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CiH Foreword. You might have an enjoyable shudder after reading this.
These tales of eco-apocalypse may well be taking over from the old stories
of witches and ghouls, in satisfying modern societies deeply held longing
for nameless terror. This article was written a few years ago, and the
consequences haven't developed to their utmost worst case, so far...

Fact for the day - There seems to be a genetic mechanism which activates
the vCJD condition, and about 40% of the UK population have this

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Mad-Cow  has to be the most intriguing fatal disease on the planet.  Imagine
the scenario:  you're walking along eating this hamburger,  not knowing that
as  you  munch,  alien invaders are climbing out of the meat,  through  your
tongue,  bouncing  like  happy,  yellow pac-men toward your brain which THEY
will eat the way you're inhaling that burger. You don't know you're infected
so you get married and have a child---who,  you guessed it, is born with the
Satan bug pre-loaded, already munching away at his brain.

The  truth  about Mad Cow is so horrific nothing is taught about it  in  med
schools.  Until a year ago, most scientists knew Jack in the Box about it---
(malady  originally found in cannibals but mysteriously,  at times seemingly
spontaneously in non-cannibals)--which was probably for the best. If doctors
had  known any more,  med students would have realized they had no more than
five  or ten years to live,  quit school and spent their last years  surfing

A lot of people would have you believe only Mad-Cow and Englishmen go out in
the Noon day sun.  Hooey.  Mad-cow has been killing American sheep since the
early 70's,  U.S.  cows since the mid-80's,  and U.S.  citizens for the last
decade. The reason it hasn't been made public is that the people who had the
facts chose to misinterpret them. They are in udder denial.

Scientists  have know the truth about Mad-Cow for ll years,  since l985 when
Britain's #1 researcher, a microbiologist, discovered and announced them. It
took him a decade to publish his Feb, l995 book which claimed a hundred plus
humans  dead  of Mad-Cow might imply the British beef supply  was  infected.
(Two  prestigious medical journals trashed the book in scathing reviews  the
same week as a Rock group named "Mad-Cow Disease";  made its London debut to
rave reiews. Go figure.

Summer  '95,  the Canadian Red Cross had a blood recall when they discovered
two  infected Canadians had donated blood but the press only wanted to  talk
about a sick bull whose owner refused to destroy him. The November '95 issue
of  the British Medical Journal suggested the possibility that maybe  people
got  Mad Cow from eating beef.  Three million Brits immediately quit  eating

Mad-Cow hit our shore in two blows --the first January 12th, l996, when John
Darnton  wrote a long article on balmy bovines for the New York  Times,  the
second March 20th, l996, when the British government finally admitted to the
world  that  the  obscure,  brain-disintegrating cow  malady  called  Bovine
Spongiform  Encephalopathy  (Latin for sponge brains) was the  same  disease
found  in a lot of dead sheep,  in the brains of several hundred dead  Brits
and the same disease that turned cannibals' minds to mush back in New Guinea
in the 1940's.

White  man wasn't supposed to get the cannibal bug.  Papuans deserved things
like  that.  These dumb-nuts ate their deceased family members' brains as  a
social ritual,  hoping to keep their relatives thoughts 'alive' and know the
future. Once a Papuan was infected, any children born, automatically had the
infection  incubating inside them and the whole family died dingy.  It was a
weird   sickness  which  deserved  the  most  obscure  name   possible   and
"Creutzfeldt-Jacob Disease" did the job.

CJD  was a 'prion' disease,  so called after the minuscule protein  particle
that seemed to cause it,  not a bacteria, not a microbe, but a virus, a sub-
microscopic speck that had no DNA or genetic structure, A Flying Dutchman of
a protein particle like an unpiloted plane, just a few simple atoms of death
strung on an amino ribbon floating single-mindedly through a mammalian  body
until it found the area where it loves to root,  the brain. There, the prion
embeds  itself,  bonding  with a single healthy protein molecule and like  a
cult  leader,  instructing  him to mutate into a twisted prion like  itself.
Then,  the newly converted devotee molecule does the same thing,  converting
another normal cell, setting off a chain reaction-series of imploding, self-
destructing cells,  leaving large, ventilated, vacant spaces. The cult is as
lethal  as it is patient not caring if it burns down the church as it  quite
happily decays into the ground, hungrily waiting a few centuries for another

Though  science would have us believe CJD can be sporadic,  or appear out of
nowhere,  CJD enters us only when another person's flesh is eaten. White men
didn't  eat  their brothers,  so there was no thought in early  researchers,
Cruetzfeldt-Jacob,  that  bwana could get this bizarre mush brain  syndrome.
But  as a wise man once said,  science never advances so fast as when it  is
dead wrong.

If  there  are  coherent  universes  contained  inside  coherent  universes,
microcosms  above and below,  why can't germs have feelings and aspirations?
As  germs go,  this one was a bug with imagination.  It wasn't interested in
crawling  on the savannah of Papua,  in some blade of grass,  It wanted 'the
big  time,' so it waited until a chipmunk ate the grass,  the aborigine  ate
the  chipmunk then the germ tap-danced up the poor man's brain stem  to  the
man's brain,  eating holes in his gray matter until the cerebrum resembled a
big, gray sponge and the host became spastic, mindless and started laughing,
as  mindless people everywhere do,  only this fellow would laugh himself  to
death and then, as if to 'get' the joke, his children ate his brain.

At  first,  the  disease seemed kind of fun.  Imagine Cruetzfeldt and  Jacob
coming  upon this native,  laughing himself to death with kuru,  (the Papuan
name  for  it) then embarking for Europe,  with the laughing  man's  pickled
brain in a jar.  Seeing no germs in any lens of the period,  they threw this
spongy  cauliflower  into  their little British garden.  A  trillion  prions
abated into the ground, waiting for some low-grazing animal to come munching
toward them, and along came the family pet, Wooly the Ram. Bingo! It's Mega-
death starring The Cannibal Bug opening at the Palladium.

That might well have been the scenario for,  after New Guinea, the disease's
next official appearance involved a big,  geographic leap.  In the 70's,  it
appeared  in the sheep herds of Britain.  British sheepherders,  with Celtic
poesy, called the penchant "scrapie" after the sick sheep's habit of rubbing
up against things.

