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Alive 10
Outline 2005

Realtime Article

REALTIME ARTICLE INSIDE ... please help yourself !! :)

Note before we kick off:- The entries without a name to them are most 
probably Earx ;-)

Friday around 14:00

Cyclone at the keyboard, the party place isn't yet completely filled, lots of
guys still missing, however pink, deez, gwem, manou, creature, flash, earx and
tinker are already here. Earx seems to have given up on his mohawk and wears
spectacles now, so I didn't recognize him at first ;). It seems the scene is
growing older somehow ...

Friday 15:somewhen

The guys from the high north got lost somewhere on the Autobahn in Germany, just
saw deez speaking to baggio over his mobile phone, it seemed to be no real
surprise to him :) He told me baggio always gets lost on such occasions. In the
meantime c-rem and cooper arrived, as well as the tscc guys, which had to move
their equipment from the presentation table back to the entrance when havoc came
in with lots of beer boxes and other drinks. It seems this years Outline will be
ruled by "Grolsch" a Dutch beer.

Friday 19:33

earx here. the place is filled up 90%, and we're still expecting some more
visitors. so far everything has worked out nicely. even the pc guys who were
passing thru on their way to breakpoint were cool. I'm hoping to see some nice
stuff for the competitions. i only have a crappy 4ktro myself.. esp paradox and
tscc's stuff excites me. as well as the final version of gwem's great tracker.
but i've already seen that :))

Friday 19:44

Felice here, we arrived a short time ago with our girlfriends, they are now
sorted with light etc in one of the huts nearby. Have also now ordered the
pizza, we await the arrival with interest :)

Friday 19:45

Victory for Atari party day!

This is CiH on the laptop realtime keys here, the usual chaotic settling in
routines are run, several familiar faces are here, some more are still to
arrive, having only taken vague map directions initially (Hi Baggio!) Quite a
few aren't going to be able to make it, for various boring real-life reasons.

Still, let's not dwell on the sad stuff, but look forward to the next three

Friday 20:50

Pink is worm-bagging, he is having to imitate all the quirks of the absent Res
Gods, starting with MSG.. Now what strange habit of SH3 will he imitate?

Friday 21:35

New York Pizza's coming all the way from New York? Possibly the 9-11 special,
four cheeses, extra thick crust, and several layers of concrete dust?!

After all the anguish and misunderstanding, there was a machine provided for the
realtime article, but it still awaits setting up. This laptop of Felice's is all
very well, but it tends to screensaver itself into irrelevance after a short
time. A proper realtime needs a permanently 'on' machine, something like a good
old classic ST perhaps!

Saturday 00:15

Screensaver has now been altered, so no more worries there. Time to toddle off
to bed anyways ......


Saturday 01:10

Erm, still kicks in! - CiH off to bed,

Saturday 05:00

earx on the lookout

Saturday 05:45

morning is coming again.. only zwf and me are awake.. I'm not able to do much
coding right now. strangely, zwf is able to pixel some more (?!?) oh well, i
think i'll just wander around a bit or check out some more classic demos on
505's zipdrive :)

Saturday 07:00

the first couple of folks have woken up..

Saturday 08:15

Me and the nature-brothers just woke up to find the main hall almost empty
except for earx and frost. I didn't get much sleep last night due some people
having a snoring-contest. I think i have to buy some form of earplugs today :)

Saturday 09:25

Mr Pink is sleeping on the floor, he is the only one. Guess that snoring keeps
him awake, but the background party noise and the hard floor are just fine ;-)

I'm alive (mag) thanks very much, starting to power up with the help of the
basic breakfast, or 'breakfast beta'. The girls are alive too, but need an
application of hot running water to get them properly running. I think I could
have written that to look a bit less kinky??! Still, never mind. - CiH

Saturday 10:16

Wow.. this automatic t e h correction really is something. :-) This morning,
after a few hours of sleep, I actually took a shower!! Yes! A real one, with
soap and all!! Funny though, that on the first party I actually planned to go
and sleep every now and then, I forget to bring my sleeping bag.. - TiNKer

Saturday 10:47

gwEm here on the keys. just noticed the realtime article and decided to write
something. Party so far rulez, snoring suxx. nice to meet some friends, and make
some new ones. pizza last night was quite good, but I'll get something else
tonight I think. interesting activity going on around, the part place is
buzzing, even with many guys still asleep. this morning is bright and sunny,
think I might take a walk on the farm. - gwEm

Saturday 12.45

.... Hmmm, dunno what to write..


