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Alive 1


----------------------------- by Supremacy ----------------------------------

    As with every issue comes THE time for the review no one wants to do. This
time again I, as the main editor, have to do what  other people can choose not
to :( Let's cut the crap here and then hopefully keep this article as short as

   Supremacy has recently released this "30 minutes gfx compo slide show". From
the name above you can guess that this is  nothing more but a slide show. Waouh
I'm so excited already. Now this production is Strider's and is  100% gfa coded
(yep it's Falcon only :). It all starts with a 16 colour SUPREMACY logo by Made
(recycling rules) followed  up by a  nice soundtrack by Dma Sc/ Sector One. Are
you ready now ? I hope so because you're going to sit  in front of your monitor
for quite a long time, watching 53 pictures in all...

   Okay, let me get this  straight : the pictures are  kinda cool, most of them
being quite  impressive for 30  minutes compositions (but on  PC you can render
pictures in less than 30 minutes). Dma's msx is  cool as usual, being this time
a slow piano influenced piece of music. BUT... and this is SUCH a problem : how
long can you stay in front of a computer waiting for another pic to show up ???
You'll even notice that the music loops long _BEFORE_ the show ends... I cannot
even remember staying that long, I'm not masochist enough.

Bottom line : gfx and  msx are  cool but  slide shows SUCK ! I don't want to
waste 30 minutes in front of my computer in order to  watch 53 pictures ! sorry
but I didn't like it, it's nothing but  torture ! I would have rather adopted a
file selector system from which you would have been able to view some pictures.
Or, who knows ?, I would have  used these  piccies or at least  some of them in
demos but definitely NOT in a lousy slide-show.

   I need to delete some files from my Falcon HD now...
---------------------------------------------------------------------- STS ----

Alive 1