As  breeders traded sheep like baseball cards,  scrapie moved to sheep herds
in  America which in 1970 had an epizootic amount of laughy,  rubbing sheep.
For  a while farmers wondered if their teen-aged kids had dosed  herds  with
some of those new-fangled,  hippie drugs.  Rams and ewes who had never met a
cannibal  started  exhibiting an odd,  itch to scrape their heads and  hides
against fences,  even if the fences were barbed wire.  No one suspected that
scrapie  was  just that old Papuan wolf hiding in sheep's clothing.  It  was
beyond  imagination  that a cannibal infection on  one,  isolated  continent
could leap to food chain-animals on another continent, unless the unseen six
fingered  hand of some alien gray Dr.  Pasteur was at work.  Maybe all those
cattle  mutilations in the South West were really UFO research,  designed to
vacate  this  fine  planet of bothersome earthlings,  fitting  it  for  new,
silvery skinned tenants.

Or  were  cattle mutilations the work of "local talent" who didn't  want  to
alarm  farmers  with  requests  for cow labia?  In l970,  the  U.S  Dept  of
Agriculture  and  National Institute of Health were on some kind  of  secret
detail.  They collected thousands of scrapie-infected sheep,  examined them,
isolating the animals in pens,  in up-state New York, but then, according to
Howard Lyman of the U.S. Humane Society, (an ex cattle rancher who was privy
to  all  this),  the NIH (i.e.  Washington) sold the sick animals to farmers
across the USA.

When these sheep later died,  unsuspecting farmers sold their corpses to the
rendering  industry  to make cattle feed,  in order to GET l00$ rather  than
SPEND  500$  for  an autopsy.  Unwittingly,  the U.S.  Government had sent a
gaggle  of  happy little Papuan prions off to have their way with a  lot  of
unsuspecting American cows.

In the USA there is an enormous industry of turning cow corpses into Soylent
Green to fatten livestock,  called 'feeder cattle,' meaning cattle raised to
be  eaten by cattle.  This practice is so solidly entrenched in the USA that
you can actually trade commodity futures on 'feeder animals.'

Back  in  the 70's the delegated feeders were sheep who'd died  of  scrapie.
This was simply American frugality to use up all those imported, sick sheep.
Grinding  up dead animals worked well for American ranchers;  cows buffed up
into Schwarzeneggers so Brits began doing it to their dead sheep and in  the
70's,  Brits were losing a lot of sheep to scrapie.  Why not cut losses with
cash for corpses? Trusting beef-farmers bought hi-protein certain-death feed
for  their  cows  for  the next 18 years.  Because the UK  had  an  enormous
percentage  of  sheep  to cows,  every cow got a daily,  heaping serving  of
kibbled sheep. And poor, trusting Brits ate a lot of the infected sheep too,
as in Britain, mutton is consumed.

For the first time since Papua,  humans got prions in their brains.  How not
to?  Farmers  and  butchers couldn't see that a sheep was ill.  At slaughter
time,  the dementia hadn't yet manifested.  Even if it had, in l974, the top
UK microbiologist/researcher,  Dr.  Richard Lacey and his U.S.  counterpart,
Dr.  Stanley  Prusiner  had only just set up their electron  microscopes  to
study prion diseases.  In those days researchers thought prion diseases were
only  genetic.  The  fact  that they were infectious first,  later  becoming
genetic was beyond imagination.

So get the picture: 26 years ago, microbiologists in two countries could see
the  bug,  farmers,  veterinarians  and  butchers  couldn't.  There were  no
antibody  markers visible at any time during incubation so sick ewes  freely
gave their illness to their baby lambs who carried the bug straight to human
tables. In Britain, mutton may have infected Brits. We say 'may' as there is
a theory that CJD does not come to humans through sheep,  but rather,  after
another step up the food chain,  through sheep-kibble to cows,  then through
beef  steak into human mouths.  The logic of science is hazy to the point of
denial  here as there were human dementia deaths in the 70's but  they  were
ascribed  to Alzheimer's,  the disease that was giving doctors deep-pockets,
so prions, sheep and sloppy doctors were all off the hook.

But  all that was soon to change.  In l985,  British farmers noticed that an
illness  suspiciously  like scrapie turned up in a cow.  Patient Zero was  a
Holstein  dairy  cow who started kicking like a chorus  girl,  developed  an
extreme  case  of the jitters then fell over dead.  Her brain  was  examined
posthumously,  its  Swiss cheese appearance noted and the disease given  the
name  "Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy" or BSE,  a whole letter away in the
dictionary from Cruetzfeldt and a dictionary away from 'Scrapie.'

In  a cow,  the bug caused more than just an itch to scrape.  BSE was a true
"Dementia" disease,  like Alzheimer's is for humans, i.e. memory loss, motor
function changes,  loss of large movements like walking ability. Eyesight is
lost,  the  ability  to make fine movements with the hands,  loss of spacial
arrangements like parking a car.  A lot of that is not crucial to a cow, but
it was hard for the farmer to milk Bessie when she was splayed on the ground
shaking, screaming and dancing around like James Brown.

A cow is a lot more valuable than a sheep. Beef-farmers demanded answers. At
first,  nobody connected spastic cows with the scrapie sheep of the 70's and
certainly not with New Guinea cannibals of the 40's but in l986, a professor
of Microbiology at Leeds University,  consultant to the W.H.O.,  Dr. Richard
Lacey,  announced that scrapie,  BSE and CJD were the same thing,  that beef
disease was in the meat supply,  could kill humans and that a wave of deaths
would soon hit Britain.