Saturday 13:00

I check my watch, but all times on this laptop are still UK adjusted. Pork pies

It looks like people are getting down to it and doing things. Where's the porno
leeching, drunkenness and general lameness (A passing Breakpoint visitor.)

Grolsch rules! - CiH (Not a Breakpoint visitor.)

Saturday 13:12

party in full swing, everyone productive. nemo just arrived, going to talk to
him :) //gwEm

Saturday 13:55

C-Rem : this place rules .... thx a lot to all organisers : )

Saturday 15:25

We've just been to Doetinchem or however it is spelled and consumed a nice
lunch. I've would have settled for a pizza but it was kind of nice to sit
outside and eat. Now back to kicking Deez ass so we actually get something
finished for some compo :) //Baggio

Saturday 17:00

It's five O'clock, people have been lazy, coming up to look at this, but not add
to it ;-) We've planned our hunger wisely this time, to take into account some
possible extended pizza deadlines. - CiH

Saturday 17:05

ho hum, going for a walk //gwEm

Saturday 17:19

arf... getting a bit tired having watched "beams" for prolly the 100th time, but
it looks like we can finally present it after an exhausting development phase of
almost 3 years. regarding the party place: really calm and small location but
the setting is nice imho, this is my first party with a completely separate
sleeping area where we even have comfortable beds..

I guess that is you Ray? - CiH

Saturday 18:30

We're at a slow time in-party. There is another strong rumour of food, some of
the people are engaged in constructive activities, I've been listening to Earx
expanding on the differences between Falcon and Ste dma sound, and the
efficiency of different types of packers. - CiH

Saturday 18:57

Now our falcon has died. No idea what we're doing with our falcons... - Hencox

Saturday 19:18

back from the walk, there was some scary dogs and a wild wood, but we made it :)

Saturday 20:25

Legacy demo is running on the beamer and I try to find some ideas for border
design for our new STE demo, after I failed to finish my contribution to the 16
colours gfx compo.

Probably it will be finished on Sunday, who knows. The party is nice and Paradox
is working concentrated to show the people their new stuff. Our musician is good
but tired and uninspired, lets hope some spark inflames him soon. ZWF/Paradox

Saturday 20:40

One of the bottles of el vino killed! (hic!) - CiH

Saturday 22:50

crem ; BuuuRp .... GrolSch RuleSS (fart)

Saturday 23:45

Very nice compos tonight, most of the contribution were of very high quality.
Also, the beer and the weed is also of very high quality... >) //Deez Sunday!

wHO TURNED THE CAPSLOCK ON? Clever sods. We've been having late night adventures
in darkened countryside, Some of our femmes went missing, but they turned up


cih = hic? something silly was up with the PA and something is up with my head.
must be not having slept for 40 hours or so.. a zombified earx. why do the first
three letters of does want to expand to doetinchem? heh =) more seriously, the
music and graphics entries were high quality imho. looking forward to the demos.
not much is sure in this field, even if i saw some pretty amazing screens here
and there.

Saturday 23:47

ok, took my time and overlooked the realtime article for quirk a bit of time.
and automatic comfortable ... grrr.. completion is big bobbins if thats the
correct use of bobbins. || nemo

Sunday 01:00

yawn... working on some chiptune but lacking a bit (a lot) of inspiration, so i
decided to look for it in the online article, didn't find it so i'm going to
write some bullshit ;) gfx compo was cool, but just 3 entries, however they were
all pretty enjoyable. usual naked chick from c-remmers ;) music compo was also
very high quality, i did enjoy the Ace Tracker music from nemo which was pretty
funky and experimental at the same time. too bad the PA was not great - seemed
to work well enough to beat my headphones earlier when i was trying to compose.
no one to blame, just the gear that came with the venue. lineout are doing a
great job in organising everything and everyone from PCs to toilet paper.

