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Alive 10
Outline 05 Report

                            .:;;Outline '05 Report;;:.

                 Some random textual paddling around made by CiH!
                      At and after the Outline '05 party.

Friday 25th March 1905 (hours?). That is possibly Havoc's date of birth too,
or at least this is how old he looks,  after his organising feats leading up
to the party. By Monday, we may well have to carbon date him!

We've arrived at Te Boemsgoed camping place,  myself,  Felice,  and two evil
women  who claim to be of our acquaintance that we found in the back of  the
car. Maybe they will come back in the midnight hour to drink our blood!?

Anyway,  to protect the innocent male Atari community who have arrived here,
they have been relocated to a hut in the outermost grounds away.  Rumours of
an  electricity supply there abound,  I'm going out to check out  conditions

Rumours of pizza ordering also abound, and after giving Tinker a severe case
of monetary brain-lock with an attempted purchase,  we could have just about
managed to get some for ourselves.. Maybe?

Introductory realtime gabba bit ends..

Anyway, how did we get here?

Well  the  usual  process  of  car and  ferry  got  in  there.  The  journey
effectively  started  in  a relaxing fashion last night,  over a  couple  of
bottles of wine at Felice's place between the four of us. This put us in the
mood  for  some  constructive  sleeping afterwards  (after  I  powered  down
Felice's  noisy  beast of a PeeCee first!) but it didn't  make  the  getting
going process for the following morning at 05.40hrs too easy!

As  I  implied in the introduction,  in addition to myself and Felice,  also
travelling are the two female companions Nicky (me) and Paula (Felice). They
also  struggle  awake,  but manage a semblance of life after completing  the
standard  morning  boot-up  routines.   This  culminates  in  an  inadequate
breakfast based on tea, with a promise of something better when we board the

As  we  prepare to leave,  I look nervously at the stack of goods and  wares
travelling  with  us,  and this is after the ladies have been  sensible  and
packed light as well.  Amazingly it all fits in quite easily? This is with a
certain  amount  of  the gear fighting for room on the back  seat  with  the
girls, but it is done quickly, and we set off shortly after 06.30.

The  journey  to Harwich,  the big council estate with a port  attached,  is
uneventful.  We  are  a fair while waiting around,  as the numbers of people
travelling  on this Easter holiday steadily build up.  Of some amusement and
concern are the number of organised parties travelling on the ferry with us.
There is some kind of theme based around various combinations of sex, drugs,
and  alcohol.  Some  of those concerned look too painfully young to  attend.
Others  look  as if they are getting ready to export their  brand  of  good-
humoured  petty theft to the Netherlands.  Many of them will hear the  Dutch
words for "Sod off you oik,  I'm not serving you!" over this weekend at some

Some  even go so far as to have specially printed t-shirts announcing  their
pilgrim's  pissup.  The "Wasted Latinos" is a cunning disguise for a raucous
hen-night,  for  example.  Another  bunch  of people display  their  t-shirt
tribalism as the under-fifteen's Northampton Rugby team. The youngest member
of  that  crew  being  every bit of thirty-seven.  There is  also  a  steady
procession of biker types on a mixture of sensible and posing hardware,  and
speculating about these keeps us amused for a while.

The  M.V Stena Discovery hoves into view at the appointed time,  and we  all
rush on quickly,  managing to get out of the car prematurely,  before Felice
had  properly parked it,  but we made our way up to the main decks to remeet
with him there, rather than struggle across the car deck.

For something completely different,  and a bit more expensive than usual, we
opt  for the brunch buffet,  in a proper shipboard restaurant.  At around 15
euros,  this is an all-you-can eat job,  so I do, taking in both english and
continental style breakfasts, yummy!

Contented and replete, we leave to take up our seats on the ship, errm, what
seats?!  This  Easter  sailing  is probably the busiest trip  on  the  Stena
Discovery that we've done yet. There is almost NO seating space to be found.
Eventually  we  make  a  temporary HQ in the  grounds  of  the  casino  bar,
surrounded by Karaoke-addled chavsters,  chain smoking gamblers with ravaged
expressions,  and  a  pair of gay hell's angels wearing the sort of  leather
outfits that might  have  featured in a  triple X version  of the Terminator

A  further  reconnaissance  into enemy territory locates  a  more  promising
location  for  a base camp,  with a nice sea view out of the window,  so  we
swiftly grab the just vacated seats.  There is no video screen to watch,  as
there were too many people in the way, so the rest of the journey carried on
in bouts of fitful conversation, and random moments of tiredness.

This  drowsy routine carries on to nearly the end,  when Paula heads off  to
update on her bladder movements.  A longer than normal pause ends,  when she
comes back with the shock news that she could be in major bother! She was in
the ladies toilets when a five year old kid barged into her cubicle, and was
promptly pushed out again.  An altercation with her mother followed, who was
not  able  to offer supervision and control before?  This got as far as  the
ship's crew being involved, and possible police action to follow!

This  could  potentially  kill off our involvement in the  party  before  it
starts.  So  we  head  off  to  remove the car to  the  terminal  and  await
developments. Nicky is to stay with Paula to offer support.

Happily by the time we get there,  we find the girls by a drinks machine and
trying to get it to deliver.  The matter has been resolved amicably, nothing
further is going to happen, and it seems that the Dutch authorities are more
than satisfied with Paula's version of events, having had the chance to hear
her side of the story!

After a short pause to consider our lucky escape, and top up on fluid levels
in  the  terminal  cafe  at the Hook,  we resume  our  slightly  interrupted
journey.  It  is around 16.00 when we set off hopefully in the direction  of

It took about two hours, all told, with the one minor wrong turning near the
end, quickly amended. the arrival at the site location held the odd surprise
for us too, with the campsite looming up a minute before we were to complete
our final manouvres,  but following the directions to the letter works,  and
we  arrive  at  the doors of Te Boemsgoed a short while after  the  hour  of

20.30 note,  we are comfortably settled in and set up, apart from a bunch of
late-arriving  Swedes  throwing the door open to bring in their  bundles  of
stuff.  From  the  distant hut,  terse text messages bounce in,  demanding to
know of the whereabouts of the pizza!