Lacey was called 'an airy-fairy,  politically suspect vegan,' and accused of
trying  to dismantle the 6 billion dollar a year British beef industry.  His
funding was pulled.  Like a Cassandra,  he stuck to his guns,  warning there
was going to be a fatal outbreak, saying that people should stop eating beef
and that newspapers should start warning people of the possibility of  human
infection.  Lacey  felt  that  100,000  people were  already  infected.  His
prophecies  made  Beef-eaters and especially beef-farmers edgy and  got  him
fired  but  his words weren't ignored.  The government created  an  Official
Advisory Council,  (leaving the nation's only expert,  Lacey, off the board)
which  told farmers not to worry,  that while feeding powdered sheep corpses
to live cows probably wasn't a good idea (even if the idea had been given to
them  by American ranchers,  who practiced 'the grisly,  fleshly humus pile'
method for buffing up beef to the tune of huge profits,) Brit farmers  could
do as they wanted. That was l986. And the band played on.

In  late  l987,  700 BSE-infected cows were reported in Britain.  By  Summer
1988,  the number had climbed to 7,000.  Out of one side of their mouth, the
experts  said  they were stumped.  Out of the other side of their face  they
created a l988 law making the use of sheep and bovine offal illegal. Europe,
Asia  and  America heard about the law,  realized the livestock they'd  been
importing  was  infected  and en masse boycotted  British  sheep  and  beef,
causing millions of pounds sterling profits to vaporize.

The  sacrificial  lamb-ban  was  a case of  too  little  too  late.  British
livestock with tourist cards were grazing in every country of the world, and
had  entered the breeding stock with a baa,  moo and a Mona Lisa smile.  The
entire world had been eating imported British beef and lamb chops well since
the  ground floor of the disease in the 70's so laughing Papuan prions  were
pac-manning up brainstems from Budapest to Bora Bora.

The  world  ban  on  beef,  the Prophet of Leeds,  and the '88  law  against
grinding up sheep did not stop the progression of BSE in England.  Cows kept
dying. Brits waited for the next hoof to fall and fall it did. The number of
infected dead cows soared from 1989's mere 7000 to 36,000 in 1992. In eleven
years,  160,000  British cows had gone four hoofs to the sky and there still
wasn't  an  official murmur about human contagion---aside from  Crazy  Lacey
whom  no  one  took seriously,--- not a mention of the  possibility  of  the
disease  munching its way another insidious step up the food chain  but  the
90's,  the  human  form  of the disease,  CJD,  began to show its sub-atomic

In  1993,  WHO  figures indicated a total of 250 suspected,  117 proven  CJD
deaths  with the average age of the victims being 27 years (descending  from
the  former CJD average of 63 years).  But the bell didn't stop tolling:  56
Brits died of CJD in l994, followed by 42 cases in l995.

March 20th,  l996,  Agriculture Minister Dorrell announced to the world that
British scientists "suspected a link" between BSE and it's human equivalent,
CJD.  A  link  between spongy brains in British cows and the  even  spongier
brains in British politicians was finally officially on the record.

Dorrell's  admission  caused a furor which put photos of  stumbling,  cross-
eyed,  drooling cows on TV's across the planet and made England's Wimpys and
McDonalds  burger shops stop serving beef and begin marketing a  soy  patty,
(which  they  did for all of three days until they had  some  European  beef
flown  in  and  started resupplying the real  thing.)  Vegans  picketed  the
MacMeister and got their asses sued --- the world's first case of 'McLibel.'
English  schools  immediately stopped serving beef in cafeterias.  All  this
ruckus shot American beef, grain, soy and especially corn prices sky high in
slavering  anticipation  of the US cornering the feed market  as  it  became
necessary  to  fatten the planet's cows on something other than  their  dead

Staunchly,  Prime  Minister Major and the German and Italian politicians ate
veal  chops for lunch in Turin as they haggled over the ban,  taking us back
to an earlier Brit minister who'd force-fed his gagging 4-year old  daughter
a burger in front of the press corps. The Royal Family stodgily continued to
serve  beef  at  Buckingham  Castle,   recalling  how,   during  WWII,  they
patriotically  stayed  in London dodging bombs alongside commoners  but  the
bravura  was  really profiteering,  pro-beef drama to keep the British  beef
industry  alive  and shouldn't make us forget the  important  question---why
hadn't the 7 year ban on British Lethal sheep powder stopped the progress of
the disease in Britain?


1.) MAD COW,  SCRAPIE and CJD are mutations of a cannibal disease.  A mammal
gets  it  by eating the infected flesh of another mammal,  although  corneal
transplants and pituitary injections also carry it.

2.)  US/Brit  Sheep were infected simultaneously back in the  70s.  In  both
countries,  sheep's  dead bodies were turned into protein powder and fed  to
cows. Britain banned 'death kibble' in '88. It's still 100% legal in USA.

3.)  MAD  COW causes NO ANTIBODY RESPONSE.  When infection enters any  body,
human  or animal,  the victim's immune system shows no sign of fighting  the
infection  as  it  does with bacteria,  germs and viruses  which  means  the
mammal's  immune system can neither detect nor fight it nor  can  scientists
use  the  antibody-search method to see if someone is sick,  as we  do  with

4.)  CJD  disease takes 10-50 years to eat away the human  brain.  In  COWS,
death strikes as early as one year after exposure, as late as 8.

5. ) Mad-cow causes a genetic mutation which is transmissible so if you have
it and are starting a family all your children will have it.  Sheep and cows
pass  it  to  offspring,  too  and chickens to their  eggs.  If  it  weren't
transmissable,  why  for decades had the FDA has demanded that all donors to
the  blood  supply answer the question 'has anyone in your  family  died  of
Cruetzfeldt-Jacob?' The disease is l00% inherited and one drop of blood of a
descendant  of  a CJD victims can infect all your descendents  down  through

6.)  No  scientist  can tell if a cow or human is in  an  incubating  phase.
Except for brain biopsies,  there are no tests,  no genetic markers.  Prions
are not reliably found in urine.  You can see prions in brain tissue but you
cannot  open  the skull of a live mammal to scoop them out.  If a cow  whose
milk you are drinking has it,  her calf, sent to be a veal chop last Winter,
had  it  when  you ate him.  An older cow may fall over dead  with  it,  but
meanwhile  her  sick,  offspring  are long gone to human  tables.  The  long
incubation  period  means the farmer can't see that the animal is  ill.  The
USDA  studies the brain of 100 cows per hundred thousand --- a snippet of  a
sample indeed.