Sunday 01:20

This rta is turning into something not like a total disaster. Patiently it sits,
slowly gathering comments and fragments of the occasional interesting news. And
all on something that has a tendency to blank out from a rebel screensaver. I
think there will be more for this by the morning. But probably not from me until
then. Slightly sleepy CiH..

When 02.00 becomes 03.00 hours, here comes summer!

Ok, it's 04.00 (adjusted summer time), now I'm REALLY going to have to goto bed!
- CiH

Sunday 03:06

ik heb de hik godverdomme (ik=superboer)

oh and tinker is een HOMO (just so you'd know) (maybe) (potentially) anyhow, the
party's halfway and I'm happy people are enjoying themselves... I was expecting
more visitors, or maybe I was just hoping... but in reality it doesn't matter
too much because I'm too damn busy to talk with all the people anyway. oh well,
next year I'll just be a visitor for sure... ;-)


Sunday 05:27

hmmm... just 505, tinker, havoc, paranoid and me still awake. dma-sc helped with
a solo on my zak, and I had nice talkings with nemo. this all inspired me to
make progress on the tune. feeling very much awake dispite the late hour...
seems a shame to go to sleep but maybe i should do :) //gwEm

Sunday 07:40

Havoc is brushing his teeth right now, he is going to sleep soon. I have to stay
up in case something bad happens or someone wants to buy a beer or something.
The beer part seems unlikely, since I am almost the only one still awake (gaaap)

Sunday 07:45

Het lijkt er op dat Havoc weer aan het poepen is, dat slapen kan dus nog wel een
uurtje duren :-)

Sunday 07:49

Now that everyone but me is sleeping I can embark on my 'no sleeping till Earx
wakes up' mission.

Sunday 07:53

right... Still awake..

Sunday 08:27

After a refreshing night I stand up to see everybody is asleep. Don't have the
motivation to continue on my "almost" competition picture, so I watch the
Nostalgico demo. Hopefully I get some energyburst that makes me finish my
picture, for I wanted to be it an live Outline 2005 picture. We will see. By the
way the party is cool and the people are nice. But its a bit sad in the last
years the number of people coming to the old tradition of Atari meetings is
going down. It seems 2006 will see a Easter weekend without it, for no one seems
in sight to organise it. (Well its a lot of work, no income and just same honour
- not the job you usually dream of...:-) ) ZWF/Paradox

it's 08:43 or is it 09:43?

it's 09:54 -> Summertime.

Sunday 10:20

Well, I did manage to sleep a little tonight even though the beds are waaaaaaay
to soft for my taste. Apparently there is no warm water now so i can't even get
the shower that i need so badly :) //Baggio

Sunday 10:45

There was just about some warm water, if you ignored the tendency for the shower
to go back to cold momentarily! We're up and moving about very slowly. Looks
like its another pleasant day. - CiH

Sunday 12:30

Still moving very slowly.. The vampire (Partycle) is now awake!

Sunday 12:54

gnome is home

Sunday 13:48

hello, just had breakfast and a shower, but i still feel like shit :/ i should
have stayed awake, i felt great last night. // 9\/\/3/\/\

Sunday 13:51

Me and Deez was confused that the code for the game took up so much space and
started an investigation. After a while, we found out that Deez had devpack set
to full debug-symbols. So the executable file went from 6KB to 2KB (unpacked!)
:- ) //Baggio (as you can see, baggio doesn't code at all, he can't even spell
devpac! //deez)

Sunday 14:07

We are working on the last tuning of our demo preview and this is fun, well at
least for me, as I just have to claim what should be changed and others have to
work on it when we agree about it. But as soon as I have time to work on my own
picture, I feel like talking to others and look what's going on here. Its now
rather silent, and hopefully many work on new releases or preview for this
evening. ZWF/Paradox

Sunday 14:38

there's an old goat outside, that lives close to horses...somehow it stopped
doing its regular maeh and makes horses sounds instead... maybe its been with
the horses too long and now it thinks itz a horse itself .. or it just learned
another language...this made me think: itz my second year at outline with my
little ibm...will it sound like a falcon if I keep attending ??? man(ou)

Sunday 14:42

This realtime is slowly getting to the status of a minor classic. Just got to
keep pushing text in. There's still the rest of today, the competitions, and the
overnight period into the next day to go, so there's plenty of scope for people
to add to it.

