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Alive 1



The Loud! crew, which consists of the GFA-killer (but also hardcore-DJ ;) Thyrex
and the mega-mighty gfx-artist  ST Survivor, released a  new demo out of  Thyrex
hideout ... Prepare for the trip !

This demo isn't auto-boot,  u got to launch  it from the desktop  by loading the
"blast_me.prg" file.

The demo begins with an OS boot, this one is named N.L.S DOS (what is that N.L.S
company ? :) and it's loading a kind of "Windows" interface. After checking  the
memory (Mhh, is that progress bar relative  to the real ram-size of the ST  ? ;)
all seems to be OK. But while the loading, a "system failure" appears. Argh,  it
has been  hacked !  Then the  system seems  to bug,  displaying  loads  of messy
characters...  But some of these aren't so messy  as u can read sentences there,
releaving things like : "Thyrex is a pussy !" or "ST Survivor is a bitch !"  ...
mhhh, ok now things are clear ! ;)

After that delirium, a Loud! logo appears, in typical ST Survivor style.

Then it's time for a message, with  a creature head on the left. There  are lots
of messages in this demo.  Most of them are kind  of devilish stuff (oh, i  hope
i'm using the right  word for description !  :) and quoted from  metal bands. By
the way, this one seems unfinished ...

Next screen is a  tunnel effect, made of  wireframe stars rotating and  zooming,
these aren't linked to eachothers. It looks nice, the colors are great according
to the black background.

And the  title appears,  completing the  previous unfinished  message. This  gfx
doesn't looks  the same  style than  other ones  in the  demo ... but it's nice.
Behind the title there's  a lens flare coming  from an eclipse (all  apocalypses
are planed during an eclipse ?! Paco rulez ! Eheh ... ;).

A pic  of a  girl in  a bloody  bath fades  in, this picture is well known. It's
surely based on a death metal album cover of ST Survivor collection ! :)

Effect coming up,  this one is  probably one of  the oldest in  the ST. It's the
"unlimited  sprites"  !  But probably  no  one  before thought  of  using  it to
illustrate a message ... That's what they did ! Here the  sprites are skulls and
the message says : "A thousand ways to live ... unlimited ways to die.". In  the
background, u can see a distorting gfx ... but what is it ?

After that, another  message ! this  time it's quoted  from the metal  band Fear
Factory. The font reminds me the game "The Trace". In the background there's the
same text but distorted (it's not an effect, it's part of the gfx).

Then comes another effect.  There are 8 3D  cubes with Atari signs  rotating and
jumping on vertical axes. A kind of theater design on this screen.

It's time for the credits  part. There's a pic of  a sword with an animal  skull
impaled on it on the left. Low border wiped out of course ! ;)

Want another message ? Take the one  coming, it's the most stylish of the demo !
It's quoted from the  band Amorphis and it  features a kind of  dragon amulet in
the background. I really like this one !

A blue and "ST Survivor  styled" Fuji sign fades in  ... It's nice but a  little
bit discentered. Then a  tunnel fades in  background  of  the  logo. Oh  ok, the
tunnel comes a little bit from the right that's why the logo was out of  centre.
:) This tunnel is red and black, but there's only one red color so the dithering
is  not  really  great. By  the  way  it's really  noticable  that  this one  is
precalculated (i mean ... more than the  other effects. Eheh, Thyrex ! ;) as  it
comes from the game stardust (from the last level i think).

The best part of the  demo is probably the next  one ! It's the greetings  text.
The nice effect is the way it disappears. The text is white on black  background
and it  fades out  with a  fire effect,  this comes  from the  bottom and  isn't
linear. It's really  smooth and realistic  ! The colors  are the best  ones that
could be chosen. And expecting the quite lousy font it's a great job !

Time for another message, this one is quoted from the band Odborg (the beginning
name is quite difficult to read so i hope i'm right :). In the back u can see  a
distorted head gfx.

Then a scanned gfx is scrolling up and down (it's too big to fit in the screen)
with a text on the  left. This gfx is a  really ugly beast and it  looks like a
handmade painting.

Then the last  effect appears, it's  the same kind  than the one  with the Atari
cubes. But this times are 12 dots  balls rotating and jumping on the upper  part
screen with no  left or right  borders. A "the  end" logo is  displayed on lower
part of the screen,  the 2 "e" on  this logo seems been  swallowed by a kind  of
magic whirlwind.

On that effect the demo seems finished, the balls could be jumping for the  rest
of your life but ... if u press the space bar ...

... Last message quoted from a metal band appears, it's from Judas Priest.

And to finish this demo, a message is displayed with the same font than the  one
in the beginning part (the OS boot  like), it tells that thousand of bodies  are
lying on the battlefield and that it's only the beginning ... Wow, terrific ! :)

Then it goes back to the desktop, with the right colors restored.

The demo is rythmed  by a MC Laser tune.  It is a cool music but this is not one
of the best i heard  from him. And personnaly, i  don't think it feats well with
the mood of the demo  ... I mean, this music  is quite "happy" (it features  mcl
hi-octaves solos) and the demo is mostly "dark".

The gfx are okay  in general but ST  Survivor did really better  stuff before, i
think that he wanted to tell several messages and the gfx are just "design"  for
these. Same thing for the code in fact.

This demo is nice to view, even if i'm not a dark mood addict. But it features a
lot less effects and design than their previous production  "Beyond Imagination"
(wow allready 2 years  passed since that prod  was released !)  which was really
great for GFA code, in my opinion ...  I'm waiting for more from Loud! ;)

[>------------------------------------------------------) Review by Dma-Sc (--<]

Alive 1