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Alive 11
Alive is Five!
       Five years old that is, we've done rather more issues than that!

You might remember the mid-eighties movie, 'Short Circuit', which featured a
regrettable  talking  robot with an indian accent.  "Johnny Five is  Alive!"
Well  if  you  remove the robot,  the plot about a cutesy  metallic  ET-like
creature breaking free of its original warlike purpose,  and especially that
accent, then you have something like that here.

Or maybe not?

 In the beginning...

The  origins of Alive!  can be found in the first year of the new millenium.
The  idea  surfaced during the long hot summer of broken  deadlines  on  the
Maggie  10th anniversary issue.  In a cheese-eating wine drinking nation not
so  far  away,  a young gentleman called ST Survivor or STS or even Seb  was
also  feeling  the pinch with keeping the faith on his diskmag,  the  famous
Undercover Magascene.

It seems strange for what were two apparently mortal diskmag enemies to  get
into  bed  with each other so willingly.  It was the case however,  that the
animus  that had nurtured the feud had dissipated when the  participants  on
both  sides  found themselves with much less time than before  to  spend  on
scene  matters.  With  Seb taking over the management at UCM,  a change to a
less confrontational style made some form of collaboration inevitable.  When
this came, it proved to be very far-reaching.

It  is Seb who deserves the credit for coming up with the actual idea  of  a
unified  or combined diskmag.  It would be too easy to say "To my surprise I
found  myself agreeing with this." In fact,  I was half-expecting  something
like  this to happen,  and when Seb articulated the thought,  it was easy to
fall in with him.

I've  been rummaging in dusty email folders on my CT2 Falcon,  and  actually
came up with quite a rich source of primary material which nicely covers the
origins of Alive!  Not to mention how it got to be called that,  and some of
the alternative suggestions which didn't make the grade.

All these old emails have been edited to some extent, for relevance, and to
remove any personal stuff. But essentially, the story of how Alive! became
alive can be seen below.


Subject: Re: UCM future direction..
Date: Sun, 18 Jun 2000 14:03:59 PDT

hi Chris !

funny thing that is...  You are the first one who mailed me after reading my
mail  on  DHS  (I  said the first ?  I meant the only one  so  far  :)  More
seriously  you  and I have encountered the same problem :  few releases  and
very little help.  But I'm afraid that we cannot do much regarding the first

I  don't  know  what  will happen to UCM,  I even  considered  changing  the
magazine's  name  as UCM was really sounding like Moondog's Inside  :)  Well
whatever  I  don't know about you but as for me UCM is not  my  priority  as
Toxic Mag used to be...  I will continue with UCM but I need enough stuff to
fill it and more time to focus on other things as well.

I  remember  Maggie's  10th  anniversary though I  couldn't  tell  the  date
precisely but better late than never : happy birthday to you :) To speak the
truth  i've  never been a faithful Maggie's reader (nor UCM!) for  years  as
there  were  quite  many French diskmags.  Now,  I like to hear about a  new
Maggie though I sincerely think UCM is the only real scene magazine  left...
No offence :)

 Do you remember when I suggested that both Maggie and UCM could merge ? Ok
the  bad thing is that one of us should renounce his label but on  the  good
side,  joining forces would help to keep at least one mag alive. But as long
as  keeping  our  babies  alive is possible we don't have  to  make  such  a
decision :)

This opening missive from Seb raises the topic. At this point, we haven't
decided on starting afresh, a merger was being suggested at this early

To: ("sebastien Larnac" )
From: (Christopher Ian Holland)
Organization: Maggie GHQ
Subject: Re: UCM future direction..

> Do you remember when I suggested that both Maggie and UCM could merge ? Ok
>the bad thing is that one of us should renounce his label but on the good
>side, joining forces would help to keep at least one mag alive. But as long
>as keeping our babies alive is possible we don't have to make such a
>decision :)

This is the interesting question, and I thought a bit before replying.

In  the slightly longer run,  after the current issue of Maggie,  this could
well  be  a  possibility.  If support levels return to  something  of  their
previous levels,  then we can maintain two independant diskmags. If it stays
like it is,  then we should pool resources. This is good from several points
of  view.  Two enthusiastic people can motivate each other,  and keep things
moving.  This did happen with Mr Pink when he was Atari active, he did cover
a  lot of the bases as deputy ed.  Now he is working ridiculous 14 hour days
and getting paid loads,  but I'm left running Maggie on my own, and it isn't
so much fun as a one man band!