The girls are hut-bound and chilling out (if that is the correct metaphor for
the pleasant mid-afternoon conditions?) They should show up for the evening
competitions. They are probably feeling the time hanging a little bit heavily
right now, but that is the typical Sunday before the compo's run. - CiH

Sunday 14:56

just used lotek's c-lab to tweak the volumes on the track. the songs finished
now which is cool ;) //gwem

Sunday 16:29

ice cream is needed //gwem

Sunday 16:35

I might be forced to resort to the laptop to record my momentary thoughts, as
the CT60 is in demand for the competition viewings. I've had a go with Earx's
4ktro for CT60, and the DHS one will also need the higher spec machine too. So I
may not be using that for a while. - CiH

17h (or 16 or whatever)

Waiting for the compo entries ; Gosh, where are the sprite records ???? ;-0

Sunday 17:something

Another cool edition of Outline, thanks to the friendly Atari scene. The
graphics and music compo entries shown/played yesterday were really nice. Funny
to see that the 3 chipmusic contributors each used a different tracker for their
tune. ;)

Also all musicians present here seem really interested in maxYMizer, let's hope
they'll use it! - DMAbidbol

Sunday 17:35

Finally all disks have been written and entered into the compo so I can take a
break at the realtime-article notebook someone set up-next to the door. So what
to write on this odd keyboard-layout, where typing is a pain since all special
characters are located in some strange places :) Perhaps we should give a small
overview what is happening around me atm. Chuck and c-rem are using their voices
to create some strange sounds which seem to be some kind of French chanson. I
guess their aim is to keep the other guys from finishing their stuff, because
you can't possibly think or code while their voices are echoing through the
partyplace. Despite the devastating sound, Frost is still working on his
bootsector, even if it already too late to enter the compo he will attempt to
finish it for the wild compo.

So let's go for the UK-Corner. Chris is talking to himself ;) while clicking and
hacking wildly on his ct60 which is accompanied by the hum of his giant fan
while Felice is mostly busy swallowing huge amounts of coke. Mr. Pink is still
working on Clix - another game, which should have been released a lot earlier.
Gwem who is surrounded by Frenchies is still working on some sounds it seems.

So what about the Swedish guys? They managed to find a McDonalds and purchase
huge amounts of hamburgers and fries which they are consuming right now. Thanks
to the map reading skills of Deez they also managed to find back to the party
location this time it seems :)

The Germans are mostly relaxing the couch doing some smalltalk, Paranoid and his
crew have just given the disk with their compo entry to earx, while the tscc
guys are still working on something. Perhaps fine-tuning the long awaited beams
demo. - Cyclone

Sunday 17:43

Very relaxed atmosphere at the moment. Time for long talks. C-Rem showed me the
details of his painting techniques, long Music related talks with Lotek, Manou
and company. Excellent! -- nemo

Sunday 18:01

earx here.. still gathering up all compo entries, putting them on disk.
arranging for various compo machines, etc. major thanks must go to chris for
offering his ct60 system. it looks like we'll have a lot of cool entries in all
kinds of categories :) time to order pizza now! :)

Sunday 19:05

The pasta attack worked a treat! No pizza's required, and the kitchen is
extremely well equipped, kudos goes to Havoc for finding this place! - CiH

Sunday 19:25

what a cool party, cooper just made a guest appearance on a mad max conversion i
was doing. good vibes all round. //gwem

Sunday 20:07

deez here.. A big thank you to Lotek Style for lending me his hair dryer, Baggio
had an accident involving my right shoe... We did manage to finish a small
shoot'em up game for the game compo. It was ment for the 4k compo since its only
2.8k or something.