7.)  Mad-Cow is killing faster and faster.  It was once thought humans could
incubate  the disease for up to five decades without going into  the  final,
dementia  stage  but lately Brit teens have been dying of it so  it  appears
Mad-Cow  prions evolve the way everything else does.  The mutation is toward

8.) The only way for a farmer to find the disease in his herd is via a  500$
autopsy.  Farmers  prefer selling the corpse to a rendering factory for $l00
profit, a practice still legal in the America at this time of writing.

9.)  Mad  Cow prions can't be killed the way we fought the plague  or  fight
cholera  epidemics,  or  Ebola,  by  burning  bodies.  It is passed  on  via
'prions', proteins that degrade at 800 fahrenheit, way above the temperature
that would reduce them to ash. What is more, burning is a bad idea, as prion
molecules  go up in the smoke,  airborne and fall back on the land.  As they
were never alive,  they do not die. These zombie molecules just wait for the
next set of munching teeth. As Britain is considering burning 5 million cows
soon,  loosing the prions like some ghostly stampede in the sky, the air and
water  there  may soon be contaminated.  Cancel your Summer trip.  The place
will soon be a giant science experiment.

10.) Though Mad-Cow attacks brains,  it's thought to be in every part of the
cow, his flesh, blood, urine. The contamination cannot be removed by cooking
or  powdering  him.  A British Vegan woman caught it simply by  dusting  her
roses with blood meal.

11.) USA has had thousands of 'downer' cows (dying mysteriously) since l981.
Dr. Richard Marsh, a virologist on the Veterinary staff at the University of
Wisconsin  at Madison,  stated that he had seen 100 cases of BSE in America,
between 1981 and 1989.  If the bug entered US beef 15 years ago and has been
multiplying ever since, a million cows could be infected.

12.)  MAD-COW mortality figures hide behind the skirts of Alzheimer's.  Some
U.S.  doctors know the truth yet haven't blown whistles. Pittsburgh Veterans
hospital autopsied 53 sequential Alzheimer's victims. Sampling 1 showed 5.5%
had  died  of  Mad-Cow,  sampling  #2  that 6.3  Percent  died  of  Mad-Cow.
Alzheimer's  death tolls are doubling and tripling,  not characteristic of a
genetic disease ergo the shadowy presence of another PROBABLE CAUSE.

13.)  No lab in USA will do a Mad-cow autopsy as the prion cannot be  burned
out,  sterilized  afterwards  so on all our death certificates,  officially,
we're  going  to die of you guessed it,  ALZHEIMER's and the  cows?  They're
downers. That's all.

Since  beef  and  sheep  farmers have been  sending  'downer'  livestock  to
rendering  factories to be made into 'protein powder' for livestock for  the
last 26 years,  Mad Cow prions could be in every ounce of meat,  milk, pork,
chicken,  egg, cheese, or butter you have eaten since l970 and in every bite
you  eat today and in gelatin caps,  animal glandular supplements and in the
glue  on the postage stamp you will use to mail a xerox of this  article  to
your Aunt Edna.

Forget Ebola which kills you so fast you can't move ten feet and give it  to
anyone  else and which you can blow out like a birthday candle with  a  good
bonfire.  Mad Cow is the most prevalent, virulent disease to hit this planet
since  the plague.  Conceivably it could represent the end of all human life
here,  vacating the orb for a new,  Vegetarian Adam and Eve to bring forth a
new, meat-free race, or for Pleidean squatters to turn into Acapulco.

It  is certain that we will see many more cases associated with CJD than  we
have  ever  seen  with AIDS as Mad Cow infection has  been  found  all  over
Europe. Figures for sick cows to l995.

                BRITAIN 157,394

                Switz 205

                Ireland 120

                Portugal 30

                France 16

                Germany 4

                Italy 2

                Canada 1

                Denmark 1

There  are no official figures given for the US.  That someone wants to hide
the  problem,  let a tidal wave of CJD deaths be ascribed to Alzheimer's  to
bolster  a troubled economy at the expense of its people might  be  inferred
from U.S. official silence.

A  few  days  after  the Brit admission,  the USDA  issued  statements  that
American beef was clean. "The US did not use sheep for bypass protein cattle
feed." This is an outright lie.  In the USA,  thousands of downer sheep have
been  used  to  feed cows and of late,  America has an  enormous  amount  of
'downer' cows to feed them, too.

From  the  Pittsburgh  sampling we realize that there are  hundreds  if  not
thousands  of CJD deaths in America but they are passed off as  Alzheimer's.
BSE  is  entrenched in American beef regardless of what  the  US  Government
wants you to believe,  and boy,  there seems to be an effort to control what
you believe.

Ted Koppel interviewed Dr. Richard Marsh on Nightline two weeks ago. It went
like this.  Koppel:  "But we (USA) don't feed sheep brains to cows,  do we?"
Marsh blinked.  "I don't know where your information comes from, but we do."
He  was instantly cut off by a commercial and did not reappear  that  night.
(Capitol  Cities which owns ABC was founded by William Casey of the CIA.  It
is  as close to being an official mouthpiece of the oligarchy as exists.  Oh
hey,  get real. Why do you think Kissinger is their favorite 'witness.' He's
practically the ABC poster boy.

The  truth is,  Virologist Vet Marsh knows of what he speaks.  All those BSE
cow  bodies  he saw in Wisconsin 1981-1989 had been fed dead sheep  yet  the
cows'  became 'feeder cattle' and went to feed thousands of other  cows  who
have bred thousands of animals. Papuan prions have been spread to herds from
Maine to Hawaii.  Knowing the genetic mode of transmission of the disease is
to  all  offspring,  it is reasonable to suspect that there is sponge  brain
infection slowly crawling up the brain stem of every cow in America as  well
as  all the humans who have eaten them as well as all the offspring of  both
species.  And  to  pigs,  chickens  who were also fattened with  the  deadly
Soylent  Green.  As  a  poultry farmer told a prion  researcher,  "rendering
salesmen  brought us bags of this powder saying it was wonderful  stuff  and
had  ever  so  many  uses:  we could use it for fertilizer or  to  feed  our

As so many CJD deaths are masked as Alzheimer and private labs won't let CJD
tissue  in the door to be examined,  it is certain the American public  will
not  be  informed of the disease that is in our food,  our kitchens and  our
bodies.  We  are scheduled to be 'downers' and Ted Koppel doesn't want us to
know it.