I would think you feel dragged down by the current UCM set-up?

My suggestions are:-

Complete  new  start and name-change,  neither Maggie or UCM,  but something
totally new, refreshing, original.

Probable  refurbishment  of  menu-shell,  Delta Force shell is  overdue  for
retirement! Shell to be dual Falcon/ST along lines of current UCM shell? Any
other ideas for this from your end?

Issues  should be fatter,  2-3 issues a year,  depending on activity rate of
general  Atari  scene,  should be feasible.  I should be able to maintain  a
reasonably high productivity rate for articles :)

Another nice thing,  if we combine resources,  we will have a widespread and
reasonably sized pool of writers to utilise! :)

Not  sure  if  we want to do 'joint editor' system,  or  main  editor/deputy
editor. I'm not too bothered about pulling rank if it is the second option.

Ok,  we're  getting  serious,  a  fresh  start under a new banner  is  being
proposed now. This is how it sort of actually turned out.

From: "sebastien Larnac" <>
Subject: Re: UCM future direction..
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2000 10:51:57 PDT

Hi Chris !

so  but time goes by so fast that I wasn't aware you were expecting  a  fast
reply :) Well we both need time before any decision is made but surely  that
would  be nice to join forces and have a new mag.  To be honest UCM was more
like  Moondog's baby and I,  on my own,  don't like the idea of having a new
main editor for Toxic Mag whereas I perfectly know everything is going to be

about  the shell :   I also think that using the UCM shell would be nice esp
if  we could find someone to code a Falcon version of it (or maybe we  could
ask  Mystic Bytes help and use their magnificient shell used in  their  SV2K
invitro ???).

I  really  don't have time now but I feel motivated enough to  have  a  deep
thinking...  I  mean  it's the only solution to keep at least  one  magazine
alive I think. We still have to find out if we are "mind" compatible :)

Ok,  we've decided on the shell,  and inadvertently named the new mag,  just
look again at that last paragraph!

To: ("sebastien Larnac" )
From: (Christopher Ian Holland)
Organization: Maggie GHQ
Subject: Re: Undercover 20

>re hi Chris !

SNIP! Lots of non-relevant stuff removed!

>about the mag name : I first thought of SCENERS but it could appear too
>similar to Undercover Magascene and also targeted to sceners while I'd like
>it to draw as many Atarians as possible, sceners or not... Fujis all Around
>is a name I like too (meant to be the latest online compo on DHS but was
>quite a flop). If you have any idea, I'd be happy to share them !

>see you then, cheers

How  about 'Fistful of Fuji's' - very spaghetti Western  style.  Abbreviates
nicely to 'FoF' magazine too..


Well here it is, the first attempt at naming the new mag. I liked that name,
maybe we should have just called it 'Clint Eastwood Mag' instead!

To: ("sebastien Larnac" )
From: (Christopher Ian Holland)
Organization: Maggie GHQ
Subject: Re: finding a new name

>Hi Chris !

>>How about 'Fistful of Fuji's' - very spaghetti Western style.
>>Abbreviates nicely to 'FoF' magazine too..

>To be honest, tho this name sounds good I think it's a bit too long and the
>abbreviation wouldn't be recognizable I'm afraid esp as there was a cracking
>band named FOF if I remember well (and I have no idea what their full name
>was :).

Fair enough, so something short and to the point better.. No more
ideas at the minute..

>Oki, let's try to find the suitable name then.... brainstorming ahead. Also
>remember that this name should be painted in each issue's banner and cover
>pic and once again your suggestion may be a problem as it features too many
>letters... Up to you now but i'm opened to all ideas (except for PC lovers

Names... A few (mainly bad) suggestions coming up..

Sit on your arse monthly
InertScene Zine
Felice Spanking Pages
Pizza Chaser
Serial Killer Format
Morbid Text
Hex-Files (groan!)
Asian model cum bath extra!

You can tell not many of these are serious ;-)

Can you do better than this, surely you can...


We're a couple more emails down the line now.  Seb has shot down the Fistful
of Fuji idea,  asked me to try again. BAD IDEA! On an odd note, I bet Future
Publishing  did a 'Serial Killer Format'.  Also 'Felice Spanking Pages'  has
yet to find its publisher, but I'm sure it'll be a winner!

