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Alive 11
Three Anniversaries
                Reflections on the 5th, 10th and 15th years..

When  considering  the  5th birthday of this fine diskmag,  I  couldn't  help
thinking  about  a previous life,  and the birthday celebrations  of  another
diskmag.  We look back all the way to 1990,  and the birth of Maggie.  Was it
that long ago? Yes it seems it was!

Firstly.  let's  go  back to August 1995,  the year when the 5th Birthday  of
Maggie  was  upon us.  Back then,  we had made plans in advance of the event.
This was going to be tied up with the release of a new super  Falcon-enhanced
shell  program being created by the Reservoir Gods.  There was a fair bit  of
work personally involving me as well, because I had decided on a gathering of
the  Maggie faithful in my tiny residence in Rushden.  This involved all  the
normal party paraphenalia of invitations,  directions, and in-house catering.
Also  there was an external venue booked for the daytime part of  the  party,
where yet more people were invited to attend.

What  happened  then  has  been  very well  documented  already,  but  it  is
reasonable  to say that the 5th birthday more or less went to plan,  and  the
'relaunch' of the new Falcon version was totally successful.

This was the most fervent and best celebrated of the anniversaries. There was
the party of course,  much hard work in the development of the new shell, and
everyone concerned made a special effort to make it all work out.  Of course,
the typical diskmag lifespan was rarely this long,  so we felt that we really
had  accomplished something by surviving to this point.  Incidentally,  there
was  also the shortest gap from the actual birth date of the 31st May.  Did I
mention there was even a birthday cake? I think I might have done!

      Rare footage of the 5th Maggie birthday party, oh it's a cake!

Somehow,  we  made it all the way to the 10th Birthday of Maggie.  This was a
feat only achieved by one other diskmag at that time, ST News, which had also
had a 5 year head start on us!

Maggie  was  still  celebrated,  but not to the same extent as  before.  Life
changes, some of them affecting this writer, meant that many important people
were too busy or unavailable to take part. This was a great shame, but a sign
of things to come.  On the plus side, we still managed a reasonable stab at a
commemorative 10th birthday issue.  This was tied in with a major celebration
of all things old and Atari at the 10th anniversary STNICCC party.  This took
place  in December 2000,  which was rather a long way late from the 31st  May
actual  anniversary!  The STNICCC release was a reflection of several  missed
deadlines,  and  the  last  chance to see Maggie as a 10th rather  than  11th
anniversary issue!

Of incidental interest, was the fact that Alive had already put out its first
issue  the  month before.  it was clearly the end of the line for the  Maggie
story,  although  vague hopes of some sort of afterlife lingered for a  while

And  now we're on the 5th birthday of another diskmag,  the very one you  are
reading  right  now!  This almost passed by without any comment if  I  hadn't
mentioned it at the Outline '05 party!  We've not exactly been inundated with
witty anecdotes from the early days of Alive by interested third parties  (as
of  August '05).  I guess it's down to me to make sure the record shows  that
we've managed to get this far!

At  the  same  time,  the Maggie 15th birthday seems to be going  by  totally
unremarked  as  well.  It's as if that part of the scene has been  ethnically
cleansed from people's memories?  Then again,  any talk of a revival has just
turned out to be that, with possible interested parties having too much to do

In fact, I've noticed something interesting about the present Atari scene and
its  attitude to time.  Are people averse to being reminded of the passage of
time these days?  There seems to be a studied vagueness about this. I think a
lot of it is down to people being reluctant to confront the issue of just how
slow  they  have got,  especially when there is less time to devote to  scene
activities generally? The anniversary amnesia is a symptom of this.

And on that note, I think we'd better leave it there!
CiH, for Alive Mag, Aug '05
Alive 11