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Alive 11
A Fake Opinion Poll:
How Active are You?
Summertime... aaaaah summertime ! Many  people  expect it all  year long... I 
DON'T. Why ? Because it's a time  when I'm jobless and above all because this 
is the poorest time of the year release-wise :( Apart from the loonies of The 
Bits Club - who seemingly  don't go  on holidays just  to keep us entertained 
with another 80s inspired intro - we haven't seen ANY little prod on our fuji  
machines, well at least the 8biters have done things.

Call it the "summer  blackhole" or  whatever  but this is the  most depressing 
time for me and the other day on IRC someone said he  was being "semi-active", 
this being the definition of "someone releasing  even one small  prod a year". 
Though I won't oppose this  point of view, this made me think of the different 
status we could stick to Atari Sceners. As with most of my contributions, this 
article is nothing more than comedy and should not be considered  as offending 
since it's honestly not meant to be so. However if you felt offended then send 
harsh words  to, this way  you will  eventually  show some 
signs of activity :) 

 So let's see how you define your level of activity :

 * 5% active : you have tons of projects and want to produce games, many games
 at once and you don't hesitate to promote all your forthcoming  projects on as
 many BBS as possible. Unfortunately, probably  very tired after such heavy bbs
 spamming  you  suddenly lose all motivation to switch your computer on... Here
 ends another dream. That's soooo bad !

 * 15% active : instead  of bragging  around, you  get started at  once ! Such
 fever often lasts no more than a couple  of hours and then you start wondering
 why you started doing things. You go back to the fridge, grab a beer and start
 watching the dumbest show on TV. My guess is that it's  gonna take  you months
 or years to get back to your work and then you'll think it's shit...

 *  25% active :  sure you "do things" and  want them done and completed... but
 you don't know when : is it good  enough ? Of  course it can always be better,
 hence you keep  optimizing everything because you  * need *  to bring the most
 perfect stuff (one thing I can  sincerely agree with). Problem  is that you've
 started working on your demo more than 5 years ago and it's still a preview as
 you don't  seem to  see the end of the "tunnel" :) Sure it will rock like hell
 when you release  it but  somehow you  don't wan't to  finish this, since this
 would  be  the end of an endless  quest for  perfection... Then  what ? Start
 something else ? Gosh this would take  you... 15 years this time ! Still don't
 give up as I  know some  hidden treasures are  still sleeping  around. You may
 have guessed who I was thinking about :p

 * 45% active : you're actually working on a project with other people. It has
 started well from a friendly cooperation mixed up  with lots of cool ideas...
 But of course this project is now frozen :( Why ? Experts would easily set up
 a list of decent reasons : too much work, gotta build a house, lost your dog,
 got a seventh child or simply most of your collaborators have simply vanished
 and won't answer  any of your mails ! But since you do  NOT  want to give up,
 you'll go on, alone  if needed, and  finally release  this demo we  have been
 waiting for a  couple  of years. Though the  level activity  has  dangerously
 dropped due to lack of help, you are still motivated  and that is something I
 admire above all ! Hey it took  Thyrex and me 4 years to complete that crappy
 "Back In France" megademo :)

 *  75% active : not only  you have projects, but they are going well too ! you
 even presented  a preview at the usual  Easter Party and people seemed to like
 your work. Now is the hardest  part since you don't want to disappoint anyone,
 a feeling I can  easily  understand. Then torture  starts with the most boring
 part  for  coders : design ! Add original  fadings, touches here and there and
 make everyone happy with colors and code. No one call tell how it's gonna take
 as the "preview show" stands above you as a permanent threat... Let me set you
 at ease here as I don't mind waiting several months and make sure you're happy
 with the final result, however  don't fall into a  "frozen"  state, that would
 put the whole thing into danger :(

 * 90 % active : I don't know how you manage to make such wonders but you DO !
 You've just released a prod and we already read about the next project ? It's
 often  due to a  strong  core of  collaborators be  it coders, graphicians or
 musician and this is so  good to us ! Here I need to name a few brave Sceners
 such as C-rem who's done so many awesome gfx  for everyone, DUNE for bringing
 us sweeties while  working on  some  more but also writers like CiH who never
 stops using his fingers :) I can also name 505  for composing so many wonders
 or the guys of Paradize, including highly talented artist Exocet who's always
 willing to give a hand. You're already doing a lot and  you ARE willing to do
 more ? Geez that's a miracle and I'm really grateful to you !

 * 120% active : yeah I know, it  reads stupid or *unreal* but when you come to
 think about the work of our Swedish Godfather you can hardly underate it ! Yes
 of course I'm thinking of Evil here ! Not only does he bring us the BEST Atari
 related website but he also codes demos and  intros both on ST and accelerated
 Falcon and no one can decently  complain about all his releases ! And now, for
 the second time, he also provides  us with another  couple of DVDs showing all
 Atari releases of 2004. Sometimes I - truly - wonder if Anders has a twin or a
 clone since it is just incredible to me  that a single  man - helped with some
 trustful fellows - can produce that much !

Let put things straight here  after this short  overview of the Scene activity 
rate : I'm not blaming anyone, we *all* have good reasons for  being active or 
being inactive... We also have bad reasons as well :) Btw I am not considering 
myself that  active you  know, as I could do more of course, I am just missing 
motivation sometimes... I only hope that there are  still *lots* of people out 
there willing to keep our Scene  alive for a bit longer. Future  will tell and 
please remember to send some feedback to the people who ACTUALLY do things coz 
I'm tired of writing crappy comments on pouet whenever... TBC releases another 
shitty intro :p
STS for Alive, 2005-09-23
Alive 11