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Alive 10
A Letter!

Most times after we've done an issue,  people generally react favourably, and
often  congratulate us in the immediate aftermath period,  usually on the DHS
BBS,  or  somewhere  like IRC Atariscne.  Just occasionally,  someone takes a
little bit more time, and writes us a letter.

Ola Cxt & CiH!

After  reading  this  last  issue  of Alive  (and  i  am  still  not  totally
finished!)  I  just thought you have earned a few words on  this  really  big
issue.  First of all,  I think the new team is blowing some really fresh  air
into  the diskmagscene.  The combination of the different article  styles was
really  nice  to me.  I also enjoyed the depth of the articles  (ct60,  party
reports,  reviews)   and  the personal way of interviewing by  cxt (not  just
copied and pasted questions). I would be glad to read  another similar-styled
issue from you sooner or (rather) later. And I  would like to look forward to
the mentioned but missing intro in a next  issue :)

Great work!,

Thanks for the feedback pal,

It's always nice to read on the DHS BBS,  the positive feedback there sort of
vindicates  what  we've slaved away on ;-) It is even better to  get  someone
like you taking the time to write specially.

We  are working on another issue,  an Outline special,  which will be out not
too  long  after Easter,  hopefully,  at least we're not going to be as  slow
between issues as recently ;-)

I'll  be at Outline '05,  hope you will too,  and looking forward to some new
prods to review from Paradox and Escape sometime :-)

All the best,

Chris. (CiH).

Alive 10