From: "sebastien Larnac" <>
Subject: Re: finding a new name
Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2000 12:41:56 GMT

Hi Chris !

seems  like  we  haven't been in touch for a while :) As  always  time  runs
against  me  when I have to complete the latest UCM issue but I'm  sure  you
know  the feeling :) Completion is getting on well,  only a few articles are
expecting to reach my mailbox anytime now.

anyway  it's time we think of our new name...  I've come up with some  ideas
i'm not too satisfied with to be honest...

ScenerZ  > as said before I like the name but may sound too
           elite directed

Atarivival > This one is of course a pun with the word 'revival' but
             once written it becomes a bit confusing to read, don't u

Fujis All Around > was the name of my - failed - online compo. I like
             the idea but it would be difficult to find the adequate

Addicted > could fit in spite of the drug relation :)

Freaks > it may sound a bit odd and remind of elephant man :)

Alive > is the one I like most. Short and straight to the point.

Last but not least i've been thinking of your 'fistful of fujis'  suggestion
and in spite of the many letters (may be hard to paint logos) it could  fit.
But first let me know what you think of my ideas.

see you then, Sebastien

Seb comes up with a much better list,  and look,  there it is,  'Alive', for
the first time in there. So it was him who came up with the name in the end!

From: "sebastien Larnac" <>
Subject: Re: finding a new name
Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2000 15:57:29 GMT

Hi Chris !

>I like 'Alive' a lot, short, elegant, and to the point (Might work
>with exclamation mark on end - hence, 'Alive!' )

Believe  it or not,  but the idea of adding an exclamation mark also reached
me  after sending you this mail :) So I think we have found the new for  our
diskmag :)

>I've read the sample article/advert, and there isn't really anything I
>need to add. It's a good idea to restate the need for more teamwork.
>People seem to forget that a lot of contributions are needed to make a
>successful diskmag work, and not just one or two people struggling all
>the time.

yeah  !  I  think  we  can rely on Paranoid and Tao  who  have  always  been
supportive  since I became the UCM main editor.  MC Laser will still  handle
the  emaillists  but said he wouldn't be a permanent writer.  I'm  currently
looking around and see who could help out.

>One of the reasons for teaming up with you, is to rekindle the
>enthusiasm with active collaborators and Atari Scene fans that made
>Maggie so enjoyable. It also provides some sort of guarantee of
>release within a reasonable time-frame, as opposed to the present
>situation, where two diskmags are currrently running, but so damn
>slowly, as to not really be visible?

I would also like to offer new sections about other machines than the ST and
Falcon.  I  have a LYNX 2 that I love but haven't heard of games for  years.
Yet thanks to some articles I received for UCM20 I found out that there were
still new games ! What about the Jaguar then ?

Ok now if we agree on the name ALIVE!  then I think I can work on my article
called  "Changing direction" :) Btw does Felice know about your decision  to
work with me ?  Could he be a permanent ALIVE!  writer ? If you know someone
who could be helpful, don't hesitate to tell me

ok  got  to go now :) I may leave for Holland in a few days and  visit  some
Atarians  so  maybe  I won't be online for a couple of  weeks  :)  But  i'll
release UCM 20 before of course.

I look forward to working from you !!

cheers, Sebastien

And that has sorted that issue out. So 'Alive!' it will be!

The formal announcement of this new marriage followed in UCM 20. All through
this  period,  I  was still struggling to garner together the makings  of  a
decent  issue for the 10th anniversary Maggie.  I did manage to rally enough
time and a few articles for the first issue,  which was released on the 10th
November 2000.

 Alive from Undercover, a few words about the shell.

As  described  in  the  emails above,  we decided to go  with  the  existing
Undercover Mag (UCM) shell, as it was a dual ST/Falcon shell, without having
to make two separate versions an issue, as with Maggie.

The  original  shell  was coded by Drizzt,  and in appearance,  is not  much
changed  from  what  we've got today.  But there were  bugs  underlying  it,
particularly  with  parts  of the sound replay.  There  have  been  multiple
attempts  to  fix these bugs,  but for some reason,  they never quite lay to
rest. Various updated soundplayers were added, and the last major attempt to
rewrite came from Earx, and the code is itself open source.

It even seems that new bugs manage to creep in with each modification. Issue
9 of Alive managed to lose the ability to run in Falcon screen resolutions!