Yes, We'd like to know too, as of 20.45, we're still waiting!

Some  time  later,  we've been told that the order has been  placed.  Tinker
having waited until there was enough interest, before making the phone call?
I can tell him that there was quite a bit of interest from me at that  time!
The Swedish posse, having managed to locate the pizza shop whilst being lost
previously,  have gone out and taken matters,  or cardboard pizza boxes into
their hands.  This is yet another false dawn of food arrival,  in an evening
with about 3060 of them!

At  least the girls have stopped complaining,  I think they are getting  too
weak  from starvation for their fingers to work the texting buttons  on  the

Late update - it is 23.45, and the pizza's, with confusion, arrived around a
couple  of hours ago.  The food of Paula and Mr Pink didn't make it with the
first batch, so apologies and a quick despatch of the missing items followed
a bit later.

In  the meantime,  we managed to make quite a good improvised picnic in  the
hut zone, which had been made more comfortable with the addition of heat and
light.  The  not so  muffled crash that the pizza made,  travelling down our
digestive tracts reverberated around the rest of the camp.

Right  now,  I'm comfortably wrapped around a post-pizza Grolsch and tapping
frantically,  as  fast as tiredness and ill-co-ordination allows.  I'm up to
quite a high typo count, so the textual creation looks impressive from first
glance, if  anyone  is watching me,  but in reality,  coherent sentences are
stringing together very very slowly.

So far,  several people important to the success of a venture such as a demo
party have managed to get here.

These include the forces of tSCc,  sitting in the row opposite, Paranoid and
RA  of  Paradox,  Evolution  and Nature Brothers,  also  bringing  Partycle.
Sitting next to us,  Mr Pink,  representing the RG's. Up one from is is gwEm
and his lady, Manou.   A bit further up is Cyclone, the gallant co-editor of
Alive.  Several French guys including Chuck and Dma Sc lurk nearby.  The big
surprise,  for us at least, is the arrival of parts of Satantronic. There is
an expected number of 35-40, which is a fair bit smaller than last year, but
a decent hardcore of the actively interested is represented of course.

There  are a lot of people missed from this round-up,  so apologies to  them
for now.

Te  Boemsgoed  itself  is a half size scale model of the place  we  took  at
Lievelde last year.  There is a rustic country club feeling, lots of tables,
for  the setting up of various Atarian hardware,  a bar of the booze serving
variety  at  the  end,  and a couple of sofa's in the  party  chillout  zone
opposite.  Te  Boemsgoed  also  manages  to  score on  having  a  large  and
professional looking kitchen,  and the extra accomodation in the form of the
hut refuge taken over by the girls.  There is also a little more activity in
Braamt, including a well stocked local shoppe. It would have been nice to go
back to Lievelde, but this does a pretty good job in its place.

We have glimpsed several works in progress,  from what looks like Ray's CT60
stuffs,  to some Paradox material running on a Falcon,  and even a couple of
very  promising  screens  under the Equinox label on one  of  the  Frenchies
machines!  Of  course,  teh  big Dildo Fatwa demo 'Elvis' will outshine them

In the background,  the inevitable Tinkercore plays,  but at a muted volume,
to be fair to him.

Right now,  1564 PC sceners will be at Breakpoint '05, 931 will be drunk, of
which 297 will be sick,  41 have just passed out,  the first one of those at
15.14hrs, two hours after gaining entrance to the party. Of those, 7 will be
real medical emergencies.

There  will be 47 outbreaks of drunken nakedness,  several of which will  be
filmed. At least a couple of people will carry out a live sex act in lieu of
a real competition entry,  during the party. This represents a 100% increase
on last year's figure.

The  sleeping  place will be 30 celcius,  down to 45cm from the  floor,  the
average  floor temperature will be -7 celcius from there.  Four more medical
emergencies will turn out to be hypothermia related.


SATURDAY 26.3.05, and blumming heck, it's 00.50!

It's  been a very long day,  and interesting in parts.  It's almost time for
bed, as my eyes are starting to blur. Still, another long day tomorrow.

The  CT60 has behaved very well today,  holding steady at around 36 celcius,
and not falling over apart from naturally occurring Magic things going  off.
For  the last hour,  I've been waiting to my pizza to uncurl itself from the
ball-like formation in my stomach,  and listening to some recent music demos
such  as  'Just music 4' and 'Phat' to keep me in the chair  a  bit  longer.
About  half  the  party has gone to bed,  but there is still  a  substantial
hardcore  going on,  including the Frenchies who greet us with their  ritual
chants of "DMA!" and "Badger badger!"

I  was chatting with gwEm a while,  and a copy of MaXyMiser managed to  find
its way to me,  thanks matey!  I'm too tired to check it out tonight, so one
for tomorrow's infotainment..

I think I'll call it a wrap for today here too.

Seeya in the morning..

9.50 hours, morning update.

Well I hit the wormbag at around 02.00,  and mainly thanks to the fact there
was a bed underneath it,  I slept very comfortably,  thank you!  There was a
certain amount of snoring competition, and speculation suggests it came from
the Slovakian contingent. (Cries of "Yehaa! I'm NOT number one!" follow from
the general direction of me....)

Anyway,  to keep a dull but pleasant morning routine as brief as possible, I
got up,  cleaned up, managed a very basic beta version of breakfast, pending
better  things to come for when we get our act together at  the  supermarket

The girls are awake, having suffered no ill-effects from the hut, and should
be  joining  us shortly,  when the extended feminine rebooting and  cleaning
routines are carried out.

At the minute, there are a few people here, an alert Swedish contingent (who
went  to bed early if you remember!) Also some Frenchies who treat us to  an
early chant of "DMA!" I've also got some mobycam footage of Pink the wormbag
monster,  struggling  to  arise from his tomb on the floor!  Now does anyone
have the Nokia video codec working on Atari?

Back later, when stuff starts to happen.