Sunday 20:20

But with the unused space, surely you could have bolted an FMV intro onto it ;-)
- CiH

Sunday 21:10

big fire outside rulez //gwem

Sunday 21:25

While the dutch make big fires (perhaps to celebrate Easter), inside welcome
interruptions avoid that I work on serious things. The French visitors are nice,
weird also..:-) Seeing is believing. ZWF/Paradox

Sunday 21:30

The Fire rules, but only for a short time, as it fizzled out soon after. Now
we're waiting for the compos to start. Nicky is trying to remember her killer
moves in SDL Wolfenstein ;-) - CiH

Sunday 22:20

Nazdar Hoshani! Myslim si, ze ste taki trapkovia, pretoze mate malickych
vtacikov ba ani spolky takych ako mam ja ;-) So it's really great to meet you
all aby som vas mohol vyfajcit, because I really like you all and would be happy
to enjoy a beer with everybody, but because I'll be driving a car tonight, tak
mi mozete akurat vyliezt na hrb ;-) [just joking in the slovak part of the text,
don't worry ;-) ] Jookie / Satantronic

Hi, I think everybody had a chance to enjoy special Jookie's charism,
Satantronic is really proud to have a such member in their group ;-) Party is
really nice, great people, nice location.. in last two days we've seen
Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerpe and Brusel, cool trip, believe me, especially for
some member of the well known Satantronic group ;-) Ok, I'm lazy to write more
crap, bye ;-)

MiKRO / Mystic Bytes

Sunday 23:21

a little break from showing the demos. quality prods all round, really funny,
cool and technical good in different measures. //gwEm

Sunday 23:25

Satantronic guys - try this website - http://www, and remember
which ladies you all visited in the famous Red Light District ! :) ... Felice

Monday 00:25

I bought a 'rasta'-hat in the Amsterdam, now I'm like a real 'rasta', yah man!

Monday 00:28

Jookie is throwing shame on us for all 4 days...but must be...:)))
great trip...:) -XI-/Satantronic

Monday 01:01

Goddamn Paradox shows a sign of life ...

Monday 01:27

I love the track from lotek style.....that was a pleasure 2 hear (and see)
again!!! the beeeeeeeeeams are gonna blind meee...ein echter ohrwurm!!!!!!!!!!

Monday 01:34

now we wait for the votes, but nothing really sucked, just one prod was
disappointing which I don't say :) what suxx more is no toilet paper!!! //gwEm

Monday 01:37

earx here, there's is plenty of toilet paper gwem! even to compensate for elvis'
rocking bowels ;)

Monday 01:40

Cannot see this damn keyboard, good competitions, but still waiting for the next
killer demo. However, if 'Beams' is finally released, this might make up for
that. - CiH

Monday 02:13

Monkiki est dur...

Monday 02:32

Chris just forced me to enter some lines into this realtime article. So here we
go: competition results have just been announced, prizes have been awarded. I'm
now proud owner of a sealed mint condition Lethal Xcess copy and a nice Outline
Bee T-Shirt. Reads: I won the Multichannel\MP3 competition. Juhu! Ok, enough
posing.;-) I wonder if this LX copy has some fanboy value to it in this sealed
condition. Otherwise I might just rip it open to have a blast. Time will tell...
-- nemo

Monday 02:47

hey earx! cool you found some toilet paper. I will use it to create papier mache
models of farm animals :) //gwEm

Monday 03:00

gwem, can you also make a model of a little goat that sounds like a horse a bit?
;) a tired but very content earx writing. the compos are done, the results are
here and the biggest work of the party is over. i think I'll get some sleep
quite soon cos 7 hours sleep in 72 is not what i think is funny, hehehe :) will
prolly pollute this doc some more in the morning tho ;) and BEAMS is released
finally. WTF?! \o/ :)

Monday 03:04

WTF?! beams is not released! (?) but the new preview (which is still its status)
was damn cool! I hope the real definitive version will follow in the next

Monday 03:26

All these guys saying the Frenchies are weird :) yeah, but in a good way!
sitting in the group of crazy French guys has been totally great. i miss that
there was no resultstro this time for the classic 'dma' chant :) just by sitting
on the same table I was invited to produce YM sounds for 2 French party prods
which was total cool. I was even made a Frenchie monkey for the mon-kiki 4ktro
readme. it was disappointing that mon-kiki only received 3rd place in that
compo, but maybe not that disappointing because the other 2 intros total ruled,
especially the DHS one with magic synth tune!! maybe this was my favourite prod
this time, even considering the amazing paradox multi-part. to be honest at
first I was a little sad the maxYMiser did so badly in the wild compo after all
the work, but now I am more philosophical about that - 'the phatt demo' got
extreme positive feedback that was unexpected... so what does that tell us? just
that people want to see results rather than potential for results, which has to
be a good thing. the cooper wild compo entry was a nice little demo as a
package, cool idea (maximum animation frames on a disk with fast depack),
paradize seems like a crew full of ideas. //gwem

Monday 03:42

Damn tired now....I need to get some sleep...despite the low amount of
attendees, there've been great, surprising and unexpected releases during the
compos, I am impressed.

