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Alive 10
                       MANGA MANIA SLIDESHOWS by THE BYTE

Burp... Slideshows  seem to  be a never  dying genre  of Computer demos, on  all
systems and so also on Atari. And I have to say that I have nothing against them
if they present original artwork & special features (eg. enhanced resolutions or
something), or maybe  a bit porn  may good  too, even  though this is the lowest
level... But unfortunately the most  slideshows released  on Atari machines does
not feature any of this things, usually they're boring, style-less and dumb...

Now The Byte of TCE or BSW or whatever jumps back into the ring  to present such
stuff to the public again, just called "Manga Mania 2oo4" and "Manga Mania 2oo5"
and those titles reveal the  contents... Manga, Anime... buarg... To be serious,
tastes are  different, but  I have to admit  that I never  was a big fan of this
comic style... a bad start for a review, no?! ;)

Anyway, the Manga Mania Shows  come along as  Disk images with  linkfiled datas,
a small intro (if we can call them intro at all), showing some informations like
credits and greetings  but to be honest, the  best effect  are the rasters while
depacking, harhar... And so it goes straight forwards to the show...

Unlike the usual  Manga shows  The Byte  offers us  his very special taste as he
brings us loads  and loads of  naked manga babes, and if I say naked I mean they
are showing  all, big boobies, bare asses, shaved and  penetrated pussies, manga
girls that are licking long sperm flooded dongs... Errrr.... Hello?! Sure, a few
of the  pictures have some  style, but the  most of them are ugly, un-erotic and
un-natural, with  cocks  that  are  thick  like  arms, tits  that  are bigger as
footballs, asses with  the dimension of Jupiter and Mars together, and after all
with  this   virgin, lolita  look-a-like   and  schoolgirl  touch  they're  even
scratching on all frontiers of good taste anyway...

I never liked the  Manga style... but  tastes are  different, but, to be honest,
manga-schoolgirl-porn is not  a question of taste, as it is tasteless at all and
I really  scratch  my head  thinking  about the  people  who are  creating those
strange "comics" and furthermore I wonder about the people who are watching such
movies, buying such magazines and lately  collect a bunch of pictures to convert
them to put them  into an  Atari  slideshow... I always  thought we have checked
out the deepest  corners  of tasteless Atari releases so far, but as we can see,
we can dive someway deeper... what a waste of diskspace... and  happy wanking if
those are the only "female" objects you ever got your hands on... get mature and
try to impress and get a -real- woman somehow (I guess  you will fail anyway, if
you love this stuff... harharhar)


Alive 10