12.25hrs or 12.25 hz?

It is quite warm outside,  in fact you could call it sunny. The CT60 ambient
state  is  around  38 degrees celcius,  which reflects the  general  warmth,
bodies  and Atari cpu power crammed in this room.  It has been left on  idle
since it was switched on first thing, and is behaving impeccably.

The girls have left for parts Amsterdam, but not the same parts that used to
interest  Felice  so  greatly.  The  fact that they  are  girls  might  have
something to do with that, of course!

We've also managed to sort out breakfast,  including some Al-Quaida inspired
fiddling with a propane cylinder next to our hut to power the kettle  inside
it.  I lit up,  and got out of the way, waiting for the inevitable "K-Boom!"
That would represent the ultimate crude attempt at energy transfer to make a
cup  of  tea!  But  it  didn't happen like that.  Now if it wasn't  for  you
meddling safety inspectors (curses!)

We  even  had  time for a reprise of the Alt party demo  compo  winner,  the
Dreamcast  entry,  courtesy of Paranoid and his Dreamcast.  And there was me
thinking  for one brief moment,  that they had coded a killer CT60 demo as a
nice surprise! Still, never mind, maybe next time..

The atmosphere is very laid back and relaxed,  which is as things should be,
and I'm wrapped around an icy bottle of the beer that cheers (Grolsch). If I
get  stuck  into the wine a bit later on as planned,  then I'll be  fit  for
precisely nothing by the evening!

There  is a lot of coding/pixeling/tracking going on,  and just a little bit
of playing around (hello Baggio!)

12.40, Nemo has arrived. He likes to do this latecoming thing often.

13.35.  Now I've tweaked and corrected some of the other Alive articles, I'm
sure I had in mind some other stuffs to do,  but I can't recall them at this
moment.  Instead,  I'm feeling very lazy,  but contented, as if all is right
with the world right now, which as I'm in the party universe, it is!

13.40,  Havoc  is in conversation with an animated and excitable person.  Is
this the owner of the site?  What transgression have we caused?  And will we
be able to stay on the site?  Ahh, no, it looks like they are trying to sort
out the beamer and big screen. Which lowers down onto the far wall.

One  of the things I did late last night,  was to take a look at Ray's CT60.
He's  gone  for  the  'convertible' open top option,  removing  the  lid  to
disperse  the  heat.  There  is  an  extra reason  for  the  heat,  as  he's
incorporated  a mini-ATX inside the casing,  roughly analogous to where  the
internal  IDE normally goes in a standard Falcon.  There is a 3.5 inch  IDE,
where  the floppy used to be.  An interesting solution to a lot of  annoying
problems,  and seems to work pretty well. I didn't really feel up to finding
out how he got around the displaced floppy disk problem though..

14.45,  I  did  find  something to do,  which was to update the  Atari  demo
gallery for the 'CiH-HQ' pages. At least the text parts, there's a whole lot
of screenshots to get, as I've been adding lots of new entries, and allowing
two grabs per demo,  against one before. (Post-party note:- And now I've got
to add 'Beams', question is, should it go in as a 2003 or 2005 entry?)

Now  Tinker  is  testing  the big screen,  with the  inevitable  H-Demo  IV.
Strangely, this looks rather good and well put together from here! And still
very funny. Amazing how much demo mileage you can get from one brief foolish
moment of video, said he, the creator of the 'Elvis' demo!

16.15 note.  The afternoon wears on,  and the temperature is dropping. There
is  an open door policy with huge gulps of fresh air coming in,  so CT60  is
happy.  It got quite warm in a sticky midsummer sense earlier, and it peaked
at  38-39  degrees,  which  meant it stayed working without  anything  vital
falling off,  such as Magic for instance.  We're now coming back down to the
less giddy heights of 34-36 celcius.

Of the rest of the time between updates, we've been back to the local store,
to fill in some potential looming gaps in the junkfood inventory, and fitted
in some non-constructive messing about with various music programs. A lot of
people are busy with tracker screens,  505 and Nemo both on Ace tracker, but
there  is  a fair smattering of other formats in the house.  We're  kind  of
looking  forward  to  hearing MaXyMiser in action,  and last  night,  I  was
attempting  to twist gWem's arm into either entering a tune,  or the program
itself into the wild compo.

Been  outside,  trying  to avoid the Tinker who insists on roaming the  hall
with his camera. There should be at least one picture of me coming after him
with a meat cleaver that I located in the kitchen!

People  who  are reading that previous statement with  some  concern,  don't
worry, it was all a spur of the moment bout of play-acting, there will be no
Tinker-bits in the wild competition pie-making entry, and subsequent arrests

Anyway,  it  was  a  rather small meat cleaver,  clearly inadequate for  any
homicidal purpose!

17.50,  An extended period follows outside,  all the better to top up on our
suntans.  Did  I  mention  the weather has been quite pleasant  here?  We're
spending  some  time talking with Havoc,  and various Swedes keep  inserting
themselves in the picture too.

There's  something that Cyclone will have to be made aware of,  when he next
turns  up  here.  Alive  has  got a fifth birthday this year!  In  fact  the
birthday could be considered to be the 10th November release date for  issue
1.  We'll have to start planning a birthday celebration, as it looks like it
will be for the issue after this one!

Back in the party hall, the setting sun streams in, and oh, that's annoying,
we're missing sunglasses!

18.30,  Not a great deal happens, a bit more pixelling is going on. The demo
rumours? We'll have to wait until these become a bit more concrete, in order
to comment properly.  However,  there may be some contributions from outside
the party, if we are fortunate? But too early to tell yet.

I'll put in a special shout for the Nature Brothers,  sitting with Evolution
on the table facing us. I've finally seen the EtherNat prototype board. I've
yet  to see it *working* mind,  as they are having some problems with  their
CT60, but we remain hopeful.

