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Alive 1

  ------------------------------ by Stsurvivor --------------------------------

    It's now about 1 am, Sunday November 5th already, when I type  these words.
I've come up with these statistics idea for  two reasons : First I may help you
see how much work every issue implies. The main editor job requires reading and
checking all articles, adding colors and pictures too when their authors didn't
think of that on their own, then _all_ files need be ICEpacked - and believe me
it really takes hours when packing ca 60 textfiles plus  pictures - before they
are assembled and then zipped... The final step lies in uploading the result so
that you can enjoy - or hate ;) - it as soon as possible. Back  to the topic of
this section, get prepared to face some  facts and figures ! Last but not least
these few statistics should feed_angry_ people  who__keep__ complaining about
delayed or thin issues...

Eat this !

    As you can see we got some, quite, many articles actually ! As I write this
article several items (about six) still need be  written. But so far what I can
tell you is that we offer you :

    * 64 text files (including menu and helptext) up to 585 Kb uncompressed and
     320 Kb after compression.

    * All pictures, including the cover pic and shell gfx, amount to 21 PI1
    files meaning 650 Kb before compression and -luckily enough- only 265 Kb

    * All msx (ie three chippies and one module) represent more than 300Kb of
    uncompressed data, brought down to 160Kb once packed

    * This time we bring you extra prgs like Evil's sources and binaries or the
    Aliver Kolour Tagger by GGN for a total of 150 Kb of zipped files.

Do the maths now !

     I did it for you and here's what it gives : uncompressed, this first issue
of aLiVe! represents almost 1.7 Mega bytes of data ! Now please when you read
this packed issue, try to keep in mind some of these figures...

---------------------------------------------------------------------- STS ----

Alive 1