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Alive 10

genre ..... zombie horror, remake of Romero's "DAY OF THE DEAD" from 1979

publisher . Universal Pictures/Strike

features .. 2,35:1 anamorph widescreen, 5.1 audio, german/english, subtitles

specials .. directors cut version, "andys last days" the lost tape, special
            news report, undead scenes, summoning the dead, attack of the
            living dead, intro of zack snyder (director), and loads more!

release ... 2oo4


Hello again, to another wave  of blood and flesh... You surely remember my movie
review in the last Alive/UCM, of the marvellous motion picture DAWN OF THE DEAD,
that was surely one of the  most bloodie horror movies that came into the german
cinemas since long times.

It didn't take that long untill the movie vanished from the cinemas again as its
rating to be shown  only for people  that are 18  years or older, didn't made it
easy to fill up the cinemas for longer times. But  thanx God the  release on DVD
didn't took too long times and furthermore the DVD version got very polished!

And this was the reason  for me to buy the DVD at last, esp. since it featured a
directors  cut, or  with  the words  of the  director  Zack Snyder, an "unrated"
version and so this version  comes along about 11 minutes longer than the cinema
version. In fact I don't know  right where all those  special scenes  are, as it
was quite some  time ago that  we watched  the movie  in the cinema. Surely some
scenes are now quite longer and more developing, for example the scenes with the
fat old zombie woman, that  got killed by Ana with a metal staff smashed through
their head that I really don't  remember in all this  crazyness. In fact  mostly
you see the  difference only if  you watched  the cut and  uncut  versions short
after another and, better, the uncut version at first...

Ok, I think I don't have to loose that much words about  the movie itself again,
just for some  flashback: the nurse Ana went back home from work and at the next
day the  world is  drowning in  chaos and  anarchy, her  boyfriend  turns into a
zombie after he was bite by a little  girl from the neighborhood. Ana escapes in
the last second  and meets some  other survivors and they find a save place in a
mal while thousands  of zombies waiting  outside for some fresh blood and flesh,
while the survivors die one after  another because of human failures... and dumb
ones as in every horror movie ;)

Ana (Sarah Polley) surely is the most cute zombie fighter seen so far...

Anyway, let's  take a closer look  onto the  flashy specials... here you get the
full load, a bunch  of deleted  scenes that are  in  parts very crude, such as a
zombie without legs  that hangles on a  water pipeline and falls from above onto
one security man to bite him... very crude idea...

At next we have the "last days of andy", a video  tape that was "found" later on
and shows how Andy, the man from the gun shop, survived  the last days untill he
got bite by a zombie, turning into one by himself.

If you ever thought zombies are slow brainless freax, you are sooo wrong...

We also get  a full blown  news roundup  from Channel 3, the tv channel from the
movie... and we go on with some behind the  scenes informations, just  about the
anatomy of exploding heads  and such stuff where  the tricks for  those splatter
effects were shown up for the interested ones... Cruel ideas!

Last but  not least  we get a  trailer  for the  zombie-fake-movie "Shaun of the
Dead", a real funny movie we saw in the cinemas early this year. Maybe I write a
small review about it later on, too...

So what at all? This DVD belongs into your collection if  you liked the movie in
the cinema  and if you  like stylish  zombie massacres  with gorgeous effects as
well... It is worth any Cent if you ask me! Go out and get it!


Alive 10