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Alive 10
                       "JUST MUSIX 4" by DEAD HACKERS SOCIETY

system ... Falcon o3o/o6o, 6 MB RAM, RGB/VGA

credits .. code - evl
           gfx  - evl
           msx  - Toodeloo
                - 5o5
                - Cedyn
                - Mr Future
                - Opus

release .. o3/2k5


Woah... at a moment as  nobody thought about DHS slapped us this huge music disk
at our  ears... JUST MUSIX 4... the legendary  project that  nearly  turned into
vapour ware or something. In fact  the most people surely didn't remembered that
this project  was started  once back in 1998, but  I remember mentioning it from
time to  time  in the  news/rumours  files of  UCM, didn't I? Seems that  Morbus
Alzheimer already deleted some parts of my brain, but who cares anyway?

DHS created the -biggest- Falcon production so far, creating a huge 19 MB music-
demo... yes, fucking  19 MB and  you must  be happy  if you're  connected to the
Internet  right away with  your Atari, as copying  all that stuff could be quite
annoying not using any splitters.

The demo comes along in two versions, a slimfast one for non-accelerated Falcons
and  a full one for CT6o  machines (and maybe some other Centurbo machines). The
slimfast one features  a lower replay  rate of "only" 32 KHz, no scroller and no
visual effects  as the  Graoumf Replay eats  a lot of  the CPU time. But, if you
don't care  that much on a slow scrolly, you  can run the  other version on a 16
MHz Falcon too, I did and it worked quite ok.

The included tunes were composed by  Toodeloo (he and 5o5 did the most of them),
5o5, Mr Future, Cedyn and Opus and  feature various  styles so that there should
be some fave music for every taste. The most of them, in fact, are quite techno-
a-like, featuring pumping base drums, 3o3 blubbering and stuff. For the ones who
like this kind of stuff it  is a real little treasure, as about 2/3 of the musix
in here, and we speak of about 3o tunes (!!!), can be put into this genre...

To be precise, the works by 5o5 are  some kind of  outstanding again, some stuff
remembers hard to the style he used for the latest Escape demos, yummie!

The "rest" of the demo is quite  unspectacular but does his  job in a music demo
very well, so we get some hires grafix in  intro and menu in quite dark colours.
Furthermore there is a music selector  accompanied with  a playtime counter. The
enhanced version features some small demo effect  in the background of the music
selector  as well as a  scroller with  the usual contents. All  together  no big
eye  teasers  but very  ok to  present  a music  demo, as  the ears are the most
important things here.

So what? At first, nice to see DHS back with some lost item, that even runs on a
        non-accelerated machine, grin... Furthermore  we got the biggest Falcon
        demo/music demo production  so far with this one with a real impressive
        wave of  included  musix, that is  mostly of good  quality and features
        various (even though it is a bit too much techno if you ask me) styles.
        At last the surroundings  are quite ok for  a music demo... sure, it is
        not on the level of Escape's "Modulation" but does still fine.
        Short... well done, if you ask me!


Alive 10