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Alive 1

    Here comes a production brought to us courtesy of YM ROCKERS. Who you said?
It's not a new crew, more like a union of  musicians who don't want to wait for
some coders to use their musical scores. And believe me, they're SO right !

    It all starts with a cool chip while a stylish  white  font  announces that
"there is a time when chip tunes are  forbidden"... Hum sounds like MC Laser is
on the keys :) Then you are given the  names of the musicians  involved in this
chip  compilation :505, Dma Sc, D-Force, MC Laser, Milhouse and Tao. Waouh six
of them in one production and not a bad one ! A nice looking YM Rockers logo by
Exocet is shown before we reach the main menu. Btw all coding is due to Abyss !

    Each musician composed two tracks, in other words this 80 kb big compilation
will offer you12 different chips ! I have heard  them all  and to  be honest, I
liked them all ! The colorful menu adds to the good atmosphere and you'll surely
like this production a lot. Since  six different people were involved in it, you
won't be surprised to be given a wide variety of sounds and styles to be enjoyed
to the overdose :)

bottom line : great design, flawless replay rout and 12 chippies for our
greatest pleasure ! Need I say more ? I don't think so :)

--------------------------------------------------------------------- STS ----

Alive 1