20.15,  The topic of food came along,  although we received our pizza's, yet
another communication failure mislaid our garlic bread to go with it. I also
had a struggle with the first bottle of wine,  which either had a bitch of a
cork,  or  the  most  ineffectual corkscrew in creation,  or probably  both.
Eventually,  a long while later,  after digging out half the cork, I managed
to  remove  the offending item.  The wine was lovely!  There's a little  bit
left, so hurry if you want to catch it!  (Sorry Earx, too late!)

The  last little while,  I have been previewing gwEm what to expect from his
CT63, showing various demos, the Earx-made VLM, and even a little foray into
SDL  Wolfenstein.  Not  to  mention  the  multi-media  escapades.  gwEm  was
impressed,  and  I  had to promise to carefully look after the rev  1  68060
currently  resident in mine,  until I swap it for my pre-ordered revision 6,
and  hand it over.  He is having difficulties thinking up a final topic  for
the  'In the Trashcan' article,  as the party is putting him in such a  good
frame of mind!

                      The hands of gwEm are busy indeed!

Meanwhile,  a sort of formal entertainment programme has been going on, over
at the big screen, with several favourite ST demos playing. Currently up, is
Froggies over the Fence, but we have also been watching the Aggression Brain
Damage demo, Grotesque, and several others.

20.45 - Cuddly demos, including the STe-cacked main menu is up now.

Also  it  looks  like  the girls have finished  their  day's  adventures  in
Amsterdam,  and  just  have the final bus-station bit to  negotiate.  Expect
breathless shopping tales soon!

Outline  '05  eternal mystery #1 - How did they manage to  show  the  Cuddly
demos,  without getting around to the Spreadpoint screen,  probably the best
screen of the whole demo?!

Cyclone has (re)entered the building! (as of 20.55hrs.)

21.30,  The missing garlic bread has turned up, x2, which is a nice thought,
but a bit much for this time,  so we've donated the second instalment to the
pizza-eating masses,  where it will no doubt be kicked around and forgotten?
(I think Baggio helped out there, so it wasn't.)

There  is a suggestion that the graphics and sound competition may well  run
after the pizza feeding frenzy has calmed.  If this is so,  we will probably
miss  it,  as the girls will arrive back shortly,  and have asked us to meet
them off the bus.

There  is  one piece of release gossip I can share with  you  now,  actually
culled  off the generally underfed realtime text.  Which is that it  finally
actually looks like the mega-delayed 'Beams' demo will be getting its  final
release, or at least showing as the definitive finished version, before they
spend another year sitting on it to clear further bugs out or something?  If
this turns up as a real live download on DHS soon, I'm going to be amazed!

(Post party note:- Ok, I'm amazed! There is a review elsewhere this issue.)

23.55, We're coming up fast on Sunday, and we've got a little bit of a story
for you!

Right  after I had finished off and saved the last bit of this  report,  the
girls summoned us to meet them,  as they were on the final bus back to here.
By the time we reach the roundabout,  the bus sails past.  We are heading up
to the bus stop a bit further up the street, but there is no sign of anyone.
Immediately  we have to find out whether they have got off early,  or worse,
are  still on the bus.  We soon get a text message back to tell us that they
have  got off,  but have no idea where,  but it clearly isn't where they are
supposed to be.

We manage to establish, through repeated text messages, that they are at the
bus stop before, so we tell them to head in the direction the bus was going,
and  Felice went off to meet them.  This is done quite quickly,  and another
five minutes later,  the whole party is reunited, and we are on our way back
to  Te  Boemsgoed.  It  turned out that the bus driver had given  them  duff
information,  and  told them to get off a full stop before they should  have

So  we've  been away all this time,  as they have been telling us  of  their
Amsterdam  sojourn,  and getting rapidly drunk,  just as we are sobering up.
This boiled down to a rapid shopping expedition for mainly chocolate  items.
So we've missed the graphics and music competitions, which were described as
small numbers of entries, but of very high quality.

So we've had violence (Friday), and getting lost at night in the countryside
(tonight). What have they got in store for us on Sunday?

SUNDAY! Which is now today!

01.30, Tinker and Earx try to figure out the alternative meaning of the word
'knob' as used in an English colloquial fashion. So I'm not telling them!

The bedtime hour is almost upon us,  and I've spent the last hour postponing
the  evil  moment  by pumping up the Flaysid volume.  I've  also  managed  a
conversation with Cyclone,  who seemed to be surprised that the 5th birthday
of  Alive  was coming up for November the 10th this year.  Still,  now  I've
seeded the idea in his brain, let's see what will transpire?

I think I'm going to call it a night fairly soon,  as about half the rest of
the  partygoers  have  as well.  There are some  hardcore  deadline  beaters
smashing keys away, but quite a lot of other people also standing around and
watching the movements of the productive members very closely.  Atari scene,
too many managers, not enough workers, Cah!

And I think the clocks go forward very soon,  so it's tough shit to deadline
beaters  at  coding  parties  across the  European  landmass.  Last  time  I
encountered  such  a  time-shift  at  a coding  party,  was  at  the  rather
unfortunate  Mekka Symposium in 2002,  where it was frankly a relief to lose
an hour there!

11.00 - Morning!

I  went  to  bed at 03.00,  adjusted for summer time 04.00.  This was  after
spending  some more time showing Nemo around the CT60.  Upstairs was  cooler
last  night,  but  dressed  for bedroom survival I managed to get  to  sleep
easily.  I'm  pretty sure there was one Satantronic inspired interruption to
the blissful repose sometime later,  but I slept some more to 09.00ish,  but
didn't make a move until an hour later.

Getting  a shower this morning was somewhat overcomplicated.  The girls  had
recommended  the coin-op showers in the toilet block,  so I went  hopefully,
with my 50 cents to check these out.  The location was fine, the tranquility
perfect,  but the blummin' showers weren't working,  or at least my 50 cents
wasn't  working!  Which  is kind of annoying when you get to the  bare  feet
stage, and the tiled floor is so cold!

Eventually,  I  had  to resort to the crowded 'public' showers in  the  main
building,  which  did  the  job,  but were barely warm in places,  and  very
waterlogged in general ambience. To get dry feet, you had to remove yourself
completely barefoot from the shower, and take your towelling elsewhere.

