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Alive 1


    I thought it was stupid to separate the greetings list from the writers one
since most of our greetings are actually sent to these people. Other people may
be mentioned but be sure that we only name people who made this possible...

* CiH : yeah this may sound a bit stupid  but since Chris was also working
    on the Maggie Special, I - aka STS - was still the one who had to assemble
    the whole mag. Yet as you can see CiH wrote many articles and will share my
    seat from the next issue on...

* Paranoid : whenever you want something done properly and on time, you
    should ask Oliver. Once again he took on his time to write reports and
    reviews, besides being such a trustful support for us !

* Dma Sc : our faourite French musician wrote several reviews and we are
    grateful to him for that ! We also hope he's gonna compose a chip or mod
    for us in a near future :)

* 505 : he was maybe the last one to reach me for articles but god he sent
    me so many of them ! Not to forget a nice chip and a cool module ! Hey Nils
    drop by anytime, you're welcome :))

* Exocet is surely the best surprise of this new millenium : coming out of
    nowhere here he stands with cool gfx and great support ! That guy is not
    only talented but also motivated ! thanks a lot.

* CosmosH : he's also very motivated and I'm proud to note that Frenchies
    are willing to help and actually do it (unlike some ppl who talk but do
    nothing more). Keep it up Herv‚ !

* GGN : he decided to code a nice aLiVe! minishell for you (which you can
    find on this disk) and also brought us a cool intro. Hey thanks from here
    my remote friend !

* Evil : him again... Yep but again Evil deserves a handful of thanks for
    his coding tutorial, online compos and his tremendous work at DHS's HQ !

* Ghandi : though the guy is more into the Amiga Scene his contributions
    have shown that both his and our scenes shared the same mentality (up to a
    point) and wished to keep their realms safe. I owe him respect for that.

* Mad Butcher : thanks for organizing the Unconventional Party 2 ! Tho a
    bit small it was still enjoyable thanks to the friendly atmosphere you
    created there !

* MC Laser : coming out of darkness, he went to me and handed me his new
    emaillist... Not much to add... Thanks anyway Stefan.

* Richard Karsmakers : he's the organizer of the event "of the year" or so
    we think... Future will tell what happens there...

The Berserker : God you finally managed to write this one article you
    were in charge of ! You are so brave !!!

Strider and Deez : thanks for your last minute contributions which could
    fortunately be included due to additional delay to the release date :)

    Greetings are also sent to the following people for helping us out :

    > Tao for his regular msx support !
    > Zerkman and STghost for the time spent on the interview
    > Carbon / Atari Active and Ray / tSCc for the same reason
    > Milhouse for his nice chip !

I hope I didn't forget anyone :)

Alive 1