The shell has some nice features, including ST low-res pictures in text, the
ability  to  partially display different parts of that  picture  in  various
places  in the text.  There is the less commonly used hyperlinking to  other
textfiles elsewhere in the magazine. I gather there may be 8-channel modfile
playback now included.  So far, no-one has got around to working on the open
sourcecode.   If  there  is  a  Falcon-enhanced  version  with  full  colour
screengrabs catered for,  to take one item from my wishlist, then the person
concerned  is  keeping it very quiet indeed.  (Or multi-choice on fonts,  or
user-configurable background and text colours, to take two more.)

There hasn't been any serious move to replace it with something else either.

In fact,  out of all the aspects of producing Alive!  I'd say that the shell
is the only real disappointment of the story.

 Maggie versus Alive?

The inevitable question arises as to how does Alive compare with Maggie  for
the first five years? As you recall, Maggie managed seventeen regular issues
in that time period, including the birthday issue itself. If this sounds odd
considering the birthday issue was number 18,  don't forget that there was a
missing issue 6!

Alive  has been going at a slower rate of activity.  We have managed  twelve
issues in that time. In our case, there was the extra 'EIL special' to throw
the  numbering  system into confusion!  The average issue of Alive tends  to
resemble the later issues of Maggie in size, being bigger on the whole.

Whilst Alive has managed to appear consistently, albeit with a pause between
issues  8 and 9.  Maggie had a major break,  namely the long lay-off between
issues 10 and 11 in the 1992-3 period.  After that,  Maggie managed a decent
release rate in the order of 3-4 issues per year.

Maggie  also went through much evolution on the menu shell.  There were  two
versions of the original Sammy Joe GFA Basic ST-News style menu. This is not
counting  any possible clean-up attempts on the code inbetween?  Then  Delta
Force  intervened  with  their  fabulous custom  shell,  which  lasted  with
modifications right to the end.  The Reservoir Gods got involved thereafter.
There was a fix to make it run on the Falcon. Then there was a further phase
of  modification,  with  user-definable menu bars being added for issue  17,
finally  for  the  5th anniversary,  there was an entire new  custom  Falcon

Also  Maggie had three complete editorial changes in its first  half-decade.
Each  completely  broke apart from the other' style.  We started with  Sammy
Joe's  easygoing insider style,  to the more distant 'Leet' attitudes of the
Delta Force team.  The third editorial rebirth,  you are intimately familiar
with  today!  By  comparison,  Alive has managed to maintain a much  greater
continuity  over the same timescale.  We avoided a clean break when Seb left
the  top job.  The handover to Cyclone was relatively smooth.  The Alive you
see  today is recognisable from the product we put out on the launch  issue.

I'm not sure if this is totally a good thing though, as this continuity also
reflects the slower pace of diskmag evolution and lesser resources available
in the last few years.

 Some principal cast members in more detail.

Here  we consider the editorial team,  and the more notable contributors  to
past issues of Alive.

CiH. Yes, Im talking about myself in the third person again.

He is a writing machine when the deadlines loom. This fact is known from the
Maggie  days.  As 50% of the original two man editorial team,  he was always
going  to  be  a major contributor from issue 1.  After the final  issue  of
Maggie was signed off,  this role expanded as time went on.  As with certain
later  issues of Maggie,  the longer pauses between more recent issues  give
more scope for more text.

Editorially,  CiH,  had  the  best job,  as he managed to neatly sidestep the
more  hair-tearing job of physically building the issue.  As well as chasing
late articles, this also involves the task of chasing graphics and music for
the shell,  and intros were often promised but delivered late, if at all. He
had quite enough of doing that for Maggie, so was happy to leave this to the
others ;-)

ST  Survivor,  or  STS was the first co-editor.  Another experienced diskmag
editor  who  was able to seamlessly take up Alive from  his  experiences  of
producing the Toxic Mag and Undercover Magascene.  He did a good job both in
writing,  and  with  the  tedious process of  contributor  arse-kicking  and
building the issue.  I would say that he contributed as much as I did on the
writing side, and took care of important sections like the interviews almost
entirely  on his own.  Eventually the frustration inherent in diskmag editor
job got too much,  as it does for all of us.  He decided to give it up after
issue 8,  but he is still around as a useful contributor,  so I guess he got
out  in good time before the damage got too far reaching!  His contributions
are always worth reading.