Dr.  Richard  Deandrea,  a  L.A.  physician  who  has  studied CJD  and  BSE
extensively, tells of his first CJD patient. After her death, which featured
frills  atypical  of Alzheimer's (fingers numb,  blindness,  slurred speech,
weak  knees,)  Deandrea  dogged  the  Center  for  Disease  Control  for   a
pathologist who'd give him an autopsy to see if it might be CJD.  CDC evaded
3  weeks of his calls.  Finally,  a female CDC staffer told him that off the
record---she'd  deny  it later--"CJD is an issue no  pathologist  will  deal
with,  a  virtual death sentence to a lab.  A well trained pathologist knows
the quarantine would never be lifted. You couldn't sterilize the lab to OSHA
protocols.  It would have to be gutted, incinerated. Forget it. Your patient
died  of  Alzheimer's." So,  there may be CJD deaths but there  sure  aren't
going to be CJD death certificates.

All  the  same,  the  beat goes on.  On March 20th,  1996,  the very day that
Minister  Dorrell lit the fuse on the Mad-Cow bomb in London,  a Florida man
died of CJD.  His wife gave a TV interview describing his shaking knees, his
lack of co-ordination, then quick parabola into a vegetative state, followed
by  death and said that her husband had never travelled abroad in his  life.
Why  would he have to?  Prions enjoy the American climate.  They mutate into
Natural Born killers of the speediest kind here although American  reporters
seem the first to manifest the dementia. 1,490 dailies in the USA, 11 big TV
networks  and only CNN carried the story of the man's death airing it  March
28th. (Jane Fonda must be feeding Ted his tofu.) True, the Oprah Show had an
ex  beef rancher on,  who had seen U.S.  sheep and cows dying of Mad-Cow but
that  won't happen twice.  Beef dropped 150 points on the stock market while
the show was on the air and the beef industry is suing Oprah for it.

Small  stations  are  more  likely  to  reveal  death  toll  statistics.  In
California, KCAL-TV News reported two recent CJD deaths, one in Stockton the
other  San  Francisco.  Dr.  Deandrea  knew of a death in Lancaster  CA  and
another in Minnesota,  all in the last few weeks yet the NIH claims it knows
of only 11 CJD deaths since '94,  ---no surprise if there isn't a lab on the
country  that  will  allow a suspected CJD death case in  the  door  for  an

But  the  double  whammy for the slowest of slow of  this  torpid  group  of
officials  goes  to the US Department of Agriculture,  who responded to  the
whole Mad-Cow issue by saying that it was going to "consider the banning  of
the use of sheep tissue in cattle feed." Is such a lackadaisical failure  to
grapple  with the problem bureaucratic caution,  a deliberate ruse to  avoid
creating  panic,  denial  born of fear or genuine ignorance?

Check all four boxes but there could be a vested 'short stroke' interest  in
keeping  the  steaming hot meat issue under a lid for a while.  If  meat  is
history and grain no longer required as feed,  Cargill, Conagra and IBP will
go broke along with the 50 billion dollar a year U.S.  meat industry. On the
other hand, if D-day can be staved off for just a while, a few knowledgeable
insiders  could profit bigtime---trashing their own corporations but  making
it  back  betting  the downside on beef,  the upside on pigs  on  the  stock
market. Then, when people start to die of CJD, the profiteers will switch --
betting the upside on soy for humans and the downside on all other livestock
and feedgrains. Fortunes will be made. If stocks are your hobby, bet against
livestock futures for there is 'scrapie' in every state of the union and, as
dead sheep are still being fed to every single American cow,  meat is lethal
whether  it's  in a can of Whiskers (80 Brit cats have died of  Mad-Cow)  or
walking around mooing or under cellophane.  The only safe beef is the one WE
have with the USDA.

Scientists  who invented the "bypass protein" method of  feeding  livestock,
(taking  the  rendered corpse of dead animals,  grinding it into meat  meal,
mixing it in with grains,) have turned an attractive planet into a potential
graveyard.  Scientists  who turned healthy herbivores into cannibals for the
first  time  in  their billion year history may  have  shot  themselves  and
humanity in the collective hoof. Of course, there are other animal husbandry
practices  which  have made cows vulnerable to pathogens,  which have  given
Mad-Cow a running start.

Even  if there were no prions lurking,  when you feed an herbivore  protein,
its body produces ptomaines,  which causes lesions or tubercles in its body.
That  means  tuberculosis.  In  1989  the National  Association  of  Federal
Veterinarians  decided  to  create  a  'test-balloon'  state.  They  allowed
California to sell meat infected with tuberculosis, a practice illegal since
1906. TB immediately went up 36% in the sunshine state.

HOW  NOW MAD COW?  Bovine immune systems have been destroyed by still other,
common  practices:  massive  daily injections of synthetic  growth/lactation
hormones which exhaust the cow who is chemically stimulated to give 40% more
milk. Then, there are the anti-biotics necessary as such a regimen paves the
way for multiple infections. Then---the horrific, painful mutilation of cows
with  more  than 4 teats.  (Many have 8 teats;  extras are amputated without
anesthetics.) Then there's de-horning, also done without anesthetics. Worst,
imagine  the  hormones of grief created in Bessie when baby  veal  is  calf-
napped  on its second day of life.  Then 305 days of the farmer stealing the
milk her child was supposed to get.  Then a 2-day starvation period (no food
or  water)  to dry up her milk to get her ready to 'calve'  again.  And  the
killer  cycle starts all over again driving the poor cow literally mad.  (At
last  someone uses the right word for a disease!) A happy cow would live  25
years on a happy farm.  A dairy cow is exhausted at 3 to 5 years of age. Her
reward: she is slaughtered and her poor, suffering corpse eaten by humans as

In its greedy striving for more bigger and longer for less cost, science has
contributed to cows having the last laugh in this A-Cow-Palypse Now.

