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Alive 1

                                                  WildFire, 1Mb ST(e)/TT/falcon

A red line appears on the screen, which stretches and bends, in the same way a
couple of time.  Then the ends join up and it then procedes to bend and stretch
into the individual letters of "wildfire presents". Finishing off with the line
making the same tranformations as it did at the start a few more times.

This then fades in a picture of a woman welding something similar to an axe,
with the edge of the blade along the top, taking a broad swing with it while,
jumping forwards out of the screen, her brown hair streaming behind her. This
is set in a pink box.

Next up is a picture of a woman, in high heels standing on the right side of
the screen, looking like she's holding onto a door frame, while on the left is
a raindrop effect. This entire screen is displayed in red. The picture then
gets eaten away from the bottom until it's disappeared, after which the
raindrop effect fades out.

Then another picture, with a woman stretching out done in grey scale, (although
it's slightly greenish). The words plastic surgery for the soul written above
and to the side of her. Another woman's face is to the left of the screen on an
orange strip, and at the bottom of the screen is a pair of eyes. There is a 2
coloured pattern, dark and light purple for the background.

Next up is a half-height blue water-plasm, the palette having shades of light 
to dark blue.

Now we get to see  the culprits for this demo Baggio and Zounds on the left
of the screen, while various motion blurred polygon objects are displayed on
the left, with a white flash between each one of them, which are a pyrmid,
stylised cross and a stylised person. This screen is displayed in blue. This
time the picture is eaten away from the top and then the effect fades out.

Next up is a half height tunnel, which is flown down while spinning. It's
textured in a dark blue and a light purple pattern.

The last picture in this demo shows a blonde woman bending forwards in the
centre of it. At the sides are 2 stone faces staring at each other across, the
screen. 2 four pointed stars, are situated  one above and to the left and one
below and to the right of the woman. There's a 2 colour pattern for the
background, a light pink and purple, and "nastrovoye" is written at the bottom
of the picture.

A spiral-tunnel then fades in, looking like a cone being twisted left and right
with a brown-blue pattern on it.

Finally is a dot tunnel which blends around the fading into the background. Over
this are displayed the credits, greets and a message telling us it's only one
year late. Even if it's late overall it's a good demo :)

The Berserker of Teenage

Alive 1