Cyclone (CXT),  stepped in to take over from STS. There was a long delay for
the  first  Cyclone headed issue,  number 9,  but issue 10 followed  shortly
thereafter.  He generally carried on as before. There was no alarming change
of  style.  I've found him to be an effective communicator and maintainer of
the two-man editorial partnership. This is a team which works well.

He  was  also responsible for the web edition of Alive.  In  general,  Alive
seems to have survived the transition to Cyclone, and is prospering.

And  we  have another team member,  who can be considered as another of  the
joint  editors.  This  is none other than Moondog,  the Undercover Magascene
editor  extraordinaire.  He  has been doggedly plugging on with  UCM  almost
alone, but decided to come in with us latterly, as there were not sufficient
resources coming in to maintain UCM.  You all know Moony,  he brings his own
distinct style,  adding a degree of tabasco heat to some of his reviews, but
this  is backed up with a very fine-tuned critical judgment which  generally
gets it spot on.

There  are several other worthy people who have helped us out over the  last
five  years.  Only  just  down  from the editorial team is  Oliver  Heun  or
Paranoid.  His role in Undercover, then Alive was as a sort of extra editor,
or  perhaps  a  super-contributor.  In my opinion,  his finest hour was  his
detailed  analysis of the Milan 2 debacle.  He also kept us informed of  the
changes at Sega,  being a big fan of that companies products. Unfortunately,
we've  missed  him lately,  as he didn't feel compatible with the change  of

Exocet  revealed  a useful writing talent,  and has donated some  very  nice
cover pictures as well.

I remember Marrss had a special relationship with us.  He was a very copious
contributor for some of the earlier issues, with much of it being netgrabbed
;-)  He could also write reasonably good original articles,  when pushed  in
that direction latterly.

George Nakos,  or GGN,  has been with us all along.  Apart from contributing
several  articles,  he  also managed to get in with an intro for  the  first

Dma-Sc is another semi-regular who contributes well on the music reviews.

Many  people have written for us.  The names are a good cross section of the
current Atari scene. So we greet Earx, Evil, Havoc, Deez, 505, Felice, Jace,
Cooper,  Strider,  and even people like Mr Pink when they are on day release
from Electronic Arts.  There will be others that we overlooked,  for which I

I'm  going  to  mention Ray of tSCc being good  with  coding  articles,  and
contributing that brilliant issue 5 intro as well.

In  more recent issues,  we've also had people like Simon Sunnyboy and  gwEm
signing up to join the 'team'. Their fresh presence is most welcome.

Overall, many active people have been motivated to contribute something over
the years. Alive is mainly the reflection of the views and work of a smaller
number  people  when  all said and done.  This is like the later  stages  of
Maggie, when casual writers were also getting hard to find there.

Sort  of returning to the previous topic,  it is useful to compare the Alive
team  line-up  with  that of Maggie.  The Maggie team included  a  lot  more
people,  but  this  was  over  a very long time,  with two or  three  almost
complete  changes  of personnel,  in the ten years,  and a huge quantity  of
casual fly-by-night contributors in the early days.  There were some strange
characters who flew in,  and drifted out again. There is a  corner of Maggie
hell  that is forever Alan Johnston and Captain Cockup!  I don't think  we'd
write  something  in a drunken haze now,  although the 'TBC' "interview"  in
this issue, which was done 'live' on IRC might have come close!

Now,  the  people  we have got,  are generally those people which are  still
around  from the last five years.  This reflects a slowing down and greater,
dare  I  say,  maturity amongst the participants in the Atari scene  now.  I
can't  help recalling how relentlessly young the Sammy Joe issues of  Maggie

 Some other people's views..

What has Alive meant to you in the last few years?

Co-editors, CXT and STS for sure, maybe throw open to more people (DHS bbs

Seb  (STS)  is  the first person to step up and  answer  that  question,  he
graphically compares himself to Sigourney Weaver in the following extract;

"Alive was like giving birth to an alien to me :  meaning it totally blew my
asshole and I'm still feeling the pain 5 years later" :)))

We also get a useful missive from Carbon about his feelings for Alive.

