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Alive 1


    C u r r e n t    S t a t u s 

    As you read this first issue, many things still need be done, improved and
changed in a near future or so we hope :) But we have __already__ been able to
witness and appreciate  the enthusiasm of several permanent collaborators ! We
hope to draw more of them next time. So far we could list  our team members as
follows :

Main Editorship : CiH and Stsurvivor

    Though I've been focussing on the assembling of this issue while CiH brought
quite a number of articles, we should  equally share position / responsibilities
very soon. We don't  know  for sure  how we can  have such  two headed direction
work, but we're very optimistic about it, you can bet on that !

Permanent Writers : Paranoid and ???

    This is actually our main concern : in spite of an  honourable participation
to this issue, we have no idea  about who's gonna write next time except for our
most  valuable  collaborator  paranoid. I wish  people from the Maggie Team like
Felice, Mattsmith and others would definitely join us. I know that  some writers
cannot or don't want to  be permanent writers  and that's ok with me but we need
at least 4 or 5 reliable writers. Also hardware / 8bits / clones / Lynx / Jaguar
freaks are highly  needed ! I cannot  handle hardware reviews or 8 bits ! Please
reach us if you think you can help.

Permanent Musicians : Tao, Dma Sc...  and guests !

    This section doesn't lack  applicants in  spite of  the only two names given
above. Indeed Tao has been very supportive for years and said  he would still be
for long (so we hope !). Dma Sc also offered regular support and the only reason
there's no tune of  his  in  this  issue is  due to the many chips I received :)
Other musicians like MC Laser, 505, D-Force, Milhouse, Carbon... should  also be
thanked as they offered to help too. Our problem lies in the module thing indeed
which is a bit tricky since  most Atari  musicians seem to  prefer chips to mods
these days...

Permanent Gfxmen : CosmosH and Exocet

     Both Frenchies actually decided to share the position and  should therefore
bring us at least a new shell for each issue. The cover picture shall be done by
a guest when possible. Sorry for  throwing the first  stone this time :) I don't
know if Exocet or CosmosH  will ever handle  some coverpics, maybe they'll amaze
us some day.

Coding Supporter : GGn

     I won't tell you that GGN is going to code a brand new shell, that would be
too much of a work and we think that our current tools only  need improvment and
bug fixing. GGN offered to help and started to  work on his __ALIVETAG__ utility
which can be found with this issue. Future will tell what may come next.

Current members list :

CiH / Stsurvivor   > main editors
Paranoid           > writer
Tao / Dma          > musicians
Exocet / CosmosH   > graphicians
GGN                > coder

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  > questions and comments should be sent to

Alive 1