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 In December 1990, the members of the "ST News" disk magazine editorial staff
organised  the "ST News International Christmas Coding Convention".  Over 100
members of the hottest demo programming scene attended, and it was considered
quite a cool event by all visitors.

 In December 2000,  10 years later,  a reunion of the event is organised. But
not  just  a reunion,  no,  it is also an event where people of today's scene
(both  ST and Falcon) will meet and compete.  Many of the original attendants
will visit to exchange tales of the past and the present, and the 'new scene'
will show them that they're worth their salt, as it were.

  The event will be held at the excellently equipped IT training facility  of
Dutch company Mind IT training,  where former "ST News" founder and editorial
staff  member  Richard Karsmakers is currently employed.  There will be  fast
Internet  access,  huge  projection screens,  networked rooms for LAN gaming,
free parking,  and enough space to install the usual Atari systems as needed.
Most attendants are expected to spend the evening of the Friday December 15th
there, up to the evening of Sunday December 17th. For those in need of rather
more luxury accomodation, a hotel is located at a stone's throw.

 Apart from it being a weekend where friendly competition,  nostalgia and fun
will abound,  various companies (including Electronic Arts and Lanalyst,  the
holding company of Mind IT) will scout for talent.

  For  more  information,  feel free to check out the official  web  site  at,  maintained  by current co-organised Alex 'The  Nutty
Snake'  Crouzen.  There  is  especially  need for  more  sponsors  and  press


Good day to you all,

 This message bears good tidings.  Some time ago a location was found to hold
the  STNICCC  2000.  In fact,  we have managed to arrange a rather  excellent
place where there's lots of networked computers,  beamers, very fast Internet
access,  free  parking,  catered  lunches,  a large projection screen and room
enough to install all your Atari systems!

  All the info you'll need can be found at the official STNICCC 2000 site  at Alex 'The Nutty Snake' Crouzen has updated the entire
site so everything is up-to-date!

 A few more things before you should check out the site:

  1)  There's about 50 days to go.  Please email us to say whether you'll  be
able  to  attend for sure.  We can't really do anything with the  'possibly',
'probably'  and 'almost certain' anymore.  We've got stuff to arrange,  so we
really need to know for sure!

  2)  To all music programmers:  Rob Hubbard (yes,  *the* Rob Hubbard)  wants
talented music/sound/audio people to work with him in the US.  I can only get
him  to come and meet you if he knows how good you are,  and so far only  one
person  has  sent a Curriculum Vitae (Resumee,  a list of things you've  done
with audio so far).  Right now he's not coming,  but with your help he might.
This is serious stuff, and I'd really like Rob to come and take a seat on the
sound/music competitions jury. So send in those Resumees!

 3) Those of you who have claimed to want to sponsor the event,  *now* is the
time to tell me what and how, if possible in a very detailed way.

 4) If you check the attendance list and you see a person with 'invited,  but
no status yet', contact them and ask them to come!

 That's it.  Please check out the site,  read the four points above this, and
please  do not hesitate to contact me at if you  have  any
questions or other reasons to email.

To use the words of Johnny Bravo: IT'S BUBBLE TIME!

We hope to see you all in December!

\=------------ Richard Karsmakers -- ------------=/ 
|       P.O. Box 67, NL-3500 AB, Utrecht - The Netherlands       | 
/===------------------ -------------------===\

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