Monday 03:58

Well, actually, only 2 choices left for me: Either fall apart or fall asleep. I
decided to go for the latter.

Monday 06:07

only paranoid's moustache is visible and there's a snoring sound emerging from
underneath. those are the only life signs left in this partyplace.

Monday 08:50

Seems like there is noone awake except for me and Havoc. This has, yet again,
been a really great party and i hope maybe sometime in the future there will be
another one. I have heard rumours that there won't be any EIL next year either

Anyway, if noone in Germany will arrange a party, maybe it's time for the Swedes
to arrange something. We will certainly discuss this amongst ourselves in a not
to distant future. Thanks to all the organizers for their hard work with this
party! //Baggio

Monday 09:35

Urrk... finally woke up, I set the alarm for 7.00 but I think that was a bit too
ambitious.. I could hear the cheering last night when the compo results were
announced but at the time I couldn't think of anything else but my bed :)

Unfortunately Baggio didn't do a very good job with our presentation so I think
we ended up last but it doesn't matter, it was only a 3k game we started working
on days ago. // deez

Monday 09:45

CiH back on the morning keys. Damp and misty today, and in the last couple of
hours, some kind of summing up is due.

Good stuffs:- Laid back and relaxed party, the venue was just about right, good
facilities (mostly), many of our favourite Atariscene people here, bringing the
girlfriends wasn't a disaster, pizza's were excellent, the competition entries
were at a good level for the smaller numbers, and the quality was good overall,
with two or three real winners, and Outline '05 was a worthy follow-up to last

Not quite so good stuffs:- Lots of other people didn't turn up, not many of the
expected killer demo's turned up, the showers could have been better (if the
outside block had been working, it would have been better.) I had a list of
things to do, which I didn't, but that tends to be at all other parties too ;-)

For your general information, this realtime has been running on Felice's laptop,
powered by Ubuntu Linux, and you've been typing into OpenOffice. Ubuntu has
stayed up all the time since Friday evening without falling over, and I wonder
how much data we would have lost with a Windowze system ;-) I'm sure I'll be
back before closedown, laters.. CiH

Monday 09:51

frost on the keys. I can't imagine going back to home now, the party was so
great compared to those lame parties in France. Thanks to everyone attending and
big bisous to the organizers !!!!

Monday 11:01

earx here. just woke up.. most visitors are packing up. i just brushed my teeth
and me + other organisers will start the household chores soon. oh well, my
bowel is rumbling a bit so I'll leave this comment short. earx signing off! =)

Monday 11:05

Well, I think we're leaving in about 30 minutes. However, we just realized that
Partycle is still asleep... It's been a great party with lots of cool people.
Somehow these past 4 days have passed way too quickly, just as usual :)
Hopefully we'll see you all again next year, maybe in Sweden... //Baggio

Monday 11:12

And for the end .... Bonsoir Monsieur ....... Chuck / Dune

Monday 11:15

People are awake and packing up now .. which is what we're doing here. C U later
on ... Felice

Monday 11:10

Someone's watch is fast?

Monday 11:10

Perhaps someone forgot to adjust his watch to the daylight savings :)

Well the evil hour of departure is almost upon us, until we get together next
year (Sweden, EIL 4?) all the beST! - CiH

Monday 18:33 

I was expecting to find Pink and the organisers here to say good bye, but it
seems the partyplace is deserted now. All computers have vanished, nothing
reminds of Outline 2005 but the boxes of leftover Grolsch standing outside the
building, I guess I will leave as well ... Cyclone signing off

~~~ End of Realtime! ~~~

Alive 10