Baggio  quote from in the shower - "Oh no,  I've wet my pants!" (Not with  a
shower of the golden variety, we hope?!)

I've sort of made a 'pre-breakfast' out of some of the bits lying around, in
order  to keep me going before "official" breakfast when the four of us  are
back together.  Speaking of which,  we found an empty hut earlier?  Are they
having  more  luck with their 50 cents than I did,  or have they  just  been

Meanwhile,  in  a dark dimension where only he has the key,  a sleeping Pink

12.05,  Coffee at last! My first cup in three days! And it makes up in total
caffeine content for what I've missed from lack of my normal intake.

We  have  filled the last hour with organising 'official breakfast'  in  the
hut,  a  sort  of continental style with added cheese and bacon snacks.  The
ladies have disappeared with Felice to look for the faint possibility of  an
open  shop  that  might sell some sort of white  coloured  vino,  on  Easter
Sunday.  Right,  this  part  of  rural Netherlands keeps very similar  (non)
opening hours to Germany.  I decided to stay at the party, to monitor the up
and coming action, such as it is right now.

Frustrating  point:-  Everyone delights in telling me how high  quality  the
graphics  and music competition was.  The competition that we didn't get  to
see  whilst  looking for lost people!  I think I'll nail their feet  to  the
floor today,  to rein in the misguided wanderlust,  and so we can get to see
the main demo competitions tonight!

Here's some demo news at last!  Evil came through with a 4ktro.  Which if it
is like previous DHS releases, will be worth 64kb of anyone else's effort!

So  I'm  trying  to  put  together  a  picture  from  the  very  fragmentary
information to hand, of what we might be watching this evening.

Confirmed:- DHS 4ktro (bet its CT60!), Dildo Fatwa (cough!) fake demo.

Pretty damn likely:- Beams release version,  Paradox STe demo,  Some kind of
preview from Earx (Falcon), some kind of preview from the Frenchies (ST).

Also, game compo entry from RG, Evolution working on 4k shootemup. According
to the official laptop-based realtime, this managed to compact down to 2k!

And  what else:- Satantronic,  are they here for the good of their health or
doing  something too?  I also spotted some kind of dancing monkey screen  in
the French corner, is this for a fake demo, do Dildo Fatwa finally have some
competition at last!?

(Post  party  note:- Apart from the well stocked bootsector compo,  this  is
kind of how things turned out.  The cool and pleasant surprise was the final
release  of 'Beams',  and the stronger than average field of entries for the
games competition.)

13.05, I've been browsing the pictures of the SV2000 party, and I even found
a picture of our heavily loaded car! Also the big 'banner' style jpeg of the
whole  coach party on the war memorial at Gdansk.  This depacks to something
like  15  meg,  over what even a 14mb Falcon can cope with!  No problem with
this lot of course. Now that really was a party to cherish good memories of!

13.40 Nicky has been here,  and looking with stunned horror and amazement at
some  of the past parties we have been to,  including a boot opened shot  of
the super-stuffem SV2000 car,  some fairly naked pictures from the ALT party
sauna, and more. Now she knows what we've been up to all this time! At least
that stuff which she chooses to believe!

14.37 And now we've been boring and domestic, and sitting in the gently warm
and  pleasant  Sunday afternoon ambience of the hut,  indulging in a  picnic
with our pre-hoarded from Saturday supplies. Now we're back, and so are most
of the rest of the party.

15.37 I've been playing games,  I reloaded Starball SE onto my CT60, meaning
to see if it works with it,  and I found out today,  it does!! Yeahh! One of
my favourite games is back on the '060! I also found time to play Lasers and
Men  (Pre-preview)  and Spice at suicide speed.  Maybe an idea for a  future
party,  playing  Spice on an accelerated machine,  at the sort of speed that
Defender is really meant to go!

Meanwhile,  Felice is immersed in old back issues of Maggie,  whatever keeps
him happy!

A  bit  further along,  gwEm struggles to fix the sound replay code for  the
'dancing monkey' screen I mentioned earlier.

15.50 - This diary might be closing down for a while,  as this machine could
be  borrowed for the competition entries.  It looks like there are two  CT60
entries,  which  are both 4ktro's from Earx and DHS.  But it seems there are
lots  of complications with entries on hardware with no floppy  drives,  and
needing to network in a complex fashion or something to get them off.  Watch
this space..

Otherwise,  I  could  be  getting a preview of the CT60  stuffs  before  the
competition, which would be cool!

The demo entry deadline has been moved to 17.00.

17.05 - Things are happening with the entries,  the competition running time
will be around 22.00hrs. I'm still not sure at which point this machine will
be needed,  but I might as well carry on here whilst people decide what they
wish to do next.

We're going to attempt food at around 18.00,  all the better to be ready for
the evening's events.

I've had a preview of Earx's CT60 4ktro, which is a voxel thing, in a mellow
and misty sense. He's nervous of what might be coming with the DHS entry...

We're kind of waiting around for something to happen, or to be summoned with
CT60  to  the organisers organising area,  so it's kind of hard to  maintain
momentum  at  this  time.  Even now,  some people are coding,  which kind of
suggests a further extension of deadline?

From  reviewing  the  pictures taken on my feeble mobycam,  there  are  some
classics,  not  at  all  in the picture quality sense,  but instead  in  the
subject  matter.  Like a motion-blurred Paranoid striding purposely past  me
for example, or the one of Mr Pink who is clutching his head in his hands in
a "Omigod,  what have I done?!" moment. Then there is the Satantronic 'Atari
car', a picture of Baggio clowning on a length of rope tied to a tree, and a
really neat wallpaper for the front end of my phone,  taken entirely off the
reflective patterned surface of the waiting room table at Harwich  terminal!
And  I think I already mentioned the "Pink awakes" mobycam movie that I  did
yesterday ;-)

We tried out the "Elvis is still Dead" fake demo on the competition  viewing
machine.  This  looks  like  it has an early TOS,  which tends to  worry  me
slightly,  but  the all-important DMA sample replay seemed to work ok.  Hope
this  is  not  a  one-off?!  Lovely,  something new to worry about  for  the

Still, might go and double check on here now, back in a bit...