So  these  are the facts.  Prions are here to stay and if this  disease  has
worked  its  way up to the top of the Food Chain and the fact  is  known  by
American  researchers,   why  do  these  educated  men  remain  silent?  The
Pittsburgh  Veterans  Hospital  sampling  never  hit  the  newspapers.   The
definitive paper on Mad-Cow,  written by the foremost U.S. prion researcher,
professor  of  neurology  and  biochemistry,  Dr.  Stanley Prusiner  of  the
University  of  California School of Medicine,  San Francisco,  is curiously
without  mention  of  the danger of eating meat.  For  ten  thousand  words,
Prusiner just goes on and on about prions bonding with other prions as if he
were  studying  the mating habits of penguins.  His 10,000 word  magna  opus
never mentions the words 'meat,' once.  You'd think that if an obscure,  New
Guinea   cannibal  brain  disease  showed  up  in  American  war   veterans,
researchers would ask questions like 'why don't doctors do Alzheimer's brain
autopsies  in a designated-to-be-compromised lab put in every city  and  why
don't veterinarians do cow and sheep autopsies in every slaughterhouse?' Why
cling to this dainty-lab fetish?  The average kitchen is already as infected
as  any morgue on the planet.  So OK,  maybe science has made a few boo-boos
here  but  why the enormous non-confront and zip-the-lip  silence  from  all
interested parties?

Is it that lab restrictions are too tough or that scientists are  ostriches,
or  that governments and world banks fear bankruptcy?  Or is there some kind
of oligarchic 'Life-boat' theory at work?  (i.e. that the upper classes have
decided  to toss us peons out of the lifeboat.) All of that is possible  but
in reality, there probably is simply some kind of myopic stupidity that goes
with  specificity.  Scientists  are Johnny One-Notes.  They wander around in
their  specialty,  in  Prusiner's case,  stunned by a maze of bonding  prion
molecules and can't see the forest for the trees.

Let's  give these eminent men the benefit of the doubt.  Maybe---until  last
week,  scientists never connected CJD to an obscure British disease that was
related to an even more obscure sheep problem related to a positively arcane
cannibal  disease  of the 40's.  Nobody could connect the dots.  The  puzzle
pieces stayed in the box because for the last 25 years, CJD has been able to
hide  behind  the skirts of Alzheimer's.  The Alzheimer's Foundation  itself
seems  to  be clueless,  saying that if current trends continue,  14 million
people  will have Alzheimer's by the turn of the century.  No mention of CJD
from them.

If (as Pittsburgh concludes) 6% of Alzheimer's cases are really CJD,  in the
next  4  years,  840,000  US  humans will die of CJD and  if  they  were  of
childbearing  age  when  they caught it,  2 million children and  4  million
grandchildren carry it in their genes and these 4 million people walking the
USA  today  do  not know that they will go into spasms,  then  idiocy,  then
comas,  costing  the families and the health system $120,000 per patient and
so will all their descendents, forever.

Today  we see the obvious feature of Alzheimer's;  this genetic disease  was
doing  something genetic disease don't do,  doubling and tripling its  toll.
There  was certainly reason for scientists to suspect another  culprit  but,
except for Crazy Lacey of Leeds, nobody did. After Lacey was excommunicated,
of course, maybe nobody wanted to be a whistleblower.

It  remains  to  be seen if,  now,  in the light of England's admission,  US
researchers  will  inculpate meat,  develop tests,  do brain autopsies,  and
convey  true  CJD death tolls to the press and public.  Or,  will Stepfather
Bank  and the government prevail and prod scientists to keep quiet to  avoid
creating  mass  panic,  a stock market drop,  World Bank rollover,  the whole

Admittedly,  if  there's  even a whisper of prions in America,  huge  losses
would result to the U.S.  50 billion dollar a year meat industry.  They have
in Britain.  Five days after Dorrell's admission that CJD was BSE, and prime
rib could kill,  the entire European Union ordered its second ban on British
beef exports. (The first had expired.) A 6 billion dollar a year beef export
market  collapsed  in  a single day.  Loose lips sink  world  economies  but
silences go before apocalypses.

It's  been  a month since the truth came out of its burrow and,  except  for
Oprah,  the  media  hasn't  touched this hot potato.  Does somebody in  some
penthouse somewhere up there not care if the lumpen proletariat dies raving?
Would  it really be easier to get a taxi in Manhattan and get tickets  to  a
hit play if, say, 3 billion of us just shuffled off this mortal coil?

The British power structure covered its ears for 25 years. Banks seem not to
want  to hear mad scientists,  gloom-and-doom prophets saying a high  profit
commodity  might be deadly.  Lacey wasn't the only voice in the  wilderness.
There  were  others:  Haresh Narang,  a microbiologist,  hired by the Public
Laboratory  Services  in  New  Castle,  said CJD in humans  came  from  BSE.
Microbiologist Dr.  Steven Doeller,  said scrapie, CJD and BSE were the same
thing.  All  were roundly ignored but a quarter century of misdemeanor petty
denial  was trumped in 1995,  a halcyon year of felony-sized cover-up,  when
Dr.  Lacey's  book on Mad Cow was trashed in the British Medical Journal and
shrugged off by New Scientist,  (helping the book sell,  actually). His book
made  the  Beef Industry so nervous that in December l995,  3 articles  were
planted  in  prestigious  British journals:  The Economist,  Nature and  New
Scientist,  saying  there  was nothing to worry about,  Lacey was crazy,  all
three written by that eminent scientist "Anonymous."

British  Doctors  who  refused to sign their names  cooperated  with  public
officials in a quarter century long 'news-out' while simultaneously,  rising
CJD  deaths were brushed off as Alzheimer's.  The truth was staring them all
in the face; BSE affected the same part of the brain in humans as in cattle,
as in New Guinea cannibals.  The peppy prion was always the perpetrator. But
if  a  prion were caught en flagrante on the nose of a cow,  for  26  years,
officialdom  did not want to know about it,  not in the early 90's when  the
first  of  the 117 known human victims appeared,  ,  and not when 300 cows a
week were dying of the disease, which they are now in Britain.

