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Alive 10
Credits :
Code by ST Cooper/Paradize                              System : STe/Falcon
Msx by DmaSc/Sector One                                 Size : 850Kb atm
Gfx by Exocet/Checkpoint and Sts                        Seen at Outline 2005

 One year ago, more precisely at the first Outline party, Exocet and I spotted
 a preview of a game Cooper had been working on. POOZ is ported from a game by
 viacom but from what I've seen on the internet, the game didn't  look so good
 in its original shape :( Anyway we both  decided to help cooper  with gfx and
 then started that very long adventure !

 We planned to release the  game at Outline 2005 but  as you may  have noticed,
 it's still a preview - pretty fat one btw ! - but don't worry since as I write
 this things are  coming  closer to  completion ! All musics are done by DmaSc,
 mot of them being created with Gwem's awesome maxYMiser tool and they sound so
 good ! Main gfx are completed too, only details may be  added or reworked, and
 Cooper's doing well with the smooth code  too tho he endured a hd crash in the
 course of development :(

Some facts and figures :

* 1 or 2 players mode
* Each mode offering 3 different possibilities : continual, level and time  
  attack for 1p and team, versus or combo for 2 players.
* We've done our best to bring you polished screens, nice transitions and 
  smooth fadings too, as well as funny animations.
* both menus and various modes offer sampled sfx (thanks to the STe) and 
  original musics by DmaSc.
* the LAB section offers wild cards with cool bonuses 

What is the game about ?  

 As with most addictive games, you don't need a 200 page manual to get started.
 Choose 1 player for instance and go to continual for a start. Then you'll meet
 the main game window as can be seen here :

Gotta say it looks yummy ! background and sprites were painted by skilled 
artist Exocet, a seal of quality if you ask me ! 

 Move your player in the centered  grid using arrow keys. Then you only need to
 face a pill showing the same color as you  and use space to  delete that pill.
 Not too hard, right ? If you happen to face a pill with a different color then
 you can swap it and use this color to delete  another pill on  the board. Well
 in the  continual  mode, as  in Tetris, you  *only*  need to fight  as long as
 possible and  erase as  many pills. Sounds  easy but you gotta be quick or the
 board is going  to grow full of pills and if too many  columns manage to reach
 your grid, then it's game over :(

 But if reach a nice score, you'll be promted to enter your name to the high
 scores tables and who knows, maybe we'll upload the best scores to Paradize
 website (can't promise tho :).

LEVEL only brings more difficulty to CONTINUAL with you choosing colums height
 at start and speed. Get ready to face the challenge !

 In the TIME ATTACK mode, pills are already set and no more pill will pop up on
 screen. Here you only need to delete some columns leading to a white pill. Get
 all white pills as fast as possible and you're done !

 The 2 players mode offer either TEAM cooperation or VERSUS. In the latter each
 player can only interact either with the upper/lower  column or the left/right
 counterparts. You can also mess up the other  player board but this part isn't
 totally defined yet. The COMBO mode  allows you to choose  how many  chains of
 pills need be done : for  instance you can  choose 3 chains  of 4 pills. There
 you go, create a chain of 4 blue pills and you got 1 chain and so on. Remember
 to swap pills of different colors to win the cup :)

Bonuses ?  

 Yup ! When you reach a decent score, you'll be able to unlock a card from the
 LAB as well as some surprises :) This way you'll need to  play the game for a
 while if you want to unlock them all.

Release date ?

 As I wrote earlier all msx and gfx are done now, Cooper has to work out with
 the code bit but I'd say  that 95% of it  is done. We mostly  have to polish
 gameplay and make sure that all modes are funny enough but I an tell you the
 game is going to be released this year, cannot tell  exactly when tho. Sorry
 guys but I don't think we'll release a preview or something but this article
 to entertain you and keep you informed  with the latest progress but you can
 feel free to mail Cooper at and keep him motivated.

---> more snapshots (page 1)
---> more snapshots (page 2)

                                                        STS signing off

Alive 10