17.55 HUGE WAVE OF RELIEF!!  - A niggling random fault with the DMA  replay
turns  out  not to be a problem with the software,  but a problem  with  the
frigging  annoying defective from day one headphone jack on my machine!  The
only  thing extra that is needed on TOS 4.01,  is the Fpatch or similar.  So
Elvis will be singing in clear dulcet tones tonight!  Tweaking the headphone
lead  to the 'wrong' position made the soundchip replay extra  quietly,  and
the DMA part hiss. I managed to reproduce the fault that had been bugging me
since  the demo was started under party laboratory conditions,  in order  to
find out what it actually was. So everything is cool now!

Might  be  time  real soon to collect the girls,  and attempt  the  maze  of
kitchen  instruments  in  cooking some food.  I can see the  headlines,  "Te
Boemsgoed  destroyed in huge explosion!" (Right after the one involving  the
hut earlier?!)

Back  laters,  as  by  the time I finish,  Earx may well have  blagged  this
machine  for the compo viewings.  If you are unlucky,  then more of my tepid
insights will follow!

19.05 - the Earx has still not intervened to take my machine away,  but here
he is,  sitting beside me. The idea for a big cook-in, using the kitchen and
a  heapful  of pasta worked well,  brilliantly,  even if I say so.  So we're
comfortably stuffed,  actively tackling the final bottle of wine, and pretty
content  with  the  overall situation.  Especially after what  I  found  out
earlier  about  a  certain  demo.  It also looks like there  has  been  more
interest  in  the realtime article,  which is rapidly gaining a  respectable
weight. (gWem logs on, as I write this, to prove that last point...)

The  Earx  speaks,  it  seems we're okay until the time of the  viewings  at
least, thanks pal!

Now  we're waiting for something to kick off,  which won't be until 22.00hrs

19.35 - CT60 temperature note,  the ambient conditions are nicely hot, so is
this, peaking at 40 celcius, but still nothing collapsed. Cyclone has kindly
opened  the door to let some fresher air in for a bit,  and we're steady  at
38-39 degrees..

Won't have to worry about this lame temperature shit with a revision 6 '060!
Still,  I've  managed to sort out with gwEm to get it changed over,  when he
gets his CT63.

20.20 - There's something about a big Easter fire in the field.  (Teh Fier!)
This is deliberate,  but no, it's not arson! Question is, who is going to be
thrown on it. And no back-talk from you, Nicky!

Now  there are a lot of silly buggers eating pizza.  And it's getting  quite
warm in here again, cosy in fact.

20.30 - Time for a refill. (And 'wine' not?)

21.05 - We've been out and watching the fire,  at least whilst it was going.
It  was a disinterested fire,  and no amount of flammable help was going  to
get it going again. When someone added edam-flavoured napalm to the wood, it
flared up in an interesting way, but only for a short time. Now, it seems to
be in a slow decline,  and not doing much of anything at all now. So after a
while, Felice, Nicky and myself left it to die slowly.

As  Paula  is tired or unwell,  or both things,  she's been left in the warm
embrace  of  the  hut,  and  Nicky has joined us in the main  hall  for  the
eventual competition start.  There was also a mention of pizza made in there
somewhere as well.

Nicky subsequently went back to the hut, and didn't stay for the compos, but
she managed to fit a session of SDL Wolfenstein in,  prompting her to wonder
where  her  own disks with the PeeCee original had got to.  Next  door,  and
purely  by coincidence,  Ray was showing off the last but one version of his
Wolfenstein  conversion.  There are some bad guys running around there  now!
There  are  sound effects!  We need a gun and soon!  I wonder what the  most
recent  version  has got up to in it,  and how soon a new version will  come
out, now it seems that 'Beams' is finally going to be released?


The competitions have been and gone,  and whilst there has not been any real
advance from last year,  there have been some decent entries, in fact if you
consider  the  lower  numbers attending from last  year,  then  the  overall
production rate and standard has held up quite well.

As  predicted,  this  machine went off to spend some time in the  organisers
den, and suitably prepared, it was easily up to the task of running the CT60
stuffs shown. This is getting ahead of ourselves, as we consider the entries
in front of them.

A  smattering of sixteen colour entries came up first,  there are just three
or  four  pictures this year,  from p01,  Flash,  and Cooper.  Cooper's entry
casts  an  affectionate nod at the current commercially  successful  cartoon
format,  SpongeBob Squarepants,  who is depicted using an ST.  Flash's entry
'Outline',  seems  to  follow  on from the style of  C-Rem,  depicting  some
scarily  accurate cameo's of Havoc and Earx in a very Dutch themed  pastoral
picture.  And  p01 picks up a more conventional subject matter with a lonely
looking female being painted.

A new category,  the bootsector intro, was run for the first time here. This
gives more possibilities than the basic 128 bytro,  not least in the area of
design.  There is a varied bag of entries, such as a Keftale bootsector from
Cyclone,  or a basic zoomer,  with music featuring, and many more. With some
entries  coming  from  outside  the party,  this was a  well  supported  and
successful category.

Several  of  the main competitions were amalgamated into one,  and with  the
somewhat blurred output from the bigscreen beamer, I was not expecting a lot
of  the  first  entry for the wild/Demo combined   competition,  the  rather
familiar  "Elvis  is still dead!" However,  it seemed to survive on the  big
screen quite well,  the captions managed to be readable, and with it running
in RGB mode the timing was just about right. I doubt if 'Elvis' will win any
prizes,  but  the  audience reaction was positive enough,  even from Baggio!
(Who said he appears in too many demos!)

There was a nice slideshow from YesCrew and others, called M-Pong. This drew
and  blocked in various static screens from classic old arcade  games,  with
another gwEm zik playing.