That  the  Brits  admit anything about soggy brains  and  beef  is  probably
valiant  when you compare it to the American response.  When the USDA  heard
that  Britain was planning to slaughter ll million cows they said  brightly:
"Great,  we'll  sell England our beef.  We have a surveillance program here,
we've gone through 43 states, and seen 2,660 specimens and found no cases of
BSE." Apart from the greed of that statement, examine its mendacity. The USA
has  approximately 200,000 animals slaughtered daily.  If they did open  the
skulls  and look inside,  this test still represents one out of 75 cows,  or
3/4  of  ONE percent of the daily CORPSE PILE.  Worse,  all officialdom here
knows full well that sheep are still fed to cows.

Convenient  silences  and  outright lies seem to have migrated  to  the  new
world,  along  with  infected  sheep.  MIT  and  the NIH  first  explored  a
connection between BSE,  animal foods and dementia as far back as l981, when
American cows began to come down with a mystery disease known as "Downer Cow
Syndrome,"  suspiciously  like  BSE.  Many  of the  downers  had  previously
exhibited symptoms of the jitters,  others just suddenly dropped dead. Their
brains  were  fed to mink who quickly manifested Mad-Mink  disease.  In  any
case,  downer  cow corpses revealed BSE brain pathology yet not a peep  came
from these scientists, not a whispered word to the farmers to stop rendering
sheep into cattle feed,  not a warning to the public to stop feeding beef to
children.  Okay, NIH is Washington, but what could provoke MIT to put a sock
in it? Are they federally funded or something?

MIT  scientists  knew the truth yet American farmers were  allowed  to  sell
sheep  corpses  for 26 years and cow corpses for 15.  Worse,  you and I were
allowed to feed infected meat to our children.

When  the scandal first hit,  one Department of Agriculture staffer actually
said  that the rendering practice has been outlawed in the USA.  A few  days
later,  another  staffer said 'we discontinued (that practice) earlier.' Two
liars tripping over each other.  The truth is, to this day, it has been left
to  the  farmer's discretion.  There are no laws on the books.  In all other
countries  the  'cash  for corpses' practice is illegal.  In the USA  it  is
entirely voluntary whether a farmer renders corpses or doesn't. No US farmer
can afford to ignore free hundred dollar bills so render they do.

Examining the facts, it is clear that denial, lies and benign propaganda are
damage control,  intended to prevent panic. A cynic might say that they were
intended  to allow knowledgeable investors to profit as the US cornered  the
world  beef  and feed market.  U.S.  grain futures SOARED to a 15 year  high
after  Britain's  admission,  in anticipation of all that US beef  and  feed
being exported, so no one can say the cynic is wrong.

The  Brits saw through us;  they screamed that we have plenty of the disease
here,  that  they  got their sheep powder practices from us.  They want  all
American  animal products banned saying that the awful offal powder  is  fed
not  only to US cows,  but reminding us that meat and bonemeal imported from
Britain (1980-1989) was used for U.S. poultry feed.

Again,  USDA  officials responded with trickery,  pulling out a red herring,
saying they've never found a sick chicken.  Of course not.  The problem with
detecting  the disease in birds is that they never live long enough  to  get
the Swiss cheese brain.  The average fryer is mature at 32 days. (Before the
wonders  of  chemistry and all those magic pep powders,  it took  farmers  a
costly  84  days  to  mature a bird.) No U.S.  fryer lives  long  enough  to
manifest dementia but if it's genetically in his brain,  it's in the strands
of his nerves and he lives more than long enough to give the disease to  the
person who eats a KC extra crispy drumstick or an Egg McMuffin.

NOTE:  The  practice of rendering bodies and using them for animal feed  was
not stopped by federal law until almost a year later.  On January 3rd, l997,
it was announced that offal could no longer be used to feed animals eaten by

Mad Cow Disease is nature's last laugh on mammal-eat-mammal mankind.  As Dr.
Deandrea  says  in his L.A.  lectures,  "Mother Nature has spoken:  'you have
mindlessly eaten your little brothers so I am taking away your minds."

There's no way out of this predicament.  The disease is incurable,  "made of
kryptonite or linoleum," joked Dr. Prusiner. "Gives a new meaning to what we
think of as alive" implying what's not alive cannot be killed.)

Healthfood  nuts may preen that their beef was raised organically,  fed only
grain  and  grass.  The  problem  in logic is that  this  is  a  genetically
transmissible  disease.  The unorganic Cow passes it on to her  milk-lapping
calf who is already infected when he is sold to the organic farmer. Mom gave
BSE to her baby both through the cagy prion taking over her DNA and  through
her  udder.  Baby's healthfood diet does not stop the slowly eroding  sponge
brain  from  invading this happy,  healthfood-chewing heifer or  invading  a
chicken's egg or invading your child when she eats a veal chop at dinner and
follows  it with a glass of milk swimming with prions,  using dishware in  a
kitchen  so infected with prions that if it were a laboratory,  it would  be
burned down to the ground.

WHAT  ABOUT  COOKING  THE MEAT OR MILK?  The pasteurizing of  milk,  at  150
degrees,  makes the prion think it's a sunny day. The cooking of meat at 212
degrees makes him think he's in a pleasant sauna. Raising the heat to frying
in the 320 range might make him even blink but you must reduce the prion  to
total ash at 340 degrees centigrade (in our American fahrenheit system  that
would be 800 degrees) to immobilize him and take away his sexual potency ---
his ability to replicate.

There  is  no solvent known to immobilize the Mad-Cow spore.  This  kind  of
microbial tenacity is so Sci-Fi it raises the hair of the medical community.
If you ask a doctor to do an autopsy of a patient who died of CJD, he flees,
knowing  that if he exposes his lab to this disease,  the lab will be closed
down by government officials.  The NIH's Paul Brown maintains told reporters
that he can clean prions off his hands with Ivory soap. There is a long line
of  men  we'd nominate for the "America's most dangerous  man"  contest  but
Brown is a serious contender for the crown.

