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Alive 10
                     THE BEASTS CREW STRIKES BACK... SOMEHOW...

Hello together, today I want to check what developments The Beasts Crew has made
in  their  productions as  they're still  releasing intro by  intro with a quite
spectacular regularity.

I think I don't have to  loose to much  words about  this small group from Spain
that  was formerly  active but unknown in  the late eighties  and strangely came
back to life 2 years ago to flood the Atari scene with loads of damn old looking
intros. But meanwhile their first  releases were just  revamped screens, they're
now doing them originally, now, here in 2oo4 and 2oo5!

Ok, here we go again, since my  whole ST equipment burned away somehow (arf!) as
I did some testings last time, I just can use the STEEM nowadays, sorry for that
but  believe  me, having 4 damaged  ST's laying  in the cellars doesn't makes me
really happy, even though using STEEM is much easier.

Ok, here we go!

                           THE BEASTS CREW INTRO # 11

Woah, they still seem  to have no  inspiration for  some better titles for their
stuff and somehow this seems to be no good sign...

This 6o KB intro starts with a raster filled screen, followed by some static but
with  rasters underlayed pixel  "waves", a small  bending scroller with a yellow
duck swimming  around on  it. Furthermore  a big jumping  horizontal scroller is
making his way over the screen... and... that's it! Upsi, I forgot  the music, a
TBC typical tune, beep, poing, beep, brrr, blip, blip... help!!!

What to say? Not much, as any word is  wasted time. The  horrible thing is, that
every intro by that group looks quite similar. They obviously  know how to code,
and so it isn't understandable that  they're always  stepping on the place... To
say the truth, within the time it gets damn ugly... Space bashing! Rescued!

                           THE BEASTS CREW INTRO # 12

Rescued?! Title giving madness reached part 12 now! What a rush.

First interesting  bit, this intro  comes along  with nearly 1oo KB, so is there
more to see now?! Unfortunately not really...

The "Intro" starts with a cruel pixel colour  full screen with a  flickering TBC
logo in the middle of the screen and some strange  YM beeps and noises... Arf...
But, after pressing space in hope for the desktop, the screen turns black and is
followed by another screen! Argl! A TBC megademo or what?! Or Multipart thing?!

At the second screen we get some kind of 2 little overlayed chessboard scrollers
and a  bending vertical  blinking scroller. Whoa... all with  the same minimized
style, as well as some cruel old schoolish beeping music...

And we go on like this, another screen filled with blocks in the ugliest colours
and the cheapest fill styles as well as a flickering scroller  that speaks about
more than 16 colours and such stuff... and we get those horrible noises again...

Bashing space doesn't ends this torture but makes way for some 8bit-middle-80ies
look-a-like screen  with cruel  pixeled grafix  in cruel  colours, some rastered
sprites that flying around on the screen and a colourfull text displayer... This
starts with "This is TBC!" Yeah, how  right if this means Tuberculosis... in the
brain maybe... I still don't know what I did wrong that I get that tortured here
and bashing space again didn't offers an escape... the screen gets filled up once more with strange styles and blocks in very
strange colours together with even stranger noises, this is a digital nightmare,
if you ask me... and the space bar gives way for the next one, pixeled fire work
with some more melodic noise core... somehow the best screen seen here...

And  they still go  on, again damn  ugly colour  full scenery, rastered and what
else, a small  logo showing a bat  and... noises... Urbs... and  Space is no way
out really as we  get another  one, showing some kind of  shaded sprite forms or
something, reminding very far to the matrix intro... ;)

And now for something completely... similar! Screen -9- goes on like  this, very
oldschoolish, blocky, senseless, with  the same scroller  as screen  3... what a
damn cool idea! I wonder why they're showing off that ugly stuff again and again
as everybody knows that the ST can display a few more colours with some tricks..
and if... then they look much better as this horrible palette!

After bashing  space, again... I closed my eyes and suddenly I found myself back
on the desktop, very  lucky that my  eyes survived that torture and that my ears
are still alive, too.

Don't ask me  about the  sense in  doing such  screens, they even  didn't rocked
about 15 or even more  years ago and are  hardly 16bit style... Hey, TBC, if you
ever  read those  lines, please do me  a favour, use  a proper music editor just
like the lately released ones instead, so  I can at least listen to the musix...
using a real painting tool  may do wonders as well and just checking what others
do, too... knock, knock, the first days of the ST are  over, haven't you checked
this? Have you  ever seen such rubbish within the last 15 years?! Oldschool does
not mean  crap in every point, but  here I really  wonder if  this is really the
stuff I would call oldschool...

                                   TS INTRO # 1

Wow, they broke the devils circle with renaming one of their intros, even though
it doesn't sprays much inspiration around. TS means  THE SPACEWALKER and is just
the nick of one of their members, better, the coder.

This one is a Xmas screen for  Christmas 2oo4, shows us  some pixeled  grafix of
very mediocre style (can we call this style?!), a "Happy" Christmas logo in very
ugly chosen  colours, a rastered  background, some dots snow  and finally a very
hard to read (as  all letters  are steady  turning) scrolly, not  to  forget the
cruel music...

If you compare this with other usual Xmas releases... I wouldn't say light years
ahead, but I seldom have seen such an  uninspired and ugly screen... The message
is nice but somehow I have the strange feeling that  the sun in Spain has burned
some eyes, ears and brains away, as this is pure torture...


That's it  for the  round up... I wonder  what we  get next, TBC 13 or TS 2?! Or
even LMAA 0815 or JC 666 or SEX 69 or what else...


PS... If you don't know about LMAA... that is german and stands for Lick My Ass!

Alive 10