The  Paradox  demo 'Pacemaker'  was one of the anticipated  productions  for
this party.  Expectations were dampened down by the authors describing it as
a  preview,  but  it still managed to sparkle in places.  There was a tunnel
which  would  not have disgraced a much higher end machine,  and  the  final
screen  of the preview was the real moneyshot moment for many  people,  with
Sonic  the  Hedgehog running down a solid-3D half-tunnel  in  a  Stun-Runner
fashion! The full and finished article is keenly awaited!

             Paranoiablur! As NOT featured in the Pacemaker demo!

There was a wild compo animation 'Japanim' from Cooper, Paradize and others,
which  was  genuinely  cartoon-like,  and impressive,  and about 800  frames
crammed  onto  a standard double-sided disk!  Not the sort of thing  usually
seen on Atari,  and another high spot in the competition.  Yes, it turns out
subsequently to be an adaption of something on the net, but all the same, to
get  it  onto a double-sided disk was neat.  I think gwEm got in there  with
some music again.

The gwEmster was called out to demonstrate MaXYmizer,  which he did, keen to
show  off  his presentational skills for this stunning new  ziktracker,  and
played a whole new song made for it at the party.

My CT60,  the only one with a floppy drive present at the party, was pressed
into service for the next part. This was for showing the pair of 4ktros made
for the CT60. Earx gave us a short but sweet 'desert dream', gliding through
endless sand dunes in 'Scape'.  The killer demo in this category was the DHS
entry, "Episode 666", which happily lived up to the tradition benchmarks set
by  their wave of killer 4ktros written in the '97-98 period,  but with much
more complex 3-D objects,  which Evil loved showing off! There was even some
music with it too.

There was a brief corrective to all this high-end malarky,  with the 'monkey
intro'  or "Monkiki",  that I had seen in various states of being made  over
the weekend.

The  final  lap consisted of the well-attended games competition,  with  the
presentational  skills of Mr Pink called upon to show off "Clix".  This is a
columns type game, with Matt 'Neo' Smith behind the design and graphics, and
with  the  characteristic Reservoir Gods shedload of definable  options.  No
they  haven't  forgotten  last year's entry,  "Clogged up"!  There was  a  a
further  CT60  based entry from Evolution,  called 'Evo-fighter',  which was
slung together in-party,  in lieu of anything else being ready, but that was
not shown to best effect by Baggio, in his rush to get back to his chair.

There  was  a serious competitor,  with a game called 'Pooz',  this had  the
design  talents  of many Frenchies under the Paradize label,  such  as  STS,
Exocet,  and  DMA-SC.  A  good game was slightly let down by a  presentation
overpowered by the high sound volume.

Finally,  we  had the Mad Buscher in a multiplayer 'Tron' type game.  With a
Jagpad team tap,  up to eight players on the same screen were possible,  but
we had to make do with four.

Shortly after, when it was assumed it was all over, there was a presentation
of  the final mix (we hope!) of the lost since EIL 3 "Beams" demo.  This had
been  remixed  yet again,  with parts that were tantalisingly familiar,  but
not, at the same time? This is a real high-end presentation, that could hold
up to the best on other scenes.  Perhaps looking a little slow in places, to
critical eyes getting used to CT60 levels of smoothness, but still top notch
presentation,  and  a strong design makes this one of the all-time  classics
for the Falcon demo hall of fame.

Questioning  the  tSCc  dudes,  apart from an issue where  they  were  still
testing  for working on 4mb,  and a few final bugs,  the demo is effectively
finished,  and we can expect to see it in "the next couple of days"(!) Hmmm,
we're  watching  you  guys!  And I still think that 'Elvis'  did  the  whole
talking heads thing better ;-)

(Post party note:- And they did!)

Satantronic  and friends have started their long journey home,  and a lot of
people,  Baggio and Felice among them,  have retired. And I've been updating
this text up to now. It is 01.30 hours.

01.50 - Rumour of a prize ceremony impending.. Wonder if I should go to bed
now, hmmm!?

02.15 - Winners for the competition are being announced!

4Ktro competition - DHS (No surprise there..)

Combined demo/wild - Paradox,  of course.  (Dildo Fatwa got 3rd place, which
is three better than expected!)

Game competition - Paradise Computing (The RG's came second for once.)

Graphics - C-Rem (I don't remember this entry?)

Chip music - 505, with a debut maxyMiser tune.

Multichannel/MP3 - Nemo, still supporting 'Ace' tracker.

I think seriously it will be time for bed real soon now..

10.08  -  MORNING!  And it's the final one for this party.  I've slept (from
03.00)  and  after  a cup of fresh coffee,  I'm almost back with  the  world
again.  One  thing  from  last  night,  I  started to go  to  bed,  with  no
expectation  of anything from the prizewinning,  but Earx retrieved me  from
the upstairs dormitory lair,  just as I was taking my shoes off. So barefoot
and  bleary-eyed,  I  went  down to choose from the remaining  selection  of
prizes,  eventually opting for Imagecopy 4, with the manual, and got given a
copy  of  a strange PeeCee game 'Kartoffelpuree',  which is the  German  for
instant mashed potato! I know a bit of German, amazing!

I  ended  up  donating the Imagecopy 4 to Mr  Pink,  keeping  the  currently
useless game, with no PeeCee to play it.

Anyway,  there will be a party summing up, but probably after we've got back
home,  which  is  the  best  time  to do it,  right now,  time to  look  for
breakfast, then get this lot in bags for the journey home.

As is often the case,  the end comes quickly for the party.  The majority of
people are packing,  some, like Satantronic have already gone. It is not too
hard  to pack our own stuffs,  first persuading some of the available people
to  record  their last thoughts on the laptop realtime.  Some others have  a
less hurried perspective, as Mr Pink is not due to leave until the evening.

Then  we  head to the hut,  and the girls report a tale of  creeping  system
failure with the showers.  We make breakfast out of what is left of the food
for the last time, and Felice fetches the car around to the main hall.

Loading up our gear only takes a short time,  and we carry out a quick round
of farewells and leave Te Boemsgoed around 11.30.

