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Alive 10

Back again, and so soon?

Yes,  here  we  are,  seemingly  only minutes after  issue 9,  the  epically
delayed  issue 9,  the  issue 9  which suggested that Alive mag had  dropped
down  to an annual release.  Well we promised you a post-Outline issue,  and
actually meant to get it done in a time-frame when the rest of you still had
the 'damn tasty' flavour of New York pizza still on your lips!

Alive  post-Outline issue,  not just a dry historical record,  get it whilst
it's fresh.

Alive 5th Birthday imminent!

We've  made  the half-decade!  Or at least we will,  come the 10th  November
2005.  Where the hell did the last five years get to? It's all passed by too

It  was  only a little while since I kicked the 10th  anniversary  issue  of
Maggie  out  the  STNICCC door,  which means I've been typing  strange  word
combinations for the Atari scene for FIFTEEN years now,  which is disturbing
to say the least!

So  are  we  going  to  do  something  about  this  significant  half-decade
milestone? I should think so, but don't ask precisely how just yet. I had to
make  Cyclone  aware  of the matter at Easter,  so I think it  took  him  by
surprise as well.

Anyway,  this  should  give you  a rough idea  of the deadline  for the next
issue!  Although I think we may release towards the end of the year, just to
give  ourselves  a bit more rest  and  relaxation time!   So please send all
birthday-related goodies and normal article submissions to the usual place.

Coming up for the next issue!

Who said the scene was dying? Not us, and we'll present the evidence to show
that it is alive and thriving!

For  the first time in a long while,  I can predict some of the contents  of
the next issue, at least from my end of the keyboard.

HARDWARE!  - Alive 11 is going to be a hardware intensive issue, we have two
treats for you.  What happens when we fit a 100mhz rev 6 '060 to an helpless
innocent CT60,  and just how good is this CTCM thing anyway?  We reveal all.
Other CT60 happenings will be reported, as they, erm, happen!

Also, we take an in-depth look at the new Mini-Mac. Yes, CiH as a bastion of
all-Atari purity finally crumbles, but in a different fashion, away from the
dull and mundane Wintel vibe. Indeed, the first part of this can now be seen
in this issue!

GAMES - We've finally seen 'Blum',  the full version of the game.  Now there
are still rumours of the mythical 'H2O' game from EKO. There has even been a
suggestion that this will appear soon? We will see!

DEMO'S  - We said the CT60 demo revolution had been put on hold  again,  but
there  are  undercurrents  of things happening and  perhaps  they  will  see
daylight before too much longer?? We'll tell you all about it!

A  fake demo crew dear to all your hearts plots and strives,  and maybe they
will have something new to show by the next issue?

5TH BIRTHDAY - I think we mentioned this already, but I'm pretty sure an in-
depth  history  of Alive,  issue by issue,  will get in there.  Sort of thing
I'll be working on through the quiet summer months.

Easter Party '06?

What are we going to do?

There's  an  article  elsewhere  in the issue  which  discusses  this  topic
further.  It was going to be part of the original editorial,  but it sort of
got a life of its own and outgrew that role.

Handing over now....

Right, that's it from me for this issue, time for a few words from the other
bloke, the good looking one, give it up for Cyclone!


Well, what is still left to say? The next issue won't be released before xmas I
guess, since it needs more and more time to write and research stuff for
articles. Unfortunately I was really busy with real life things and it seems
Moondog has been suffering from the very same problem.
Not only that I didn't finish most of my own articles, I also forgot to mail
several people soon enough so their articles and interviews will have to wait
until issue 11 now. It seems the three month since last issue have passed in an

What is about to come?

With in the next few days or weeks a online poll will be installed on the Alive
website. We will try to determine what kind of article is demanded by the scene
perhaps we will be able to improve our diskmag that way, perhaps we will try
something completely new. The article "Future of Diskmagazines" gives you a
first impression what we are going to ask you.

Another important topic is the shell, it seems its still bugged and it causes
lots of work that could be avoided. Besides the falcon version still crashes on
music change, so I decided to deliver the ST(e) version only. However this time
we will supply a Falcon module done by Crazy Q, but you still have to switch to
ST compatibility mode before you start the shell. The memory issue is fixed so
the shell should run on 1 meg machines again.

Not to forget Alive comes bundled with a few releases and goodies:

- Crazy Q's - Beatbox Mania vol 2 (including a nice intro by DHS)

- Outline Bootsector Sourcecodes by GGN / P01 and Cyclone

- Alive Kolour Tagger Sourcecode by GGN / KUA Software Productions

- FCOPY DIM 2 ST Image Converter by GGN / KUA Software Productions

- And for historical reasons Dark Angels MusicMon 1.0 Intro

Like last time we have included these treasures within the FILEZ folder of
the disk, check it out!

Cyclone signing off ...

Alive 10