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Alive 10

Moondog Thanks again for your articles keep up the good work.

C-Rem Thanks again for the stunning gfx, dud you rule!

CiH Hey Chris this time I nearly sitcked to the deadline,
        thanks for your incredible text output... Btw, where is Elvis in
        ASCII minor?

gwEm Nice Articles with CiH, I hope for some YM stuff at the
        end of the year, a big thank you for "Tubular Crusade"

Marcer keep up the work with Atari legend, and thanks a lot
        for the review and your Remix of "Comic Bakery". Your chiptunes
        rule ...

P01 Many thanks for the publishing of your bootsector source,
        hopefully this will help to increase the number of such
        productions in the future ...

Dark Angel Thanks for the nice interview and of course for
        MM2.1, I hope your next hibernation will be shorter than the
        previous one ...

505 Again it wasn't possible to include "Deskpop" for
        technical reasons. We will try to fix the falcon replay for the
        next issue. Anyway thanks for your support.

Crazy Q Nice mod and Sid tune, thanks a lot man, stay fresh

Sunnyboy Thanks for the article and the steady support in the
        last issues ...

ST Survivor Nice to see you are back on track, keep the
        articles coming ... :)

ggn finally the guy who never gets greeted in scrolltexts :)
        Thanks for all the work you invested into this issue, I hope to
        see a sequel next time

        Further thanks go to all visitors of Outline 2005 and the whole

Cyclone/X-Troll for Alive, 2005-05-14

Alive 10