The  journey  back  is straightforward,  with just the one  traffic  related
slowdown  somewhere between Arnhem and Utrecht.  It is also an  increasingly
foggy journey back,  and by the time we are getting close to the Hook, it is
so misty that we can't see the tops of tall buildings!

In  fact,  we get back to the ferry terminal,  with more than enough time in
hand.  We  get  tangled  up with a confused batch of people who seem  to  be
waiting for a delayed earlier (14.30) sailing,  who may have actually missed
their boat?  The extremely low-end booze market, and very crowded restaurant
at the terminal distract us for a short time only,  and we opt to sit it out
in the car.

In  spite  of  the  potentially hazardous  maritime  conditions,  the  Stena
Discovery is on time,  and unloads the next batch of travelling hordes,  the
loads us up patiently. To avoid the seating glitch we encountered during the
trip out,  we grab our usual places by the video wall early on! This is done
before the hordes swarm in.  In fact,  the journey back was probably just as
busy, but it felt less claustrophobic.

We are addressing the topic of food by the time the ferry is pulling out  of
the  terminal dock,  and opt for a refresher course in the humble 'Discovery
Burger'.  This seems to have had a major revamp over the past year, as their
double cheeseburger is the best damn burger that I've ever tasted, that I've
not  made  for  myself!  A single burger is something like  everyone  else's
quarter  pounder,  and we had two of them in the same bun.  This proved good
enough to solve the food problem for the rest of the day.

The girls get to see for themselves the cheesiness content of the video wall
for the first time,  but no Venga Boys were showing!  There was an extremely
dubious  Freddy Mercury tribute which sounded nothing like him,  and  looked
like  a caricature version instead.  There are one or two trips to the shop,
and a quick look out of the spray-blasted rear viewing platform, where Nicky
appreciated for the first time, how fast the ship was actually going!

There  were  no incidents of violence,  either with little people,  or their
careless  guardians,  and  we got off the ferry without  complications.  The
journey home took us,  via various places until 23.00,  and that was another
party over and done with..

 Outline '05, an assessment..

Firstly,  it was a worthy follow-up to Outline'04.  There just seems to be a
knack  on the part of the Dutch team in organising a superbly  relaxing  and
hospitable party with above average amenities.  The other Dutch parties I've
experienced,  such  as  Outline '04,  and the STNICCC 10th anniversary,  were
some of the most relaxing and easygoing I've ever been to. The Pre-Millenium
party, which I didn't get around to, must have been the same as well.

The  numbers  were fewer,  but never critically low.  It seems that too many
people   would   liked  to  have  come,   but  were  prevented  by   various
circumstances, like work/life balance distortion, or stupid staggered public
holidays in France (hi Seb!)

Te Bomesgoed was just about right for this party,  and a perfect replacement
for the place at Lievelde.  And another point in their favour was that their
beds didn't collapse!

As always, it is great to see the lovely Atariscene people again.

If  you  are  looking at defining success through  the  narrow  but  crucial
criteria of releases,  Outline '05 successfully maintained the standard from
last  year.  If we are considering this against the lower numbers attending,
it  could even be seen as an improvement.  It was not an EIL standard party,
which some pre-party rumour seemed to be hoping for, but there was some nice
stuff shown regardless of that.

The  party succeeded in its food,  provision.  In spite of some non-delivery
confusion,  the  pizza  service  was  very good and the  quality  high.  The
provision  of alternatives was at a decent level in the seething  metropolis
of Braamt,  with one well-stocked local supermarket. For at least one of the
days,  we were able to successfully cook an alternative to the pizza service
in the lavishly provided for kitchen.

The  Grolsch and soft drink provision was top notch!  Havoc will be drinking
the  surplus  until 2008,  having guesstimated likely demand on  last  years
consumption levels,  but not taking into account that some of us brought our
own booze!

On a more personal level,  Nicky and Paula enjoyed it too,  as far as we can
tell  ;-)  The  extra  accomodation on site  was  useful,  as  an  off-party
sanctuary for them.  We also managed to fit four in a small car successfully
as well.  The mass ownership shift to TFT monitors is helping. It would have
been a lot more difficult carrying a couple of intransigent boxes containing
cathode ray tubes in our car boot!

A  partial  attempt  to avoid total pizza  dependency  was  successful,  the
kitchen was very good, and what we cooked didn't hang around for too long.

Still  on  the personal level,  this party was good for helping to run  down
some of my surplus stocks of red wine (hic!)

The  CT60  behaved itself,  with the new additional finger-removing  cooling
system installed on top of the casing.  It was switched on most of the days,
and  handled party conditions with ease,  including writing this report.  It
also stood in as well for one of the competition viewing machine.

I managed to get much of what I wanted to do there done, if not all of it.

The  realtime  article  provision,  via Felice's laptop was a  success.  The
robustness  of Ubuntu Linux can be proven as there was not not  one  failure
through the whole weekend.

And of course, Wee got teh third plaice for the 'Elvis' demmmo!

There was a small amount of less good stuff. The pizza delivery on the first
night  was far too late for my taste,  which I could have done with  tasting
hours earlier!

Demo-wise,  the  CT60  revolution has been postponed,  again..  (Although to
balance  that,  a  good authority has it that we should expect something  to
"Kick the CT60's arse!" in the summer months!)

Of  course,  what  sucked the worst was that too many people were  prevented
from coming, who really would have loved to be there.

Finally,  there was that stupid problem on the ferry over, which fortunately
turned out to be nothing in the end.

But  these are only a few small bad points,  to set against the overwhelming
goodness coming from Outline '05.

I guess there won't be another Outline party,  just yet. Havoc made it clear
that  organising two in successive years was okay,  but a third year running
would stop it being enjoyable for them,  which is fair enough.  The Dutchies
have done a great job for the last two Easter's, so it's someone else's turn

Who might that be?  Will it be a new edition of the mighty Error in Line? Or
will it be something else? This is the crucial question for next year.

Anyway, to Havoc, Earx, and Tinker, so long, and thanks for all the Grolsch!

CiH, for Alive Mag,April '05.

Alive 10