The truth is simple.  The medical community has no cure for CJD.  It is very
simply  fatal.  Alternative,  holistic  remedies have not been tried on  the
prion.  Dr.  Richard  Deandrea  feels that if you think you've been exposed,
enzyme therapy might work,  seeing that proteins can be dissolved by enzymes
which  are  found in raw foods.  But Prusiner has written that this  protein
molecule laughs off all the enzymes he tried on it.

So  it  looks  inevitable.  Choose vegetarian proteins like  hummous,  tofu,
beans.  You'll  be  healthier in every way as these proteins don't  tax  the
immune system as much as 'foreign flesh.' Immune systems love a whole, live,
raw food diet so eat raw, dark-green salads with nuts, sprouts and seeds. Do
as  much  cleansing as possible,  through colonics.  Take periodic raw juice
fasts.  Besides a vegan diet of vegetables grown on organic soil, take 'good
fat'  supplements like flaxseed,  Evening primrose and borage oil,  also the
oils found in nuts and seeds. Don't increase dairy, it clogs digestive tract
and could be infected with prions.  Make almond milk,  brown rice milk, tofu
milk.  Avoid soy milk.  It lines the gut with plastic. Don't use soybeans in
any  unfermented form or give soy formula to babies.  It has been implicated
in the rising 'crib death' rates. Use fermented soy like miso, tofu, tempeh.
Discover  the  pleasure of tahini.  Make your own humous,  a kind of Israeli
bean dip. Take multi-vit supplements. Blue green algae, spirulina, chlorella
are complete foods with B-12. Animal-source B-12 is dangerous now. Last, get
rid  of  all  other  eco-hazards that stress  the  immune  system:  flouride
toothpaste, perfume, dental fillings, solvents like propyl alcohol, (used in
all  soap,  detergent,  shampoo  and  to  clean all factory food  and  juice
machines.) Go 100% natural.

If  Mad  Cow  is in meat,  it could be in dairy products and eggs;  it's  in
mayonnaise.  It's in the gelatin in candy or around a vitamin pill.  It's in
blood meal fertilizer, urea fertilizer and the manure clinging to mushrooms.
Animal derivatives are used in vaccines,  pharmaceuticals like Premarin,  in
glandular substances used in holistic remedies like melatonin,  in petfoods,
gloves,  film,  plastics.  British  leather  was banned by Egypt a week after
Minister Dorrell's admission. The sons of the Pharaohs aren't dumb.

Total  vegetarianism  may  be the answer until this is cleared  out  of  our
livestock.  Vegetarianism  always was a do-able thing.  Some say that Type O
blood does not do well with it,  so type O's might continue to use fish, but
Type A's can easily embrace millet, avocado and sprout-proteins.

If you insist on meat,  find LIVESTOCK ALTERNATIVES: Learn to Hunt. Get Game
meat, venison, quail; shoot pidgeons in the park. Learn to fish: get freshly
caught  deep-water fish,  making certain it is not a variety like swordfish,
filled with Mercury. Get a boat, eviscerate the fish the moment it's caught,
put on ice, then in your freezer. Do not catch shallow-water coastal fish as
the  huge amount of Mercury concentrated in fish is implicated  in  Multiple
Sclerosis  and  other neurological problems.  There is also a lot of  deadly
dioxin in the water,  and cadmium and nickel from batteries being dumped off
the  shore.  FISH  will be the last animal protein source,  but the  fishing
industry  (totally  fished out now) cannot be expanded.  Fish will shoot  to
l00$ a pound so get a boat now or start fish farming.

FOR  FLUFFY  AND SPOT:  Discontinue all commercial foods made with meat  by-
products.  Get  ANERGEN  THREE from pet stores.  Wysong makes "Vegie Cat"  a
taurine  supplement  which  you can sprinkle on top  of  cat's  vegie  food.
EVOLUTION pet food. (612) 858-8329.

Last of all but most important Go Kosher; put any cooking pot, that has ever
touched  beef,  lamb,  chicken  or  pork in the garage for melting  wax  for
candles or tie-dying,  put any dish, fork, knife or spoon into the cellar as
relics  for  museums of the future day when all this is behind us,  or  when
there are methods for sterilizing, ---perhaps in pottery kilns.

Wearied by plagues, will the American people forget and throw caution to the
winds from time to time sneak out for a hamburger with fries? Will nostalgia
drive  us to the burger shoppe at midnight to take that one,  last bite  for
auld lang sygne? Heck, we've all slipped on diets but is noshing a quick Big
Mac  a  minor peccadillo like forgetting to practice safe  sex  when  you're
overcome with passion or letting the cable bill go a day overdue? Made blase
by  Aids,  will US teens find meat-eating like playing Russian Roulette with
forbidden fruit?

While we're on the subject of AIDS the Christian right that was laughing  up
its  sleeves  at the sins of AIDS victims will now watch  their  own  number
decimated in larger percentage,  in a much more prolonged,  cruel way. I can
see  the  t-shirt on Melrose,  now.  "I only ate a tiny weenie,  you ate the
whole, damn cow."

The  new  enemy  will inspire new philosophies  and  tactics.  Will  grammar
schools  indoctrinate babes with "Say no to beef?" so thoroughly that,  tiny
policemen,  they  will  wrest that cutlet from our misguided adult hands  in
time and report us to the food police?

Mad  Cow should really be called the "Cannibal's disease" as only  a  mammal
eating  another mammal can get it and that appears to be what went wrong  on
the planet Earth. We started eating our little brothers. Too late we realize
the celestial logic behind the law on the tablet ---'Thou Shalt Not Kill'.

I  try to think back to my last lambchop straining to recall the taste so  I
can describe it to my grandchildren and wondering when the typos will start.
Is the seed of mush brains in me? Is it in my child? Can any of us ever buy,
serve, eat or wear animal products again?

The  promised  H.G.  Wells  'Things to Come' Armageddon seems  to  be  here,
complete with people shooting disease carriers (cows, sheep and chickens) in
the street.

The millennium came four years early.  But brother,  it came. And not with a
bang or a whimper, but with a moo.


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