the way, a good chipmod should sound like. Coming up
        next is the "main part" of the intro. A really colourful
        background picture showing some ornaments, which remind me a lot
        of middle-90s style of Falcon demos (yeah, this computer has
        true colour, let's show it!:).

        Effectwise this intro offers two things. The main effect
        consists of various 3d-objects flying around. The way they move
        is nice, but the 3d is not really impressive at all. I am not a
        coder, so it's not really my task to judge the technical
        details, but I guess it's sort of environment mapping, when the
        objects are rather simple in shape and it's a kind of flat
        vector stuff when the objects get more complex (with shaded
        colours though?). Anyway, remembering classic Falcon 030 intros
        like "Entracte" by EXA, released back in 1996, the 3d in this
        intro is nothing you could call ass-kicking.

        Hmm, this would be a kind of boring slideshow to me, if there
        wasn't another effect moving smoothly on the screen during the
        whole intro. The left part of the screen is filled with a kind
        of distorted 3d-column effect, rotating nicely and smooth.
        Personally, I always liked this kind of effect a lot and so I
        also like it in here.

        After a couple of objects, the screen flips to the credits part,
        showing the complete credits. Here also hyperactive Atari artist
        C-Rem is credited on the graphics along with "Steve", who is
        still unknown to me. The 3d-objects were obviously designed by
        "Maali", a name that is probably well known in the general

        Well, so what to conclude? To me, the intro is nice, nothing
        less, nothing more. However, the expectations on a 060-
        production are probably higher than the effects shown in this
        intro. When I tried the intro on my standard Falcon I was a bit
        disappointed about the low speed of the effects. So for a 030-
        intro, it would be close to the border of lameness, if you ask
        me. For a 060-intro, I actually like it. It is a first step into
        the exploration of this new hardware and also runs smoothly on
        it. I cannot say the intro is boring at all. It's going for
        about 30 seconds, so it would be hard to get bored anyway.

        What I liked a lot about the intro is the design-bit, which is
        put on it. It is not much, but for such a short intro, nothing
        more is required. The title picture is closed by an easy but
        nice transition effect. The main part includes two effects at
        once, which I really like. So apart, from not containing any
        mind blowing effect (although I admire the creation of a 3d-
        engine), it is a rounded up and clean production. For me it is
        nice to see stuff being released, especially from someone whom I
        believed being inactive. I would like to see more stuff from aRt
        in the future, of course. And I have got the feeling, I will.

        In case anyone cares about my totally unreasonable and
        unexplainable statistic waste: In the intro category I would
        give it 6 or 7 out of 10 points.
                                 Fiveofive/cpt^pdx for Alive, 2005-10-03
Alive 11