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Alive 10

Credits :
Code by Swe/Yescrew                                 System : all Ataris
Msx by Gwem/Lonerider                               Size : 69Kb
Gfx by Sts                                          Released : Outline 2005

 Some time before last  xmas, DHS launched another  online compo  for its  10th
 anniversary and  Swe  being a friend, he naturally came to offer me to work on
 his intro. Unfortunately I had other things to finish first, meaning PENTA and
 some logos for Gwem's maxYMiser so that we couldn't make it on time. Yet Swe's
 idea, based on an idea from Gwem, was pretty nice  and I liked it. That's why,
 tho it took us some more weeks, we didn't give it up.

 This small intro, under 70Kb, was  released at  Outline 2005  to add  another
 entry to  compos, but  we  never cared about  results (hopefully as the intro
 didn't bring us any  fame :). The idea was quite simple : take a game cabinet
 from the 80s/90s and play another version of  PONG, this time -fake- 3D. Each
 time the ball hits the board it unveils a part of a picture. All pictures are
 highly inspired from games we used to play endlessly such as : Bubble bobble,
 frogger, space invaders, arkanoid, pacman and... pong of course !

 Unfortunately you cannot really play in spite of what the menu hints at, sorry
 guys but you're  going to watch, not  act. Must be the reason  why some people
 may find our 'greeting cards' a bit boring but, as said before, we only wanted
 to enter a compo and say hi  to friends and  crews we respect  and whose names
 can be found in Mental Pong.

 So, here you go : get  started, choose 1p/2p and  launch game. A cool tune by
 Gwem is launched (can be found in his Phatt demo too) while our bouncing ball
 goes building or breaking pictures on screen. Btw it looks a bit like that :)

 Sure it takes some  time to view all  screens and greetings  but you can speed
 up things a  bit using arrow keys. Well it's  nothing more  than that : a mere
 slideshow mixed up with bits of  nostalgia, a great tune and  greetings to the
 Atari Scene. Above  all, imho, it's been fun to  work both with Swe  and Gwem,
 two very friendly guys !

 We hope you enjoyed this humble intro at least a bit :) It's not meant to hit
 the Scene, it's just a little  something to  show that we... do things :) And
 sicne I took part with the crappy gfx, there's no way I'm gonna rate it.

                                                           STS signing off

Alive 10