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---------------- another selection brought to you by STsurvivor ---------------

Hello Atarians ! Last time I told you about some _essential_ homepages and I 
hope you've found out how needed they were ! This time I am going to unveil more 
homepages related to an event, a crew or an invention... Let's ride the Fuji now
By the way I've decided to offer you  a general view on these sites and _not_ to 
detail them too much. Why ? Well first you wouldn't be surprised at all and then 
most of these sites feature too many sections to be listed :)

STNICCC                       email

    The STNICCC - or ST News  International Christmas  Coding Convention is THE
party we are all  waiting for  these days ! It is organized by famous former ST
News main editor Richard Karsmakers and will gather all  Atari Sceners from the
legendray crews that started it all 15 years ago to... the ones who compose the
current Atari scene. In other  words, it's gonna be the _most ambitious_ coding
party ever organized (at least as far as concept is concerned). No event can be
without a homepage and  STNICCC's site is here to answer  most questions. Tho a
bit sober, this site features a really nice looking STNICCC banner and readable
design in the main menu and other pages.

    The various sections thus offer the latest news (like location details and
other updates), the list of attendants (read it and drool !!!), but also party
compos, rules... You  could  also learn  about previous ST News convention and
enjoy cool links to a glorious past.

    Besides you will be able to suscribe to the party online, learn more about
party goers with the "attendant of the day" photo and  a countdown will try to
content you till the real party begins ! If you feel interested in this party,
wish to know the  usual who/where/when things, suscribe... then visit it right
now ! You are also invited to read the latest STNICCC news in this issue.

plus                                     minus

     - stylish tho in a sober way             - STNICCC and not much more :(
     - very informative and detailed          - you may get lost in there !
     - an incredible list of attendants       - useless once the party's over
                                              - almost impossible to find an
                                                organizer email !!!

TSCC                          email :

    tSCc's page has been online for quite a long time by now but it's never been
reviewed so far so let's do it ! First thing you'll  notice is that this site is
highly stylish but how come it  wouldn't be  with such a designer as MC Laser (I
don't know if Dynacore or other inactive tSCc members still update these pages).
Actually this homepage perfectly mixes web design and ascii design !

    You will quickly realize that this  site is also incredibly  detailled ! You
will naturally  find  your  way  through the  usual  sections such  as the news,
download area, softography, modules section, history  and links... But there are
also many other pages to visit like the Ascii Art, Linux site, Lotek HQ and many
others ! Even though there are not so many updates these days, except for Fading
to Twilight (see the menu for more info), you HAVE to visit these pages at least
once, you'll undoubtedly find something interesting ! Last but  not least we can
dream of new tSCc productions in the future :)

plus                                     minus

     - MC Laser's style everywhere            - active or inactive band ?
     - get all tSCc prods and more !          - you won't visit it every day
     - it leads to so many others pages !     - should we expect new demos ?

FUN INDUSTRIES              email :          

    No need to introduce famous Dutch Falcon crew FUN Industries. So far we  had
to do with members pages such as BONUS's, now NUT brings us a real crew homepage
from which you can get info on the  whole crew ! Since this HQ was put up only a
few days ago, it is still  far from completed but I hope it's gonna be regularly
updated and thus allow us to get all FUN productions and more !

    So what can you  already find  there ? First you  are welcomed  with a great
looking picture by Havoc (the Plastic Surgery one). The main menu is stylish and
very pleasant to  the eye. As said before there isn't much to  see right now but
you can already download all  FUN  productions, enjoy  links or get  info on the
crew. To be honest I have not visited it  too deeply for lack of time but I know
that some  sections like  Havoc's gfx  gallery or D-Force msx  section are still
missing. I hope NUT will work on the site and soon offer us a lot more !

plus                                     minus

     - at least FUN's homepage                 - still under construction
     - download section's here                 - will there be gfx gallery, msx
                                                 section, tools ????

BEN HECKENDORN              email :

    Benjamin is a nice guy, I guess and surely a crazy one ! On his page you are
about to witness the result of his latest idea... Get prepared for a shock ! One
day this American Atarian decided to create a portable VCS 2600 ! Yes, you could
laugh at the idea, but have a look at this :

    It sounds damm  crazy  but he  made it ! And I can tell you that most of us
would kill to own such a machine ! Anyway stop dreaming now, this is surely the
only one available and of course you cannot  buy it. Instead of  lamenting, you
should have a look at this fully detailled site which offers a lot of pictures,
videos, explanations and more !

plus                                     minus

      - who doesn't want a portable VCS ?      - well you cannot get one :(
      - as crazy as interesting !              - same as above :(


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 _ __/   ____/   )       /       \   /  /___/(:::: ..../   (/ \   /___/ __ _
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ascii by mc laser/tSCc [ ] [ ]



 * Opus has opened COLLAPZE's homepage at There isn't
 much to see right now since the site is still highly under construction but the
 overall design is already a good sign in spite of _very  small_ icons. Check it
 out anyway and you'll hopefully soon be able to download a lot of stuff !

 * Defjam is currently working on the official Checkpoint  HQ which can be found
 at It is currently under contruction but most CP
 prods can already be downloaded and there's so much more to come !

 * Several months ago Marcer of Elite set  up a huge ftp which gathers hundreds,
 maybe thousands of demos and intros on STf, Ste and Falcon ! Get your favourite
 FTP prg started and dive into the infinite richness brought by this ftp !!! Get
 connected to the following address : login AND password
 are Demo (with a capital D !) and enjoy to the overdose.

 * Keops has updated his java section once  again on !
 New nice screens to see. My favourite is the online chip compilation : okay it
 takes some time to get fully loaded but it really  sounds nice (though I think
 it cannot be compared to real YM music on a REAL Atari :)

 * Wanna read some confidential ATARI documents ? Then do not hesitate to give a
 shot at

 * For information regarding new webzines please read CiH's article.

 * Don't forget to check the LOUD! homepage  at from
 which you will not only get LOud! stuff but above all the latest issue of aLiVe
 and the menu preview to help you know what topic still needs be covered.


Alive 1