"To me, Alive brought back happy memories of the days gone by. The time when
diskmags  were  plentiful and I would excitively await the next  issue.  The
name  is significant in that it sums up the entire Atari scene today -  it's
not  dead,  it's  still  alive  and  you are not going  to  kill  it!  Total
highlights  of  the magazine over the years have always  been  CiH's  random
topics which seems to spiral out of control into an amusing mess. But he's a
funny guy! Alive for ever."

Simon Osborne aka Carbon, aka Flibble

(do I get that fiver now?) - Er, no. (Ed)

Well to update this small and never-growing part, it is now mid-November, and
no-one else has been motivated to put  their thoughts on Alive! over the past
five years into text.

I'm in a good mood,  I'll be charitable  and say that  people are working too
hard on their  part of the  20th Anniversary ST Megademo DHS competition,  to
want to add to this. Now that is an anniversary worth celebrating!

 So where to next?

The diskmag in the webzine age and other issues considered..

The  question  of  a diskmag being relevant in the internet  age  is  always
pertinent,  and  the  answer is constantly being reshaped in new and  subtle

Diskmags  and  webzine boundaries are blurring,  current diskmags now  offer
both  traditional  shell and website options.  The 'hot news'  function  was
taken  over  by  the web a long time ago.  Now it also  seems  the  valuable
'community'  function  of diskmags is also running on web  domains  such  as
Pouet, or our closer to home Dead Hackers site.

So we must ask how Alive has fared against a background of fading  diskmags?
It is getting to the point on the mainstream scene, that even Hugi is having
to  put back deadlines for lack of contributions.  On the other hand,  other
systems  like  the  C64  and  Amiga still  have  a  great  interest  in  the
traditional  diskmag.   Also  the  recent  'Pain'  issue  was  greeted  with
jubilation  through  the  mainstream scene.  So it seems that if you  do  it
right, there is still plenty of interest in the traditional diskmag.

The immediate competition, has faded. We are not quite the last, as Chosneck
is  still  going,  with a super-intense Falcon shell,  but is suffering from
lack of time. As for the mighty Undercover Magascene. That has suffered from
the drop in contributions to the extent where they have thrown in their  lot
with us.

There  is also the possibility of going for a complete web  issue  solution,
and abolishing the menu shell. In my opinion, the major weakness of Alive is
with  the  lack  of  updating and innovating on the  shell  program.  As  we
discussed  earlier,  it seems to be almost resistant to attempts to  improve
it?   Capability-wise,  this  is somewhere between the Delta Force ST Maggie
shell,  and the Reservoir Gods Falcon Maggie shell. It is biased towards the
ST end of capabilities, and there are those persistent bugs, in spite of the
best  efforts of various people to remove these.  There is no real  prospect
for replacement as far as I can tell?

Personally,  I could accept web issues,  as long as these are done as proper
issues,  and  are also available as offline 'packages'.  Alive 11 will be my
first  'broadband'  issue,  so  the time spent online and  scope  for  rapid
downloads  is less critical than before.  There would be a welcome scope for
proper screenshots in decent colours.

Having said that, there are still a substantial number of people expecting a
ST diskmag within a fairly traditional format, if the recent online DHS poll
is a reliable guide, so who are we to disappoint them? Then again, I seem to
remember  that  a  large part of the appeal of Maggie  was  its  ability  to
reinvigorate itself from time to time.  The Alive shell environment seems to
be  gently  fossilising?  There  will  be no quick and easy  answer  to  the
question of what should we do next.

 A wider scene perspective on diskmags..

Across  the  scene,  diskmags  tend to be occasional  rather  than  frequent
releases,  more  like  conventional software than magazines.  The wider view
suggests that there is a strong demand for diskmags for that older  hardware
which isn't connected so easily to the net.  Indeed, the better diskmags are
considered to be guardians of the scene spirit.

In fact, where the wider scene has been exposed to Alive, such as,
the  reaction  has been very positive.  Maybe diskmags are coming back  into
fashion, with the controversy over recent Hugi issues, and what almost seems
to be a diskmag hunger on the comments for the latest issue of Pain.


It's been an enjoyable five years.  Time just seems to have melted by. There
never was a plan to go on for a set period, just like Maggie really. We took
each issue as it came,  putting one foot in front of the other, and all of a
sudden, we're knocking on the door of the half-decade!

I'm not going to say anything about the chance of doing the full ten  years,
no, that would be ridiculous!
CiH for Alive! Mag,Oct '05
Alive 11